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Dance-oholic Minx

"Reactor?" he wonders, his brain having taken a tangent from a moment ago. "No sitty?" with a flopping hand he slaps the seat. The dead fish sound causes Cassie to wince and move out of the room, gasping for breath.

Rubbing his hair, the clerk pouts; "I'll show you where it is. So many pretty colours, you can feel them all down to your boots." With puppy-dog eyes he looks to the helmet, sparking with electricity there is the taint of ozone in the air.

In the corridor, Cassie looks for Rashida and maybe even Drake, the Duchess and the others.

Satyxis, Captain Adventurer(In Disguise)

Ysillith shrugs, "No...no sittin' in that thing. Maybe we can dredge you up a play thing later, hey?" She cajoles the loon.,

"Here! How's about you show us all these pretty colours,then? Doesn't that sound fun?" Ysillith keeps a very good amount of space between herself and the crazed man as she too backs out in to the corridor with the others.

Ralph looks to Cassie as she breaks down, someone must have forced her into that chair before... thankfully she didn't end up as loopy as the man who was now trying to convince them to sit in it. He shakes his head "Sorry, don' tink we gots time ta sit right now." He watches as Cassie and Ysillith move back out into the corridor, and moves to the doorway. He'd like to go comfort Cassie, but someone should probably keep an eye on this crazy person.

Gentleman Adventurer
Drake Khoth wrote:
Drake looks shocked then grins in the dim light as he moves ahead, "Well, this can be easier than I expected. Let's get going as fast as little bun ... kitties." He goes along the dark passages as quickly as possible in the dark.

It happens perhaps too quickly for the doctor and helmetcat to register. Just a few feet above their heads, a steel ventilation grate bursts open. The first to spill out is a tiny reptilian creature, whose top hat continues to rest on his head without any assistance. The kobold is followed immediately by the noble himself, who has far too little time to yell out as he falls to the ground. Fortunately, his landing misses Drake entirely. He hits the ground before him hard, more or less landing on his face. With a groan, he manages to roll onto his back.

"I'm too old for this stuff," he mutters to himself, as he struggles to sit up. I hope I didn't land on the inspector... Rubbing his head, he looks up, finally realizing that he is in familiar company. "Oh, you're here, Doctor Khoth. Good. I think I've wounded my pride... and quite possibly my skull."

Male Human

Drake could hear a strange noise but had no idea where it was coming from until the ventilation grate burst open. He pulled Alyce close to himself, put his other hand on the duchess to keep her in place and swirled to the wall to avoid whatever it was, placing his back between the other two and whatever that dropping sound had been.

As soon as he saw that it was Vorian he turned and grinned at the man while putting out his hand to help Vorian up, "I will refrain from repeating that statement to my mother. It would wound her memories."

Belatedly he notices the lizard but is to busy helping Vorian at the moment.

Alyce peeks out from behind Drake, who is busy assisting Vorian Ritter.

"Oh, you poor thing!" She kneels down to set Clousuk on his feet, then dusts off his hat and tries to place it properly on his head. It promptly tumbles to the ground. "And your cute little hat got squished. What a shame! It's so adorable on you."

Something bright clanks to the ground between them from the vent above, and Alyce reaches out to pick it up. "What is this?" she ponders aloud, examining the star-shaped flat piece of metal curiously, "And where did it come from?"

She looks up to the vent opening above and gives a shriek, throwing her hands into the air instinctively to protect herself. The silvery star zips upward as it slips from her startled fingers. There's a muffled shriek and a black-clad form tumbles from the vent onto the hapless inspector, clawing at the shuriken embedded in the bridge of its nose and across both its eyes.

"Oops." Alyce looks horrified.

Dance-oholic Minx

Cassie calls an low but insistent whisper down the corridor; [i]"Rashida! Where are you? I haven't lost you again?"[/ib] There is a hint of panic at the last, as the words mix with her earlier hysteria regarding her repressed memorries.

Out of the chamber behind her cavorts the clerk, he smacks her absently upon the rump and bounces down the corridor. With a skip and a jump, he kicks off the wall - putting heavy soiled footprints.

"We're off to see the Blue Man" ♫
♫ "The cruellest blue man there was."

Satyxis, Captain Adventurer(In Disguise)

At the crazed fellow's antics Ysillith almost growls.

"I swear, if'n he weren't even slightly useful..." She mutters. At Cassie's calling Ysillith points to where Rashida is moving towards their small group from where the welcoming constructs lay.

"Here she comes." Though Ysillith continues to watch the rambling man closely.

"Not far is it? To this blue feller/" She calls, trying to keep the fool's mind from wandering too far.

Ralph blinks and shakes his head, as somehow the crazed man managed to get past him and over to Cassie despite the youth watching him closely. He couldn't figure out how it had happened 'How did he get past me? Did he just disappear? or did I black out for a moment? I have lost a lot of blood... Either way he's more dangerous than we thought.'

The weary young man comes out to the corridor to join the others, seeing the loon smack Cassie's rump he grips the stiletto's handle tightly causing his knuckles to whiten. 'Maybe I should just perforate him now... just to be safe.'

Coming over to stand by Cassie he mutters to her "I tell ya Minx I tink dis Joe's more 'o a tret den he seems... be'er learn ta keep his dis'ance er he's gonna learn whut a pin cushion feels like."

Dance-oholic Minx

Looking to Ralph her eyes narrow; with a little nod affirming his theory. "Oui, his movements, they are like the fluid. Getting past defences, I don't think he was just the clerk." Slowly she follows the bouncing man, her eyes sharp as she follows the movements. 'Now that would be the perfect harlequins dance. I wonder is he only pretending to be insane...'

The clerk jumps as he moves through a door at the end of the hall and cracks his head upon the lintel. Pole-axed upon the floor he slowly gets up to an undignified crawl and scurries into the room beyond. As Cassie approaches a kaleidoscope of colours seems to be coming from the empty doorway.

Gentleman Adventurer

"Ah yes, your mother," Vorian murmurs absentmindedly, clasping his hand over Drake's. With a single heave he manages to lift himself back onto his feet. Nearly losing his balance in the process, the noble props himself up on his cane. I must have hit my head hard than I had though, he thinks, whilst rubbing the top of his head. There was no blood, but it had definitely swollen some.

Only as attempts to blink away the fog in his head does he take the time to observe his surroundings. "Where are we, anyway?" he asks no one in particular, looking down the length of the dark passage. He had no clear destination in mind when he had entered the vent, but he had most certainly not expected this. Standing idly in thought, it takes a minute or so for Alyce's questions to register. Seeing the razor-sharp weapon in her hands, Vorian's mind snaps back to reality. "There were ninja in the vents! We have to...!"


The noble never gets the chance to finish his sentence, as with an errant flick of her fingers, the young woman had managed to fell one of the trained assassins. Or so he tells himself when the jet-black body falls from the vent, crushing the poor kobold once more. Vorian stares for a moment in disbelief before approaching the disabled assassin. Taking a deep breath, he stoops down and tugs on the ninja's mask, bent on unveiling his pursuer's identity. When the cowl comes down however, Vorian's eyes widen in shock. What the...?

"It's a... log?"

Male Human

The doctor smirks as he helps Vorian up even though his teasing only got an absentminded murmur and then looks down at the ... log? ... which was on top of the kobold. He puts out a hand to help the little creature up and then kneels down in front of him to check him over.

He pulls over his case and takes out a small pencil like item and flashes it in the kobold's eyes then puts it back and starts looking him over again.

"That Wowbanger fellow slipped down here and Cassie, Squirrel, Rashida and Ysillith went after him. We're trying to find them. You?"

"Thank goodness I didn't really kill anything," Alyce gasps, "That would be too awful! We should get out of here, though, and find the rest of your friends, Drake. If the cute little kobold can walk."

Gentleman Adventurer

"I have heard stories about these ninja... tricks, but I had no idea they were true. I mean, where in blazes did they get the damned log?" Vorian yanks the metal projectile out of the log and holds it before his eyes analytically. Frowning with disappointment, he slips it into one of his coat pockets and looks up to the open vent again. They're gone... Dusting off his pant legs, the noble rises to his full height.

"They are all down here?" he responds, the surprise in his voice evident. He could hardly believe is good luck. "I was trying to follow them, but was forced to take a detour through the vents. That's when I met Inspector Clousuk here. And then those ninja came after us..." He looks to the vent one last time. "What could they have been after?"

He ponders this, before nodding at Alyce. "That would be for the best. The others might need us. I will carry the inspector if he is unable to walk - I believe I owe him that much." Of all the people to be indebted to...

Daughter of Gods. Gods! or possibly of aliens.

Elbow-deep in gears and hydraulic mechanisms, Rashida stifles a sigh. Though there have been some useful components recovered from the clockwork men, her investigations are largely fruitless. Nothing indicates that these two models are anything more than mechanisms. Complicated mechanisms, yes, but no more than that.

She would frown, but years of instruction have taught her to keep her face placid. Expressions give away your thoughts and feelings and line your face. A goddess must be above everyday emotions of ordinary people. Your mind must be on higher things. Look beyond the horizon to the infinite, where your other half dwells. Yeah, right.

Tying her prizes into the tattered remnants of half of her gold scarf, she fashions the other half into a sling for the pouch and slips it over her head and one shoulder, the pouch bumping her hip with its heavy, rigid contents. Where are the others? She rises from her crouch and returns to the door to the glass corridor, opening it to peer down the length until darkness swallows her vision, then glancing back to the spiral staircase where the others had disappeared.

I'm not much use to them. Not alone. I will go back and find the others. Decided, she trots down the glass hallway back towards the theater, but quickly stops to slip off her shoes. Satisfied that her progress will be more silent, she resumes her jog, bare feet stinging on the cold metal floor while the pouch bangs against her hip painfully. Interesting.

Yay! Splitting the party even more! *bounces around and does happy dance* (^_^)

Well, fine. Too late for me to delete. Just bot my characters until you leave the opera house complex and PM me when we're done with it. Sorry to cause you guys problems.

Female Helmet Cat

I don't think you're causing problems...

Kittington continues to perch upon Drake's shoulder, claws just slightly extended so that she can stay there without much issue but not so much that he will have scratches to tend. Except maybe when Clousuk appears, and they just extend in surprise! Still, it is just a moment. "Ah, it is indeed good that nothing is dead. I am still a pacifist and I do not cheer on death... that is more my mother's operating strategy."

Male Human

Drake finishes putting a bandage on one of Inspector Clousuk's wounds then closes up his bag and stands, "Then carry away. I believe we should get going. We have no idea what is down here and need to find them soon. Being split up is not such a good thing." He pets Kittington, "We shall try not to take up your mother's operating strategy but please forgive us if we must fight and possibly kill."

Female Helmet Cat

Meanwhile, back at the ship...

Mittens von Meowselsworth looks upon the gauges of the ship. "What quaint technology... It's so... analogue." She hops down from the captain's seat, padding down, I wish I could remember if I assigned myself Admiral, Captain or Chieftain. I guess it doesn't matter, so long as the end goals are realized. She pauses for a moment and sniffs the air. "Oh shucks."

There is a flash of light, and blade pierces the ground through the space that Mittens was occupying.

Agent of the League of Aristocracy's Internal Review Committee

Clousuk realizes there aren't actually any birds circling his head. For a moment he was sure they were there to eat him. Then they resolved into a log, and he was now confidant they weren't actually birds. Or 'it' wasn't actually a bird. Or that the birds weren't actually a log. Or birds sitting on a log. Maybe they had all flown high and dropped their log perch on his head in an unheard of display of cooperation.

As he vision continued to clear, he looked up into the pretty face of the Spirit Girl Thief though her hair was blond and looked even younger than he expected. The fuzzy image resolved itself into the large eyes and concerned look of Alyce. As his mind reengaged, Clousuk realized he had his long sought quarry before him. In this pivotal moment of his life and career, Clousuk wondered what had become of Richard.

"Waaaarrrk!" Clousuk exclaimed from his prone position, and immediately began patting his coat awkwardly for his handcuffs. As Alyce held his slightly mangled top hat, Clousuk realized the devices he sought were tucked inside of it.

"Reeerrck! Clousuk squawked.

Ralph sighs a bit watching the crazy man and winces feeling a twinge in his shoulder. "Nottin's e'er how it seems izzit? Could be dis Joe's only stallin while blue man 'scapes er sets up his trap." That brings the question, why would an unbelievably strong, immortal alien need to escape? He should be able to just bull his way through anything we throw at him...'

The moves along to Cassie's side keeping pace with her, and leans in to talk quietly with the woman "Minx darlin, 'ssumin Jack here leads us ta big blue an ugly, an ain't wastin 'r time, we gots some sorta plan on jus' how we's s'ppose ta stop him?" Ralph looks towards the dancing man as he smacks his head an finds he needs to force himself to keep his eyes focused, the adrenaline must be wearing off letting fatigue slowly creep in. Ignoring the weariness he continues to Cassie "Maybe he ain't 'spected a couple o' us, got spooked an' beat feet, but dat ain't mean we actually gots a way ta fight him. Physical 'ttacks ain't seem ta do much."

Gentleman Adventurer

"Ah, you are awake, Inspector," Vorian remarks as he lifts his cane off the ground, testing his legs one after the other. A dull pain rang in his knees and his head still ached, but he was otherwise alright. "It appears that we have evaded our assailants for the time being. The Doctor is right, though - we had best get moving. Come along now!" As the kobold squawks incoherently, the noble bends down and scoops him off the ground with his free arm, before hoisting the reptilian over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. It's a good thing that he's lighter than those damsels in distress from back in the day... he thinks to himself, thankful for Clousuk's scrawny frame. Just how the lizard had managed to lift him over his head was still beyond him.

Nodding to the others, Vorian makes his way further down the passage at a brisk pace, ignoring the soreness in his legs.

Dance-oholic Minx

Twisting an auburn lock around her fore finger, "I don't know. As you said, that bloke may not be crazy..."

Her jaw drops as realisation spreads. "Wow- he lured us here, to this high tech plant. He could have killed us at anypoint, so it's to either capture us or change us." There's a look of concern; "What does this apparatus do? It's colourful, but..." Her mind revolts from the memories of the chair and what happened.

Gasping slightly whilst she recovers; "Maybe, he means to do something pin the blame upon us? Or just capture, torture and sell us. Nevermind, we have to take him down with minimal collateral damage to the facility." she ponders.

Ralph nods slowly listening to Cassie "I knew ya were a special dame when I metcha Minx, but I gots ta say dis is da only date I been on where I gots ta wurry 'bout capture, torture, an' bein sold... well all tree at da same time anyway." He considers the talk of capturing and possibly changing them "So he could be after more'n jus' you, waitin fer da udders ta join up wit us 'fore droppin da cage on us. An' Curly's here ta make sure all da right people are tagedder whe da trap springs."

The injured youth shrugs his good shoulder "It ain't da will ta stop him dat wurries me darlin, but da way. How 'bout dem mind powers 'o yers? Ya used em trough da link wit me ta help Kit git be'er real quick right? Can ya use em ta make tings tough fer bluey? Ya know melt 'is brain er sumtin?"

Crazy(?) Clerk

As he crawled through to the next room, the clerk looked over his shoulder. He could see the signs of suspicious thought in Cassie and the low born gentleman's faces. Of course they're suspicious. They should be. The man stood up once he crossed the door's threshold. He pirouetted and hummed another song. Waves of color washed over him, and any dimensional distortion fragments that may have clung to him were washed away.

Very clever the way the island researchers had determined that the color spectrum of light could be used to re-adhere one to the current plane of existence. Who would have thought that it was color which anchored reality into its segments. It made so much more sense that so many strange things were only found in the dark, or that people claimed to have visions of unknown places and alien creatures while in the shadows of the world.

He wondered how Wowbagger was doing. The deception continued as it always must. After all, neither Taraz and Alessandra were here, so a complete victory was not yet possible. There was much yet to be done with schemes to be foiled and altered, plots to be continued and managed. So many winding strings to pluck and listen to their vibrations. The noise of confusion and false intelligence. How it warmed his cold heart. The clerk laughed allowed at this, knowing the people following him would believe it just part of his madness.

And for once, they were right.

Dance-oholic Minx

"I wouldn't want to be a dull date?" she teases, batting thick lashes. "You might go elsewhere."

Leaning slowly into Ralphs' good shoulder; "Thank you, you are a good man." the last word slips out a throaty purr. "As far as melting a brain, I find blowing in his ear words." she says naughtily. Turning away her words low and laden; "I am a Seer and can enhance my abilities. I wouldn't hurt others, that's wrong."

She starts to move after the loon, keeping to her toes.

Ralph chuckled softly at Cassie's teasing and shakes his head "Darlin, I followed ya down an airtight, underwater, glass tube after an immor'al, killer blue alien... sportin a gunshot wound da whole way. I tink 's pretty safe ta say I ain't goin elsewhere." He gives the French woman a smile whens he leans into him "As fer bein a good man... well I'm glad ya tink so, but dat's prolly not da first ting ta come ta most peeple's minds."

The young street rat furrows his brow as Cassie explains she wouldn't hurt others "Fer a pacifist yer a pretty mean shot wit dat popgun, gots yerself a real nice swing wit yer kicks too, savate maybe, not dat I'm real su'prised wit dose legs." He winks towards her then sighs softly becoming somewhat more serious "It ain't like turnin a Joe's tinker ta yesturday's jam sits real well wit me eider... I didn't really mean it littrally, jus' dat stoppin 'im normally seems purdy unlikely, but if ya cin heal Kit wit yer Seering den I thought maybe ya maybe gots a way ta stop Wesley too."

Alyce waves the hat at the retreating form of the kobold Inspector, now slug over the nobleman's shoulder, and begins to follow, then hesitates and looks at Drake. "Shall we go along?" she asks, holding the little top had in one hand and taking Drake's arm with the other, glancing between Drake and the intimidating helmetcat balancing atop his shoulder.

Daughter of Gods. Gods! or possibly of aliens.

The tunnel is dark and cold except for the glow of the spirit-lamps which almost magically ignite as she draws near and fade into blackness as she passes. Rashida picks up the pace, growing more anxious at the thought of her friends exploring the laboratory with Wowbagger on the loose, and her other friends still in the clutches of the devilish opera house.

Finally, she reaches the door-like hatch at the end of the corridor and swings it open. She swiftly crosses the little antechamber to the next watertight door and opens it, too, peering towards where the hole in the front of the stage should be. But all is dark. Either the lights are out in the opera house or...

Wait a moment. Ysillith wedged these doors open. She welded at least one. Rashida inspects the two watertight doors to find them in perfect working order. How...? The arrow she had arranged pointing to the doors is gone, as is all other trace of debris. The light from the tunnel fails to show much beyond the second doorway, but her ears provide no evidence of anything hostile moving about beneath the stage.

"Vorian?" she calls softly. When there is no answer, she raises the volume of her summons. "Lord Ritter? Richard? This way!"

She pauses a moment, then calls again, reluctant to leave the doorway now that she has established a target for those who might possibly hear. To be prudent, she retreats to the opening of the glass tunnel so the visible antechamber is between her and anything approaching.

"Richard! Lord Ritter! It's Rashida! This way!"

She repeats the call every fifteen seconds, like clockwork.

Satyxis, Captain Adventurer(In Disguise)

Ysilith stalks along, her legs graceful curves accentuated by the cut of the dress and the high heeled, laced sandals she wears.

"C'mon, we've got to keep yon todger in sight." She says to Cassie and Palph. "Rashii should be catchin' us up in'a moment.Don't know whut she sees in them clock work tinker things down stairs. They're obviously jus' mechanika. No stitch thrall bits on 'em any wheres." She says, seeming in conversation, as she draws up besides the hatch the capering fool has cavorted into.

With stealth, trepidation and paranoia she edges closer to peer around its edge.

"Nows th' time fer wearin' pants and heftin' better weapons..." She gripes quietly, even absently adjusting the dress she's wearing. 'Might as well go nekkid, fer all th' good this silk be doin' me..." She snorts scornfully.

Male Human

"Yes we shall follow." Drake says with a half smile but he is feeling strange at this point. Here they were trying to find the rest of their group who followed this Wowbanger fellow along this trail. Whether this was a plot to get them all together to terrorize them all at once or a plot to split them up for easier pickings did not matter so much as surviving and making sure the rest survives as well.

He pats Alyce's hand to reassure her as they go on through the corridors and follows the other man almost like a puppy following an elder dog. As they move along he tilts his head then slows, "Ritter. Ritter! Listen. Can you hear something? An echo..." He stops moving so he can hear better. Was that Rashida?

Gentleman Adventurer

Just barely hearing the doctor's words, Vorian comes to a halt, leaving the sounds of his footsteps to echo in the dark. His lips become pursed as he attempts to listen for the voice again, a task made no easier by Clousuk's incessant squawking. "Hush, you!" he hisses at the kobold, adjusting his positioning on his shoulder. Surely enough, he could hear a voice. One that sounded all too familiar...

"Lady Massri? Is that you?" Vorian calls out. Despite having asked, there was little doubt in his mind. Turning to the others, he gestures down the hallway. "It's her, alright. We must be close!"

Daughter of Gods. Gods! or possibly of aliens.

"Yes, it is I! Over here!" Rashida calls back, desperately hoping that the clockwork creations cannot imitate voices, "Hurry! They have pursued that Wowbagger thing to a lab and they are not stopping!"

Her bare foot slaps softly on the floor as she taps a toe impatiently.

Male Human

"Hmm. Drake clucks his tongue against his teeth as he looks down the hall from the floor to the ceiling, his brows furrowed as he considers their situation, "Well then this calls for a bit of investigation. If you will allow me, Mr. Ritter."

He squeezes in front of the other man and opens his case, takes out a small white stick then shakes it, making it fold out into a full sized, white walking stick. He closes the case with an audible snap then glances at the others, "You wouldn't believe how many blind people lose their white sticks. People are cruel these days."

Drake then uses the stick to tap the floor, walls and ceiling in front of them as he walks along until it hits a vent like the one Vorian and the Inspector had fallen out of when long spikes fall from the ceiling and puncture up into the shaft. The doctor pulls back his foot with a hiss and pulls one of the stakes out of his shoe, tossing it aside.

"That proves the point that whenever you think you have gotten somewhere that there will always be a trap. It looks like they figured the two of you would still be in the ventilation system." He says calmly as he continues his stick work without finding any more traps.

Dance-oholic Minx

"Naked?! Oh my dear, where would Squirrel put his eyes?" Cassie teases at Ysillith's words, then leans into Ralph as they move towards the doorway. "She looks amazing..."

Her words conceal, the tightness she feels in her shoulders; 'Captains' correct, Rashida will follow us unless.... I suppose I could always try to contact her like I did on the Island. But if I failed, I don't know what I would do.' her thoughts cause her to falter slightly.

Satyxis, Captain Adventurer(In Disguise)

Cassie's comment/remark/reply does get Ysillith'a features to quirk in a grin.

"Aye, well...assumin' we run in't anything what's alive, we coul always do something like that as a last resort?" Ysillith responds, joining in the jape. Though her eyes try and pierce the strange, multi-hued mists that roil and shimmer through the room the strange fellow entered.

"Now...where'd that todger get too...?"

"Cleo musta seen more in dem clockwork tings den you did." Ralph says in response to Ysillith's likely rhetorical query "Dey did seem ta have more 'telligence den I'd 'spect from a machine. It wouldn't be dat s'prisin if dey wuz alive... 'r sumtin like it anyway; seen stranger tings today. Iffin it makes a difrence ta ya" Which he suspects it doesn't to the captain "Ya prolly shouldn't 'ssume dat sumtin ain't livin jus' cuz it looks like a machine."

The young street rat smirks at Cassie's teasing "If a dame chooses ta run 'round in er all tagedders den, it ain't my fault if I sees her." At her mention of Ysillith looking amazing Ralph chuckles softly "Ain't know ya swung dat way darlin."

He lowers his voice as the French woman leans against him

"Yeah... She's kinda like a tiger, real purdy, but not 'sactly what I'd consider safe ta share a bed wit." He pauses for a moment and adds "Doesn't she seems a lil ubsessed with todgers ta ya?"

Despite hiding it in her words Ralph can feel Cassie's tension and whispers to her "Ya can' fool me when yer pressed right up aginst me Minx, yer frettin. Are ya wurried 'bout Cleo again?"

Dance-oholic Minx

Then she lets out a soft sigh; "I thought we were friends but she has grown so distant over the past few days. And now she can barely stand to be in a room with me." the melancholy thick in her voice, nearing the edge of tears.

Using her tried and true defence mechanism, the French-woman turns the throaty sadness into a thrumming sexuality.
"True, she seems to like her todgers. But I would not take her on without a restraint." whether her words regard the bedroom of the field of battle is debatable, but they hold a note of warning.

"Well, what can I say? I react to beauty." She brushes a lock of her hair across his face, adding naughtilly "I see you do too."

Satyxis, Captain Adventurer(In Disguise)

Ysillith pauses at Ralph's words, her eye's seeming to lose focus as her gaze looks 'Some where else'....

Though, after a moment she blinks and looks to peer around the door-jamb again,

"Aye, well if we were closer to the wreck of the Bonny D, I'd show ye th' 'Intelligence of machines'..." She whispers back.

...Richard had gone further down into the Clockwork Theater's workings. The chaos around him had aided him as he skulked through its innards. He had not located Investigator Clousuk anywhere, but instead...

What he had found below had had some terrifying implications and needed to be reported immediately. He thought he had seen his contact Alyce serving up in that box housing the Princess Alexia Veritas. He hoped he could find her and get her out of here. Richard knew he was too close to Clousuk to risk a report directly, but if he couldn't find Alyce...there might not be anyone else who could tell the Lodge this dire news...

"What's this? A new fashion?" comes a voice from behind Drake and Alyce.

"Wearing cats and kobolds as shoulder epaulettes? How novel!" Wowbagger chuckles. The looming blue alien is just dropping down from the vent, and there is a small thud as his weight lands on the hallway floor.

"Too bad this fad will die here before it has the chance to spread." The menacing gleam in Wowbagger's eyes glows brightly as he paces forward. "Especially since it would seem I failed to destroy you after all, dear Duchess."

For once, Wowbagger's usual amused sneer fades and a toothy snarl mars his rather striking yet blue visage. "There is no one more deserving of death than you, Kittington, and I will see it done!"

With that the monsterman leaps forward.

Male Human

The doctor slows to a halt as he hears something and puts a hand out for the others to stop as well. He readies himself as Wowbanger drops in and stares at the beast up at those gleaming eyes.

"It is a new fashion acclamation statement of status. He points out in a neutral tone as his one hand goes up to pet the Duchess. He gives Wowbanger a half grin but his eyes do not shadow the amusement as they become darker and hard.

Drake holds onto the Duchess and thinks to her "Dig in deep, m'dear because we're going to be moving a bit fast here." hoping that she can hear him as well as the other way around. He slips sideways and swirls around as Wowbanger leaps forward, his other arm holding his cane and moving Alyce with him.

"I'm sure that you have been the receiving end of failure before and I'm afraid to say that you will have to continue with that emotion for however long you last, ol' chap."[b]

He waves the white utensil around and whispers back to Alyce,

[b]"When you see a break get over to Lord Ritter. I need space for this.
It is not a request. This time it is a hard demand as there is an iron in his voice that cannot be mistaken.

The stalker assassin changes direction like a hummingbird and zips across the hall to Drake's opposite side. Grabbing the cane Drake is holding, he swings the group with force sending them staggering forward possibly into Vorian and Clousuk. The cane comes free from Drake's grasp, and Wowbagger stands still for a second tapping it lightly on his hand.

"I do not know who you are, little man, but I assure you if you seek to impede me, you will not love long enough to regret it."

Wowbagger then snaps the cane in half; whatever material it was made of wasn't a challenge for the alien creature's strength whatsoever.

Agent of the League of Aristocracy's Internal Review Committee

Clousuk was beside himself. There she was, the Spirit Girl Thief. It had to be. A little younger than the drawings and images had led him to believe, but the way her hair was styled, her face, her sneaky mannerisms...it had to be! And yet, there she was taunting him with his squashed hat where his handcuffs were located even as the silly noble he had saved dragged him away! He just couldn't seem to catch his breath to properly communicate, and Clousuk continued to sputter.

When the blue alien dropped from the vent, Clousuk was at last at least able to end his squawking. As his eyes widened, a different sound finally emerged:


Male Human

Drake moves along with the force Wowbanger puts into his swing and twirls away from Vorian and Clousuk like a dancer then stops himself with a teasing wink at the creature.

"Ah yes but we have not been introduced." He says as he stands straight up then bows at the waist, still holding onto the Duchess, "I am Drake Khoth, doctor, actor, dancer, philanthropist. As to impeding you ... well chap, you have impeded yourself."

Liquid starts to flow out of the broken ends of the staff creating a smoke that starts to envelope the creature. It is dark and hard to see through.

Drake turns his head and looks at the others, pointing for them to go as he starts to back up, "My dear Duchess, it is time for you to hide." He pulls out a tube from his jacket and holds it in one hand.

Mocking laughter rings out from the smoke covering the area Wowbagger is standing.

"Very clever. Your simple stage tricks prove you to be the charlatan you must be. I assure you that whatever temporary reprieve you seek with your toys, they are exactly that...temporary."

There are some strange sounds from within the smoke cloud. The metallic banging and tearing ends quickly. Suddenly several pieces of jagged piping, obviously from the walls of the theater, come into view.

And they are flying at the group with great speed.

Male Human

There is a slight clicking sound from Drake as Wowbanger speaks and he moves backwards, pushing the others back, "Run." He growls under his breath as he forces the others back, his arms straight out to force them back, his one hand clamped on an object.

The first small piece of pipe is kicked out of the way by Drake and the second hits his arm, piercing it and flying to the ground. He moves quickly, hitting pieces out of the air with feet and closes fists but a large one hits him on the chest and knocks him to the ground.

Drake lies there under the pipe sneering at the area Wowbanger is in, "Stage tricks sometimes work, ol' chap. Do you think this stops anything?" He growls as he pushes at the pipe to raise it from his body as he bleeds from several spots.

As the great blue alien wrenches at the white cane, sending Drake in a short arc, Alyce is at the end of the 'crack the whip' chain. Stumbling, she loses her grip on Drake's arm and goes flying, arms windmilling to try to keep balance, until she tumbles into Vorian's legs, taking him out as neatly with a rolling tackle. The noble and the kobold investigator go flying.

Coming to a sudden stop against a hard stone wall, Alyce is momentarily stunned, Clousuk's top hat clutched tightly in one hand. As she catches her breath and the world stops spinning, she hears metal clattering at the wall above her and realizes that something hard and metallic is in the hand grasping the little top hat.

Still lying on the floor, she lifts the hat above her and explores it with her other hand, drawing out a pair of gleaming, finely-machined handcuffs, obviously professional. Her eyes widen as her pink mouth makes an 'O' of astonishment before breaking into a wicked grin. She rolls to her belly to see Drake fall, the outline of the powerful alien becoming visible through the thinning smoke.

But where did the adorable kitty go? I think Wowbanger wants to kill her!

Daughter of Gods. Gods! or possibly of aliens.

"Lord..." Rashida's call trails away as the noises begin. First there are faint voices, almost indistinct. Then her hearing focuses in and she can make out the words, along with the tearing of metal and the clanging as it met the wall, along with thuds as it encountered something softer on its flight.

He's HERE! I would have sworn he fled under the lake!

Unslinging the pouch from her hip, she spills its contents onto the floor, then selects a few items and dashes barefoot into the dim corridors, towards the sources of all the noise.

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