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Gobbo's Savage Tide


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Male Wood Elf (+2str,+2dex,-2con,-2int) Druid/4

The Beast tosses aside the now empty chair and lunges at the spider-like creature with a rumbling growl. His jaws close savagely and he shakes his head from side to side to help rip the wound open more.
1d20 6=20 to hit, 1d6 5=11 damage.

If Eldin can do so without suffering an aoo, he will try to edge around the flailing monster and interpose himself between it and the naked man, readying an attack if it comes near.

As long as you stay out of limb range, should be fine.

Male Human Rogue 2/Swashbuckler 1

Ardan takes one look at the monstrosity in the next room and scrambles for the fallen thief's crossbow. If it's already loaded, I'll try to snap off a shot, otherwise I'll be loading it... 1d20+1=Natural 1! I guess we hope I'm searching for ammo!

Male Human Wizard 6

With his cover tossed unceremoniously aside, Marius grabs the first weapon from the pile of gear that comes to hand. If the creature does come after him, he wants to at least hurt the cursed thing.

Hit it with the chair!

Ardan wrote:
Natural 1!

It’s a pity you can’t hear my malevolent laughter from here.

Marius Hawk wrote:
…Marius grabs the first weapon from the pile of gear that comes to hand.

Dagger works. Ranged and Melee, and it’s an easy grab…

Male Human Fighter 3

Tyndal, seeing the others getting close to the thing, pulls his sword and charges.

2pt PA (1d20 5=15, 1d8 5=10)

Cool, think that’s everyone (although Marius can take a swipe with the dagger yet if he likes). Just stepping out the door at work, will pick things up when I get home.

Male Human Wizard 6

I Will slay your monster! [/Beowulf]

Right now, having a dagger represents a tremendous step up for Marius. Not enough of a step for him to consider going on the offensive with it; it's in case the creature manages to get past his new friends and attack him. 'Friends' in this case being defined as anyone willing to stand between him and the monster in the first place.

He should really get out of the room entirely, but he can't help a quick glance at the gear to see if there's anything he might use to hurt the thing with minimal risk to his rather exposed hide.

Marius will attack only if the monster comes after him. Not that it matters with a roll like this: Last resort dagger attack (1d20=2, 1d4-1=2)

M Human (Oeridian) Wizard (Transmuter) 1 / Favored Soul 2 (Lirr)

Seann's confidence has improved a bit since the last few fights. Gripping his spear with both hands, he maneuvers around to the side of the creature and drives his weapon into the arachnid's chitinous body.

Attack: 14 + 3 = 17; damage: 1d8 + 3 = 8

Jerking his spear free, Seann racks his brain for any clue as to what he's fighting...

Knowledge (arcana): 13 + 8 = 21
Knowledge (nature): 9 + 8 = 17

Seann, I’m going to move the knowledge checks back into this round with the casting, if that’s ok, and use the spear for round 2?

Toppled furniture no obstacle to Terin in animal form, the beast leaps onto the chained creature and latches on to one of the spiny limbs. Working the leg back and forth, Terin tears it clean away, discovering the vile taste of the thing in the process.

Ardan rushes back into the gymnasium, swiping up one of the dead men’s loaded hand crossbows. In his haste to aid his companions, he inadvertently overextends his achilles tendon. He suffers a brief stabbing pain, but the damage isn’t severe (1 point temporary dex damage).

Not taking any chances with another ranged attack, Tyndal marches in, drawing his blade midstride. Thrusting downward, he drives the sword between the monstrosities compound eyes, killing it before it has a chance to free itself from the chain.

The naked Lotus thief snatches up a dagger from the pile of equipment beneath the lounger before darting back behind cover and casting a forlorn look at the remaining gear.

Seann attempts to get a better look at the creature, searching his memory as he casts a protective charm upon Tyndal in an almost subconscious manner. Watching the battle closely, he believes the beast is not an aberration at all, but a type of vermin. A throwback of an earlier age, the beast is called a Rhagodessa. Although not poisonous, it moves quickly and has a dangerous bite. They are quite rare (perhaps a little more so now that this one has perished), and make excellent guardian beasts.

While Seann muses, Eldin places his trust in the newcomer with the naivety of the pious, positioning himself between the creature (in case it doesn’t remain motionless) and the thief.

For good measure, Seann plants his spear in the body of the pest.

Male Human Fighter 3

Tyndal grunts as he pulls the sword free from the vermin. He cleans and sheathes the blade before going to retrieve his trident and flail.

"And just who the hell are you?" He says to the former prisoner.

Male Human Wizard 6

"Marius Hawk, sir, at your service," Marius says, drawing himself upright and executing a bow. His voice carries the precise intonations and formality of the nobility, though whether the accent is real or an affectation is up for debate, "Lately and somewhat reluctantly of the Lotus Dragons. I believe that relationship has run its course." He nods to the body of the rhagodessa. Indeed, despite his best efforts, his gaze has kept straying in that direction, reassuring himself that the beast is indeed dead.

Right now, he is avoiding making any moves that might be construed as threatening. After all, up until this morning, he was on the other side. He would sheath his dagger, if it weren't for a certain lack of places to put it. As it is, he keeps it pointed resolutely downwards.

"I owe you my life, gentlemen," he continues, "I doubt it is a debt I shall be able to repay any time soon, but I would accompany you, if you will have me. I also have something of a score to settle with our glorious leader."

"Irregardless of your decision, I should mention that the alarm has been raised," he indicates his still-snarling dragon tattoo with his free hand, "We have some time yet before the guild organises, but I would not suggest abandoning your momentum."

Male Wood Elf (+2str,+2dex,-2con,-2int) Druid 3 Experience points-3000

The Beast turns back to elf and states quickly "Terin. Gear up and lets move! This battle can't have gone unheard and we need to be ready for action and move on quick or we're all dead! We'll all chit-chat later over a brew once the guild is beaten."

Male Human Wizard 6

The invitation is all Marius needs, demolishing the pile with enthusiasm. Clothing first, followed by weaponry, followed by cutting loose a scrap of leather (promptly used as a material component to cast mage armour), followed by grabbing everything else on general principle.

Anything in particular in the pile, or did the pile belong to him to begin with?

Marius Hawk wrote:
Anything in particular in the pile, or did the pile belong to him to begin with?

It's all your gear, I didn't want to have to make you work for it right off the bat.

M Human (Oeridian) Wizard (Transmuter) 1 / Favored Soul 2 (Lirr)
G'mork wrote:
Seann, I’m going to move the knowledge checks back into this round with the casting, if that’s ok, and use the spear for round 2?

Fine with me.

"Huh. I was under the impression that the dreaded rhagodessa would be much more difficult to kill..."

Seann eyes Marius' guild tattoo with interest.

"It would be of great interest to me to know how one creates an animated mark such as that. Perhaps some sort of contingency dweomer?"

Seann Eoghan wrote:
"Huh. I was under the impression that the dreaded rhagodessa would be much more difficult to kill..."

Normally they aren't chained to a wall, lol.

You hear the echo of slamming doors and running feet.

“Eldin of Fharlanghn,” says the half-elven cleric, raising his hand in greeting. “That,” he nods at the corpse of the giant arachnid, “is no way for a man to die. You must have really pissed someone here off,” he smiles slightly, “which makes us natural allies.”

His tone changes at Terin’s words, followed several seconds later by sounds of alarum from further within the guild complex. “Now, quickly Marius; who is the man who ran through here, where will he be heading, and which from which direction can we expect the first wave of attackers?”

He turns to the rest of his companions. “If the whole place is on alert we had best find a secure location, a point from which they can’t flank us … or head somewhere they won’t expect. Between the Eye and Marius we should be able to figure this out.”

Marius can identify the man as Mara, a semi-retired guild Lieutenant who trains new recruits, well known for his “spare the rod and spoil the child” mentality. He was likely on his way to inform the “Lady of the Lotus” about the assault, and was successful based on the activation of the tattoos, something only she can do.

Fiendish Symbiont

They’ll likely seal the place up tighter than Wastri’s arse, then start combing the compound for intruders. They’ll come at us from back the way we came.

There's a long hallway up ahead we could use as a choke point, but it will need to be swabbed out first.

Male Human Fighter 3

Tyndal looks at Marius, "Tyndal"

After hearing Terin relate Pinky's info, Tyndal says, "Let's get to that hallway quick. We ready? Anyone need healing?"

If everyone's ready, Tyndal begins moving toward the hallway.

Eldin will use the wand if anyone says they’re in need of healing. Let me know.

Eldin nods at Tyndal’s suggestion, already moving.

“It may mean the Lady of the Lotus is nearby,” the priest suggests, “if Mara was able to warn her so quickly. And where she is … perhaps we will find Vanthus.”

"Oh, and what did the Eye mean 'swabbed out?' I take it he's not suggesting we need mops - trouble?"

Male Wood Elf (+2str,+2dex,-2con,-2int) Druid 3 Experience points-3000

That's my assumption, some trouble that needs clearing. The eye isn't real forthcoming with details, either he doesn't know the exact nature or his memory of the area is blurred. Let's move out.

M Human (Oeridian) Wizard (Transmuter) 1 / Favored Soul 2 (Lirr)

Seann notices Tyndal's introduction and decides to do so likewise.

"Seann, I am."

He gives a small bow, incongrous with his large frame and savage finery.

Male Human Wizard 6

Marius nods, "This won't have been the only guard on the inner sanctum," he says, sparing a somewhat odd look for Terin at his ready information and talk of 'the eye'. Still, now is not the time for questions, "I've never been further than this myself - Not important enough to warrant it." Making sure that his crossbow is loaded, Marius moves into a good position to cover whoever opens the door.

M Human (Oeridian) Wizard (Transmuter) 1 / Favored Soul 2 (Lirr)
Marius Hawk wrote:
Marius nods, "This won't have been the only guard on the inner sanctum..."

"Wonderful. Just bloody wonderful."

Male Human Rogue 2/Swashbuckler 1

"Well, let's get on with this," following Tyndal. Almost as an afterthought, he nods briefly to Marius, "Ardan."

Marius dresses as quickly as possible during a round of hasty introductions, still pulling a boot on and hopping on one foot as the group sets off deeper into the compound. The hallway here turns sharply south, ending in two doors, one closed door directly ahead, and an open door to your left leading into a large empty room with three doors. Not counting the door you are currently looking through, the doors to this 10 by 15 foot room are closed, one directly opposite you, and one in the center of the wall to your left as you enter. The area has a musty, animal odor, as if something lairs here.

Male Human Fighter 3

Tyndal will open the first closed door.

Tyndal opens the door at the end of the hallway, revealing a storage closet. Inside the closet are brooms, spare linens, and a variety of cleaning products. Not particularly exciting, but at least nothing leapt out with intent to do you harm.

Male Wood Elf (+2str,+2dex,-2con,-2int) Druid 3 Experience points-3000

"'Ware the bucket! They always have deadly motives." Terin says to Tyndal with a slight smirk and a wink.
"Yeah, I know, pretty lame joke. I'll spare you any more" Terin shifts to his unspeaking beast form and follows behind Tyndal.

Mop it up! Beyond the pale [pail]?

The puns, the puns...gah!

Male Human Fighter 3

"Ha ha, I'm not going to leave a door unopened that could hold an enemy."

Tyndal takes some linens. Never know when you're going to need clean linens :)

Eldin is keeping a watch behind the group, alert for sign or sound of pursuit, his crossbow at the ready.

Spot: 11+4 = 15
Listen: 18+4 = 22

Things seem to have quieted down a bit, though stealth is a rogue strong point. The outer door to the gymnasium remains unsealed.

Male Human Fighter 3

"Terin, ask Pinky if we are going the right way."

Tyndal heads into the open room, intending to open the door in the center of the left wall.

Fiendish Symbiont

If Vanthus is anywhere, it's back here.

Male Wood Elf (+2str,+2dex,-2con,-2int) Druid/4

"Reee-oowww!" and indicates forward with a paw. Looks kinda odd for a great cat to do an imitation of a dog at point.
The Beast then bounds back through the Gymnasium to shut the open door. Before returning to his friends and taking his position. If there is a workable locking mechanism he will assume humanoid form to manipulate the lock before shifting back and taking his position.

Male Human Wizard 6

Marius nods approvingly. Without the obvious open door, figuring out which way they went will require at least some guesswork. It could buy them a little bit of time. Two doors remain to be opened. Not believing himself to be the best candidate for such work, Marius will leave it to someone else.

Harven’s Hand steps into the empty room, Tyndal boldly checking for traps with his body as Terin closes off the way you have come. Marius half-bows to Tyndal, the picture of chivalry as he allows the armored man to enter the unknown first.

You note the northern door is drier and unlike the other doors, does not appear warped about the edges. Swinging open easily, you feel a distinct lowering of the temperature as the door opens. Warm air from behind you blows into the small closet as you bring a light to bear, and you observe small pockets of rime along the edges of the doorframe.

Before you is a stone closet, perhaps 3 feet to a side and 6 feet tall, kept unnaturally cool by an unseen force, likely magic. Hanging within is a partial side of beef, and coating the floor is a white powder. A large glass jar filled with a murky substance and possessed of a fruity smell graces the single shelf of the chamber, above the mutton slab.

Seann tests the closed door to your right, on the opposite side of the room, and finds it barred.

Male Human Fighter 3

"I want one of these magic stone rooms for my keep someday. I'll let someone smarter than me play with this stuff."

Tyndal moves toward the barred door, pulling out the trusty crowbar.

I'll attempt to break the door when folks are ready, so I'm doing the roll in the interest of keeping things moving, not because Tyndal's doing it this second.

Busting doors (1d20 5=9) Arg!

Male Human Rogue 2/Swashbuckler 1

Ardan carefully tastes a drop of the fruity smelling liquid on his fingertip...

Tyndal Maelglum wrote:

Bwang! Thuppa…thuppa…thuppa…

Ardan wrote:
Ardan carefully tastes a drop of the fruity smelling liquid on his fingertip...

The jar’s contents are cloudy and viscous, and the mixture has a strong brine undercurrent. You taste avocado and cucumber, but the grittiness of clay and beach sand quickly overwhelm the initial flavors.

Male Wood Elf (+2str,+2dex,-2con,-2int) Druid 3 Experience points-3000

Ardan, it seems to be an exfoliater cream. It is used to get the dead skin off to help reduce the lines and wrinkles that tend to come with old age. Cucumber is commonly used to help reduce puffiness around the eyes. Please don't eat the beauty products. *shifts back to beast with a snicker*

Male Human Wizard 6

Marius simply shakes his head, perhaps less able to find amusement in the situation than the others, "Do you need a hand with the door?" he asks. He lacks a crowbar, or any spells appropriate to the task, but an extra person to throw weight against the crowbar could do the trick.

Male Human Fighter 3

"Get on over here...this thing is tough."

Try again?

1d20 5=23

Male Human Wizard 6

Marius puts his own weight to work on the crowbar, though it's clear he's not the most heavily muscled of people.

Aid another, raw Str check, counting in a +2 bonus for the crowbar 1d20 1=17

Tyndal Maelglum wrote:
Try again?

Don’t see why not, the criteria for failure has been met, and isn’t immediately punitive, so technically you could even take 20 if you wanted.

Male Human Fighter 3

Well, will 25 hit it? (That's my last check plus Marius's assistance) Taking 20 will take longer time-wise, which could be a factor with those Dragons running around.

If I take 20, with Marius helping, it will be 27

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