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I'm trying to find people with a little experience under their belts to help me playtest an alternate rules system I'm trying out for my homebrew setting. It's a bit of a mashup of 3.5, pathfinder, and some of my own ideas (and other stuff I've scrounged). The most changes have been made to the magic system.

The world in question is high-adventure low-fantasy with a lot of influence from Robert E. Howard and Jack Vance. Emphasis is going to be more on exploration and role-play than combat.

I'm looking for four, I'm only playtesting about half the classes at once here. The ones I'd like to work with are the Mystic (divine magic caster), the Wayfinder (druid/ranger mashup) the Rogue (which has had the least amount of changes here, essentially the control) and the Monk (which is spoken for, I have one slot filled already).

Anyone interested just email me (alex c w 2009 at gmail dot com) and post here, I can send out the files for the class you want (or, if anyone has dropbox, that's much more convenient).

Liberty's Edge

I'm slot 1, right?

Yeah, I already got you.

Also, I forgot to mention, I'm starting everything out from 1st level. No restrictions for alignment, just a personal playing style (but keep it under control).

I would certainly be interested and willing to give it a shot. The Wayfinder would have the most appeal to me. Email heading your way shortly.

Silver Crusade

I'm interested (possibly the Mystic). Sending email.

Liberty's Edge

Thread bump.

Shadow Lodge

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Looks like one slot is left. I'll try the rogue. Sending an email now.

Awesome. OK, I've sent everything I think is relevant, there's kind of a lot of it, sorry about that. Any initial reactions and feedback would be welcome of course. I'll have all of my plans ready by the weekend, I'd like to plan out a few adventures in advance.

It's not necessary, but if we can organize a time when we can all be online at once that would be great. I've already been told some people's usual posting schedules so I'm not holding my breath for hour-long sessions on here, but a time when everyone is typically on for a little bit would be useful.

Thanks again for showing interest in this I really appreciate it.

Wow, that's certainly a lot of material to digest.

I'm kinda liking the sound of an Ahli for my Wayfinder.

A couple of questions for you, Dirk:

1) Where in your world do you forsee us starting out/going?
2) What character generation method do you prefer (dice? point buy?)

As far as times that I'm typically on. I am typically on here off and on through out the day Monday through Friday, and certainly more so in the evenings (CST/GMT-6). Weekends can get a bit spotty, but I certainly do check in.

You'll be near the northern end of the Vlasc Empire, where the border with the desert is. It's a nice convenient area because it attracts all sorts of people, adventurers and non, so there don't have to be too many limits on the characters.

I usually do dice for character creation, but as long as the stats look reasonable either dice or point buy is fine.

Also, I'm going to start up the PbP discussion thread so we can move everything over there once characters are all set.

For anyone who's having difficulty finding the discussion thread where it's buried under all the others, here it is:


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