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Stone Age is good, but include other races than just Neanderthals and Humans.

Caveman elves should be interesting, and Goblinoid tribes as a primordial menace sounds good.

I hadn't really thought about racial restrictions. Gnomes might not work...

The Exchange

I think that Stone Age campaign would be nice as well...

But the inner Paladin in me says that Relic-Smashing sounds like fun. I mean, what Cleric/Rogue of ______ doesn't want to break into a church of _____ and break some of their nice things?

Runs around and breaks up the conversation that has been going on too long.

Bacon, let me show you my skillet.

[THUNK !] loses arrow at the moving bacon target.

"Ducks and now that ? This place is going down the drains !"

If Tirq would just let me eat a few, we would have no problems.

The Exchange

If I let you eat a few we all would be facing some serious cold! Geeze.

Run, you delicious morsel! RUN!!!!

Nothing worse than runny bacon, I like mine crisp.

Oh i'm crispy all right. How about a nice crispy tusk right up your iris.

I think the bacon has gone bad.

I think you're a pecker!


Shadow Lodge

When to descend to amend for a friend
All the channels that have broken down
Now you bring it up, I'm gonna ring it up
Just to hear you sing it out
Step from the road to the sea to the sky
And I do believe what we rely on
When I lay it on, come get to play it on
All my life to sacrifice

So has RHCP changed at all over the years?

The Exchange

I... uh... never really got into the RHCP. But I admit that they're good songs.

They all seem to be retreads of the same theme...

I can make you feel But I can't make you think

I won, you hippie lovers !

I am not a hippie. But I am a lover.



W <------ that stands for "I win !".

M<-----------that stand for I just flipped your win over into a loss.

"How clever !" Quiche Lisp exclaims good-naturedly at the graphic finesse of Opie Widdershins.

Then he takes a piece of paper out of his right pocket and scribbles on it with a charcoal he conveniently kept in his left pocket.

He mutters something under his breath, and looks at his handiwork with a critical eye while rubbing his chin (at this exact moment, the piece of paper catches a beam of sunlight and seems to sparkle a little).

"There, my good stout-nosed friend: it's for you, in acknowledgment of your drawing talent" he says, while handing the piece of paper to the stagman.

The content stagman smiles and reads the paper.

On the piece of paper, it is written:


And I win !

The Exchange

*Slow Clap*

Ho, thank you, Tirq !

No, I'm really regretting what I just typed in "the next poster" forum game thread ([blushes slightly]).

I didn't mean to be mean !

I blame it on the intarweb !

Peace, bro.

The Exchange

It's alright. I forgave you on the other forum.

Problem solved already

So !

Did you think I would miss an occasion to win ?

Ho no, not I.



Because I won -----> Here

I love recursivity !

But now I think I will go lie down a little. My head spins.

EDIT: sneaky edit. A mistake, do you say ? Never !

Spin away little Gnome. Eye'm busy winning here.

[reaches with his clawing hand from the bed]

No... mustn't let... DJ-Bogie win !


I won !

Ha ! At last, my supremacy over this thread is uncontested !

It's good to be me (an orientalish... gnome (?) from an AP which looks cool, but which I haven't gotten around to read... yet.)

The Exchange

I... see...

*a pair of asymmetrical, mismatched-colored portals appear. A wild-haired woman with dreadfully mismatched clothing, clutching a jagged staff with a blade crudely bolted onto the bottom in one hand and a solid-gold apple in the other, falls out of the first one, hurls the apple across the room, then falls and disappears into the other, cackling all the way*

*with a snap and a cough both portals vanish soon after*

The Exchange

Well that was interesting.

Shadow Lodge

How true. It's all fading away already.

The Exchange

Only if Orthos deletes his comment.


Shadow Lodge

I think i'm going to have to stop posting for the day before Tirq gets a ninja hat trick on me.

Shadow Lodge

Maybe i'll just stick around and get ninja'd every time I post.

The Exchange

But that ain't nearly as fun...

I had a ninja hat once.

The Exchange

I want a ninja hat.

Well you can't have mine.

The Exchange


Shadow Lodge

Besides, it would mess up your hair.

Oh by the way, a cranky guy with lots of weapons and armor and a talky metal box might be stomping in with explosives soon.

Just thought you'd wanna know.

If he asks, I'm not here. ;)

Shadow Lodge

Just so I have more to hide to make it worth my while. Which way did you go?


*crosses her arms pointing in opposite directions, points forward with one foot, and looks up*

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