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Chapter I: Cold Fire

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I'm ready to go with this again. Can we say that Aurin left the world of Turgel and found his way to Mt. Celestia? That way I can continue him from where I have him.

Ok, post your full stats on your character first. Maybe pick a more suitable icon for Arun? More monk-like?

Do I have to switch my avatar from game to game?

Check and see if I did that right please.

Yes, pick the 'Post As'.

You have moved the icon correctly, and...?

I need your *entire* character, not stats and hp.

Like this

Character Image Init +3 / HP 120 / AC 30 / CMB 15, CMD 30 / F +11, R +11, W +13 / Aasimar Monk 12 / BP 3

Where do I add it in?

NL -6 Non Lethal?

Aurin Saa's page > edit > enter full info in the ABOUT box at bottom

Non Lethal

Are everyone Aasimars?

No, some are. All different.

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LOL! Delete the last and I'll post tomorrow!

Yes, write when you feel like writing, play by post is about devrloping your character in ways that live games can't.

Roger that.

Nice role play back homie. :)

I meant engage the storyline as you develop.

I figured I knew the area they spoke of. If I didn't, I would have gotten Louie or Bobs characters to help me.

So nudge them to get in the game, but that also assumes they will enter the story in a manner you think they will enter.

Here is from a thread on Paizo!!!


+2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Dexterity: Bariaurs are strong and tough, but not too agile.

Medium Sized: Bariaurs are Medium-sized creatures.

Powerful Build: Bariaurs are treated as if they were one size category larger than they actually are if this would be considered advantageous, including gaining a +1 size bonus to their CMB and CMD. Bariaurs wield Medium-sized weapons due to their centaur-like physiologies. Also due to their unusual physiology, they must pay double the base cost for armor and clothing.

Native Outsider: Bariaurs are native outsiders, and therefore are immune to affects that specifically target humanoids.

Darkvision: Bariaurs can see 60 feet through darkness.

Fast Speed: Bariaurs have a base land speed of 40 feet.

Gore: A bariaur has a primary gore attack that causes 1d8 points of damage, plus the bariaur’s Strength modifier.

Keen Senses: Bariaurs have a +2 racial bonus on Perception skill checks.

Natural Armor: Bariaurs have a +1 natural armor bonus to their AC.

Powerful Charge: When a bariaur charges, he causes double damage with his gore attack if he hits and may make a bull rush attempt with a +4 bonus as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity; the bariaur does not need to move with his opponent if his opponent is moved back more than 5 feet.

Surefooted: Bariaurs have four legs and gain a +4 racial bonus to their CMD to resist being bull rushed and tripped. Bariaurs have a +4 racial bonus on Acrobatics skill checks to balance or jump.

Languages: Bariaurs speak Common and Celestial. Bariaurs with above average Intelligence scores can choose to speak Dwarven, Giant, Gnome, Sylvan, or Terran.


Goat Gut: The bariaur can obtain sustenance from substances normally unpalatable to living creatures. They gain a +2 bonus on saving throws versus being diseased, nauseated, poisoned, or sickened.

Thick Wool: The bariaur gains cold resistance equal to his Constitution modifier.

It's Naseem when he makes his character!

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ok choose godsman fighter or clueless mage



Remember that mixed/optimized are available too.

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mixed/optimized? i don't know how that works

You know multi class

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Almost done inputting Aurin's character sheet onto Paizo!

That will really help! Anyone coming to rescue you?

Dunno. All done with sheet. Let's wait a few days and see if anyone is ready!

You can take my Character Sheet off now!

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m Human cleric/3, wizard/3, mystic theurge/5

Ready to join

Can I add Breeze into the search for Xungis?

Why Breeze "II"?

Oh I get it, the name was taken.

Try this coding trick, using different alphabets.

Copy and replace with one of these:


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Human Init +5 / HP 72 / AC 13 / CMB +3/ CMD 22 / F 8, R 5, W 13 / cleric 3/wizard 3/theurge 5 BP/3

had to create a new character

Great! I like your old icon better though, isn't he an elf?

Can we say that Aurin got Breeze with him as well?

Aurin Saa wrote:
"What do you think old friend," he asks to the form of the Bariaur Ranger he was smart enough to bring with him.

No padawan, put the GM pen down. Almost done setting up Breeze.

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Human Init +5 / HP 72 / AC 13 / CMB +3/ CMD 22 / F 8, R 5, W 13 / cleric 3/wizard 3/theurge 5 BP/3

ill change the icon back but no he is human

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Human Init +5 / HP 72 / AC 13 / CMB +3/ CMD 22 / F 8, R 5, W 13 / cleric 3/wizard 3/theurge 5 BP/3

can not change immage

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Human Init +5 / HP 72 / AC 13 / CMB +3/ CMD 22 / F 8, R 5, W 13 / cleric 3/wizard 3/theurge 5 BP/3

ok got it

Ok see gameplay thread

Sam, can you delete posts as the thread DM?

You can delete your own post for up to one hour after that it's permanent. As a game master you cannot delete anyone else's post but your own, and also to only one hour

Posting in a few hours, long day.

Breeze: you'll need at least 3 levels in Kn Planes

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Human Init +5 / HP 72 / AC 13 / CMB +3/ CMD 22 / F 8, R 5, W 13 / cleric 3/wizard 3/theurge 5 BP/3

ok dropped the 3 hp i got for my first class and picked up knowledge planes that puts me at 3 ranks for a total of +11

What do you mean? Am I moving silently or stealthily? Do I also have 2 rounds of actions?

I don't need a light source.

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