a dwarf's dwarf


so I wanna make the dwarfiest dwarf I can for PFS, but I'm unsure of how to do it.

I'm thinking straight fighter, with toughness, power attack and steel soul, but other than that no idea. oh and glory of old.

only racial weapons or hammers for melee. I was considering Alkenstar fortress armor from adventurer's armor 2.

not sure if i want a dorn-dergar, or something else but I like the idea of using a razor war-shield.

any suggestions for the dwarfiest dwarf ever? a dwarf that torag looks at and goes "now that's a dwarf!"

I want him to be melee focused but have options for ranged, whether it be a thrown weapon or a crossbow or maybe even a gun, NO BOWS! Those are for those knife eared elves.

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Stonelord + Divine Guardian Paladin of Torag?

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Craft and Knowledge History and Profession skills. Perception to notice stone work stuff. Sense Motive to represent your suspicious nature?

Maybe Ironskin and Improved Darkvision and those Dwarven Helmet feats and Goblin, Orc, and Giant killer feats.

Combat Reflexes if your Dex is 12+

Shield Focus and Improved Shield Bash, etc.

Maybe keep a few throwing hammers or throwing axes around for ranged combat before your close for melee. Maybe Quick Draw? I like javelins, myself, but they're not dwarfy.

Iron Will and Improved Iron Will to represent a dwarf's stubborn nature?

Playing a Dwarven Ranger, TWF switch-hitter using the Urgrosh and throwing hammers & darts for ranged (sling for big distances). Quickdraw + TWF is nice for thrown.
Wearing breastplate for the look.
The Ranger is also all about favored enemies... which is perfect for a Dwarf. First choice was Goblinoids, of course.

How's that for Dwarfy-Dwarf goodness?

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Sledge my PFS dwarfiest dwarf went for the largest hammer he could find the Dwarven Longhammer. He is a 2handed fighter to maximise damage. He also has true dwarven attitude with a 5 charisma and rages. I chose 1 level bloodrager as it gave me access to wands of shield, longarm and enlarge. Also I took the Celestial bloodline because it gave me a good aligned weapon when raging (and +1D6 vs evil outsiders). Now when using my adamantine +1 furious, fortuitous longhammer I overcome silver/cold iron/adamantine/good DR. Let the hammering begin......

The ultimate Dwarf's Dwarf is a Crusader Cleric of Torag and Unchained Monk with towering wisdom and strength. He fights wearing nothing but old trousers and a colossal beard, plus a buckler with Unhindering Shield. He's protected by runic tattoos and Defense Domain magic. He wields an battle-scarred warhammer two-handed with Crusader's Flurry, in a frenzy of skull-busting swings. He drops Stunning Fist attacks through his warhammer with Cornugon Stun, bashing his foes senseless. He yells ancient, indecent Dwarven curses while he channels Bestow Curse or Slay Living through his warhammer with Blessed Hammer. He has an Aura of Doom.

A few ways to do this...

(1) Deep Marshall Magus wrote:

"Although the vast majority of deep marshals are dwarves, a few non-dwarves have earned enough trust to be trained as deep marshals, or have learned the same techniques from studying old dwarven spellbooks."

"Deep Spellcasting

A deep marshal learns numerous arcane secrets involving the shaping and warding of earth and stone."

"Bound by Tradition

A deep marshal is limited in how she can use her arcane powers. Her arcane pool has a number of points equal to 1/3 her magus level (minimum 1) + her Intelligence modifier. Furthermore, she cannot use her arcane pool to grant an enhancement bonus or weapon special ability to a weapon she is holding unless it is a battleaxe, heavy pick, warhammer, or weapon with the word “dwarven” in its name. She can use her spell combat or spellstrike abilities only with such weapons."

"Miner’s Focus (Su/Ex)

At 3rd level, a deep marshal can use the magical properties of her weapon in order to augment her spellcasting. Whenever she casts a magus spell while wielding a magic battleaxe, heavy pick, warhammer, or weapon with the word “dwarven” in its name, she adds half the weapon’s enhancement bonus to the her caster level (minimum +1). When attempting a caster level check to overcome spell resistance, she instead adds her weapon’s full enhancement bonus.

In addition, she is treated as having a number of ranks in Knowledge (dungeoneering) and Profession (miner) equal to her magus level, and she attempts Profession (miner) checks using her Intelligence modifier instead of her Wisdom modifier."

This is a dwarf. Bound by traditioin, so that you have to use a battleaxe, heavy pick, warhammer, or a dwarven weapon. Extra earth-based spells. Free ranks in knowledge dungeoneering and profession miner. You want to be a dwarf who is a master of the earth? Here you go.

(2) Stonelord Paladin wrote:

"A stonelord is a devoted sentinel of dwarven enclaves, drawing the power of the earth and ancient stone to protect her people."

This dwarven paladin is all about defense. Become one with the stone, and defend your clan! A stonelord is the kind of dwarf who places his feet on the ground, spits at the enemy, and dares them to try and move him.

(3) Exarch Inquisitor wrote:

"The gruff traditionalism of most dwarves finds its apex in those who adhere to a strict orthodoxy rooted in ancient principles and practices and who are not amenable whatsoever to change or innovation."

Do you find yourself saying "If it was good enough for the ancestors, it is good enough for us"? Do you mutter about "Writing the wrongs and clearing the book of grudges with blood" more often than is strictly healthy? Do you want to be a bombastic dwarf that wips the clan into a frenzy of righteous hatred? Then this is the class for you.

(4)Forgepriest wrote:

"Armorers of exquisite skill, forgepriests take inspiration from their deity to produce the most perfect weapons and armor they can, the better to equip the armies of the faithful."

"Forge Mastery (Ex)

A 2nd level, the forgepriest adds a bonus equal to half his level to all Craft checks to make metal items, armor, and weapons. (This benefit is gained from the altered version of blessings, above.)

Bonus Feats

A forgepriest can select item creation feats in addition to combat feats when he gains a bonus feat.

This ability alters bonus feats.

Craft Magic Arms and Armor

At 3rd level, a forgepriest gains Craft Magic Arms and Armor as a bonus feat.

This ability replaces the bonus feat gained at 3rd level."

A forgepriest is a dwarven smith, through and through. Want to be the best damned armor or weaponsmith around? Well with forgemastery you can do that. Want to make magical artifacts of great power? You can do that. Want to take your hammer and beat the enemy over the head as if though they were hot metal on an anvil? Then this is the class for you.

(5) Mutagenic Mauler Brawler wrote:

Not content with perfecting her body with natural methods, a mutagenic mauler resorts to alchemy to unlock the primal beast within.

This one is fun. You make mutagens, which decrease your intelligence and increase your strength (and give you natural armor). What do you think this is? Alchemy? Sort of...you are a dwarven brewmaster. Your brews are so potent that they will literally put hair on your chest. Don't let the elf try to sample it though, the fumes alone might kill them.

There are other very dwarven classes and archetypes. But I think that these 5 really distill the essence of


Want to be a dwarven miner who is at home in the deeps, and who charges his pickaxe with runic power? Go Deep Marshall Magus.

Want to be a dwarf, clad from head to toe in steel, who puts his life on the line for kin and clan? Go Stonelord Paladin.

Want to be a dwarven demagogue, who enforces the traditions, rights wrongs, settles grudges, and does it all just as his ancestors did? Be an exarch inquisitor.

Want to be a dwarven smith, who makes weapons and armor of great power? Then be a forgepriest.

Want to be a dwarven brewmaster, who can throw even the largest of drunks out of your bar? Want to be that dwarf who can get into a bar-room brawl, and can clear the entire place out with naught but your bear hands? Want to make alcohol of such legend, that young beardlings sit around the fire telling tales of the time that they were able to but sample your craft? Then be a mutagenic mauler brawler.

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Make sure you have a beard.

That's important.

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Andostre wrote:

Make sure you have a beard.

That's important.

Dwarven white haired witch.

Attack the enemy with your long, white beard.

Take claws which represents your manly mustache.

Cross your arms and let your facial hair overwhelm the enemy.

thanks for the ideas! definitely have some concepts to play with!

Oh, well if we're getting into flavor...

Dwarven Rangers:
Dwarves are known for their racial hatred, and Rangers are known for favoring enemies by race. From this, the Ranger class fits the Dwarven Race thematically.

Rangers are often known for Two-Weapon Fighting, and that two weapon fighting has no Dexterity prerequisite. The Dwarven Urgrosh is a double weapon meant for Two-Weapon Fighting, and Dwarves are not known for the high dexterity required for the higher level two-weapon fighting feats.
These factors add up to suggest that a Dwarven Ranger is the prototypical Urgrosh user.

This paints a portrait of a certain character.
The Dwarven Urgrosh Ranger isn’t a typical heavily armored tank on feet, but is more like a scout or member of a long range expeditionary force. Urgrosh Rangers, having Favored Enemy, also specialize in overcoming certain races, by infiltrating on enemy territory, or defensive vigilance on a racial battlefront. High on skills, affinity with wildlife, and some minor divine magic all suggest a skirmisher who can handle various wild terrains - different from the usual Dwarven stereotype of being barricaded in a subterranean mountain fortress. This further suggests that the Urgrosh is a weapon for the scout, the explorer, the recon specialist, the spy, the guerilla warfare specialist. The Urgrosh is the weapon of the Dwarven hit & fade operation.

Because the Urgrosh Ranger doesn’t need high dexterity, he loses some MAD-factor. WIS need not go any higher than 14 to gain access to 4th level Ranger spells, and other than that you can build ability scores as a STR-based fighter. It’s also a bonus that the PF Ranger has Medium Armor proficiency, allowing a Dwarven Ranger with Lamellar, Chainmail or Breastplate.

Identifying Marks:
  • Clan Ghalmrin Crest (4 star sapphires in the 4 caverns, bound by blood. Each sapphire represents one of the Blue Dragons slain and used to build the ancestral throne. Sapphires were chosen because Ghalmrin take pride in their reputation as the greatest jewelers); Left Shoulder
  • Sword tattoo; Ghalmrin’s warrior caste; Chest
  • Axe; surface ops; Back
  • Compass; Ranger special training; Right shoulder

Beard Beads

  • "Specialist" (military rank)
  • "64" (generation since fall of Old Shanatar)
  • 63 other beads, each with a runic name, recording patriarchal lineage
  • 3 beads, one per sibling
  • Total 68 beads.
  • The beads are marked using the Dwarven Runic alphabet

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Dáin Ironfoot knows Dazzling Display, and he's pretty damned good at it.

Malignor if that idea isn't in use I'd be happy to make sure it sees the light of a flgs.

Must be named Urist

Done if malignor allows me to use character concept

I've done two different ways of being a dwarf's dwarf.

One is a Weapon and Shield fighting style ranger with breastplate, dwarven waraxe, dwarven boulder helmet, and large shield. Doing two weapon fighting, double slice, improved two weapon fighting, and two weapon rend with the waraxe and the helmet so he still has shield bonus to AC. Also has ranks in profession miner. To be even dwarfier, take the deep walker ranger AT and be all about fighting in the deep darkness.

The other is a two handed fighter with a dwarven dorn dergar taking all the dwarven dorn dergar feats and the dwarf cleaving feats. Because all dwarves are spathic - they have perfect cleavage!

zauriel56 wrote:
Done if malignor allows me to use character concept

I'm currently playing the guy I described above in a Faerun+Pathfinder campaign. We play every 2nd-3rd Sunday.

If you want to steal from it, I would be flattered.

... but if you make money off of it, I want some documented credit, and I'll accept a small negotiable royalty.

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