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I thought about trying to tell Plugg the truth, but figured I'd just stick with my story. I figured a beating was coming either way, lol...

Yeah, I think it was inevitable as soon as the Bluff failed. He's not a nice man.

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Heading out of town for a Con, will be back Sunday.

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I'm getting a feeling me and Ursion are going to have a lot of fun with the piracy part of this AP :)

Twin melee rangers with favored enemy human should be a circular blender saw through the opposition.

No kidding, you guys are tearing through them.

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The thought had crossed my mind, yes :-). We can leave the dwarves and halflings for everyone else.

Sorry all, I'll have an update on Sunday. Camping out with scouts this weekend and finding it harder to do my GM posts than my player posts :)

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I sympathize; that happens to me a lot, too (the "GM posts are harder than player posts" thing, not the other).

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Watch out for drop bears!

Fortunately, we're in the wilds of Illinois. But, have had a bevy of very bold raccoons.

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Illinois doesn't really have wilds, AFAICT, but I've only lived here for ten years or so--I might have missed them. My wife tells me that the raccoons tend to be OK, but you have to watch out for possums. They're mean.

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Heh, yes, I grew up in upstate NY and we had bears in our scout campsites instead of raccoons. I'll second that possum comment though. We have a Newfoundland and a Pyrenees mix and the possums don't back down when they get into the back yard.

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Possums are vicious nasty little animals.

Mr Pirate King sir - just a repost of the question that I threw up in thread as it might be easier to discuss in the discussion:
Is there any prohibition against swabbies walking around with visible arms? - or do they need to be of the concealed type?

And if arms are not ofay to carry - can I assume we can claim a lockbox in the lower hold? - and if claimed does it come with a lock, or do we need to purchase / find / makeshift one?

Will post here for everyone though you'll need to learn it by talking to people (like Raveneau and Uriah have done). You're ok to wear weapons once you figure out a way to get them. Other gear is ok too. The prohibitions about violence stand though. Fistfights will be tolerated. But, anyone (you guys or other crew members) are taking a chance with anything more.

Oops, and yes, you can claim a lockbox too.

Lol, Atajay is getting ready to take another beating, for salty turtle soup, I'm afraid!

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Raven's ready to move forward to the evening and Rum Ration round 2.

He even has a present for Ursion.

Let me check in on who still has things to do...I think we're close to moving on.

EDIT: Looks pretty close. I'll give it a couple hours and try to get a post up before going to bed. Got some pitches for OD to work on tonight :)

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I'll be out of town this weekend for an SF convention, heading out tomorrow morning, and even though the hotel has decent internet I'm not sure how much time I'll have. If necessary, DMPC me.

I got busy too. Sorry for the delays.

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Raveneau won't really be directly engaging in the active influencing of other pirates in the 'traditional' way. Instead I was hoping to get him established as somewhat of an enforcer. Being beliggerent to Scourge's cronies and going out of his way to be a pain in the arse to them. Part of what he'll be looking for is if the cronies are picking on any specific people within the rest of the crew in any way - he'd see it as an opportunity to intervene.

Just wanted to throw that up so people knew up front and it can be worked into any interplay and discussions others pursue.

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Sorry, folks. On the road and sick. I'll try to have something up later.

I've had a couple busy days again too, but will have a post up later tonight or in the morning.

Hey all, it has been a busy summer and I'm in the midst of one more pitch right after Labor Day. Like a company changing kind of pitch if we win. But, I would like to get this AP restarted so right now I'm going to plan on doing so around September 8-9 if folks are still interested.

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Will be ready. Hello to all.

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Likewise, though you may want to send out PMs to anyone you haven't heard from in a day or two; neither of these posts registered as new on my campaigns tab, and I spotted Gimlet's response only by chance.

I figured that might be the case. Once a campaign sits idle for a while or even once you haven't posted or check in a while there is a bug that causes it not to notify you of new posts. I'll make sure to PM everyone though I may do that a little closer. Wanted to put an early heads-up here.

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You might also mention it in the Hunger in the Darkness Discussion thread, as there's a fair bit of overlap in participants.

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Still here also :) - looking forward to picking a fight with Fipps.

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I'm around, caught Raveneau's update by chance.

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I'm here.

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That was quick--all we're missing now is the bird.


And the gang is all here!

Should have a post up tonight. Have been sick for a few days, but want to get things rolling again.

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Hope you're feeling better.

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On a completely different topic, for GM Lane and anyone else within reasonable distance of the greater Chicago area: Windycon 39 is the weekend of November 9-11. Seanan McGuire is the GoH, Steve Jackson is the Gaming GoH, and there are a few others. It's at the Westin in Lombard.

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Raveneau will be flying out of Malaysia and back into Australia on 28th September and will be visiting family for a couple of weeks through to the 15th of October. While I should still be able to check in periodically it will likely cause a few interruptions and my posts may involve a little more brevity than usual.

If needed at any point feel free to keep things moving with a DMPC :)

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