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Explorer from Tian

Lantern Lodge

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Lantern Lodge *

As I sit here, I wonder if part of why there seems to be so much wrong around the Inner Sea, is because they ignore the spirits that live here and that they have no teachings from them. I believe that I shall have to invite some cousins so that we can spread learning and enlightenment. I recently had to act much more blatantly then I usually do, but I do hope he learns to be if not more of a man at least more loyal to those he would serve.

I wonder, how does others from Tian find this Inner Sea region?

Sczarni **

You sound as though you are native from Tian Xia, Karu.

I am native to Avistan, but seek to explore the lands of my mother's heritage. My blood is mixed. My father was Varisian.

I love to travel and learn more of Tian Xia. If you seek to know more of Avistan, then I would gladly share this knowledge, although I warn you, I am no scholar. Just a simple cook who travels for the Pathfinder Society, and a man who can hold a Bardiche when needed.

With Respect

Lokan Urkander

Sczarni ****

A small gnome in traditional mawangi dress wearing a crocodile skull for a hat doffs it and bows.

"Hello, and welcome fellow cultists. Tea and those excellent little rice balls will be served shortly. For the lantern king!

Grand Lodge ****

'Tis not a Lantern King, 'tis a Lantern Lodge! Away, witch doctor! CAWW!

The Inner Sea - the food is great, but the women are ugly, all soft and round, the men have a tendency to wave swords in your face and the floor has a propensity to collapse underfoot.

'Tis a good land to learn the craft of swinging a sword in another's face, but once I've collected enough coin and stories, I'll be heading to Kwan-Lai. Look me up if you need a companion on the barge back home!

Lantern Lodge *

Ah, but there is so much more to see and do, more people to meet and teach!

See what arts and crafts there are and learn.

Grand Lodge *

The Inner Sea confuses me... for example, our brothers from Cheliax preach Order, without regard for the people that Order is to protect. How can you preach order for Order's sake?

But I am happy to learn much about this new home. It seems that there is as much infighting amongst the Inner Sea, as there is at home... but all we can do is support our honorable Venture Captain and our new brothers!

Grand Lodge ****

The people of the Inner Sea? Pferrsherr.

The Taldans are full of pomp and fire and smoke and nothing behind them. The Qadirans regard all with an intent to sell, the Ulfen smell of beasts as if they've made their beds in the stable, the Chelish lie in beds with Oni. And the Sczarni are more likely to slit your throat and take your purse than regard you at all!

Cawww, the people of Tian-Xia are much kinder, generous spirits.

The ruffled Tengu takes a moment to shake his feathers back into place. He adjusts his feathered cap.

But let us talk of our home across the sea... what Successor-State are you from? What led to you ending up here at the Lodge?

(PSST! Check out all the nations here)

Scarab Sages *****

I originally hail from Goka, though I was forced to flee into exile for illegal possession of a firearm. Lady Li's agents played no small part in my escape, so I owed her a favor upon my safe arrival in Absalom.

Truthfully though, I had no better place to go after fleeing Goka.

Caw! Who is this "Kelly Youngblood"? I am Shan Taicho, gunman extraordinaire!

Grand Lodge *

I hail from the Quain, the land of heroes!

Long ago, my family took me in hopes of becoming a student of the Master of the Four Winds. He must have seen some potential in me, and accepted me, and three others as his students. After an incident, some 7 years later, I was expelled. Finding my way to Goka, I was looking for simple work, when Lady Li found potential in me.

Within a year, I found myself halfway around the world, in Absalom amongst my new brothers...

If you are interested in a little more detail of Fung Xi's story, check the profile! :)

Lantern Lodge ***

Not all who serve at the Honorable Lady Li’s request hail from the land of Tian. Indeed, I am one such soul. I am originally from the Calphiak Mountains in western Varisia, but like most Pathfinders, have travelled far since then.

While I did associate myself with Baron Jacquo Dalsine for the beginning of my career, I became disillusioned and disappointed with that organization’s lack of character and vision. Luckily, any bond I held with Taldor has ended with Baron Dalsine’s life. I believe now to have found an organization which suits my personal code of ethics and honor.

I am deeply grateful for Amara Li’s recognition of my skills and abilities without prejudice or my heritage, and for providing me with senior standing within the Lantern Lodge. Hopefully, I will have an opportunity to meet more of my fellow lodge members and advance our cause and the general cause of the Pathfinder Society together.

Paizo Employee *****

Draxx wrote:

Not all who serve at the Honorable Lady Li’s request hail from the land of Tian. Indeed, I am one such soul.

A man of middling height and obviously Azlanti-style features, rather than Tien, nods his assent at this. He wears a robe bedecked in runes and has a strange symbol around his neck

Knowledge Religion 25:
The symbol of the ancient and mostly-forgotten goddess Lissala

"Indeed, some of us chose to join the Lantern Lodge for the connections they represent. While Avistan and Tian Xia may be separated by a great distance, the history of Tian Xia's empires stretches backwards in time farther than any of the others who seek to ply the ears of new Pathfinders. I find some small comfort in this connection. The only other faction that could claim that focus to any extent is Osirion, but their so-called "ancient" past is in fact quite modern. Why, their original empire wasn't even founded until 3060 XR. Time is a distance with a gap far greater than that between the stars themselves, leaving us only memory."

Lantern Lodge *

I spent most of my youth in the Forest of Spirits, as most know it, but hearing about such interesting lands here I felt a burning need to explore. I have recently visited a city called Bloodcove, rather unfriendly place and the surrounding jungle is no more friendly, and visited an excavation site. Suffice to say I believe these Aspis consortium people need a proper lesson from the spirits about where greed leads you.

Paizo Employee *****

Karu wrote:
I spent most of my youth in the Forest of Spirits, as most know it, but hearing about such interesting lands here I felt a burning need to explore. I have recently visited a city called Bloodcove, rather unfriendly place and the surrounding jungle is no more friendly, and visited an excavation site. Suffice to say I believe these Aspis consortium people need a proper lesson from the spirits about where greed leads you.

"The pursuit of wealth in itself can be a noble thing, one that motivates people to build a better life for their family and a better society for their future. However, the Aspis Consortium in particular do not understand the balance inherent in such a pursuit. Wealth is a reward for great service and the work that paves the path to its just desserts. The Aspis Consortium set this harmony off-balance. They steal the reward from the work of others. They have no pride in their own accomplishments, zeal for a cause, or passion for others."

Grand Lodge ****

Wealth is only worth fighting for if it'll go towards a better life for all.

That's what I tell myself when I grab sacks of coin from decrepit tombs, only to see all the coffins explode open to reveal Mummies and Souldrinkers and Mohrgs and what-not. And then more of the floor collapsing business happens too, cawwwww.

Indeed, we have history behind us, but I'd prefer other Pathfinders to read about all of that. Life is short and time spent with your beaks in books is time that could be spent dashing across rooftops, or sword-fighting a foul axebeak, or enjoying the company of a traveling Lillend.

No, what is truly glorious is not the past, but the FUTURE.
With that in mind, does anyone know what her pristine eminence, Ms Amara Li, has planned for all these resources we've been gathering and collating?

What would the Sczarni say? She has a full hand? When will she reveal her cards?

Paizo Employee *****

Kuro Poe wrote:
No, what is truly glorious is not the past, but the FUTURE.

"Not your past perhaps..." Lazeril allows, "But I have seen such wonders as this world can hardly dream. Will they be replicated in the future? Perhaps they shall. I shall be quite surprised but nonetheless delighted, however if such can occur in my lifetime, and Golarion seems to be saddled with such a large number of ridiculous world-threatening dangers that there is a non-trivial chance that things will only get worse."

Kuro Poe wrote:

With that in mind, does anyone know what her pristine eminence, Ms Amara Li, has planned for all these resources we've been gathering and collating?

What would the Sczarni say? She has a full hand? When will she reveal her cards?

*Lazeril enters a brief trance and then replies.*

"To the best of my knowledge, she has incurred serious debts in nearly single-handedly building the connections and resources necessary to start the expensive exchange of Pathfinder agents back-and-forth from Tian Xia to the western continents. It is a sign of her admirable leadership that we have seen in recent years not only a massive influx of Tian Pathfinders but also a rise from nearly zero missions to a great number of missions available in Tian Xia."

"However, if my information is correct, she is currently greatly in debt and will need our help to find the Order of the Kirin to collect an ancient debt owed to her family and repay what she has spent. I have reason to believe they still exist, despite rumors to the contrary."

Liberty's Edge ***

A large man with the skin of a snake walks in, wearing heavy armor with several weapons strapped to his belt and backpack. Being from Tian Xia, or at least well versed in its culture, most of you would recognize him as a member of the nagaji race.

"Greetingss, fellow Pathfindersss", he begins, his forked tongue drawing out the "s" sound in many words like the hiss of a snake. "I am Norowareta Nagagorjo."

Tien language:
Those of you who speak Tien recognize that his family name has been replaced with the Tien word for "cursed", so his name would translate into Common as "Nagagorjo the Cursed".

"I am new to the Pathfinder Ssociety, and to the Inner Ssea region. I have sspent mosst of my life wandering variouss partsss of Tian Xia, ssince being ba..." he cuts himself off and pauses for a second, "ssince leaving my home village in Nagajor."

"The Pathfinder Ssociety sseemss like a good way for a warrior ssuch as mysself to prove my honor, sso I may return to my homeland, and reclaim my place in my village. I had thought to perhapss aid thosse in the Ssociety from Cheliaxs, as I heard they have a devil problem that I would gladly help with. But apparently, they work for the devilsss, not againsst them. Sso I remain mosst loyal to my fellow Tien Pathfinderss, though I hope to honorably aid all Pathfinderss where I can."

Paizo Employee *****

*Lazeril turns to observe the serpentine newcomer.*

"The Chelaxians claim that the devils serve them, and on the surface it is so. Who serves who in the end is a question quite a bit more complex."

*Lazeril can't help but feel a bit of camaraderie with Nagagorjo--since Lazeril knows Minkaian, he recognizes Nagagorjo's appellation as such, so he decides to speak to the snake-man in a language that would be a bit more private.*

"I see from your name that you have been cursed as well, kouhai. Know that the gods curse us to test us, and they grant great gifts to those who can endure the adversity and even thrive despite it. A true leader must struggle for their accomplishments so that they may enjoy the respite that awaits upon their greatest triumph. If you wish to prove your honor, there are few better places than here. One of the most honorable people I know in this day and age is a paladin of Shizuru who belongs to the Lantern Lodge as well."

Liberty's Edge ***

OOC: I had to look up the Minkaian language to know what you were talking about. I'm assuming it's close enough to Tien to have a conversation? Nagagorjo only knows Tien and Nagaji as his native languages, Infernal as his oracle tongues curse language, and he recently learned Common in preparation to come to the Inner Sea region.

Nagagorjo turns to speak with Lazeril, and continues the conversation with him in Tien.

"Well met, friend. I do not wish to be a leader. As the sson of a farmer in a ssmall village, I would have been content growing up to be a temple guard or bodyguard to the ruling naga of our village, both honorable and resspected positionss among my people. Other than becoming a priesst, thesse would have been the highesst goalss a farmer'ss sson could hope for."

"But beginning my warrior training as a child, I sstarted to babble in the infernal tongue of devilss against my will. When the village elderss found out, I was deemed curssed, forced to give up my family and name, and banished from the village. I wandered Tian Xia, working as a guide for thugss in the jungless of Valashmai for a while, and learning to fight to become a more noble warrior than thosse who trained me. I came to the Inner Ssea on the hope that it would offer a fresh sstart, knowing that I would be sseen as odd for my sskin, and hoping people here might not recognizze my actual curse."

"But I do not wish to lead. I wish only to prove I am honorable and not evil, desspite thiss wretched cursse. Then, I may return to my home village, reclaim my family name, and marry a nagaji woman who can lay many fine eggs that we may hatch and raise together. Now, I would be content to go back to being a farmer, but I musst prove myself as a warrior before I can do that."

Paizo Employee *****

(OOC: Lazeril has Tien as well. It's just that since Minkaian is the Japanese analogue (Tien is Chinese), I assumed he spoke Minkaian with the name being Japanese for cursed. I think it's too late for me to edit the Minkaian away now though)

"The virtues found in a true leader also make for an excellent priest or honored temple guardian, and all those who can balance the path of wise efficiency with that of hard work shall reap the truest rewards. Your lands shall be plentiful, your hopes fulfilled, and your enemies shall fall before your faith and zeal in your cause. Your passions shall be rewarded with a loving wife and children, with wealth and comfort for your family and for your people."

"It takes confidence in yourself to achieve such things. Confidence is often considered the chief virtue in those with extraordinary abilities, whether you choose to lead or not. Sometimes confidence alone will make the difference between a blessing and a curse, between a hero and an outcast. After all, as one who shares a very similar blessing and curse as you, does not your condition allow you to understand the language of fiends, the better to fight them? What better skill for a temple guardian than the ability to understand the devils as they coordinate their attacks and to relay them to your allies? I myself have found that understanding the tongues of other worlds can be extremely convenient when I desire to summon such creatures and communicate with them effectively."

Liberty's Edge ***

OOC: Ahh. You know more about this stuff than I do. I didn't know Tien was supposed to be Chinese, not Japanese. I just knew Tian Xia was the Asian themed continent, and I googled to find the Japanese word for cursed, because I thought it would sound cool in the character name. But I'm no expert on Asian cultures or languages, or their in-game analogues.

Grand Lodge ****

Greetings Noro!

Ah, yes, adventuring for the love of a fine woman. I too can empathise with such a desire. In my younger days in being a debt-collector in Goka, there was much coin spent patronizing the Lustrous Quill tengu geisha. I'd spend many hours lolling in the company of sharp-beaked Tengu women who would feed me pickled grubs, dripping in warm sake from talons shining in beautiful jewels. They had yellow eyes like topazes plucked from the hands of a sleeping dwarf.

And the music - oh! Kuro seems taken away...

They had no shamisen - oh no! We would SING, long epics of romance and sword-fights and treasure until long into the night, *cawwww* Then the neighboring humans would gather outside and throw pots and pans at the windows as they couldn't get to sleep. No matter! We'd do it all again in a week's time.

Next time we are in Goka, I will show you where you can find the company of a good woman, oh yes. *cawww*

Grand Lodge *

Singing? Ah, how I miss the old songs of the Quain! Perform (sing) 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (12) + 5 = 17

Liberty's Edge ***

Kuro Poe, I do not think tengu women would appeal to me. No offense, but I do not like feathers. Or hair.

It is odd being here in the Inner Sea, where everyone I meet are... mammals. You are the first tengu I've seen since I've arrived here, and I have not met another nagaji.

Also, please do not call me Noro. Norowareta is a title I wear with shame. My name is Nagagorjo. If you must shorten it for your convenience, you may call me Gorjo.

Sczarni ****

Kuro Poe, I do not think tengu women would appeal to me.

Wait.. I thought that was the female....

*sighs and puts down a bouquet of flowers*

Looks at the naga, looks up at his crocodile skull hat, whistles innocently and tucks it away with the flowers.

Scarab Sages *****

Kuro Poe wrote:

Next time we are in Goka, I will show you where you can find the company of a good woman, oh yes. *cawww*

Alas, I am unlikely to see fair Goka again, as I am wanted there for illegal possession of a firearm. I would very much like to take you up on your offer.

*awk* That Ulfen man again? By what sorcery does he dare steal the name of the mighty Shan Taicho?

Grand Lodge ****

Kelly Youngblood wrote:
I would very much like to take you up on your offer.

*Awhhk* This is why the Grand Lodge teaches us how to disguise our appearance. The Goka guards may be looking for Shan Taicho, but they will not be looking for Chan Chico, Tengu manservant of the great speculative rice exporter Puro Ko!

I can get us in, you will see.
(OOC: Do you like your disguise check barely untrained?)
Kuro turns to the Naga warrior and bows deeply

My deepest apologies, Gorjo.

I have a habit of shortening fellow Pathfinders names for convenience, *kehh*. In the heat of battle, when I am likely to be sword-fighting Oni or... easily unsettled human cronies, I like to be able to pronounce my companion's names in less than six seconds.

This city is built for mammals. But there are creative ways to find the comfort you are missing. I know of a secret passage that leads to the roof above Ambrus Valsin's office. The tiles are steady and the roof receives plenty of sunlight at most times of the year. It is an excellent spot to roost contentedly, or, in your case, sunbake. *Cawww!*

Liberty's Edge ***

No need to apologize, Kuro Poe. I understand using nicknames. I merely point out that my second name is mine, while my first name is... temporary. But as a child, my family called me Gorjo as a shortened form of Nagagorjo, and I would be happy if my friends among the Pathfinders were to do the same.

As for your offer of baking on the roof of the lodge, I'm afraid I'll have to decline. This city is too dry for me, compared to the jungles of Nagajor and Valashmai, where I grew up. On cold days, I prefer to stay indoors to warm up by a fire. On warm days, it will be too dry on that roof for me, unless it is raining.

Sczarni **

You know, all this talk of Goka makes me hungry.

A big man with a round belly of mixed heritage (Varisian and Tian) smiles a big smile and looks around the room.

Is anyone else hungry? If fact can any of you cook? Or teach me something more of Eastern cuisine. I am keen to learn. I am tired beyond belief of meal spiced with Andoran spices. The only one they seem to know is salt.

I imagine that some of you have particular preferences for you food which might be different to mine as a human, but I try to keep an open mind when it comes to food, and as you can see by my belly, I've tried quite a bit.

Liberty's Edge

A gnome with white skin and black hair dressed in traditional Silken ceremonial armor over Lamellar Cuirass and wearing a Katana walks into the room. He bows to the group gathered.

"May I join your table. I am Wa-Chan and serve the Lantern Lodge at the direction of my master. It was one of his samurai who found me starving and without memory. I know nothing of my past only of the teaching and training from my master. When the message asking for aid came from the honorable Amara Li, my master selected me to go and serve. Here I observe and report on this new land while completing the tasks assigned me by the pathfinders."

He looks around the room and lowers his voice.

"I do find that some of those I have traveled with to be lacking in honor. It does make me wonder about the pathfinders of this land."

Paizo Employee *****

Lokan Urkander wrote:

You know, all this talk of Goka makes me hungry.

A big man with a round belly of mixed heritage (Varisian and Tian) smiles a big smile and looks around the room.

Is anyone else hungry? If fact can any of you cook? Or teach me something more of Eastern cuisine. I am keen to learn. I am tired beyond belief of meal spiced with Andoran spices. The only one they seem to know is salt.

I imagine that some of you have particular preferences for you food which might be different to mine as a human, but I try to keep an open mind when it comes to food, and as you can see by my belly, I've tried quite a bit.

"I am not myself a cook and would be ill-suited to attempt to prepare a meal. Detailed lists of recipes, however, I can provide you by the dozen, should you be adventurous enough to try them. Heavenly teas and curries from Tianjing, tempura and sushi from Minkai, fried rices from Shokuro, and more. Looking to the other half of your heritage, I have recipes for Inib wines, Chivvik pastries, Gorryam cheeses, Hawfrey steaks, and Aanstrin confectionaries that are possibly the most delicious foods to every grace Golarion. Knowledge is my blessing and my curse. I am filled with the knowledge of such things, almost involuntarily as we speak of them, but I am utterly unable to create them, even knowing the recipes, so unless we find a skilled chef here, the true tastes will elude us."

(OOC: Lazeril takes 10 for 45+ on his Knowledge: Local check to know the details of the recipes, but sadly he can't use Profession(Cook) untrained, and even if he could his result would be abysmal!)

Liberty's Edge ***

*To Lokan*

"I've found that most... mammals... don't appreciate the cuisine of reptiles such as myself. And to be quite honest, the feeling is frequently mutual."

*turning to Wa-Chan*

"Greetings, Wa-Chan. I do agree about the lack of honor among many here in Absalom, even among the Pathfinders. I have not been sent on my first mission for the Society yet, but I do hope that at least all Pathfinder agents will be loyal to each other. It is tough enough for me to adapt to the cultures of mammals, but those without honor are that much more difficult."

Sczarni **

Hey Lazeril

That's great. If you can make me a book of those recipes, I can cook them, or die trying. I've been cooking for the Pathfinder Society and truthfully, the food there is uninspiring. Perhaps I can open up my own restaurant in Absalom. What do you think of "Lokan's Feast"? I could specialise in Tian/Varisian fusion - my own creations, or perhaps I should stick to traditional Tian food.

Whatever the case, my curse is that I love the food that I make. I can't stop trying things. I need to do more of this adventuring to burn off some of this rich food. I guess the other curse is that people never appreciate the efforts that you put in. When it comes to cooking everyone is a critic. Too much spice, not enough spice, too much food, not enough food. I don't mind. It pays to have a good, patient nature. I think I got that from my mother.

Looking over to the Nagaji nearby.
Gorjo, I really don't know much about Nagaji cuisine. Do you eat your meat raw? Do you eat often, or about once a month? I'd give cooking for you try, or just preparing food if there is no cooking needed. It's up to you.

As for honour, well I'm a cook and I don't really worry about these things too much. I was born in Lastwall and some people there are very stuck in the ways of honour. Me, I stay away from those kind of folk when I can. Too much stress and hard work. But I don't betray my friends if that's what you mean.

It's just I give thanks to Gorum and Iomedae for fighting (not cooking) and some folk don't see those two as something that should be mentioned in the same breath. I don't care. They're both war gods right? And one's a man and the other a woman. It seems natural to think that they might be a matched pair and that's ok by me. Other folk seem to get all in a huff about the idea.

Anyway that's Avistan stuff. I guess I'm always keen to learn more of my mother's people.

Liberty's Edge ***

"Yes, as reptiles, nagaji eat our meat raw. We do eat some vegetables, but nowhere near as much as you mammals. But those tend to be raw, as well. I'll never understand the mammal custom of adding spices to cover up the natural flavors of food."

Sczarni ****

Variety is the spice of life, and spice is the variety of food.

Lantern Lodge ***

To Wa-Chan:

"Honor is what make of it for yourself. In completing over 30 missions for the Pathfinder Society here in Avestan and abroad in Tian, I can assure you that honor is a personal choice. I have seen those who claim to be virtuous fail themselves when put to the test while no one (they thought) was watching. I have also seen those supposedly of low more character or standing do right when faced with impossible circumstances."

Satisfying his throat with a quick draw from his flagon, he continues, "Often, honor in Tian Xa is a construct or veil for the purpose of maintaining social order. That is not true honor."

"Keep your eyes open, my friend, and you will see honor where you never though possible. You will also see falsehoods portrayed as honor - especially in Taldor!"

Grand Lodge *****

Mr. Tanuki wishes to greet fellow travelers.

As master of Dwarven cuisine, please permit Tanuki-san to prepare delectable morsels for your enjoyment.

Allez cuisine!

Liberty's Edge

To Draxx:

"It is true that I have not been here long and have just returned from our homeland where I aided in a quest. Thus, I will bow to your knowledge and experience in this matter. For me, honor, duty is the cornerstone to all. However, as the a ronin may have lost their lord and still walk the path of honor, those who have not had the path shown to them may find their feet upon it. I will watch for those who walk the path and hope to show others the way."

To Lokan:

"I to miss the food of home and would set at your table should you open your doors."

Grand Lodge ****

This is why I love the Lantern Lodge best. We keep a holistic view of the world. We appreciate and maintain scholarly interest in all matters... including food!

Dips a claw in either Tanuki or Lokan's sizzling wok, pulls out a prawn and swallows it, shell and all.

Amara Li has honoured me with the title of Master. I am a Master of Steel. There are few Masters in the Lodge, but there talents are legendary. For instance I have travelled with a Master of the Physical, a powerful ascetic of the Monkey Style. I have also heard of Masters of the Spell, who have learnt much from Hao Jin's handiwork, and a Master of Lore, who have spoken to so many from around the world, and read so many books they themselves are a walking library.

But soon, hopefully, the Lodge will have a Master of Cuisine? *quorrr*

Sczarni **

Kuro Poe, I don't know about Master. I'm still learning about cooking, but I'm happy to cook and I hope to travel more around Avistan or Tian Xia. People seem to like to travel with a cook.

If you give me a chance then I will fry those prawns a bit more and sizzle the heads. Really, have it any way you like it. Who am I to argue with a Master.

I like the Lantern Lodge too. I get to meet so many people from Tian Xia. I learnt the Tien language. By Gorum, I like the Pathfinder Society, but especially the Lantern Lodge.

Anyone else for a prawn? They're ready now.

Grand Lodge ****

Kuro seems dejected for a moment.

I never thought that a higher rank would mean others would hesitate to speak their minds to me. This will not do at all!

Being a Master means being open to all - especially if others stick their fingers at me have raise their voices about how I may or may not have damaged their roof *Keheheh* or how I dropped my adamantine sword and it cut straight through their new Andoran polished timber floorboards.

I am not a Master who sits on top of mountains to grow white hairs and be tended to by sycophant bald male humans. No, I would be a Master who is fast to argue and quick to react. And one who is highly appreciative of these prawns, thank you kindly.

Sczarni **

Lokan looks over at Kuro Poe from his cooking pot and smiles

Alright then, I won't worry about talking to a Master. Perhaps I can be one. Everyone seems to like my cooking.

Who likes chilli tofu? My mother taught me a killer recipe. It makes a great snack for a long journey, but I can't help myself. It never lasts long around me.

Lokan Urkander Master of Cuisine. It sounds strange. I think Lokan the cook is fine by me.

Silver Crusade

A heavy shouldered Half-Orc with his hair and beard done in a more traditional Ulfen style rolls his eyes.

Chili Tofu? Why must it always be tofu? How about pork? Or Beef? Anything other than tofu or fish. I don't mean to be rude, but just because a lot of ya'll are from the other side of the Crown of the World doesn't mean you can't eat normal food. Heck, think of all the new kinds of food you could invent by combining the ingredients you're used to and the new stuff you come across here.

Grand Lodge **

*A massive man with the physique of an ogre, comes in. His sturdy looking tetsubo clanks against his o-yori as he walks past, his eyes hiden in the shadows of his ogre-faced kabuto. He has a seat on a chair nearby, which groans under his bulk. He picks up a chronicle and begins to thumb through it. He is quite clearly holding the book upsidedown.*

Liberty's Edge ***

"Looks like I'm not the biggest Pathfinder around, after all. Since I'm bigger than almost all humans, I just assumed I would be."

Grand Lodge **

"Uhh.... Hello...

My name is Ben Dan!!" he manages to draw out at length.

"You're...uh...different. I'm diffferent too! We could bee friends!"

Liberty's Edge ***

"Greetingsss, noble Ben Dan. Call me Gorjo."

"From your gear, I gather you're a warrior of some sort? I aspire to be a warrior, as well, though I have been cursssed by the godsss and forced to deal in magic, as well."

Nagagorjo is wearing heavy armor and weaponry that seems to back his claim to being a warrior of some sort.

Grand Lodge **

"Uh....Minister Wang says I'm to work with the Society. Smash stuff they tell me to....don't smash what they tell me not too.. keep the others from being smashed...."

*he pauses and his head hangs for a moment*

"I don't.... like it when people hurt my friends...."
*his hands shiver for a moment, and a slight black aura begins to manifest around him. Then, as quickly as it formed, it dissipates as he regains his composuer.*

"Someone cursed you? ..They say I'm cursed too!"

*Removing his kabuto, his face is entirely human, abeit fairly deformed and ugly. It is obvious that he suffers from some birth defect, though a pair of dark, roughly circular marks on his brow say that there's more to it then that.*

Grand Lodge ****

*Gorjo and Bèn Dàn tower over Kuro, who is very short, even for a Tengu. Kuro strains his neck to look up at the two warriors.*

"Gorjo, your curse is that you get to learn magic, leave the jungles of Nagajor and explore the world. Bèn Dàn, your curse is that there's a minor chance you could crush folks like me underfoot. Also, you have a discriminating countenance. One that would dissuade folk of shallow interests from starting friendships based upon superficial interests such as beauty."

"I do not feel that either of you are truly cursed at all! And even if you are, I'm a Tengu. I absorb bad luck. Better than that! I spread good luck. I stink of the stuff. Seriously! It reeks! Pat my head and you'll be absolved of your curse, for a few hours at least."

*Kuro removes his hat.*

Liberty's Edge ***

*Gorjo looks down at Kuro Poe in a way that makes you think he'd be raising his eyebrow if he had eyebrows*

"My curse runs deeper than that. I am cursed to speak with devils, even when they're not around. I cannot be a normal warrior, my only desire growing up, because this magic runs through me. I accept that the magic can help in a fight. I'm learning to use it. Cure spells are useful. But I will always hate this curse and how it ruined my life."

Grand Lodge **

*Ben Dan looks entirely lost by this point*

"Does...this make us...friends?"

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