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Gentleman Adventurer

Again!? Vorian thinks with dismay as the impact sends him tumbling to the ground once more, the screaming kobold being launched from his shoulder in the process. Bent on averting another face plant, he manages to throw out his left arm, causing it to take the brunt of the impact. Fully alert this time, he then uses it to flip himself onto his back, putting him face to face with their alien assailant. He grits his teeth, frustrated by his carelessness. So he is the one who set that trap! But if that's the case, then where are...?

There was precious little time to ponder the specifics. As he is pushing himself off the ground, the second wave of pipes comes flying at them like a hail of razors. And yet... "Doctor!" Vorian calls out in dismay as Drake hits the floor. He looks about frantically for his cane, spotting it just a few feet away. Grimacing, he scrambles toward it, hoping that it was not too late for them to escape with their lives.

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Female Helmet Cat

I will hide, but I will not be helpless.

Kittington leaps off of Drake's shoulder to take cover, scrambling for safety. "Wowbagger, you think that you can actually kill me? A helmetcat never dies. I'm as immortal as you are and three times as clever!" says Kittington, slinking under and behind furniture to block the way of the metal. "You never were a very good assassin. I guess you weren't very good at not being one! I have some of my mother's memories. You turned to killing others after seeing her kill nearly every one of your friends, didn't you? Is that why you have it out for me? Some kind of twisted vengeance? What would Sir Jiminy think of you now..."

Radios flick on as Kittington takes control of them, raising up the volume, music playing as she tries to obscure the sounds of her footfalls from the assassin's ears, her voice playing in the background. "You had friends once. Allies. And now there is nothing left for you, especially if you continue to walk this path. I know, though, that once we are united that you have reason to fear us... you once did. At the party, even you weren't foolish enough to face us united. And it's all a matter of time. Ask for forgiveness or face your sins!"

Duchess Kittington von Meowselsworth votes for Wowbagger for lynch, obviously!

Satyxis, Captain Adventurer(In Disguise)

Ysillith pauses....Turning her head, tilting...

"Here...what's that noise...?" Her gaze truns back to the spiral stair case up which they have come.

"Ye don't think Rashida's gone an' done somethin'...[/smaller]" She whispers, thoughts now divided between the japering fellow they are following and those who might be coming up behind them...

Dance-oholic Minx

"No, she'll be just behind us. She said she'd follow and she's my friend..." the last holds a touch of trepidation. Bringing her pistol up to touch her cheek thoughtfully. "Captain, you break left. Squirrel and I will take the right."

Looking to the handsome young man, a sparkle in the eye, she purrs; "You ready to dance?"

Kicking a long softly muscular leg against the near-side of the door, the dancer pirouettes into the room. The dress swirls around slowly covering her exposed legs, whilst she gracefully glides into the chamber. Movements flowing but slightly unpredictable, Madame Du Sollier takes note of her surroundings.

Th kaleidoscope of colours, flicker across her vision. The emotions held within weigh heavily upon her psyche. Tubes, retorts, industrial alchemical equipment line the benches and walls. Electricity crackles openly, the soft whoomph of bellows and repetitive clacking. About her a mad laboratory of commercial proportions.

Daughter of Gods. Gods! or possibly of aliens.

"...for forgiveness or face your sins."

The mechanical tones of the helmetcat-driven radios echoed through the understage and backstage areas as Rashida pelted towards the sound of battle. The speech covered the sounds of her bare feet slapping on the hard floor. She skidded around a corner only to see a cloud of thick smoke at the end of a short corridor. A gigantic, menacing figure was vaguely outlined in the shadows, a huge chunk of pipe in its upraised hand.

She hefted a length of machined brass in one hand, formerly the thigh-strut of a clockwork soldier, but hesitated to rush the gigantic alien. I don't know who else is around to help - or hurt. Maybe I can level the battlefield a little.

Tucking the strut under an arm, she untied a little pouch and tossed it gently towards the feet of the behemoth. It struck with a little clack and spilled, dozens of large steely ball bearings rolling along the floor.

She backed around the corner she had just rounded and unspooled part of a substantial coil of braided wire, her strong, nimble fingers twisting the very end into a knot to form a noose. Pressed up against the wall, she waited, listening.

Reactor Lab

From amongst the sparkling tubes with their incandescent loads, comes a soft grinding noise. Gears and cogs tearing at each other, punctuated with the snip of sissors. The horrific rasp, that precedes death and dismemberment.

Nimbly stepping over the machinery, benches and tubes are robots moving upon at least a handful of legs with many more punctuating in shears. These pincers grasp at the air in a viscious taunt, moving in an arachinid way towards the intruders the robots obviously mean death.

Long spindly metal limbs reach out as they advance into the room, the clerk looks on as if in a trance at their wonder. The rooms colours play vividly across the polished carapaces of the shiny creatures, creating a spectrum of emotions upon the shells.

Satyxis, Captain Adventurer(In Disguise)

Ysillith's eyes wander over the glowing, sparkling conduits and esoteric machinery. The sounds though, which emanate from within the cluttered center of this strange room, automatically draw her gaze to the space from which these new machines emerge and begin to scuttle towards the doorway.

'Ahhhh...now that's more like it!" She grins, even as the idiot remains standing seeming entranced by the muti0hued display of the machinery. As her hand drops into the pockets of her coat she steps forwards.

"So! Be there somat twiddlin' these things levers about? We can talk now...?" Her gaze searches amongst things for any shapes or figures of authority.

"Orrr..." And her voice grows husky as she drawls out the word, "I can start ta' take this place apart and we get to talkin' over the wreckage." And she smiles, obviously far more pleased if the second option is going to eventuate. In her hand is a familiar, collapsed, brass device.

Meowselsworth wrote:
"Wowbagger, you think that you can actually kill me? A helmetcat never dies. I'm as immortal as you are and three times as clever!"

The blue beast chuckles. "Immortal as me? Let's test that. I call your bluff!"

Meowselsworth wrote:
"You never were a very good assassin. I guess you weren't very good at not being one! I have some of my mother's memories. You turned to killing others after seeing her kill nearly every one of your friends, didn't you? Is that why you have it out for me? Some kind of twisted vengeance?"

"Vengeance!" Wowbagger spits with venom. In the smoke, his face seems to twist until it is in the wreckage of what could be called anger. "You have yet to learn what you have done to me!"

Meowselsworth wrote:
"What would Sir Jiminy think of you now...You had friends once. Allies. And now there is nothing left for you, especially if you continue to walk this path."

Laughing, Wowbagger emerges from the smoky haze with Drake forgotten and pinned a few feet away. His eyes moving across the hallway looking for the source of Kittington's mewing voice.

"This path was set when your future self decided to mettle, cat. Your future self, past self...it doesn't matter. Wherever you dwell, so shall I cometh and rip you away."

Meowselsworth wrote:
"I know, though, that once we are united that you have reason to fear us... you once did. At the party, even you weren't foolish enough to face us united. And it's all a matter of time. Ask for forgiveness or face your sins!"

If one had thought Wowbagger to be angry before, it paled in comparison to his response at this. With a roar, Wowbagger swings the piping in his clawed grasp scoring a steam pipe above which begins to gush color all over the hallway from a jagged rent.

"United! You fools do not even know the depths of your stupidity. I spit at your cleverness, your teamwork will be your own undoing! I will be there at the end, you feeble feline, just as I always am. And your true colors will show! But this time I will kill you before you betray everything, and then the universe will acknowledge that I have won, and my curse will end!!"

Wowbagger lunges forward and brings the piping around in an arc, smashing an ornate chair and samll table to kindling.

It should come as no surprise Wowbagger votes for the Duchess!

Male Human

Drake pushes on the pipe that was on his chest and finds that it is a bit heavier than he had first thought. He had expected Wowbanger to come after him but the Duchess was doing wonders making the beast angry at her. He smirked at the concept that such a small individual could so upset such a large adversary but then figured it wasn't as amusing as he thought as this one did not seem all that bright to begin with. Just big, tough and scary.

That was more than enough to make most run and wish they had on adult Depends.

He looked down to his hand and clenched his teeth as he realized he dropped the object he'd been holding. He calmly touched the ground beside himself to find the metal tube carefully so as not to set it off then noticed it a couple feet away.

"Dammit." He snarled to himself as he kept an eye on the storming giant and twisted under the pipe to try to get closer to his metallic quarry.

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Agent of the League of Aristocracy's Internal Review Committee

Clousuk tumbles end over end until he collides with something and knocks it over. Clutching his poor head, he looks around and sees a small Serv-Bot picking itself up and attempting to reattach one of its arms which must have come loose in the collision.

"Ah! You are ze Serv-Bot! Help! Help!" Clousuk bursts out. "Assazines! Zho me how to alert of an emergencie."

With a click! the arm fits securely into a socket. Testing the simple clasping appendage, the Serv-Bot seems to be satisfied it's in working order. It's telescopic eye whirs as it focuses on Clousuk.

After hearing him, the small clank points to the wall and and then hops on a valve sticking out of the floor. He puts his tiny hand into a small recess and a nearly invisible panel opens. Clousuk scuttles over, his toe talons slightly tearing the lush carpet on the hallway floor. In front of him, Clousuk sees several levers and buttons. A helpful message says "Find your emergency". Each button is labeled things like 'Fire', 'Flood', 'Gas Leak'. But as Clousuk looked further, he found levers and switches labeled things much stranger like, 'Chaos Beast Polymorph', 'Dimensional Rift Resonance', 'Dinosaur Attack', and 'Massri Possession'. His head whirling as he heard fighting behind him, Clousuk finally found one labeled, 'Assassins'.

With a cry of "Exactement!" Clousuk throws the lever.

Blaring klaxons begin echoing through Clockwork Theater. Some whirling red lights pop out of the ceiling and begin spinning. A pleasant woman's voice begins to speak.


"Waaaaaagh!" Clousuk squawks at the announcement. "Oh noes! Zis iz not what we wanted at all! What have you done??" Clousuk rounds on the small Serv-Bot while throwing his hands in the air. The Serv-Bot sees Clousuk's stare and looks around. When it sees nothing else close by, it points at itself and emits a questioning chirp.

"Aaack!" Clousuk attempts to throw the lever back into its starting position in order to turn off the alarm. The pleasant woman's voice begins speaking again.


Clousuk's nose seems to wilt at this announcement.

As he finishes his swing on the chair hoping to find the Duschess, Wowbagger feels something under feet. His footing goes out from under him, and he falls heavily to the floor. He rolls to one side quickly and starts to lift himself back to his feet.

Male Human

The metal tubing gets under Wowbagger's foot and then flips back to Drake who catches it as it rolls back to him. He quickly assesses the happenings and then throws the tube.

The tube hits a wall, clanks off the other wall then strikes down at Wowbagger's rear end.

Drake laughs as the tube hits it's mark, thanking creation that he'd gone through some advanced martial arts courses which were based on thrown objects.

Wowbagger yells loudly as the tube strikes rear. Lifting up a hand, Wowbagger sees ball bearings in his grasp. His solid eyes snap up and he begins looking around. Suspicion seems to fill him.

He warily tries to determine the source of these items. The foolish doctor seems to be watching him intently, but is downed despite his laughter at Wowbagger's fall. He would kill him for that naturally, but now, Wowbagger knew he had to find the helmetcat. The cat he had thought was dead. A low growl rose in the alien's throat.

His vision seemed a little blurry. He shook his head to clear it and stood up and began prowling down the hall.

Don't worry, it will just take a minute or two.

Female Helmet Cat

Run run run! Kittington knows that she has stirred up some anger in Wowbagger. That, after all, was precisely the goal. Speaking still through the sound system, the Duchess says, "My future self? That sounds like acknowledgement of your own failure, Wowbagger. You can't kill me until I do whatever it is that I did to make you so upset. Or was it my past self? I couldn't tell you from a blueberry. Oh! Did you know that my mother is also alive? Didn't you kill her too?" She listens for Wowbagger's footfalls in the hall before pattering off.

She hears the intercom speak of the security system. She makes a mental checklist, concentrating for a moment on a solution to this problem. Her death, the death at Wowbagger's hands, did not happen. Except that it did, as Mittens had explained to her. Her own death could be used to her advantage.

"Your Holiness Rashida. I need your help."

Gentleman Adventurer

He is just barely able to make out his own thoughts over the klaxons. All of this, just for the Duchess? What in blazes did she do to him?

"Wowbagger! Damn it, Wowbagger!" he shouts after the blue assassin, his frustration getting the better of him. Despite having raised his voice, with the ongoing cacophony he might as well have whispered. Cursing beneath his breath, he snatches his cane off the ground and immediately shoves himself off the ground. The noble rises to his feet with a start, dead set on chasing down the assassin. Just as he is about to take off however, his legs seem to collapse beneath him.

"Agh!" With cane in hand and a wall right beside him, Vorian is just barely able to stop himself from falling. What the...? Using all the upper body strength he could afford to prop himself against the wall, he looks down at his legs in dismay. There was no pain, not like before, and yet... It's like they're not there at all... he realizes, some degree of horror making its way onto his face. Instinctively he reaches for his flask, nearly losing what semblance of balance he has left.

"Doctor Khoth, are you alright?" he calls out to Drake, hoping that his voice would make it through the blaring noise. "If by chance you are not worse off than I, your assistance would be much appreciated."

Daughter of Gods. Gods! or possibly of aliens.

Wh-wh-at-at is-is it-it??

A faint, oddly bifurcated reply sounds in Kittington's brain, pulled from the aether and translated by the helmet's sophisticated technology.

After a brief pause, the 'voice' continues. I am near. How can I help?

Meanwhile in the Lab

From behind one of the consoles bursts a man in a stained white coat, reflective green goggles cover his eyes. "Do not touch my consoles! Dr Zarnos commands you, Satyxis!" he shrieks throwing his weight across the long tables, inadvertantly knocking over retorts.

"Kill them!" he calls wildly to the robots.

Pincers clack menacingly as the 6 foot long scorpions (or spider) robots advance upon the duo of ladies. Then all of a sudden circular saws whip out from their maws. An unholy cacophony of whirring and snapping they advance.

The clerk leans against a nearby wall, straightening his suit but his eyes concentrate upon the pipes of colour and a stop tap.

Satyxis, Captain Adventurer(In Disguise)

Ysillith tilts her head,

"Here...that seems strangely familiar." She whips her hand about and the brass staff extends with a 'snick'.

"Have I some how threatened you before...?" She looks intently at the fellow in the lab coat.

"Nice mincers, by the way. What's the range on their cortex receivers?" She asks then, offhandedly. Switching her gaze as she leans upon her staff and obviously admiring the deadly machines which scuttle and stalk towards her.

Looking up from the table to the piractical lady, he sniggers; "Cortex receivers, not they have neural toxin glands." One of the creatures spits out a thick glob at Cassie, forcing her to spin away. Where it hits a bulkhead, there is a hiss and acrid smoke rises.

"Why do think you are here? Arachnoborgs take her to experimentation facility." The technician shouts. The creatures jump forward, the first two closing with Ysillith rapidly. A third moves towards the French-woman, pincers snipping at her face.

Satyxis, Captain Adventurer(In Disguise)

Ysillith snorts with derision, even as her staff spins. Simply smashing one of the constructs to the floor, where she plants a foot squarely upon it's back to keep it in place.

Then, keeping the momentum of the pole arm moving, shifts the direction of the arc just enough to parry the second spider-mech's lunge such that it leaps past her and slams into the door frame in front of which she stands.

"Ah...no cortex. That would explain the simple actions of the things." She replies dismissively. Even as she slams the butt of the brass pole-arm into the central 'case' of the mechanism she's pinned, causing a brief shower of sparks, oil, gear and other 'goo' to leap, squirt and skitter from the smashed carapace.

She looks around, seeming bored. "So...ye're using the equivalent of pattern plates, hey?...Or some such? Simple arcane instruction type latices, then?" She sighs, even ass the spinning pole arm comes to a halt, tucked under one arm.

"My Artexia was building better scuttle bugs back home as a hobby..." Ysillith really gives the impression of being thoroughly unimpressed by this man's simple works. Her eyes return to gaze at the fellow,

"Now.... you put me closer to the wreck of the Bonny D? And I'll show you a construct worth worrying about..." She purrs, and for the briefest of instants there is a strange, green glow in her eyes.

Oh...to be less than half a mile from where the Bonny D went down in the lake....

The doctor looks on appreciatively as Ysillith smashes his creation, enjoying the sight of the lithe form wielding the pole-arm skillfully."A mechanically minded female subject? Yes, I shall enjoy disecting you." the lab-coated man wipes the drool from the corner of his mouth.

"Oh, the constructs might seem primitive to you; but that just means we make them more ingenious." As beneath her heeled boot the shiny metallic carapace crumbles, the brass staff having cracked it like an egg-shell. "You see, inside them are their young. The babies enjoy the viscera of the larger ones, like little biting hovers...they just roll towards their food and clean up."

The clicking of black creatures, barely half and inch long, they start to roll out of their parent searching for the the oil & 'goo'.

Satyxis, Captain Adventurer(In Disguise)

Ysillith sighs, the end of her staff 'clicks' open and there's a flash of green light from behind her......

As the second stunned machine simply disappears. Unconcerned about the teeny, tiny clock work horrors beginning to emerge from the smashed carapace of the first downed machine Ysillith begins to swagger forwards again, the 'business end' of her staff snicking shut.

"Yeah, yeah. nothin' the weird-docs haven't done back home...' She looks about the place.

"So...what have you got that you think is 'amazing'...?" She drawls, the staff again twirling as she again tucks it beneath an arm, her other hand absently dropping into a coat pocket. The tone of her voice showing that her opinion of the caliber level of the tech before her is of no real consequence...

Male Human

Drake continues to push on the pipe and finally rolls it off himself making him wince because of the points going into other spots in his legs but he just grins and bears it as he is happy they did not puncture any other anatomical areas he prefers to keep intact.

He sits up breathing hard, pressing against parts of his torso and blowing out some air as he realizes that the armor vest he has on had done it's job and it is only his legs which have had cuts into them. Thankfully even those were not too bad.

"Ritter? Do you have Alyce? I'll crawl over to you two. Just tap on the ground so I can follow the sound." He crawls towards the other two, not wanting to fall on anything and also because his legs are sore, pulling his case with him. Once he gets there he puts a hand on Vorian's shoulder, "What's wrong? Is it your legs?"

Dance-oholic Minx

Licking his lips at the Satyxis show of super-human power he smiles lightly. The clerk cowers against the wall crouching down, the pencils spill from his pocket. The small dark spiderlets whir from atop the carapace and climb up the heavy leather boots of Ysillith. A host of black mechanical blobs, some affix themselves to her slender legs - whilst others move on in search of the goo.

The arachnobot spindles rapidly towards the French-woman, limbs flailing and whirling in a chaotic manner.

Spinning away from a claw, Cassie can feel the cold metal grasp the air. Her movements crisp and sharp she seems to be where-ever the creature is not. A harlequin dance, a smile spreading across her face as she remembers the pure joy of her skill. Training and countless combats honing her technique, as well as her luscious body. Rapid fire strikes dent the inch thick titanium plates of the creatures limbs, whilst she tumbles over the creatures back.

With a little pout to the fearsome warrior Captain Mearlleaux, Doctor Zarnos adds; "So, why don't you join me rather than hanging out with that French trollop. I have plenty of research funds, we could have a good time. Put your knowledge to good use." his tone friendly with an undercurrent of nerves, having heard of the Satyxis reputation.

A circular saw whirls at the pert upturned mouth of Cassie, she flips backwards and turns away. An auburn lock of hair drifts to the floor sheared by the blade; 'Better that, than my face she thinks...' Placing her single foot on the floor mid-pirouette, it encounters an errant pencil and she is thrown momentarily of balance. The creature's fore limb flicks out and it snaps at her hip drawing a red line and tearing the dress.

Blinking away the shock, the pain of the cut hasn't registered yet. However the robot has no sure compunction from striking again.

Satyxis, Captain Adventurer(In Disguise)

Upon feeling some of the smaller machine vermin have actually made it 'on board', Ysillith's gaze upon the technician turns cold. Seeming heedless of the pain as she stops and lifts a well shaped leg to rest upon on of the table legs.

"You haven't shown me anything enough to pique my interest, mate." She replies coldly, even as her free hand effortlessly picks the tiny things from her flesh, Ysillith unflinching at the small welts of blood left behind.

"And now....ye've gone an' made me..." And Ysillith actually seems to have to search for a word to describe her feelings.

"A mite 'Put out'..." She continues to pick micro-tocking-ticks from her flesh.

"Ye'd best think of somthin' before I'm done with this triviality. Somethin' else to distract my attention." She purrs, even as her gaze remains locked upon the good Doctor Zarnos.

With hot eyes the doctor watches Ysillith dispose of the parasitic machines; "Remarkable, vasocapillary contraction and rapid antigens, increased metabolic healing." he whispers to himself astounded.

He drops to one knee, leaning his head against the marble surface of the benching; "I have certain money's available to me.... a certain trust fund from my patron. A wine-cellar beyond compare, I would love to test your alcohol tolerance." The deranged Doctor Zarnos continues, "Or I could see if you could take Arachnos-2?" a manic glint in his eye.

Satyxis, Captain Adventurer(In Disguise)

As Ysillith finishes picking the last of the micro-mites from her flesh she too leans forwards.

"Go ahead...Doctor...you had my attention at the word...'Money'..." She purrs, the brass staff dropping loose for a moment. Absently she swings her head to brush the sable cascade of hair further from her perfect features.

"Money, yes, and plenty of it, my dear," coos crazed Doctor Zarnos, "And more, so much more. Tell me. How much are they paying you?" He jerks his head in the direction of Cassie and Ralph. "Is it what you're worth? I doubt it. They don't even see your value."

He attempts to trace a finger down Ysillith's rapidly healing calf. "Fascinating. But know, too, that we have many more interesting things than the simpleminded Arachnos. Many many more. And a fully functional workshop. I'm certain with your knowledge of mechanika and ours combined, we could make a fearsome force, indeed."

He rises and bows briefly, clicking his heels together. "Here is my proposal. Whatever they are paying you, I will double it. You have a full share of any - shall we say, acquisitions - we make along the way. You have access to our workshop for your construct if it is in disrepair. All you have to do is agree to join us. Oh, and take care of your former associates there." He waves a careless hand at Ralph and Cassie. "I'm sure it won't be at all difficult for someone of your considerable talents."

(Satyxis, Captain Adventurer)

Ysillith smiles...seeming to accept the Doctor's hands upon her skin and she turns slowly, reaching up to pull the scarf away from her head as she does so...

As her illusion drops away she smiles wickedly, even as she drops her leg and begins to saunter casually back towards Cassie and Drake,

"Aye, well...this little gutter-snipe has never impressed me none, anyways..." Ysillith huffs with scorn and derision in her voice as her gaze alights upon that of Ralph. "Always did seem like an ungrateful wretch, never thankin' a person when they offered help." And she sighs...even as the glowing, business end of her staff snicks open...

...To lance a scintillating green beam backwards at the unsuspecting good Doctor. The man barely has a moment to blink, let alone make any comments before the powerful, unleashed energies simply whisk him from existence.

Having covered most of the space back towards Cassie, Ysillith whips the brass staff out and around, deftly hooking the last arachno-mech up and over. As Ysillith applies her weight to staff and keeping the mechanika pinned, she looks intently at the over turned machine. She leans in, disregarding the flailing and lashing bladed limbs.

"Hmmm....lets see now....." She studies the machine for a moment more her hand deftly reaches down, between the lashing legs and punches a small stud with an extended finger. There is a 'Click' and the machine simply stops.

Ysillith straightens and grins at Cassie and Ralph.

"There, t'is easy when ye think about it." And Ysillith quickly crouches to push the now inert metal legs clear of the arachno-mechs main body and she hummmms.......as her fingers work across the plates and hatches...."Ahhh...there you are!" She says to herself and with a deft motion pulls a glowing blue cylinder from within the shell.

"Right, now I've got it's power system out, In't no one going to come along and turn th' little toy back on." She smiles, offering Cassie a hand back to her feet.

"That went well...Me thinks. You want some unguents fer that scratch?" Ysillith offers casually.

A sigh emanates from somewhere above them. "Silly Satyxis, did you think we didn't know what you were when we called you by name?"

A circular window opens in the air and Doctor Zarnos peers down at them, only his head and shoulders showing. "Did you think you were the first through the Rift? The first we've seen or had to deal with? EEEEEEH! Wrong!" He imitates the sound of a warning buzzer and giggles at his own joke, then turns to Ralph and Cassie, goggles glinting colorfully in the light of the variegated streams of steam.

"Do you know what you're allied with? Vicious, brutal, bloodthirsty predators, that's what Satyxis are. If they're not killing you, it's because they think they can get something more from you." He smiles, showing odd metallic-looking teeth.

Gentleman Adventurer

With a sigh of relief, Vorian slowly slumps to the ground, his limp legs sliding out from beneath him. "She's right here..." he says to Drake, looking to the blonde woman nearby. Only then does the resemblance strike him. She really does look like Cassie... he thinks, holding a plaintive stare No, perhaps more like Mimi. Younger, of course. Too young for all this... "She's fine, thankfully. Better off than you and I," he adds as the injured Drake crawls into view. The noble nods grimly at the doctor's question.

"I can't feel them anywhere below the knees... it's like they're not even there," Vorian murmurs, making a futile effort to wiggle his foot. "It's strange. Usually the pain is unbearable when this happens. But now..." He stops himself, shaking his head. "It doesn't matter - I am afraid conventional medicine would not help in any case. I believe I can remedy myself, but I might need your help standing... if you can do so yourself, of course." Having retrieved his bronze flask, Vorian pops off the top and raises it to his mouth, drawing in a mouthful of the burning fluid. Even as he does so, he could feel the weight of the vessel drop to almost nothing. Was it too unrealistic to hope that I could make it last longer than four damned days? All this excitement in one night...

The giant alien approached Alyce's position, crouched in the dark and the rubble, and she fingered the manacles gleefully, preparing to spring from the shadows. But as the muscular giant drew nearer, she realized just how small the handcuffs were - designed for humans, not aliens - and that they would never clasp around his thick wrists or ankles. She held her breath as he stormed past, feeling much like the survivor of a cyclone who cowers under a house, waiting for the blow that never comes.

She felt guilty that he was pursuing the pretty little cat, but relieved that he ignored her presence. Vorian's cry for help roused her from her paralysis, and she crept to his side alongside Drake.

"I'll be glad to help you stand, Lord Ritter. I'm... not injured like you and Drake. Maybe you both should stay here, though. I'm not sure how we can help the lady helmetcat."

(Satyxis, Captain Adventurer)

Ysillith smiles even as the Doctor above does.

"Here...I've never said I in't nothin I aint." She hold u an admonishing finger. "We satyxis are more honest in our dealings with folks than most. Ye always know where ye stand with a Satyxis." Her stance is proud, graceful and alluring.

Which, with her finger on the firing stud of her disintegration staff...Is not as comforting an image as one might wish.

"I think I can hit th' todger from here...." She whispers to Cassie.....even as her eyes shift back and forth around the room.

Dance-oholic Minx

"Leave him, we have a name now. And we don't want to be seen as terrorists, we are saviours." Cassie replies with a gasp and a grateful look to her saviour.

The doctor's words wash over the French-woman, but her eyes wide in shock. "Yes, I could use some of that ointment later..." she gasps realising the cut is deep but should heal well.

The clerk startled by all this firing and chaos runs for the exit, in his cavorting he knocks a valve. There is a soft rumble and the colour from one of the tube descends as a rain...

Hitting Cassie with a patter it takes her from her feet, the spectrum splashes on those nearby.

(Pick a colour and that is the emotional barrage you get. If you wish to be hit.)

Gentleman Adventurer

Vorian frowns profusely at Alyce's suggestion, not at all pleased by the prospect of staying put. To sit around and do nothing was the grossest misconduct of character that the noble could think of! They had stood together against danger up until then - why should things be any different now? So he thought as a familiar warmth radiated throughout his body, restoring his strength of spirit. The lingering soreness fades gradually, and the feeling slowly returns to his legs, as though they had just woken from a long slumber. No, unacceptable. We have to help somehow... there has to be a way! But...

"I have killed many people over the course of my life, but I have never faced an immortal before..." Vorian muses morosely, a sigh of defeat escaping from his lips. "He's strong... too strong. I don't understand, what is the Duchess trying to accomplish?"

"I think... I think she's trying to draw him away from us," Alyce replies with a tiny hiccup of a sob, a single tear sliding down her cheek. "Brave, brave Duchess," she murmurs, almost to herself.

Female Helmet Cat

"Rashida. I am going to be trying something and it is most certainly going to split my attention. What I need you to do is twofold and I am not sure if you are even able to do one of them, but if anyone is, it's you."

She listens for Wowbagger, amplifying her hearing and filtering out the sounds of the radios that she is using to mask her own padding paws.

"First, I just need to know who all came to the opera and is still here. The security systems have been activated, and I want to hack the system and add everyone to the roster. Everyone who is not trying to murder me right now, anyways..."

"Second, and this is more important... I shall be splitting myself. If Mittens speaks true, then I really did die back at the party. But I also did not. I can access death's plane to do work that I could not do otherwise... but I will be avoiding Wowbagger with my body. I have never done this, and I am worried about separating my body and spirit while I do. I need your guidance to make sure that doesn't happen."

Daughter of Gods. Gods! or possibly of aliens.

Duchess, I saw Vorian Ritter in one box and heard his voice down here. Cassie was in another, along with the alien, Ysillith. Cassie had that Drake fellow with her, and the man called Squirrel, as well as a girl who looked like her. Does she have a sister? There is also a man named Richard who was here looking for an Inspector Clousuk, both from the League of Aristocrats. I believe they are friendly and they may still be here in the theater.

Rashida's mental voice hesitates.

As for the other thing, I do not know. I may be able to distract Wowbagger, but...


Somehow, Rashida interrupts Rashida, calling for patience.

A moment later: I believe I can help, but you must allow me access, Duchess. This is a new thing for me. It may be rather... intimate. Mentally, I mean. Spiritually. The thing is unavoidable. Will you permit my presence?

Eyes roving the hall, the stalker assassin tried to focus on anything cat sized. His vision was blurring and there was a ringing in his ears. The colorsteam leaking throughout the area was changing colors in the swirling emergency lights.

The cacophony of sirens was amplifying the strange distortion sounds were making all of a sudden. He felt himself becoming more angry. Something was wrong.

Wowbagger snarled and swung the pipe crushing a clockwork device of some kind that was trying to detach from the wall decor. It had looked at him funny. And right now was not the time for that.

Female Helmet Cat

Kittington glances back at the sound of the crushed clockwork, then scurries along more, still making sure to make her path just obvious enough that Wowbagger is drawn from the others, without making it so obvious that he finds and slays her.

[i]"I permit your presence. If you are able to peer into my mind, please be discrete about what you see..."[/b]

Ralph clutched the stiletto tightly in his hand as Ysillith saunters towards Cassie and himself, as if having to deal with one invincible alien wasn't enough. He supposes she's referring to him when she says gutter snipe, as she seems to assumes that's all he is, that wasn't very surprising Ralph purposefully kept secretive and was more or less free loading off of Cassie for the time being. He did wonder briefly how much of a different tune she would sing if she had any idea who he was.

The little gutter snipe is ready to spring if the Satyxis so much as points the staff in either his or Cassie's general direction. Impressing her was somewhere around the bottom of his priority list, however she might be surprised just how much of a fight a cornered street rat can put up. Thankfully that would remain a surprise for now, as fires off in the direction of the doctor. Although the shot wasn't fired at himself or his date Ralph still keeps a firm grip on his blade, and a suspicious eye on Ysillith.

The woman's last comment before firing the device confused him somewhat, he honestly wasn't sure if that one was directed towards him or not, there were a lot of things a person could call Ralph, but ungrateful wasn't really one of them, 'Is she talking about me? I thanked each of them, the captain included, for their help in the underwater corridor. Her on the other hand, although I haven't known her very long, I can't recall her ever uttering a word of thanks to anyone... I hadn't really thought of it until she mentioned it... but she's too arrogant to call herself an ungrateful wretch.' A shake of his head forces tangent thoughts out of his mind and allows him to focus once again unfortunately it's not quite soon enough for him to avoid the sudden burst of colour crashing towards him.

Daughter of Gods. Gods! or possibly of aliens.

There is a sense in Kittington's mind as if somebody else had stepped silently into an otherwise empty room with her, a sense of presence wafting in like a desert zephyr.

Oh, I can speak to you still, Rashida notes with a feeling of surprise. Please forgive any mistakes. I am not too experienced with this.


Control check 1 from Discussion.
Insert PM Part 1 here.

Oh dear. You didn't see that, did you? I am sorry. Don't think of a camel, don't think of a camel...

Kittington has a vague visual of a dromedary sauntering across sand dunes, along with...


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PM Part 2

Ah, better. Don't fret about time, dear Duchess, this happens at the speed of thought. I am with you... how confusing. Four paws and a tail is so different. If I must try to control your body, it may be difficult. But your mind is so tidy. So many doors.. you have walled off things nicely. Or perhaps I did that? Why is that one guarded by a flaming sword?


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PM Part 3

There's a mental shrug. No matter, we all have our secrets.


Control check 4 from Discussion
PM Part 4

The Goddess guards the safety of my body. I prefer not to ask her to help here unless it is necessary, for I do not know what she might do. Now, how may I help, Duchess?

Dance-oholic Minx

An emerald glow from the light covers Cassies form, striking her pale skin causing an audible sigh from her. Leaving dark shadows amongst her curves and in the depth of her dress that now appears black next to her verdant skin.

The emotion-laden colour weakens her knees and she collapses to the floor under the weight of the light. Her breathing quickens as the Green appears to writhe over her. Almost as if she is dancing to an unknown song she moves upon the lab floor; fingers moving to her dress clawing at herself and the emotion deep inside.

Dance-oholic Minx

Suddenly she stops moving, rictus clawed fingers grasping at her arms. The soft-light plays across her flesh in a shimmering aquatic haze, like looking through the surface of a autumnal pond. Seemingly probing and flowing until it comes to the wound across her hip.

Swirling around the dark black wound the light becomes a sickly green and Cassie lets out an anguished groan. The cut seeps a thick liquid that rolls from her body to pool upon the floor, a smaller whimper escapes her lips as the Green putrescent light interacts with her body.

Slowly, her breathing regulates and the light slips into a rich meadow. Toned form relaxing, whilst the open injury starts to knit together and gradually heal. However the dark tear in her flesh remains framed by the rend in her dress.

Long lashed eyes flutter, the light not just affecting her body but her mind.

Gentleman Adventurer

Vorian leans against the wall, looking to the ceiling with a pensive stare. They're all out there, and here I am just sitting on my ass. If what Alyce said was true, then his life was once again resting in the hands of another. Or paws, at any rate. "No, that won't do at all," he decides aloud, moving to stand for the umpteenth time. Despite the unfamiliar symptoms, the ichor had done its usual work, reversing the grip his affliction had on him. For a time, at least. "I am going to go after them. Killing Wowbagger might be impossible, but maybe..." He cuts himself off, using the pause to stow away his flask. Well, I suppose I haven't thought that far just yet.

As he moves towards the passage, he calls out to Alyce and the injured Drake. "You two should stay here... it's only going to get more dangerous from hereon out. This isn't your fight - you needn't put your lives at risk." With that said, Vorian breaks out into a steady jog, taking care not to push his limits like he had before. It's not their fight... and it doesn't matter if it's my own.

Ralph is caught full on with a jet of colour leaving a similar glowing effect as the light enveloping Cassie, though deep blue as opposed to her emerald green.

The youth takes in a shuddering breath as the coloured light seems to force unwanted emotion into him. His attempts to resist are futile the sudden emotional barrage is just too powerful and quickly overwhelms him. Sinking to his knees as if having lost the will to stand Ralph puts his face in his hands. Uselessly knelt down on the floor his shoulders quiver as the boy shakes... or possibly sobs.

The light surrounding Ralph, unlike Cassie's, appears totally uninterested with his wound, if a light can really be interested in anything, instead it seems to focus around his hands covering his face. A translucent blue tinged liquid seeps through between long fingers travelling down the arm and dripping to the floor.

Dance-oholic Minx

Languidly she rolls away from the pool of light, almost a scream as her hip touches the cold lab floor. She blinks away the pain as she is out of the colour, however her irises are emerald.

Looking around the room her perspective appears changed, vision touching upon Squirrel; "Merde, my friend are you..."

Stretching an arm to him in sympathy, she almost slips from her crawl. Piercing eyes watch intensely as the blue liquid is spilt. With the fierceness and determination of a new bud breaking through the soil, she inexorably slides towards the softly handsome man.

Dance-oholic Minx

Through wyrd eyes Cassie can tell the suffering her date is experiencing, knowing she must do something she crawls forward. Punctuated with gasps as her hip contorts, where the puckered edges of the wound touching the silken dress.

After an age she's finally close to the beautiful youth. She reaches into the Blue, just before the light touches her skin it takes on a green cast. Then the hue changes into a soft aqua.

Calmness of her emerald bath protects her, but the merest shadow of the sorrow Ralph felt bleeds over into her brain. Her naturally melancholy demeanour tries to embrace this. Deep within her mind she knows what to do, hand clamping upon his ankle she tries to drag him from the light.

With a wrench she is out of the cerulean, tears streaming openly down her face she tries to drag him out of the light.

Curled upon the floor, she holds his head slowly. Clasping him to her bosom, nurturingly stroking his tousselled hair. "There, there, mon ami."

Male Human

"Pft!" Drake sneers as Vorian gets up and pulls himself to a standing position as well. He leans against the wall to get his balance and to consider how damaged his legs are before moving anywhere, "We have to find the others and get to wherever that Wowbanger ... you said 'Wowbagger?' So I've been saying it wrong all along." He shakes his head, "No matter. Mister Blue isn't going to be too mobile soon so we might as well get past him and to the others. Going back is likely to be just as dangerous as going forward and it is best that we stay together. We have a more likelihood of survival this way. Besides," He winks at Alyce, "Then you can say that you have been cared after by Drake Ramoray. Or at least the secondary one."

Alyce moves to Drake's side and takes his arm. "You're hurt. Lean on me and we can follow Lord Ritter. But... but what about the pretty helmetcat? That thing is going to kill her! I should have tried to stop it. Can't we help?" Another tear rolls down her cheek.

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