Helping a new player out with a low Str character


Question for all. I've been playing Pathfinder for a little under a year now and another friend is interested in trying, so my DM and I have decided to set up a quick one-mission game for her in order to let her have a taste and see if she likes it.

We're starting at lvl 2, since that's easier to work out, and she rolled up a Halfling Investigator. The way my DM does stats is by having the player roll 4d6, and drop the lowest die roll, do that 6 times and plug your scores in wherever you want.

She ended up with scores as follows

6 Str, 19 Dex, 16 Con, 17 Int, 14 Wis, 15 Cha, after racial modifiers.

Problem is that now, with a Str modifier of -2, and being a Small creature to begin with, she going to be doing negligible damage at most.

There are a few ways around this. Give her a crossbow perhaps. Only problem being that we would not have any up-close fighters in the group. Have her just not be a combat focused character is another choice, but since this is a mini-game designed to show her what the game is about, I feel like that would not be very productive.

Or, even though it might be sort of b#!%*@#+, give her an agile weapon and let her know that in a more legitimate game that would never happen at level 2 (she would then take Weapon Finesse as her feat if we did this).

We'd have a lot more options to choose from if we weren't just sticking with level 2 characters (I might have a chat with my DM and up that to 4 or 6 for her), but as it stands...yeah not a lot.

Are there any other decent ways that this Halfling Investigator could be usable in combat?

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Well, choosing str as the dump stat was a mistake. See if you can swap str and cha. Pre racial, that was an 8 and a 13, which would give them a Str 11 and Cha 10 post racial.

With the following feats:

Weapon Finesse
Weapon Focus: Rapier
Fencing Grace

You can deal dexterity to damage.

Alterantively, Dervish Dance, although that one also has prereqs.

That said, you're a little screwed until then, not gonna lie.

Don’t start a first time player with such a low STR. A low STR build is actually difficult to deal with so it may end up turning her off to gaming. I am also confused as to what class she is playing you mention an Investigator in the beginning but an inquisitor at the end.

Neither of those classes requires CHA so you best bet would be to swap your CHA and STR that should leave you with a 11 STR and a 10 CHA.

Inquisitors are nice having played one and seen another play one. Investigators not so sure about. Haven't played them but after reading them and their archtypes not my first choice of playing anytime soon. You mentioned she might be put into the front lines to fight. If she's an Inquisitor she could be okay after rearranging her stats. As an Investigator that is a bad idea. Investigator is not a front line class. They could be if supported by a more offensive class like a fighter but by herself she's going to get slaughtered. Race and low stats further hurt her character.

We allowed her to make her own character with minimal influence or back-seat building from us, but yeah, I might have her switch Str and Cha.

And, sorry, Investigator.

And to be fair, we aren't throwing her into the front lines of combat on her own. We want her to experience combat, but we also want her to have a well rounded little intro into the game.

Halflings have a few racial feats and traits that make them deadly with their Sling Staff you might want to check those out.

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How about using Divine Fighting Technique: Desna? Only a single feat, and works well with a Halfling.

best way to learn is to put them in with a party

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try a multiclass to compensate for the 2nd level? investigator 1, swashbuckler 1 (possibly Inspired Blade)?

Inspired blade/investigator is the only way you can expect it to work especially for a oneshot, however it's a lot of strange rules for a new player...

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