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Daughter of Gods. Gods!


or possibly of aliens.

About Rashida Massri

Name: Rashida Massri, of the Divine Massri Clan

Airship you arrived on: The Ament: gilded to resemble the sun, it causes an incredibly obnoxious glare for pilots of other airships. The Ament makes quite the impression when it descends and discharges passengers - as intended.

Appearance: A tall, dark, slender woman, Rashida typically wears light, comfortable fabrics (preferentially white linen or chiffon), heavy gold jewelry, and elaborate hairstyles and makeup.

Background: As is the rest of her clan, Rashida is certain she is a descendant of ancient gods, or aliens - perhaps one and the same. They have been disappointed as ventures into space have found no species matching their expected ancestry, but that has not stopped them from attempting to seize as much of the world as possible to recreate their ancient homeland. It is their hope that when their god-ancestors return, they will be pleased at the Clan's progress and bestow divine powers and rulership and lots and lots of wealth upon them.

Personality: Rashida is bright, passionate, usually quick on the uptake, somewhat nervous, a bit paranoid, and constantly trying to build and deconstruct plots in her head. When confronted with strangers, she puts on an air of cold superiority, but can be worn down in time by those who wish to be her friends. She has recently fallen in love for the first time, which is vastly confusing to her.

Abilities: Rashida has recently been revealed to be an avatar of Ma'at upon earth, able to channel the goddess at need or reflexively when threatened. However, she hates being controlled and chafes at the presence of the goddess, using her power only reluctantly. When she is the vessel of the gods, she has the ability to touch the soul of another person, paralyzing them while judgement is rendered. If the goddess judges them evil or a threat, their soul is ripped from their body. If the goddess judges the person good (or able to be redeemed), their soul is returned intact. Rashida has no control over the judgement, which is either harmless or fatal, so hesitates to ever use it.

Without the goddess present, Rashida has a mild ability to 'scan' people, examining their soul for intent and seeing the true person beyond the facade of flesh. She does not believe this power can be thwarted by any intent to disguise the person. She can also send and receive empathic feelings, particularly when aided by her pharmacy. The range is unknown.

Her bioconstruct serpents can deliver fluids with a bite and can communicate at short ranges.

Weaknesses: Rashida is rather clumsy and has no discernible skills beyond being intelligent and well-studied. She has no combat training but has been schooled in dance and social graces. She can mix certain compounds for herself or her serpents as she was instructed. She was schooled in politics, anthropology, and the noble houses. She cannot fight, has no medical training, does not know anything mechanical, and is not a pilot. She can order servants to do these things.