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The Pathfinder Society itself, where to find info?


I am working on a campaign where the Pathfinder Society is trying to establish a lodge house in a new land. What are some good product to find out more about the Society itself? I see the game being both about intrigue and exploration, with a pulp feel over all. I would also appreciate any other recommendations on where else to look to look for material. I am open to third party stuff.

Silver Crusade

The official books that deal with the Society in the game world are Seeker of Secrets, The Pathfinder Society Field Guide, and the Pathfinder Society Primer.

Obviously, it plays a big role in the PFS organized play, too. Many of the adventures just use the Society as an excuse to send you on a mission, but some of them deal directly with the inner workings of the Society, especially the Eyes of the Ten retirement story arc.

Thank you.

The Inner Sea World Guide also has a chapter for factions and among those covered are the Pathfinder Society and the Aspis Consortium.

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