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Controlling more undead with Command Undead feat

Rules Questions

So, I'm looking to maximize how many undead I can control with the Command Undead feat/necromancer ability. I'm running a Bones Oracle, and being limited to my character level is pretty harsh on it. I mean, at level seven, that's only seven basic skeletons, or three basic zombies.

I know about the Undead Mastery feat, and I know about the Undead Controlling armor/shield enchantment (The way that reads, though, is that those 26 HD of creatures are a once-per-day, and once used to control stuff, are exhausted for the day).

The character's purpose is to fight the tides of undeath, so spells that create undead are off the table. Spells that control undead are less than desirable, just because they're spells. My goal is to take over large swaths of the enemy's forces and turn them against the enemy. I'm looking for feats, items, etc, that I've missed that would increase the numbers I can snag.

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I'm... not certain what that was supposed to mean, Tacticslion...

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Zarius wrote:
I'm... not certain what that was supposed to mean, Tacticslion...

Posting a dot is a way to mark a topic to get back to it later. You can look at your recent posts and find it there.

It means he's interested in what other people respond on your topic.

I don't have any strict advice for you myself though. Do they have to be basic skeletons or can you get some bloody or burning ones. Obviously you'd have less, but sometimes quality over quantity is good.

Other than that some of the ways you mentioned, another way to maximize your command is to command undead that create subservient undead under their control. It's their master they follow, but he'll follow your commands. So there you go, get yourself a ghoul or command shadow, have them take out a few 'bad guys' and create a horde of undead under your theoretical control. What could possibly go wrong?

Actually, Mister Dresden (Pizza Lord :P), that's something people frequently misinterpret. HD have little to no correlation to CR. Even though the Burning/Bloody Skeleton has twice the CR as a normal Skeleton, they have the same HD, so I'd get just as many. But taking control of a ghoul or command shadow really only works if the enemy HAS them (which, presumably, they would) and I can readily find them to hijack them.

Yes, I was just referencing the rules from animating or creating undead, but yes, if you're just commanding them as with your character that would be the case.

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