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New player looking


I would like to find a group to join. There are recruitment threads, but since I am new to this I thought it better to post this type of post instead. That way the GM and group may be more understanding and I wont ruin the fun for the group by being a noob.

My play style is I enjoy working on my backstory and class. I can play a healer, caster, or melee without a problem. I have played many over powered games and dont mind them but would prefer core rules only. Less likely a few group members would be way overpowered while others underpowered.

Game play: Prefer a lot of dungeon and monster fights with some roleplay. Means I like at least 25% of the time playing to be actually fighting. Dont even mind if its a lot higher but am ok with it not being. I will be able to roleplay my character a lot better by typing rather then using voice chat so prefer no voice chat ( not sure if thats possible).

I am 32 and a college tutor while working for an advanced degree. Have the time to play. Would like to learn how to play on these boards and in the future GM. Designing realms and game play really interest me.

I'd recommend that you look through some of the recruitment threads. Generally those with 20 posts or less do not have too many submissions. But you can look through some of the longer ones to see how the submission process works.

If you see a campaign you think you might like to try, submit a character according to the creation guidelines. Usually you don't have to create a whole statblock immediately, but a backstory and class is ideal.

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

If you're looking to get into pbp gaming, you should go into it with the knowledge that rp is going to trump combat in most games since combat can be a little on the slow side. This isn't necessarily true of all the games, but it is the norm.

My Castle Whiterock game will probably need a healer. It's an old-school dungeon crawl focussed on combat. Post something in the recruitment thread or send me a private message.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Yes, checking through the open offers here in the Recruitment forum is the way to go. But I see a DM advertising a game specifically geared towards new players here. I am sure he would appreciate an application to the game because he has stated he wants new players, and the Pathfinder Society is a nice place to start getting your feet wet in the Pathfinder universe.

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