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In-character: PC looking for martial mentors

Grand Lodge

Grand Lodge *****

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Hi there, um, so, I just want to thank you for reading this, and I'd like to ask your help.

I'm just starting out here in the Society, mostly as a fighter, and I'm looking for some folks who would be willing to, you know, give me some advice and, I guess, the benefit of your experience.

So, I'm from Brevoy, up north there, and I was working with one of those Aldori sword lords, and they make the Aldori sword look really cool, like it's the best blade in the whole world. But now I'm down here in Absalom, and Master Farbellius says I need to expand out my fighting technique.

So, is there anybody willing to work with a newbie?

So, I'm applying several boons to the character Devlin -- Tian Weapon Training, Varisian Weapon Training, Monastic Training -- to simulate his learning odd weapons from other Pathfinders, or from his journeys around Golarion. He'll also take a couple levels in Magus, and a couple levels in the Sword Saint archetype of the Samauri, before settling down on the Aldori Sword Lord Prestige Class.

And I could just make up names of the various characters who taught him this or that aspect of his fighting technique, but I thought it would be fun to invite real Pathfinder players to volunteer their PCs as a local Aldori sword master, or as the samauri who teaches him iaijutsu, or a ranger who teaches him the importance of a bow, or a Shoanti who trains him in some exotic weapon of the Cinderlands, or ...

The list goes on. Anyways, It would be cool to have actual PCs be Devlin's mentors. Then, if we ever meet at a convention, Devlin can show your PC what he's learned.


Nifty idea!

Well, my character "Nadezhda" (Russian pronunciation: nya-dyezh-dya) is also on the path of the Aldori Sword Lord - and hails from Brevoy - but she has is progressing there from Master of Many Styles monk (first couple of levels) - so she might have offered monastic guidance (such as the Crane style tree) at some point.

For reference: Nadezhda is a tall, lean, athletic woman, attractive but disfigured with a slash scar from below her right eye down to her lip. She is icy, abusive and difficult (her only social skill is max-ranked Intimidate), but she tolerates those who earn her respect (through disciplined living and/or martial prowess). She dislikes most men - especially boastful ones - unless they surprise her with polite courtesy and (again) are worthy of respect due to good character and ability. She is Lawful Neutral (if it matters).

She believes in quiet competence and cool confidence, rejecting bravado. She would value a pupil who demonstrated sincere interest and discipline.

Sczarni **

"So rumor has it you have an interest in learning how to wield the weapons of my people," a well-dressed man smirked from his seat in the corner of the tavern, his accent and features distinctly Varisian despite the obvious taint of his infernal heritage, "What have you to offer in compensation?"

Idly shuffling an old, well worn, harrow deck in his clawed hands, Zelthier chuckled, "Perhaps we can make a deal. I could teach you how to use these weapons, and in return..." the tiefling looked thoughtful for a moment, his spined tail lazily coiling around a chair leg before he offered Devlin a crooked, fanged, grin, "You can owe me a favor. One to be called in at a later time, of course..."

I'm assuming the Varisian Weapons Training has to do with things like Starknives and Bladed Scarves, yeah?

Grand Lodge *****

Nadezhda would find Devlin sincere enough, but his prowess is somewhat more promising than in evidence. Also, he'll be a touch too deferential, even when he has something she might consider worth saying. He has a certain amount of self-confidence, but he doesn't know how to assert himself.


Zeithier, Devlin already has proficiency with all martial weapons, so, yes, the boon would give him an exotic weapon proficiency in Shoanti bolas or bladed scarves. And Devlin is a Tiefling as well, a Grimspawn...)

Thank you for the chair, and for your offer. You heard pretty much right, m'lord Zeithier. I'm looking to add some versatility to my combat skills. The Master of Blades says that the opponent with the element of surprise usually has the upper hand, and [mentor to be named later] says that two out of three blows ought to be something the other guy didn't see coming.

"And you Varisians are renown throughout Avistan for keeping your own mysteries.

"As to payment, a favor seems right." And then, in lightly accented Varisian, Devlin continues, "A Debt must be Weighed in the Manner of its Value. Teach me something I can use to keep myself alive, and I'll owe you a favor of equal merit."

Sczarni **

Chuckling, the Devilspawn nodded with a grin, "Ah, yes of course. I am afraid my knowledge of those tribal weapons is fairly limited, but I can show you a few tricks that will keep your opponents on their toes."

Grand Lodge

A Half-Elf looks up from his drink at the bar."Did someone mention martial training? me dad was a fighter in the society, taught me some of what he knew. Mostly I cheated my way through our duels." He grins devilishly, "That's what you need. forget traditional trainig. Fight dirty, never give your oppontent a chance to look at your weaknesses, and make sure you take advantage of his." He unsheathes his longsword. "Pretty soon, your weapons will practically be an extension of your arm. Trust me on this."

Liberty's Edge *****

Bbauzh: I would be willing to train you how to use Flails and other chain-like weapons. I am also an expert in Disarming and Tripping, two skills any good duelist should know. I am a hard taskmaster, but if you are willing to leave it all on the training sands, I would be willing to teach you these maneuvers.

Grand Lodge *****

Kyros: That's the message people seem to be telling me. As for a weapon as an extention of my arm ... I am intrigued.

Bbauzh, that would be great. I would be honored to have your lessons. But first tell me: when someone asks me who it was taught me such things, how should I pronounce your name?

Liberty's Edge *****

Devlin Aldori wrote:

Kyros: That's the message people seem to be telling me. As for a weapon as an extention of my arm ... I am intrigued.

Bbauzh, that would be great. I would be honored to have your lessons. But first tell me: when someone asks me who it was taught me such things, how should I pronounce your name?

Bbauzh: Well, being as how I'm deaf, I have trouble with pronunciation keys. But I've spoken to a few linguistic expert friends of mine, and they tell me it should be something like this: Bu-Baazh where the Baa is like in Coffee and the Zh is like an sh but harder with a soft Z sound.

Grand Lodge ***

An older man with a face that tells you he has seen years of hard work greets you upon entering the lodge. The man stands in full mithral armor with a gorget that clearly covers most of his face. His shield, spiked, bears the symbol of the Grand Lodge and his wayfinder in plain sight.

"I have been told you want to learn more fighting styles. Well I commend it, to many youngins come in here thinking the way they know how to fight is going to work for every situation. Well it doesn't and they are all dead, mostly, because they though that way. Follow me and I will show you a few things"

The man moves with a speed unusual for one of his obvious age and once outside calls to a rhino being tended to by a squire.

"Cmon Rhino there's work to do, you to Tiefling. There's a nearby crypt that was uncovered recently and I was asked to clear it out. What better opportunity to learn some skills then in the field. Not scared of some undead are you?"

Without waiting for your replay the man continues

"Of course not! You're a Pathfinder, there's no time for fear. I learned that long ago. I've also come to find out your best offense in the field is a great defense. This shield isn't spiked for my pleasure, I've spent years working on the techniques to properly wield it as deadly as some wield a sword. Those big swords and hammers may help to grind down your opponent but if they cant ever land a hit on you then they'll never be the victor. It especially helps when facing off against the creatures I have run into. One hit from them and who know what you'll contract or lose."

Rohender is a shield based ranger in his 60's. His attitude isn't so much rude as its based on the fact he has little time for names and formalities.

Grand Lodge

"oh, yes. I am dearly sorry if my message is redundant. (Unsheathes longsword). This was the brother I actually wanted in my childhood, guiding my body through the countless duels in my youth in Varisia. Having the mastery I have over my weapon requires constant discipline, never having it leave your side, being your companion through blood and sweat and tears."

Grand Lodge

Also, I was thinking I could be the possible 2 out of 3 mentor

Dark Archive *****

A dark-complected man in beautifully worked spiked mithral shaped into the unholy symbol of dread Asmodeus, his silvery polearm catching the light as it leans from where his right leg should be, to the corner behind him. A plate of boiled chicken and glass of thin tea sit on the table, and his fingers continue to shred the meat from bone and mix it with a pinch of salt at an amazingly uniform rate as he speaks, interspersing sentences with morsels of food.

"I can teach several martial pursuits - the security of caravans, the needs of customs inspection, the profession of the sword at sea, or the profession of campaign and raid. I am also considered... adept... with Gentle Repose and other blades of her kind. I am Gunvaldr, Gislasson. My loyalties are... apparent."

"And my hunt for the snakes nears its end."

While Gunvaldr looks like an human Asmodean battle cleric, he is a pure polearm master, +15 profession: soldier and profession: sailor.

Grand Lodge *****

So far, Devlin is studying under:

Nadezhda - monastic training, confidence above bravado, companion on the road to Sword Lord
Zelthier - Shoanti bolas, star knife, craftiness
Kyros Deun - "cheating" in duels, identifying weaknesses, one-ness with weaponry
Bbauzh - flail, disarming, tripping, serious training
Rohender - defense "in the field".
Gunvaldr Gislasson - polearms and other reach weapons, professionalism


Still looking for a samauri, and maybe a magus.

Grand Lodge

The Half-Elf perks up for a moment. "Dreadfully sorry to be off-topic, but what, pray tell, are the snakes?"

Sczarni **

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Just an FYI, Zelthier is a Magus, and not proficient in the Shoanti Bolas, though he is proficient in Bladed Scarves.

The Exchange ***** RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16

Good to know...

Shadow Lodge *****

I am Farak, the Most Powerful Mage in All Absalom!

Seeing Pathfinders better themselves so as to best ensure their companions survival pleases me to no end.

If there is anything I can do to help, feel free to let me know, but do not dally Drenge has assigned me to go participate in the Ruby Pheonix Tournament. I tried telling him it was long past, but arguing with the man was of no use. So next month I depart for the Dragon Empire, we'll see what happens when I arrive there.

Grand Lodge

I have also taken a level of Cavalier so that I can teach you mounted combat.

Grand Lodge

I a am new to the Grand Lodge but not new to combat my friend I come from Sandpoint. For many years I defended one of its bridges from what seemed like hundreds of Goblins until I was relieved by some Silver Mount soldiers and was ordered to travel to Silver Mount with my companion Gorathian Carten. After living as a gunsmith in an underground network of local thieves and rouges I made the decision to leave and come here to this place. If you are in need of Training I can help you to hone your skills of the sword and if you want I can also help train you with firearms.


"Me Mash! Me Venter-Cap'n in Society now. Me teach weapon training like Master Farb ta new guys like you."

"Me started off usin' greataxe. Lotta power with big strength. But Grandmaster Torch told me need to use more strategery. Be more precise with weapon, not just strong. Friend Chibiko used nodachi, so me try it, too. More precise than greataxe. Not as big, but get better hits more often. Me teach if you wanna learn ta use big two handed weapons."

Grand Lodge

Mash wrote:

"Is there any adventures that need doing I have been sitting in this place for days with not a thing to do but train with my musket."

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