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Which class / build should I play to fill the "gap"?



Fairly soon (finally) my DM will be starting a kingmaker campaign. 20 point build all paizo books and for now I'll assume core races.

From what else I've been told, there will be a rogue (more assassin than thief, skulking stalker I guess) a sorcerer (what he'll focus on is yet unknown) either a ranger or inquisitor (he hasn't picked one yet, but supposedly will be ranged attacker in some way) and a fighter (keeping it secret what he's doing whether ranged or melee.

Originally I wanted to play a Wood Wizard, battlefield control with a bit of social skill thrown in.

However, I am also looking into other classes.

1) - A "luck" witch focusing on buffing and debuffing, placing slumber when needed. Only thing I don't like about Witch's are the spell list.

2) - A master of many styles unarmed fighter.

3) - A skill monkey rogue built towards sleepless detective

4) - A Monk of the Empty Hand improvised weapon build

5) - Druid focused on animal companions and support

Really I'm into a lot of stuff it just depends on my mood. The only thing I know I want to keep is that he / she be a human and I'm not looking to fill a healing role (just not interested in it).

Let me know what you think would be a good fit, whether its mentioned above or something else. Right now I still like the wizard and the witch could be very helpful, but so could so many other things. I am looking to have really good social role (diplomacy, bluff) if at all possible. It is Kingmaker after all.


have you looked into the oracle? ive been likeing one i play in a recent game. they can heal but it doesnt have to be a focus.

I've looked them over before, but found it sometimes difficult to find things I could get behind on that class. What mystery would you suggest?

Oracle is a great class to have. I played a melee one and I enjoyed dealing some pretty nasty damage while also being able to buff myself up some. I'd honestly talk with the ranged attacker player and ask if he's going to be playing with spells or not. If he is going to be going Ranger with spells and a companion, you probably won't need to fudge with spells and can play a pure martial class.

If you don't want to focus on "healing, healing, healing," then being a Bard has some decent benefits, makes great skill monkeys, and has some very useful (and powerful) spells. It's a great crowd control/buff bot class, and if you don't want to heal (too much), yet want that spell-casting goodness, a Bard is the way to go.

These concepts (aside from the Witch) are not mutually exclusive. You can easily build for Sleepless Detective with a Rogue 3 (Burglar or Spy or Roof Runner), Monk 1 (Empty Hand), Fighter 1 (Lore Warden). Take Alertness, Snake Style and a couple of skill feats. Use downtime to actually train useful animals with Handle Animal and pack a utility belt of support/healing based wands/scrolls for the party's benefit. You are now Batman.

own your character. Build what you want for 1st level and adjust from there. (Party adjustment) I've played in campaigns without a cleric, and we just picked up the slack here and there.

Druid! With or without animal companion will help explore all that wilderness and gives all kinds of utility- scout, skills, wild shape goodies, and of course spells.

bard would be a great choice, since you will have a blaster, most likely, a bard would bring good utility to the group.

So far the whole group could be a ranged group, which would be very interesting. Master of Many styles would be a good choice although as a monk you already need str, Dex, Wis, and Con, plus int for skill points... Id say go wizard like you wanted. Battlefield control Wizard is best Wizard i think.

Alright, quick update of what I've learned from the DM. There's a good possibility that Sorcerer is going to focus on summoning, followed by blasting and then maybe some self buff when he has room.

Rogue guy doesn't (at least currently) intend to get his Sleight of Hand and Disable Device back. Meaning if we need to subtly break into things, it's going to suck.

Bard is still a possibility, but I'm really leaning towards my original wizard or witch still. Both can greatly help the party during battle. Skill wise though, there are things that need covered which of course the bard is good at.

I may go Kahn Zordlon's route and just go with my wizard and figure things out along the way.

Thanks again for all the suggestions everyone.

Dark Archive

Play a bard. Everyone loves a bard.

Your party needs a Divine caster. And, your party needs a prepared caster. Thus, a cleric. And a Channeling cleric needs good CHA.

Leave the healing to Channeling and wands etc after the battle.

Magus are fun, and get stupidly powerful endgame, though they are lacking for the first 5-6 levels. Once you hit 3rd levels spells, things start dropping.

No fighter can take them cause of their magic, and most magical tricks that normally work on a fighters are rendered moot by the possession of powerful magic on the part of the Magus.

Or you could be boring and play a Cleric :P They're strong, just boring.

Cleric? Boring? With all the domains? Now that you can do all your in combat healing with Channeling and save your spells for boosting, blowing things up and battlefield control?

And with Quick Channel you don't even have to spend your standard action.

You've all given me plenty to think about. Thanks for the input. I've never played a Cleric before but I will look into it, however, I'm still leaning wizard and seeing as our front line fighters are actually pretty thing I may consider the synthesist summoner.

Could still provide buffs, good for being face and a beast in battle.

Thanks again everyone.

Druids and Witches fill all gaps.

scarred witch doctor. Even if you don't like the spell list, it'S great.
You good the hexes, you got the hp to survive being hit now and then and some of the witch spell are nice.

I currently play one who uses rime spell with frost fall and ice storm for battlefield control.
Strong opponents are debuffed with ray of exhaustion (good even if they save) and hexes.

The only problem with the scarred witch doctor is that it's not clear how the mask really works. But I made a thread about this problem which wasn't well frequented.

Bard is cool too. But after my last bard was suddenly useless when we only had one melee left (rest was all casters) where he was a buffer type bard and I had to change it out I'm careful to suggest it.

Druid, Cleric, or Oracle. All of them have a way of adding an extra frontliner all of them have access to divine spells which your party otherwise is lacking anyone with a 9 level progression of. Personally I like the Battle mystery or Metal for a fighting oracle or Life for a healing oracle, the mechanically best curses to take vary but generally blindness is pretty good as you level up assuming you don't fight out in wide open spaces much and since your party seems to have two ranged types already those are the fights your DM won't want to give you.

The druid can do battle albiet it requires a bit more work and weird armor/enchants but you also get good spell progression and access to the divine stuff you lack without too much work involved.

Clerics again strong can be pretty beefy frontliner types if you put in the effort, good support spells, access to everything on their spell list for no effort/cost which is a big one so you always have the right spell if it's on your list if given the time to wait or the availability of information before hand. And again the divine spells you don't have right now like restoration or raise or remove curse/disease/poison.

While Cleric and Wizard are the more powerful options, I'll add my 2 cents that Master of Many Styles is just FUN. Currently running Snake and Dragon Styles (and picking up Panther next level) and loving it. If something misses you (pretty easy for them to do so, especially if you jack your Sense Motive up) you get to smack 'em in the face. With Dragon Style, that smack to the face hurts. And then if you're feeling cheeky (and didn't use your SM to AC thingy), you can smack 'em again.

With Panther Style you can be getting out up to 4 attacks per round on a single guy (keep in mind I'll be level 5) assuming you purposefully provoke an AoO and he misses.

Now I got absurdly lucky on my rolls (I have a +5 mod, a +4 mod, three +2 mods, and a +1 mod, though the 5 and 4 are 4 and 3 naturally) but if you've got the stats to do it a Monk can be pretty badass.

I'm currently doing only slightly less DPR than our Barbarian, and I'm a hell of a lot harder to hit than he is. I don't even miss Flurry considering I could never get something to stand still long enough for me to full attack it.

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