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Full Name

Venture Captain Kuro Poe




Arcane Duelist 13




Borderlining small.



Special Abilities

Meridian Arcane Strikes, Rallying Squawks, Blistering Invective.




Hei Feng, Sometimes begs to Pazuzu.




Auran, Ancient Osiriani, Taldane, Tengu, Tien.


Venture Captain, Goka

Strength 10
Dexterity 19
Constitution 16
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 16

About Kuro Poe

Kuro Poe Portrait
Master Kuro Poe Portrait

"We Tengu absorb bad luck - caw! Stick with me and you'll go far as the crow flies!"

In the plum-wine bars of Goka, adventurers speak of a Legend. Some believe him to be one of Hei Feng's Riders of the Storm, wielding the power of the hurricane in one claw, and the ability to shout down thunderclaps.
Others believe this myth is the spawn of the Rat Mother, whose tongue corrupts the most loyal soldiers, and whose tricks can unmake an empire. He descends in shadows, and leaves gnawing fear and black insults rotting at the hearts of lords and common folk alike.
The Samurai name him talon-dance, and his quick movements have shamed and dishonoured many warriors into defeat and ritual seppuku. Young Samurai beg to join his elite dojo, to which he laughs raucously and replies: 'When the stars dim and the night sky is as black is my feathers, only then shall I teach you the way of the sword.' This day has not yet come.
The Pathfinder Society, who are better than most at discerning when rumours have been founded by a certain hopelessly self-centred Tengu duelist, name this myth Kuro Poe. They hired him recently.

1: Weapon Finesse: Curveblade, B: Arcane Strike ✓
2: B: Combat Casting ✓
3: Weapon Focus: Curveblade ✓
5: Dazzling Display ✓
6: B: Disruptive ✓
7: Skill Focus: Intimidate ✓
9: Shatter Defenses ✓
10: B: Spellbreaker, Medium Armour Proficiency ✓
11: Tengu Wings ✓
13: Critical Focus
14: B: Penetrating Strike
15: Dispelling Critical
16: B: Heavy Armour Proficiency
17: Combat Expertise
18: B: Greater Penetrating Strike
19: Quicken Spell

-'Shimmerquill' +1 Adamantine, Keen, Agile, Arcane-bonded Curveblade (12,080) ✓
-'Silverdown' +3 Mithril Chain Shirt (10,100) ✓
-'Pazuzu's Navel' Belt of Physical Might +4DEX, +4CON (40,000) ✓
-'Hei Feng's Raincoat' +5 Cloak of Resistance (25,000) ✓
-'Tap Shoes' Boots of Springing and Stepping (5,500gp) ✓

Prestige Expenditure:
-10pp Master rank : Lantern Lodge
-8pp Negative level removals
-4pp Wand of Cure Light Wounds
Cracked Dusty Rose Prism Ioun (+1 initiative)
Cracked Dark Blue Rhomboid (+1 perception, sense motive)
Cracked Mulberry Pentacle (+1 bluff, diplomacy)
Cracked Vermilion Rhomboid (+1 acrobatics, swim)

Adventure History:
(1) First Steps Trilogy *
(2) City of Strangers, part II
Quest for Perfection, part I
Quest for Perfection, part II
(3) Quest for Perfection, part III
Blood Under Absalom
Ruby Phoenix, part I
(4) Ruby Phoenix, part II
Ruby Phoenix, part III
God's Market Gamble
(5) Wonders of the Weave part I *
Wonders of the Weave part II *
Jester's Fraud *
(6) Immortal Conundrum
Haunting of Hinojai
Fortune's Blight
(7) Mantis's Prey
Red Harvest *
Sarkorian Prophecy
(8) Echo of the Everwar I
Golden Serpent *
Rats of Round Mountain I
(9) Rats for Round Mountain II
Green Market *
Refuge of Time
(10) Cultist's Kiss
Race for the Runecarved Key *
Portal of the Sacred Rune
(11) Echoes of the Everwar pt.2
Echoes of the Everwar pt.3
The Faithless Dead
(12) Eyes of the Ten part 1
Eyes of the Ten part 2
(13) Eyes of the Ten part 3
Eyes of the Ten part 4