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Campaign started. Recruitment Closed. Inquires for future alternates welcome. See recruitment thread for more information.

I'm gauging interest a low magic campaign / play test.

A limited number of character races would be available (dwarf, human, and one homebrew race).

Classes would similarly be limited to non-casters (barbarian, fighter, monk, ranger, rogue, and gunslinger). The homebrew race would have access to the cleric class. Furthermore, classes like the ranger must select an archetype that does not have access to spells. I am in the process of looking over / developing an alchemist archetype, which may also be available.

Campaign themed alternative racial attributes would be provided and themed archetypes will be available.

Characters would likely start higher than level one and the point buy would likely start at 20.

If you are interested and willing to exchange email addresses please post below (email addresses will be exchanged via PM).

So as not to give my ideas away via the boards, this is all the information I will provide.

Players in my current campaign are welcome.

A bit about the homebrew race:

The race is my take on a half-construct / humanoid race using the guidelines provided in the Advanced Race Guide.

This sounds interesting. Definitely intrigued. I wanna see that homebrew race!

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Definitely interested.

Hi I would be interested. Kinda new to pathfinder. (Playing one other pbp that's my first game though I am enjoying it) .

Expect PM's from me this morning.

Campaign wise the dwarves and humans are from among the survivors from three cities. Fleeing into underground tunnels they were the few that escaped an unrelenting storm that has turned much of the land above into inhospitable desert.

After looking over the alchemist archetypes, herbalist with or without the chirurgeon archetype would be permitted as a playable class. Other alchemist archetypes, including the base alchemist will not be permitted.

Discoveries would need to be approved ahead of time, though ones fitting the above archetypes or campaign setting (such as Sandstone solution) are very likely to be permitted.

I might be interested in a low Magic Campaign as a Barbarian!

@ Alex. I'll send you a PM. Barbarian would be fine. I'll provide a campaign theme archetype, but am open to other options. Rage powers should be mostly open, but let me know if you're thinking about specifics.

At this point there appears to be a need for a healer type, either a homebrew race cleric or alchemist as noted up thread.

Very cool - I've been looking for a reason to play a dwarf character and your campaign sounds like a great one. I have interest in playing a sword/board fighter but you've also peaked my interested in a Dwarf Herbalist. Can go either way and would be happy to play the group healer/nature guy.

@Brooklyn85 I'll send you a PM. We may need you as a herbalist. (Edit I'm not seeing a PM option for you. Check your settings, PM me, or put up your email for google sharing via a spoiler.)

So far we have a human gunslinger, barbarian, and I am waiting to hear from two others (possible one homebrew race player).

A dwarf would totally be fine. I am hoping to have at least one player use the homebrew race as that is something I'd really like to see in play.

If someone else steps forward to create a healer feel free to consider a fighter.

At this point anyone else that posts will likely be listed as an alternate. With something like this I do not expect tons of interest so rather than keep recruitment going I'd rather work with those who have expressed interest.

Once I hear back from everyone and get a sense of commitments I'll toss up a discussion thread so we can sort out starting level and point buy. As I mentioned we will start above level one with 20 point buy likely.

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I'd be willing to hear more about this. If I ended up in, I'd probably go rogue. For the class I mean.

@ D-Kal Will send PM shortly. Depending on who I hear back from you will likely be an alternate.

@Brooklyn85 I've worked up a campaign themed alchemist archetype that can be paired with herbalist or chirurgeon. Remind me and I'll make sure to email that to you once you've had a chance to send me your contact info.

I've opened a discussion board for those ready to start chatting over their starting character. Check the campaign discussion tab.

I'd like to get a solid count of those who would like to be apart of the campaign now that everyone has copies of the campaign documents.

If you can post in the discussion thread your interest, race, and class preferences for a character that would be very helpful.

Please also post here if you are no longer interested in the campaign. Recruiting will need to continue until I have a solid sense of the number of players.

Posting by Tuesday would be most helpful.

We have a healer (herbalist) lined up and two ranged characters (gunslinger and hunter). I was thinking going with 4 PCs, but am open to five.

Really looking for someone interested in playing the homebrew race.

Looks like we are in need of one more, homebrew race (barbarian, fighter, monk, ranger, or rogue). Non-ranged build preferred.

The homebrew race is a half-construct / humanoid that I have created using the Advanced Race Guide. If you're interested in learning more just toss me a PM with your email and I can send you the campaign / race documents.

Recruitment still open.

Hey I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I'm definitely in for the homebrew race and racial cleric. Let's do this!

And with that we have our four. If anyone else pops in and is interested feel free to send me a PM. For now recruitment is closed.

Had real life keep a player from staying on. Looking for one more. Healer would be great, but anyone interested in checking out a half construct race would be welcome.

I would be interested. What limitations would there be on the Cleric (obviously there will be some since Low-Magic) if I decided to go with that?

The cleric class is available to the half construct race only. There are restrictions that are environmental in nature.

Tactically there are dead zones where magic does not function normally, but these areas have less impact on channeling energy.

The majority of encounters will take place outside of the dead zones or in areas with limited influence.

Send me a PM with an email I can share Google docs with and I can send you the campaign documents.

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