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I'm trying to expand our weekly game into new areas, and one thought I had was adding some manner of Daily Reward. My initial thought it it would be what the characters do/earn between adventuring.

They roll a d20 (probably via an app, if anyone knows of a good one).
Add whatever skill check relevant to what they wanna so (Perform, Craft, etc.)
They make that much silver (if untrained or using no particular skill) or gold (if trained in a job-like skill)

Other thoughts are that, once the characters are of a higher level, maybe this will be how they build up an army, or a guild, hiring one character (or more) at a time via a successful role. Maybe they build magic items in their free time, and I could give them rates/reductions/bonus materials. What are your thoughts?


You know Ultimate Campaign has downtime rules, right?

I did not.

Okay, read through the Downtime Rules. I like them, and they can work partially for what I'm after. However, my main goal is not in-game, but out-of-game. I want something to keep player's hooked on Wednesday at their offices. Even mid-adventure, anything they earn I could pass off as, "oh, you earned that money before/after this adventure."

So, does anyone know of a good dice-rolling app that I could monitor as DM? Maybe something that saves the scores, so they could add one per day all week, and come Game Day we can adjust their gold as needed.

Orokos is pretty decent.
It handles a number of different dice systems, you can add modifiers, descriptions of what the roll is for, and anyone can see your roll with the right channel. All rolls are also saved, unless you want to delete them.

Apart from that, I'm not quite sure what you want. If it's merely a 'roll to see if you get money', then just have them make Profession checks. Simple, easy and no need to make any new rules. If you want complex mechanics for people to use outside of a gaming session, isn't this pretty much what the downtime rules provide? Players can do this stuff on their own so long as they send you a list of what they are doing and how they rolled. You don't need to spend game time on it if you don't want to. I've used the downtime/kingdom rules and everything was done between sessions.

Thanks,I'll check out Orokos. We generally communicate our games via Google Hangouts, and I just discovered /it has a dice rolling feature (though I found it didn't work using my phone, only my laptop...)

You've helped a bunch pointing out the downtime rules, I'll definitely incorporate them. My only remaining questions would be: should I include a pass/fail roll with the work system? Should there be a base DC for player's to try and beat, or should this just be a bonus that, if my player's log in to, they get the reward?

Eh, that's up to you. If you guys like dice rolls and the possibility of failure, sure. If you like resource management more, then I don't see a need. Do whatever seems best. You can always alter things later if you feel the current system is insufficient.

Fair warning, the downtime rules can do TREMENDOUS things to PC resource access. Magic Capital enables magic item creation at 1/2 cost, and similarly for spell research, and purchase of spells to scribe into spellbooks and so on...

Good to know. I'm fairly flexible as DM, and want a magic/tech heavy campaign, so I'll balance out the fights if they get far ahead. Thanks for the warning, though.

The rules for Pathfinder Society have some simple logic to them.

STEP 5: DOWNTIME Not every Pathfinder works for the Society full time. Some are trained artisans, professionals, or performers and earn extra gold between missions. After each adventure that grants XP, you gain a period of Downtime before your next mission. During Downtime, you can attempt a trained Craft, Perform, or Profession check to see how much extra money you earn—this is called a Day Job check. At the end of each adventure in the Roleplaying Guild, you have the opportunity to make one Day Job check. Certain vanities (Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Pathfinder Society Field Guide 60 and Pathfinder Player Companion: Pathfinder Society Primer 28) allow you to further modify your Day Job rolls, or even let you use skill ranks from other, more specialized skills like Heal or Sleight of Hand. Permanent bonuses from the following list affect your Day Job check as they would any check for the rolled skill. Temporary bonuses from sources other than crafter’s fortune do not affect Day Job checks.
• Equipment
• Feats
• Racial bonuses
• Class features
• Traits
• Familiar bonuses
• Crafter’s fortune spell

You can take 10 on a Day Job check, but you may not take 20 or use the aid another action. In order to determine how much gold you make as a result of a Day Job check, consult the table below. Add this amount to the Day Job box on your Chronicle sheet. There are additional ways to spend Downtime, many of which are performed in place of a Day Job check.

The mechanism here is a d20 + Craft, Perform, or Profession skill modifier.

There is also a +50% bonus if the group has spent $50 in real money in the store [just an idea that you can similarly leverage to enhance the chart for your home game...]

Day Job:
Roll ; Reward ; +50% Enhanced Reward
5 ; 1 gp ; 1.5 gp
10 ; 5 gp ; 7.5 gp
15 ; 10 gp ; 15 gp
20 ; 20 gp ; 30 gp
25 ; 50 gp ; 75 gp
30 ; 75 gp ; 112.5 gp
35 ; 100 gp ; 150 gp
40 ; 150 gp ; 225 gp
[45 ; 200 gp
50 ; 300 gp
prosperity boon only]

That's a good chart, think I'll run with it, thanks. I'll add an untrained labor force concept in also, where they can tend bar, pick fruit, etc for silver, maxing out at maybe a couple gold (roll of 20 for 20 SP).

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