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Vorian Faustus Ritter IV


Gentleman Adventurer

About Vorian Ritter

Airship you arrived on: Virago, a warship of impressive size that gained fame and notoriety in the wars of old. Vorian has since used his wealth to acquire the retired vessel for his private collection, refurbishing it for use as a durable cruise liner. Practically a relic itself, it serves its role as a museum quite well.

One or two lines about appearance: Vorian is a hardy man that has retained his youthful appearance despite his advancing age. He always wears exotic clothing and jewelery as a means of boasting his collection, among his favorites being a fur coat crafted from what he claims to be a werewolf pelt.

One or two lines about personality: Vorian takes great pride in his private collection, having spent years assembling it. Though even as a braggart, his mannerisms are quite gentlemanly.