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Arcane vs. Divine Spells Known & Crafting Requirements

Magic Items

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Divine casters automatically have access to their full spell list. This means that while Wizards and Sorcerors can go about increasing creation DCs, scrounging enough scrolls to cast a spell 1/day during creation, and the like, the creation requirements for, say, a Ring of Protection +1 is really 'Forge Ring, be a 3rd level cleric'.

I'm not sure if this is a problem or not (and the increase DC for missing requirements rule is a decent fix, because now it's at least relevant how many cleric spells are require when a Wizard tries to make it.), but I'd like to hear what people think.

I don't see this as much of a problem, but I may be a bit biased as I do enjoy divine casters more.

The reason I don't see it being that bad is that while the cleric has full access to their own spell list (provided the spell is within thier level and alignment restrictions) they have fewer feats to spend on item creation. In addition, provided you stay within the core contents, the number of spells available to the wizard to learn do outnumber those for the cleric.

Finally, I'm a little confused on the rules, but if a wizard were working on a comparative 1st level spell ring wouldn't it be worth it for them to copy the spell to thier book first? To copy a 1st level spell into the spellbook would cost a wizard 150gp (50 gp fee/spell level to study spellbook + 100 gp cost/page to write it into own book). Using scrolls to make the same ring, they would end up paying the same amount. 2000gp ring => 2 days creation time => 2 1st level scrolls required at caster level 3 => 2 scrolls x 25 gp x 1 (spell level) x 3 (caster level) = 150 gp

RPG Superstar 2008 Top 32

For a wizard, it is more profitable to copy the spell to their spellbook, versus a pile of scrolls or a wand, assuming a scroll is available.

Sorcerers, however, don't have a choice. Also, a Wizard might fail his spellcraft check to copy a scroll. If I recall correctly, that means he needs to wait to level up to try again.

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