South Park: The Stick of Truth Debut Trailer - E3 2012

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The Stick of Truth

Looks like Paper Mario meets Final Fantasy with a South Park skin. I never thought I would be excited for a South Park game since, usually, games based on TV shows are lamer than lame, but this could be the exception that proves the rule.

What do you guys think about it? Am I the only one excited about this?

-A South Park and Obsidian Entertainment fan

Speaking as someone who isn't a huge fan of South Park...

Hell no, you aren't the only one! This looks hilarious.

Twigs wrote:

Speaking as someone who isn't a huge fan of South Park...

Hell no, you aren't the only one! This looks hilarious.

And it's a turn-based RPG from Obsidian! Remove the South Park skin and I'm still interested, if not even more interested! :D

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Also notable is that Parker and Stone co-wrote the game and were directly involved in development, having been annoyed with earlier SOUTH PARK games that were just pointless cash-ins.

I am intrigued by this one. Hopefully it will be a mega-hit and help ensure that Obsidian survive and go on to make many more excellent games :-)

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I am really interested in this game.

Also I am interested in:
Atelier Ayesha
Dragon Crown
Lolipop Chainsaw

Not sure about:
Final Fantasy XIII-2

Lolipop Chainsaw(Even though I am not a huge action fan) PLus this one. Oh it can be so hilarious.

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They finally have a release date for this game and it is December 10th.

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Is this coming out for next gen?

CapeCodRPGer wrote:
Is this coming out for next gen?

Pretty sure its for 360, PS3, and windows.

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They really need to start having game play videos and more info on the game mechanics.

The thing's been held up by legal action. THQ lost the rights when they went bust, forcing Obsidian to shut down development (although it was apparently pretty much done). Ubisoft then picked up the rights to the game, but they then had to negotiate with Parker and Stone to get the actual franchise rights. Apparently there was a dispute about that and lawyers were reached for before it was all sorted out.

That means that a lot of the normal stuff we'd see for a game only two months from release - videos, features etc - hasn't happened, and with two new consoles and dozens of really big games launching in the meantime, Ubisoft might not want to commit spending huge somes of marketing on it. I'm really hoping that they haven't been soured on the property by the leagl stuff and don't just sneak it out.

The release date has fallen back to April 2014. However, Ubisoft are also stepping up their marketing with a 7-minute gameplay video which looks pretty good.

Note: NSFW due to swearing and it turns out that your character has a very interesting name given to him by Cartman (which is every bit as bad as that sounds).

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I'm glad I decided to hold off on that pre-order. The gameplay video is good, and I'd rather they take the time to make it good than release before ready but I am REALLY tired of waiting for this.

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This game keeps looking better and better.

The game's been through the wringer and no mistake. It nearly went down with THQ before being saved by Ubisoft. Ubisoft and Parker and Stone then needed to re-negotiate a licensing deal, during which time (AFAICT) no work could be done on the game because there was no money for it. Only at that point could they start doing the final polishing and tightening it up. I'm okay with the fact that they now need a couple more months to finish it off, and it'll likely fare better as a quieter April release than a crowded Christmas one.

Behind-the-scenes video. Parker and Stone discuss making the game and how complicated it was to get it looking just like the show, but when people started getting confused whether it was a game or an episode they realised the team had succeeded.

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Thanks for posting that Werthead.

Early preview by Polygon is very positive.

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Thanks for the link Werthead.

I cannot wait to play this, as it looks amazing! I have a feeling South Park is about to experience an influx of Jews.

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Well the only thing about this game I am not happy about is that it looks like you only get one joinable character at a time.

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I'm very excited about this game. Can't wait to get it in the mail from Amazon next week!

The game is awesome if ur a south park fan. They hot the nail on thebfeeling and exploring and interacting of south park and even the giant larp fest was done great. Still cracks me up on cartman explaining why theydoing turnbase combat in the beginning lol.

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