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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Writing for Pathfinder Society

Scenario Submission Talk


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I read the rules for writing for Pathfinder Society, and it states that levels 1-7 are needed. However, no scenario covers 1-7. So, does this Mean that scenarios are needed for 1-5 and 3-7?

Also, Are there any royalties involved or anything? or do you just get your name on the front shet?

Paizo Employee ** Developer

Pitch an adventure in either Tier 1–5 or Tier 3–7. Accepted proposals for Tier 1–7 will be trimmed down to only cover two subtiers anyway, so save everyone the time by picking one to start with.

We pay all our freelancers a contract rate for writing and pay no royalties.

Silver Crusade *****

Purely out of curiosity: Do you pay everyone the same, or does experience with the writer and their past work get them better rates?

Paizo Employee ** Developer

Everyone who writes a scenario gets the same rate. In general, more experienced authors get work on our other lines that pay on different scales.

Silver Crusade *****

Interesting to say the least. :)

So I realize this is the wrong section to put this but I have no clear idea where to put it and its related. What would one do if they wanted to write a proposal for a new book. Like I'd really like to write a book that dealt entirely with underwater adventures, settings, and aquatic races. For example I've got a really great idea for stats for a sea sprite (think flying fish meets medium size fairy).

How would one go about trying to submit proposals for new books for Pathfinder?

Paizo Employee ** Developer

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We do not accept unsolicited proposals for books like that. You might try pitching it to one of the many third-party publishers who produce Pathfinder RPG content under the Pathfinder Compatibility License. Paizo cannot even open any submission sent to us that isn't part of an existing open call, to protect both ourselves and the submitter.

Dark Archive **

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Check out the folks at Alluria Publishing if you want to write an underwater adventures book.

You can also find their products HERE on


Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Hey everybody! Is paizo still accepting open call submissions for Pathfinder Society quests/scenarios? Do they want 750 word pitches or the full 2,000 words? Thanx!

Dark Archive **

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Pawns, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Scroll down HERE for more information.

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