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Which one is better? 10th level Holy Gun or 5th level Gunslinger / 5th level Paladin?


Silver Crusade

The title says it all.

I am working on an elven Gunslinger / Paladin build but the Holy Gun is looking good, especially since his Smiting Shot only uses 1 git to activate.

Which route should I go?

Edit: Or should I go 5th level Pistolero / 5th level Holy Gun?

why not pistolero/mysterious stranger and vainlla/oath of vengeance paladin? that first bit hasn't be errata'd away yet, has it? much better cha synergy.

personally i find that holy gun gives up too much for what can simply be gotten with a one level dip in gunslinger.

holy gun seems like a trap. I personally would go paladin 5/ pistolero 5.

Mysterious Stranger 1 / Paladin 9 is infinitely better than Holy Gun 10. If you take Holy Gun, you lose the regular Smite, which means you need to spend a grit for each shot.

A friend of mine is doing the MS1/PaladinX build right now and it's working out fantastic.

Grit for Cha to damage really keeps his damage up when not fighting evil, and when he does fight evil, Hoo boy! it gets nuts.

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