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Pugwampi protective measures

Rules Questions

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Are there any materials that shield against the unluck aura possessed by pugwampis?

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Their aura's countermeasure is in the pugwampi writeup; that's the only protection I know of.

Your options are luck bonuses, staying 25 feet away, or being an animal, gremlin, or gnoll.

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Divine favor grants a luck bonus for 1 minute, but is range personal, so only the cleric himself can benefit from it.

Summon nature's ally and summon monster both allow for the conjuring of animals (and, in the case of summon nature's ally I, mite gremlins).

Animal Companions and Mounts will be able to attack without penalty.

Someone with an effective ranged attack can try to get out of the aura before retaliating.

Silver Crusade


Fire applied everywhere.

Don't stop burning until the rerolls stop.

Be a human and take the racial heritage feat for gnolls.

Take the halfling luck abilities.

Sacred Tattoo half orcs have a luck bonus and so are immune.

Just laugh and roll with it. You probably won't encounter them past 3rd level, unless your DM likes messing with you.

Dark Archive

Halfling Luck doesn't work, as it is a racial bonus. A half-orc with a sacred tattoo will avoid the aura.

Dark Archive

Mergy wrote:
Halfling Luck doesn't work, as it is a racial bonus.

I do wish that were otherwise, 'though. It would totally make sense for the 'lucky' halfling to be immune to the pugwampi aura.

Halflings of Golarion went nuts with the idea of Halfling Jinxes, but didn't really expand much on the standard lucky side of that notion, mechanically.

A half-orc with a sacred tattoo will avoid the aura.

Where is this from? Sounds neat.

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