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Tier Limitation gone?

Mythic Adventures Playtest General Discussion

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There was a lot of talk about being able to only have a number of Mythic Tiers equal to half your total levels, but I can't seem to find that in the playtest.

Is it just not there cuz it's not important for the playtest?, have I missed it? or was it actually done away with?

I think the 'half your class level' thing was simply a suggestion, and not a strict rule you have to follow.

At the very least, developers have suggested playtesting with different combinations of class levels and mythic tiers, 10/5, 10/1, 5/3 etc to find out how the mechanics actually play out.

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The playtest I am in here on the boards is starting at level 5 with 2 tiers, then 10/5, 15/7 and finally 20/10

I was just curious.

Yeah, I don't think there's an actual limitation. You could be 1st level, but 10th mythic tier. Which would make you a stupid powerful 1st level character, but you could still do it if the DM skipped his meds that day and cleared the idea.

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I believe is was originally indtended to be a suggestion, and was also something they have estimated, but want to see with full playtesting information if it's actually right. I suspect that the GM section of the final book will discuss it in depth, based off of the data they receive.

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I'm working on 1/1 and 6/3 Saturday.

I'm playtesting a smoothed progression that involves 7/1, then 11/2, then 15/3, then 19/4, and finally 20/5 (if I have time I'll be throwing in 20/10 but I doubt it).

It's still a suggestion in the playtest - when it lists the different rarities of Mythic you could have in your campaign, the most common rarity suggests gaining one mythic tier for every two regular levels (and the higher rarities suggest fewer than that).

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