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Ruzza wrote:

This was a bit trickier, so I hope this is alright for everyone.

Cleaned up basement

You're the best, seriously. Kinda disappointed Paizo didn't give a cleaned up version of the citadel maps themselves.

Ruzza wrote:
Fumarole wrote:
I like how in the barracks folks sleep in beds clustered in the center of the room. :)

The goblins return from their smoke break grumbling, then make some half-hearted jazz hands when they unveil the new barracks.

EDIT: Wrong image.

You are absolutely amazing. Any chance of getting a cleaned up map of the basement level? There's an awful lot of corpses laying around in there stinking up the place.

citricking wrote:
If you look it scales with level. For creatures that are just spell casters it's always 10, but for creatures who are casters and fighters the difference decreases as level increases.

Doesn't really seem to matter if they are more caster or fighter focused. Voz, for example, in the Age of Ashes AP, is a wizard. She's not built to be swinging around her dagger. Nagas, while decent in melee, have always been caster oriented creatures. The merfolk wavecaller is specifically called out as being a caster. The ghost mage, well, it's in the name.

Ultimately I don't care about the difference in numbers, as long as it's what the numbers are supposed to be. If the difference is intended, maybe we'll get more insight into it once the creature building rules/GMG comes out.

If spell DCs are supposed to be 10 higher than a creatures spell attack bonus (Jason Bulmahn even says as much during the 4th episode of Knights of Everflame around the 38 minute mark), there seems to be quite a few monsters/npcs that don't follow that rule and I'm wondering which (if any) of these numbers are right.

From Bestiary:

Astral Deva (DC 36, attack +28)

Brain Collector (DC 26, attack +18)

Young Blue Dragon spellcaster (DC 28, attack +21)

Adult Blue Dragon spellcaster (DC 34, attack +27)

Ancient Blue Dragon spellcaster (DC 41, attack +35)

Young Green Dragon spellcaster (DC 26, attack +20)

Adult Green Dragon spellcaster (DC 33, attack +26)

Ancient Green Dragon spellcaster (DC 39, attack +33)

Young Red Dragon spellcaster (DC 29, attack +23)

Adult Red Dragon spellcaster (DC 35, attack +29)

Ancient Red Dragon spellcaster (DC 42, attack +36)

I think you get the idea with the dragons, all of them are generally between 8 and 6 points off, with ancient golds only being a 3 point difference between attack and DC

Water Mephit (DC 17, attack +9)

Faerie Dragon (DC 18, attack +10)

Drider (DC 24, attack +17)

Ghost Mage (DC 29, attack +23)

Gnoll Cultist (DC 22, attack +10)

Green Hag (DC 20, attack +14)

Merfolk Wavecaller (DC 18, attack +10)

Dark Naga (DC 26, attack +18)

Guardian Naga (DC 29, attack +21)

Morrigna (DC 35, attack +30)

Dandasuka (DC 22, attack +15)

Treerazer (DC 49, attack +43)

Zaramuun (DC 37, attack +31)

From Age of Ashes

Voz (DC 23, attack +15)

Anadi Elder (DC 25, attack +17)

Belmazog (DC 27, attack +19

Mialari Docur (DC 29, attack +23)

Generally it looks like it's only a 2 point difference, but there's the occasional 4 (and oddly enough 5) point difference. And then of course there's ancient gold dragons, with their 41 DC and +38 to hit.

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I was looking through the adventure synopses for this AP, and the last chapter looked familiar. And it looked familiar. And then I realized it. This is Pathfinders version of Die Vecna Die! Super powerful lich trying to ascend to godhood, results in world shattering changes to the very fundamentals of reality, thus giving an in game explanation for the 2nd edition rules changes.

*golf clap* I approve.

Am I the only one having problems downloading the new update? It never starts for me.

I found it to be extremely easy for my party, and I was even having the enemies use tactics, rather than just sitting around waiting for the party to walk into the room.

There's a gunslinger in the party, so in the fight outside the front door, when his gun went off, I had the Tieflings position themselves inside the door with bows readied. Soon as that door got opened, they almost outright killed one of the Paladins (with a crit or two), and the one runner had already run off to alert others in the building. For the most part, a lot of the garrison turned into one long ongoing combat because noise kept pulling everyone to the party. But even with that, it was pretty easy, since it was a very cramped area.

I love this. I love this so much. Now the challenge of being able to use this in a game. All of my friends see Tome of battle as super broken, and likely will think the same thing of this without even giving it a look. But, I managed to get them to be okay with me using Psionics, (those pesky 2nd ed Psions made it so difficult to get people to let you use Psionics, I swear.)

Question about the medals. One, in particular.

For the Medal of Clarity, what constitutes "vital information"? Would any of the letters the PCs find in the first book count? (the one about the crystals immediately comes to mind).

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Mawgrim wrote:
Vanaren, a Tiefling Rogue and Child of the Crusade. Another day in Kenabres, surrounded by bigots of all stripes - until the Fire Nation attacked and all manner of man and tiefling were equal in their struggle to survive this day.

Had to. :P

Demon Blooded Tiefling Paladin of Arshea (going Marshal)
Angel Blooded Aasimar Paladin of Ragathiel (going Champion)
Aasimar Cleric of Gorum (going Champion)
Peri Blooded Aasimar Summomer synthesist (going Guardian)
Android Gunslinger pistoleer (going Champion)

Monkey Goblin Ranger (going Champion)

Are there any third party campaign settings that regularly include psionics in them? I've found it can be a bit of a pain to shove psionics into a campaign that doesn't natively support it. It loses it's uniqueness, and just becomes another form of magic. I've always liked the whole psionics is different from arcane or divine magic aspect. Power resistance and spell resistance should be different, but if the world doesn't already support it, those psionic characters are more powerful.

So yes, are there any campaign settings that have psionics already built into them? Preferably one that is supported and gets new books.

*Sigh* I had really hoped the "+20 circumstance bonus to an ability check" universal abilities had been dropped. Those were some of my most hated abilities.

So, my group (myself included) has been wanting to play a game where all of the players are Legion Devils (3.5 creature. The ones that just get better and better the more there are)

I'm actually thinking of finally putting something together for this, but I really don't know how I'd build encounters.

Basics of the Legion Devil are:
- Cumulative +4 (untyped) bonus to hit for every other legion devil within 60 ft. (there's four players, so each one would have a free +12 to hit)
- Any time multiple Legion Devils are subject to the same effect (fireball, cloudkill...any multi target effect) they use the highest base d20 roll before adding individual save modifiers.
- 100 ft. teleport as a move action to any other Legion Devil.
- All Legion Devils within 100 ft. pool their HP into one big lump. When it hits 0, they all drop at once.

The biggest issue here is the bonus to hit. Short of bad rolls, they'll hit everything anywhere near their CR range, and even most things higher. But, their AC doesn't get the same kind of boost. So how do you build fights that still challenge their ability to hit enemies, without using something so powerful that it'll just obliterate the party? Of course, I don't want to make that ability useless, so every fight wouldn't be designed to nullify that ability, but I don't want them to just walk over everything, and I've never been a fan of throwing arbitrary AC bonuses on enemies just to make them a challenge. Templates are a if someone can point me towards some AC boosting templates (third party material is fine) that'd be awesome.

Would the Rappa archetypes bomb tricks function on alchemist bombs as well, and vice versa? Or would they be kept completely separate? Like, would you have to take Precise Bombs as both a ninja trick, and alchemist discovery for it to work with both?

Thanks. That was really confusing my friend and I when we looked closer at those abilities.

Another question.

Engineer and Physician both have abilities that let them "cast" spells and are based on skill ranks. The table starts at 10, and goes to 29 before hitting 20 again. I'm...confused. I'm assuming the last 20 should be a 30, but how is it possible for either class to reach 30 ranks in their respective skills? Does it go that far in case the GM decides to go into epic levels?

Shut up and take my money!

That's what I figured you were going for, but I just wanted to make sure.

Next question. There's a couple abilities like this that I'm curious about. Advanced Training - Hex says you gain the witches Hex ability, and may select one hex. Does it also give you a new hex every 2 levels like the standard hex ability says, or is it just the once?

Quick question.

Angel, Demon, Vampire, and Werewolf all say they gain access to various class/archetype abilities that they can take in place of talents or trainings. Does that allow them to take abilities that would normally replace each other?

For example, a Angel takes a standard Paladins aura of courage ability. Could they then later take the Holy Gun archetypes Shared Precision ability that normally replaces aura of courage?

Also, would you suggest limiting what level characters are able to take these abilities? As written, it seems to indicate that you could take capstone abilities at first level.

Although, now that I think about it, it does say the GM can restrict the list of choices (I love when that's actually specified, all but forces the players to clear things with the GM, rather than try to slip something past. Sneaky hobbitses). But I'd like an official ruling.

Damn and blast, I just found this product and found out I'm almost two years late for a free copy :P
Ah well, I'll just throw some cash at a friend to use their card soon.

Been wanting to run a modern zombie game, but with pathfinder. And I never really liked the way classes worked in d20 modern. I do like this though. :D

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Once I was running a adventure in 3.5. There was a room that had a almost full page description. After finishing reading it to the group, they started making camp in there. Thing is, there was an ogre in the room. That the super long description never mentions. So, after the party is halfway setting up camp...

Me: So, what do you guys do about the ogre in the room?
Players: What ogre?
Me: The big ass ogre in the room that you guys ignored.
Players: Obviously he's friendly since he's letting us set up camp.

Now, whenever I'm DMing, if I read a long description of ANYTHING, the players ask "Is there an ogre?"

Later in that same game, they opened a door to what the adventure described as a "long and dark hallway."

The hallway in question? 10 ft. long.

I'll never live down either of those.


I want to see more Abberations. Low, mid, and high CR. Abberations are always some of my favorite monsters.

DrDeth wrote:
Don’t worry. He’s playing THE MOST POWERFUL CLASS IN THE ENTIRE GAME, so pretty soon his lack of power won’t be an issue.

What he said.

Initially when Summoner came out, I glanced over it, and wrote it off as a mediocre class. And then I saw one in action and weeped.

There was no VP award for the first time you send him because as it says, it doesn't solve anything, it just gives the PCs a little more insight on the situation.

Ice Titan wrote:
TheChozyn wrote:

Starting book 3 after a disasterous end to book 2

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **

I was thinking the same thing. It's pretty clear that if you don't use that first request to keep your party safe, he'll just try to kill you all in order to get his eyes back. I think the DM was going really easy on you guys.

Is there a link somewhere to a collection of the more lesser known rules? My group only just realized that corporeal undead and constructs can be crit (we assumed their crit immunity carried over from 3.5, and our brains must have just added that to their immunity list). I'm just curious if there are other rule changes from 3.5 that might not be as noticeable.


I'd just like a little clarification on the Ronins Chosen Destiny ability. Specifically the second part. The way it's worded, it seems like anything that would activate on a critical (and a 20) would still activate. I've seen other abilities similar to this that say that any additional effects do not trigger. This ability lacks that.

So, a Ronin using a vorpal katana could, once a day, potentially kill something in one shot? I've seen no errata or anything saying it doesn't work that way, but I just want to make sure.

Jenny Bendel wrote:
Since my first day on the job, much to the groans of (some) of my co-workers. But I couldn't resist it, just once or twice. :)

You didn't happen to have any influence on the title of book 3, did you? :P

Am I the only one that thought Game of Thrones when I read the title to this AP?

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I saw the title to this, and thought "Must be a joke." Then I read it. Then I blacked out for a second from all the awesome in that description.

I'm getting this AP. And I am gonna run the hell out of it. I need to start working on my Russian accent.

gustavo iglesias wrote:

To Malignant Mind:

** spoiler omitted **

Aye. Plus, there's no good reason why a good aligned cleric would EVER prepare a single cure spell, unless they somehow gave up the ability to burn spells for cures. If you have access to 1001 Spells, I advise using it to alter spell lists. Especially for any divine casters, as there's more combat oriented spells in there at lower levels. Not many, because divine casting still gets gimped on offense at lower levels, but there's more options than core. (Plus, it makes illusionists angry. The phantasmal line of spells are disgusting)

gustavo iglesias wrote:

*Angry class list*

Okay, yeah. I would say rebuilding some of the more important fights would be a good idea.

Personally, what I changed was:

Minor alterations to spell lists of any clerics during the Battle of Saintsbridge. I didn't feel that much needed to be changed with these fights, as sheer numbers did the job for depleting the parties resources.
Made sure the shield archons already had Divine Power cast before the start of their fight. (By the way, Gary. My players absolutely loved the artwork for the shield archons. They look so much more badass than in the bestiary.)
Added a second Peri to the fight in the phoenix temple.
Completely rebuilt the monk and oracle. Made the monk a style master (or whatever that archetype is called). Panther, Crane, and Snake style for the win. Gave the oracle plenty of buff spells, and what few damaging spells I could. Made sure some of the longer duration buffs were already cast.

I plan on rebuilding the ghost martyrs as well. As is, they can't really hurt my party, aside from the NPCs with them.
The cleric leader will also be getting a complete overhaul.

gustavo iglesias wrote:

Your group walked over the content with only 2-3 players, Malignant Mind? Wow. I guess I'll have to buff the encounters quite a bit :/

EDIT: Sunlord Thalachos is CR15, Azra is CR 16. Haven't checked both very closely, but how is that an improvement?

My group is...efficient.

The two that were there were the half-ogre fighter with all of the shield fighting feats, full plate, natural armor, and a decent dex. His AC is in the mid 30's. The other was a blackblade/kensei Magus that has pummped Int and Dex, with bracers of armor and a ring of pro, his AC is also in the mid 30s. Most average enemies have a hard time touching them. Even the stronger enemies have trouble reliably hitting on more than one attack.

As for Sunlord Thalachos vs. Ara Mathra...

Sunlord Thalachos is more powerful at CR 15 than Ara Mathra is at CR 16. Really, all Ara has going for him is his silly list of immunities. I'll probably still throw a couple extra HD onto ST to up his CR to 16.

Keep in mind, my group tends to min/max (somehow without crippling their characters in their non-focused areas). Unless your group is similar, I wouldn't change much.

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Well, we're already close to finished with book 3. All that's left now is the Cathedral.

The PCs basically handled the Battle of Saintsbridge on their own, while their army mowed through the enemy infantry. Any important fights (I.E., all the events) were handled directly by the PCs. They pretty much walked right through those fights. The only one that gave them much trouble was the final fight. They were a bit scattered on the bridge, and the magus was invisible. The closest target was the antipaladin when the clerics wwalked up. So he got four flame strikes to the face. Made all his saves, though, so he survived (albeit just barely).

They've decided to spare the children of the town. They plan on indoctrinating them all. Basically a Hitler Youth type thing. They also spared the mothers of the children, for now. They have to kill their own mothers later on in the indoctrination. (Pretty sure they got the idea from how the Unsullied in A Song of Ice and Fire are trained)

The player playing the Antipaladin wasn't able to make it to the last game, so there were only two players there, with me running Grumblejack and their Vitalist healbot cohort from Leadership. They handled the Peri pretty well. The Magus got close to death a couple times, but the Vitalist kept him alive. They really didn't want to deal with the Phoenix, and upon seeing the nest, immediately threatened the eggs and forced the Phoenix to leave forever.

Inside the labyrinth, they had fun with the riddles. The first two were pretty simple, and they solved them pretty quickly. The final one took two tries. After how long they spent trying to figure it out the first time, on the second try I let them make a check to notice a weird inflection on the key word (wick'ed... I assumed it was meant to be pronounced wicked, which made it tricky). After getting the clue, it took just a few seconds before one of them shouted the answer while bouncing in his chair.

We ended the night after the monk and oracle fight. I had to rebuild them a bit so that the monk could actually touch any of the PCs. Also gave the oracle Antilife Shell to keep her alive longer. At least until Grumblejack charged right through it and cleaved her in half.

So far this book is going by pretty quickly. I doubt it will take more than one or two more sessions to finish. I plan on changing Ara Mathra a bit as well. He seems a little underwhelming for a big solo fight. He might be fine for a normal group, but my group is certainly not normal. Maybe using one of the Divine Heralds...

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If a creature has four arms, could they two weapon fight with two-handed weapons like greatswords? Or would they still be limited to a single two handed weapon?

If they can, how would you calculate damage from strength for the off-hand? Would it still be 1.5 Str because it's still got two arms swinging it, or would it be less because you're two-weapon fighting?

Wind Chime wrote:

Frostbite is a 1st level spell that does non-lethal damage, invulnerable rager's get dr per level against non-lethal attacks would the dr be applied against the spell's damage because it is non-lethal damage or not because it's a spell?

The Barbarian's have a power called Guarded Life which transforms lethal damage into non-lethal damage, would a spells damage be turned into non-lethal ? and would invulnerable rager's DR apply?

Spells, spell-like abilities, and energy attacks (even non-magical fire) ignore damage reduction.

The spell would go through the DR. Especially because it's labled as non-lethal cold damage.

I always thought that spells that dealt slashing/piercing/bludgeoning damage were hindered by DR/- (or any DR that isn't DR/magic). Seems I was wrong. Learn something new every day. This makes some spells a bit more appealing (I always avoided spells that do those three damage types because I assumed DR would weaken them). I figured the same went for spells that dealt non-lethal damage.

Cold resistance would apply to that spell, though.

*expletive deleted*
That's what I get for DMing from 6pm until 5am. which is around the time the last fight took place.

They didn't last long enough. The fight was over pretty quickly. Barely lasted two full rounds. Plus, can't teleport out of the horn.

They asked for Half-fiend. Well, two of them did. One, the magus that died that day, didn't want anything from him (and he was dead anyways).
I gave it to them. It'll make part of book five more interesting. Because the way I'm gonna do it, if they kill the source of their power, they lose it.

Well, my group has finally finished book two.

And we're all happy to have it behind us. Being in one location for so long really dragged on. It's a great book, but it took forever to get through. Doesn't help that my group (me included) gets easily distracted by anything shiny. Otherwise we might have finished two or three weeks ago. :P

The final battle was a bit entertaining. The magus (the bard players replacement) was taken down in the first round. He can do insane amount of damage to a single target, especially if he crits (and with a keen rapier, he does that fairly often). But he can't take a hit very well. Especially from a smiting paladin that is fully buffed and lands a crit. He opened the fight with a fireball on the good guys, and then ran up to them. Which was a horrible mistake. But after that, the rest of the party made pretty short work of them all. Grumblejack flying charged the paladin and crit him with a raging power attack with the warhammer the dwarf from earlier in the book was carrying. Sooooo, there went the paladin. The barbarian got handled pretty well by the player playing Grumblejacks kid (whos battlecry is "I'm so g~*&&%ned happy!" the face the player makes while saying that makes it even better). The antipaladin cleaned up the wizard and cleric pretty quickly with Grumblejacks help.

The dragon fight wasn't that bad on them either, but that was mostly because of lucky rolls on saves for the party. Two came very close to failing the save on the paralyzing breath in the opening round. And the Antipaladin got a lucky crit with his first hit with smite good. So that turned into 2d8+48+2d6. The dragon was not pleased. And then the magus got a crit with his rapier, after using one of his arcana to change all his damage to fire. They now plan on stuffing the dragon and using it as decoration in the future.

Book 3 starts next week.

Does the ring grant complete immunity to Detect Thoughts, Discern Lies, and Detect Alignment spells, or is there a caster level check involved since it uses Nondetection to create the ring?

We used a slightly different Half-ogre. It's a base CR of 1. So with the template, it evens out.

I'm not sure if the horn is an appropriate place for children to be. So many sharp corners...

kevin_video wrote:
MalignantMind wrote:
kevin_video wrote:

Well, if your players are having a really rough time, there were a few suggestions on how to beef things up:


We realized it was trying to add the Mythic rules to the AP that screwed things. So we all agreed to hit the undo button on that and pretend mythic never happened. At least that stuff is easy enough to remove from a character since most of the things you get are entirely separate from your class.

In other news, our kitsune rogue died in the fight against Harkon (but the remaining characters dealt with him). The player decided to come back as a... Well... He's Grumblejacks child. Half-ogre with the young template....fighter. He's a hyperactive ball of metal that is too strong for his own good. It's both terrifying and amusing.

Ah, yeah that'd do it. My players asked if we were going to be implementing those rules, and I gave them a sound "no". Not going to happen. They're more than pleased with that decision. None of us like those rules.

A young half-ogre? So a small sized PC? Because half-ogre is a medium race.

Yeah. After seeing the rules in play, we realized they need a massive overhaul, and really don't work in a game not designed to use them.

Yeah, he's small, but still packs a 22 strength. The walls of the horn are going to be covered in crayon. And he wants to build a treehouse in the hangman tree. I don't think that'll happen. But its still amusing.

kevin_video wrote:

Well, if your players are having a really rough time, there were a few suggestions on how to beef things up:


We realized it was trying to add the Mythic rules to the AP that screwed things. So we all agreed to hit the undo button on that and pretend mythic never happened. At least that stuff is easy enough to remove from a character since most of the things you get are entirely separate from your class.

In other news, our kitsune rogue died in the fight against Harkon (but the remaining characters dealt with him). The player decided to come back as a... Well... He's Grumblejacks child. Half-ogre with the young template....fighter. He's a hyperactive ball of metal that is too strong for his own good. It's both terrifying and amusing. the event of a TPK, how would you suggest proceeding?

I only ask because my players are having a bit of a rough time.

The moondogs have been watching the Horn and hitting it when one or two of the players head to town for something. They haven't succeeded in killing any players yet, but they have come close before having to turn and run. And now the players are dealing with Harkon coming in and ruining their day on a regular basis. They're convinced that his group is all under high powered Nondetection spells and think they're hiding somewhere in the Horn. The players killed Ezra and his wraiths, and their Daemons are currently out of commission. The players also still have to deal with the Treant and the Celestial chick (can't remember her name). They managed to completely bypass both of them when first coming to the Horn. So things are looking grim for our villains.

If the players die during this book and fail to retrieve the Tears, would you suggest going to the next book with new recruits? And if so, how would that influence future books?

increddibelly wrote:
Has anyone fleshed out Baron Vandermir's ball?

on creating a grand feast, you could have a look at council of thieves book 2; the Cornucopia may be a bit much, but 'too much' may be an easier starting point than 'too little'.

question for you folks:
I copied the Evil Organisation rules into a pdf for my players. They love it, except there's only one high-charisma character, so only one character who has a viable shot at leadership.

One of the other players came up with a great idea of creating departments within the organisation : every character commands missions that are tailored to their highest ability score. The strong orc will handle any ruthless quests, the cleric will handle espionage, the rogue will handle secrecy, the alchemist drug dealer runs the connections department, and the high-CHA sorcerer will control any left over departments and have final say in case of a tie. (I'm a big fan of letting them create and then sort out their own problems)

However, in fairness to the sorcerer, who will be taking the RAW Leadership feat, I intend to ask all those who want to lead the organisation to invest in a similar feat. This should change the situation from 'problem' to 'flavor'.

Each character will attract creatures / NPC's that have similar strengths as the character himself, who want to learn from the master. This way, a cleric attracts disciples and kobold shamans, a fighter gets a pet ogre, and all roles are neatly separated. Yet, as far as I know, no suitable feats exist. So, I made up 6 feats to represent the 6 abilities. All feats have the same mechanics as Leadership, except the key ability is changed from CHA to one of the others.

character ability => made up feat
STR => Bully
DEX => Master Thief
CON => Drill Instructor (a shame Talingarde hasn't invented gyms yet)
INT => Professor / Teacher
WIS => Disciples (a Messiah feat might be pushing it a bit)
CHA => Leadership (RAW)

Do you see obvious flaws / balance issues to this? any suggestions for better feat...

I don't see any problems with it. I'd make sure to limit people to one Leadership feat. A strength based character taking a strength based Leadership is going to be just as well off as a charisma based character taking the normal Leadership. There's not really any ways to break it for a specific ability score.

I like the names, but I think the Int based feat should be called Mastermind. It fits. Especially for an evil campaign :P

Revenantdog wrote:

Quick question on the fates of your daemonic allies:

** spoiler omitted **

Like John there, I assumed that both of them were bound to the Horn. One it goes, they go. That's how I plan on playing it. My players are already out of control with their minion list. I had to rule that they ran out of Hydras in the area after a string of 20's on the hunt monster checks with their organization. It's bad enough that they got six of the things. -.-

So, my group took a rather hands on approach to that first group of adventurers...

They hid out near the mouth of the cave the morning they arrived, and then popped up to get a surprise round on them. The rogue chucked his sap at the Bard, knocking her out almost immediately (He's gone down the sap master feat tree...his nonlethal damage is frankly quite disgusting). The parties bard then facinated the fighter, cleric, and monk (terrible rolls on their will) and the Antipaladin got a lucky crit on the dwarf, dropping him immediately. They ended up feeding the monk, fighter, and dwarf to their hydras, locked up the cleric, and the parties bard took the bard adventurer as her own personal slave. She's branded and collared now.

Skylancer4 wrote:
DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
Bane AND flaming pushes the bullet to +6 (since it had a +4 enhancement bonus to begin with).
The reason they said bane wouldn't work is because it allows you to bypass epic DR at a low level (when a +4 bane xyz weapon can be afforded _ basically whenever you could afford a +5 weapon). For epic DR to mean anything a 'pure' +6 enhancement is called for.

Which I think is silly, because bane adds a +2 to the enhancement bonus. Unless the campaign focuses entirely around fighting a certain type of creature, the odds of you having the proper bane are relatively low. Even worse if you need a certain subtype.

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