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Single PC adventure.

Beginner Box

So I notice on the box it says it is for 2-5 Players.

However in the box there is a solo adventure (1 Player)

And a adventure for 2-4 PCs (3-5 Players)

This is not a complaint, however there seems to be nothing for the "2" in "2-5"

As in 1 player and a GM.

Are there any (even non-BB) adventures out there for 1 pc?

Yes I can make my own, however this is for "when I find the time" around my normal pathfinder game so I can teach it to a brand new person.

I have to think I am not the only one to ever look for 1 pc adventures.

Thanks in advance.

Grand Lodge

Thefurmonger wrote:

Are there any (even non-BB) adventures out there for 1 pc?

Yes. Example in link

Sweet, thank you.

Have you tried any of them?

Thefurmonger wrote:

Sweet, thank you.

Have you tried any of them?

I have, nice adventures. They are also available as a paperback collection.

The only issue I would have is the level/class rannge the were written for.

One is for Pali 7-9

one is barb 5-7

one is wiz 9-11

Several are for a rouge tho, so that might work.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

You would think there would be more call for this kind of thing.

Silver Crusade

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Thefurmonger wrote:

This is not a complaint, however there seems to be nothing for the "2" in "2-5"

As in 1 player and a GM.

Glad you asked. I recently wrote a solo adventure that you could run as a GM for a single player (that's how I've tested much of it, besides also soloing it myself). It's free and you can grab some printable maps too:

Sentinels Watching

If you need more help let me know. I wrote this because I want to play more sessions with my wife or with friends if the rest of the group can't meet, so I feel your pain.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Great, thank you, I'll take a look

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Neat little adventure Phoenix. I'll have to bookmark that for later use I think.

I recommend Unbound Adventures which allows gmless/solo play. I think it could actually work well with the Beginner Box using the blank grid map and generating your own dungeons. There are also some other great options out there such as Mythic and Dungeon Bash(which I think is a little better than Unbound Adventures)

Silver Crusade

@stutz:Unbound Adventures . Looks interesting. Is there something specifically for Pathfinder?

@Gluttony: thanks :-)

There are loads of adventures out there that can be scaled and plenty of solo adventures, but I don't know about many other Pathfinder ones. Check out this thread on if you want to know more about solo stuff.

The general advice for 1 on 1 games (and solitaire games) is:
- Lots of healing potions
- Fewer monsters
- A helpful NPC or two
- Plenty of opportunity to resupply / rest.

A player can also play more than one character, but this gets a little difficult.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Captain Phoenix wrote:

@stutz:Unbound Adventures . Looks interesting. Is there something specifically for Pathfinder?

Unbound adventures is totally adaptable to Pathfinder. Basically it's a dungeon generator that is a bit more fleshed out than the one in the 1E DMG. Gives you an adventure hook, tables to travel etc. It does mention you need the 3.5 D&D DMG but find it's not absolutely necessary. I think Dungeon Bash would actually work a little easier with Pathfinder and is a better bang for the buck. There is much more included material in the pdf package including dungeon tiles and a handy combat flow chart that works very well for monster AI.

You can buy it here:

I may try to use the Beginner Box with Dungeon Bash and publish a post on my blog which I'll link if I do.

Silver Crusade

Great, please do. I'd love to read it.

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