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Okay, I had an idea for Hell's Vengeance, I'm looking to play a character based in part on Alucard from Hellsing Ultimate. He just seems a good fit for the campaign as a living weapon of the state. He's hilariously overpowered, but (in general) has to receive permission to utilize his full powers. I'm thinking of a Bloodrager, Infernal bloodline was my first thought, but abyssal might work too, and explain why he's kept on a very tight leash (thinking of asking the GM for a Mark of Justice to start, bound to another player as my handler). Draconic might work, as the whole "Son of the Dragon" thing. What I want is to be primarily melee, light switch hitting, and any suggestions for how to improve or gain more super modes, like the raging.

Maybe a dhampir/any other undead race along with the antipaladin, ask gm if it's ok to allow their version of loh to heal yourself as a swift action like the actual paladin one.

As for super modes, dip any rageclass 1 level for rage. You could flavor smite good as an additional supermode as well as any of the other bufd spells or lass abilities.

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