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Magic Items

Welcome to the Magic Items Playtest

Errata and Typos (Magic Items)

Cold Iron items and Magic Enhancements

Arcane Bond

Shatterspike - needs updating to CMB rules

Artefacts: Where are the Golarion ones?

Magic Item Creation - Caster Level Requirement

Animated Shield - drop it.

Blessed Book invalidates spell book mechanics...

Stat Boosters- from "always on" to "3 times per day"

Question about Belt of Giant Strength

Wearing two or more magic items in one slot - what exactly happens?

Handy Haversack - too good vs bag of holding?

[Rods] Get Rid Of Metamagic Rods

Extradimensional space interaction rules

Ability Enhancement combination has a pretty nasty side effect.

Magic Item Availability

Magical Staffs - How many CHARGES?

Armor quality Fortification - too cheap?

Rings and Rods - how to make them stand out?

Special abilities [Arms & armors],caster level and price - How does it work?

Wands are they arcane and / or divine

Weapon and armor enhancement limitations

Ring Gates: Are the too powerful?

Hat of Disguise - too cheap

Instant Fortress - Clarification Needed

Enchanting Cold Iron Weapons

Special abilities from wearing both Bracers of Armor and magic armor

Bracers of Armor

[Enchantments] Animated versus dancing

Magical items creation rules

Regarding Magic Items and Diablo

[Weapons] The Vorpal Property

Item body slots - some observations and questions

[Armor] Special Materials

Sun Blade - A sacred cow?

[Magic Items] - White Elephants

[Staves] - Please close staff pricing loophole

Magic Item Slots

Magic Item Creation Costs - Concern

Potions = Elixirs - A better "Brew Potion"

Mirror of Opposition: Breaking and Imagery

[Weapons and Armors] Effective Bonus vs. Flat Cost Increase

Animated Shields: Are they Broken?

Arcane vs. Divine Spells Known & Crafting Requirements

[Alternate Magic Item Designs] Post your Fixes Here

Magic Item costing formula - speed bonus

Rings of protection and cloaks of resistance

Magic Item Creation

[Item Creation] Magic Item Alteration Rules

Glove of Storing - clarification

Amulet of Mighty Fists - Too Costly

Overcoming Damage resistance and the Bane enchantment

Attribute enhancers and missing interchangeability

Burst Weapons - how do they work now ?

Magic items that enhance abilities

Deck of Many Things - Broken?

Intelligent Items -- Too Cheap & Too Good

Confusion with Magic Item Creation Costs

Horn of Valhalla

Wondrous Items: What spells are too much?

Scribe Scrolls - or how to know spells you don't

[Armor] Celestial Armor Material

Rings vs wondrous items - what's the difference?

Armor quality Invulnerability - too weak

Monk´s Robe - Or how to be a superior Monk by cross classing into fighter.

Scroll, potion and wand pricing

[Magic Weapons] +5 Special Qualities Request

Consequences of scroll failure

Magic Item Dependence

Intelligent Magic Item Pricing - Concerns

Robe of Blending too costly.

Magic Item Creation Costs - Clarification

Should Command Word and Use Activated items require Charges per Day?

Phylactery of Positive Channeling, what slot does it use?

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