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You are both up!

“One will come,” Heron whispers the Prophecy. “One will come and lead Angorok out of the darkness.”

This baby, the only son of the sole ruler of Araxes, Queen Persephone, is the one that will fulfill the prophecy.

He quickly realizes that this boy is the one.

Heron, Warpriest of Tempus, holds the boy in his arms examining him with the scrutiny of one who seeks to fulfill prophecy.

Discussion Thread.

When the boy was born, like all Araxens, he was inspected...

"It's a quiet night tonight Padawan," says Master Windu as he looks over your shoulder at Blue 6. "The Mandalorian Drill Instructors have requested that you take this Droid to the Clone Training Facility as soon as possible. It is part of a larger investigation they are working on, and they need to access what it knows. As per Master Yoda's instructions, upon your return you will commence with your Jedi Trials. Are you prepared Padawan?"

Ansil, Rank is 1 and EXP is 2.

You both approach the Jedi Temple.

This night, the grounds seem bleak and almost deserted. The oppressiveness of the Clone Wars has clearly taken it's toll on the Jedi as many of it's senior Masters and Knights have been isolated and spread out amongst the many theatres of battle. What used to be a hub of learning and knowledge for the entire galaxy, has almost become an empty library with rare visitors.

You walk towards the main entrance, both of you looking at the immense statues of the founding Jedi.

As you ascend the steps, a voice calls out to you. "Hold there young Harbright. I have been expecting you...' Master Windu approaches you from the shadows with an expectant look on his face.

Remember that Improvement Points (IP) can be used to custom build your characters. Think of any powers you could want, clear it with me, and then we can implement them!

You need 3 total EXP to level up. You both are at 2 EXP. 1 EXP more then you Level!

Now you both are at 2 EXP. A character levels to 2nd at 3 EXP!

Milestone Point reached. Both Ansil and Blue 6 gain 1 EXP!

Both of you are Rank 1 with 1 EXP. Please make sure your Character Sheets are up to date. Gracias.

The mood of hologram seems to shift as if recognizing Ansil.

"Approach your destiny do you Ansil. Trust you I do. No longer a Padawan, are you. Prepared for your Trials, you are. Entrust my holocron to you, I have. Keep the ways of the Jedi, will you. To you do I entrust my legacy Ansil Harbright."

The Holocron flickers to life revealing a holographic image of Master Yoda.

“Greetings. Yoda I am. Help you I can. Help you I will. Ask of this Holocron, and my knowledge you will receive.”

The interactive hologram shows Master Yoda as he is today. It hovers there awaiting your response.

Your scan indicates nothing of worth but the object on the table.

See Discussion for Holocron Information, and then make your Action.

Holocron Information

The wall moves up and then latches to some unseen locking mechanism embedded up in the wall. You both enter the room and see only one table with a green, glowing object sitting on it.

You immediately recognize the item Ansil. You were taught about these objects extensively at the temple. The design, shape, and perception of it easily indicates it’s creator as well. It can only be Master Yoda’s Holocron.

You walk up to the door and find no way to gain entry. There is no control panel, latch, or knob. There is nowhere to grip to lift, and being that the door is a solid slab of heavy rock, you know that Blue 6 couldn’t lift it if he could get a grip.


You haven’t spent IP on any yet.

”Actually it looks like the damage is mostly superficial. Must have been an interesting situation,” she says as she leads you down one of 3 halls.

”This subterranean bunker was left over from the old republic. It was used to house important dignitaries way back when the Republic was at war with Darth Malak and his Sith. Thanks to the powers that be that those guys are gone. My family and I took shelter here last week when the Seperatists attacked and tried to kidnap the Chancellor. I’m glad the Jedi were able to stop that from happening.”

She stops at a specific door and points to it. ”Yoda uses this room here to store stuff from time to time.”

She stops to look at her chrono. ”Well, I’ll leave you to it. Gotta get back to work. Come up and get your food when you’re ready. It was nice meeting you!” With that, Ursa turns and walks back the way she came.


”It looks like your Droid was damaged recently Padawan. Would you like me to repair it?” Ursa says as she looks over her shoulder at Blue 6.

The door opens revealing a stairwell leading down. Ursa continues speaking nonchalantly. ”Once the Jedi win this war, all will be right with the Republic again. Watch and see. I have faith in the Force.” As you all descend the stairs, you see an impossibly big subterranean room for the eatery above.

”We can certainly accommodate that, but later. For now, I have a promise to keep to my old friend Yoda. Do you know how many times he and I saved each other’s lives? Quite a bit. This is the least I can do for him.”

Ursa is relaxed as she leads you through a storage area in the back of her diner and then into her refrigerator room. Boxed food and various supplies line the cold walls as you feel the near frigid temperatures necessary to keep her them fresh. She moves a shelf easily out of the way revealing a hidden door behind. She types in a code into the security panel on the wall not trying to hide her movements.

Blue 6, make a Difficult DC 20 Roll to identify the Code and Memorize it. 1d20 + Relevant Stat + Relevant Skill + Relevant Power + Relevant Equipment.

Discussion here.

Holy Terra, Segmentum Solar
The Emperor’s Laboratory in the Imperial Palace

The Emperor looks down on his creation and knows that his Great Crusade to unite the lost worlds of mankind, is at hand...

Transmission sent to ‘The Blood’ on the eve of Abaddon’s 13th Black Crusade.

“Greetings Space Marines. I am Primus of The Counsel. I am going to be brief. I would like to offer you a chance to join us. This is a one time offer. There will be no others. I make you this offer as you were once my brothers in arms, but make no mistake if you refuse there will be no quarter given. Your misguided allegiances dwindle as we speak. Every day more of you die and we are LEGION.”

“Make your choice or prepare for war. Either way, your essence will make us stronger.”


”Oh well,” Ursa says as she shrugs her shoulders. ”I trust the wisdom of the Jedi. Follow me.” She motions to both of you to follow as she leads you towards the back of the restaurant.

The female Nautolan looks up from her cooking and says, ”I’m Ursa Dogo. You must be Yoda’s Apprentice. He told me you would be coming.”

Ursa wipes her hands on her apron and signals to her assistants to take over. She leaves the kitchen and comes outside to stand with the both of you.

”What’s up with your Droid? Yoda said you would be alone.”

"It is my dear," Abin says as he settles comfortably into his seat. "Quite alright." The old man begins to blindly thumb around one of his many pouches. He skillfully pulls out a long wooden pipe, and some dry, green leaf. He grounds the leaf into the pipe with his thumb and then holds it up to his mouth. He then purses his lips and ever so gently blows out a small, quick stream of flame that ignites the leaf within. He takes a long drag of his pipe smoke and settles deeper into the chair.

"Today is the day I have been waiting for Mariel. It's the reason I settled in Angorok these past ten years."

Mariel's attention focuses fully on the elder Bard. She listens anxiously to what he might reveal, having always wondered about his mysterious past along with the others of the growing town.

This elder Bard, known to all as Abin Fz, has sat by this fire and regaled the townsfolk with stories of heroes distant and near. Many an eve would he tell the tales of heroes such as Drizzt Do'Urden, and Elminster Aumar, enrapturing his audience with the skills that only a true Bard has. Many a night would he speak of the Gods, and their fealty to Ao, the God above all, inspiring hope to all of the good folk wise enough to sit a moment, and listen to his tales.

Abin was also one of the driving forces behind her opening of the Inn of the Welcoming Fire, and has always been one of her most trusted friends, and patrons.

She sits down by the fire, her attention completely removed from her daily duties.

"Today," Abin says. "It all begins...

An hour later, you arrive at ’Ursa Dogo’s Epic Eatery.’

The line of sentients is somewhat thin at the moment, but you can clearly see the eateries patrons look to the arrival of their food with eager anticipation.


You both make your way through Coruscant’s underbelly towards the coordinates given Ansil by Master Yoda. You move carefully, and alert now knowing that Blue 6 is a desired commodity for some in the Capital.

“Abin?” Mariel stops her work to help the elderly, blind Storyteller to his normal chair by the fire. “You’re never here in the morning. Is everything alright?”

A knock comes at the door. ”We’re open! Please come in and warm yourself by the fire,” Mariel calls to the early morning patron.

An aging Bard enters the Inn.

Mariel begins her day as she always does, with cleaning and preparing for the coming work of the day. The responsibility of owning the only inn and tavern in Angorok is quite a task at times, but Mariel loves her work. She feels blessed to use her skills and powers in this fashion. Bringing comfort to those who fight for good is a task that few are able to cope with.

This morning brings with it a cool breeze blowing down from the frozen north. Mariel Moonsinger, the elven owner and proprietor of the Inn of the Welcoming Fire, thinks twice before she opens the windows of the Tavern. She sighs knowing that the patrons who frequent her establishment will need the cool air to keep their moods comfortable.

She opens the windows, and gives thanks to the Goddess Sune for another beautiful day.

Though ultimately an eastern outpost for the City of Silverymoon, over the last several years Angorok has begun to draw beings to it's walls in search of new opportunities on the fringes of the northern wilderness.

Hello all.

Today, the banners of Angorok fly proudly above the main gate of the small township...

If you see tweeks you want to be in the game, please let me know.

Update your status bar as well Brother.

All set!

Whoops. Sorry. Rank 1 instead of 2 is what I meant.

And you spent 6 IP, instead of 5. Did you get more from the cards?

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Ansil is now Rank 1 Brother. You started at 0.

Discuss where you want to place your 5 Improvement Points!

Dont forget to follow my Post in the Discussion Thread to level up your characters.

Here is what you both do to level up...

EXP goes to 1.
CRITS goes to 1.
MELEE goes to 1.
MAKE goes to 1.
IMPROVEMENT goes to 5.
LIFE gets an additional 1d6.
PROTECTION goes up by 10.
DEFENSE goes up by 3%.

Spend Improvement Points and you’re done!

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