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Full Name

Rodney Sloan




Skatey Punk 6






4d10 + 6

Special Abilities

Write, Design, Program


Awfully Lawfully Good


The One God


South of the Sahara


English, Afrikaans, Japanese


Freelance Game Designer

Homepage URL


Strength 16
Dexterity 14
Constitution 11
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 19
Charisma 14

About Captain Phoenix

Write - Design - Program
I'm a game designer, writer, and programmer.

Paizo Writing Credit
Pathfinder Bestiary 3
Wilderness Origins

RPG Superstar 2020
Gold winner with the Butcher Booth

I'm the owner of Rising Phoenix Games:
Rising Phoenix Games Website
Rising Phoenix Games on Facebook
Rising Phoenix Games on Paizo
Rising Phoenix Games on The Open Gaming Store

I'm also the line developer for Fat Goblin Games Steampunk Musha setting:
Steampunk Musha Official Blog
Steampunk Musha dedicated thread on Paizo
Steampunk Musha Facebook Page
Steampunk Musha on Google Plus
Fat Goblin Games on Twitter

My Work
I also do freelance work. You can find my work on these sites:
My Portfolio
Drive Thru RPG

Get In Touch
You can find me on Twitter.

Recent News
28 December 2018: I contributed to Wilderness Origins, for Paizo!
16 August 2017: Two 1-on-1 adventures are out now, Death Queen and Forest of Secrets.
20 January 2017: 2017 is at full steam!
21 December 2016: Baleful Strix—A Free Field Guide released.

Old News:

1 December 2016: Chilling Curiosities—A Field Guide released.
17 November 2016: Phoenixes—A Field Guide released.
20 October 2016: Dying Dead, a 1-on-1 adventure for 5th to 7th level, released.
14 October 2016: Griffins - A Field Guide released.
15 June 2016: It's official, I'm on the Steampunk Musha team!
8 June 2016: Who's joining Steampunk Musha?!
1 June 2016: Claustrophobia! released. Now you can wear all the pointy hats!
30 May 2016: Hygiene for Flaming Crab Games.
13 May 2016: Incarnate hybrid class released by Wayward Rogues Publishing.
1 May 2016: The Demon's Paw, featured in Tales from the Laughing Dragon Inn from Wayward Rogues Publishing.
16 Nov 2015: The Cult of the Colour out of Space with Wayward Rogues Publishing.
12 Nov 2015: Mysterium Magnus with Wayward Rogues Publishing.
04 Sep 2015: Made top 100 in RPGSS Season 9. Woohoo! Next year will be bigger and better!
28 Mar 2015: Wrote up some encounter and adventure outlines based off Japanese myths. Read them here: An Oni Ate My Onigiri and other mischief.
29 Jan 2015: Posted RPGSS Round 2
22 Jan 2015: Posted RPGSS Round 1 Roundup
17 Dec 2014: Entered the RPG Superstar 2015 Contest! Woohoo!
25 Jul 2014: Got my first PFS GM star! Woohoo!