GameMastery Plot Twist Cards

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GameMastery Plot Twist Cards
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Ready for a whole new way to roleplay? Draw a Plot Twist Card and guide the adventure in directions limited only by your creativity. Plot Twist Cards open up a new experience of shared storytelling, providing players with ways to suggest new events during an adventure or get help when they need it most. Each of the deck's 51 cards presents a different theme that the GM and players, working together, can weave into the game’s narrative, as well as related rules effects. With Plot Twist Cards, everyone can help tell the story and enjoy being surprised by new and unexpected turns of fortune.

GameMastery Plot Twist Cards add a new storytelling element to roleplaying games, allowing players to bring their own twists to an adventure’s plot. Each card provides a minor story-altering idea along with a few options players can either use as presented or take inspiration from to craft similarly themed suggestions that affect in-game events. Every Plot Twist Card can be interpreted in countless ways, allowing players to suggest minor alterations to a game’s events that a GM might add or adapt however best fits the story’s needs. Such alterations might bring about an added bit of luck to improve the situation for the PCs or up the ante to create even greater challenges—it’s all up to the players and their Game Master!

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-262-3

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Illustrated by Matt Dixon.

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***** (based on 12 ratings)

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A good way to spice things up a little.

***( )( )

The premise behind Plot Twist Cards for Pathfinder is that they allow players to influence the story in ways other than what their character directly does. Each card has a theme, a picture to accompany the theme, a flat mechanical effect, and then four plot-related suggestions that could happen. For example, the "Bad News" card shows a picture of a burning building, has the flat mechanical effect of "Target gets a -4 penalty on a single roll", and then has these plot suggestions: "A messenger brings bad news", "An ally faces peril or death", "A favorite refuge is destroyed", and "Something important is stolen." Players can use the card either for the flat mechanical effect or for one of the story suggestions; the latter use requires GM interpretation and decision-making, and the instructions are quite clear that the GM should feel free to modify the suggestion (or even refuse it) as necessary for the story. The deck comes with 51 different plot twist cards, two cards of rules, a card with the Open Gaming License, and a card that's an advertisement for other products.

I've been using the Plot Twist Cards for about 20 sessions while running an adventure path. Instead of giving one to a player every time their PC levels up (as per the instruction card), I've been more cautious and handed out one to every player at the beginning of each chapter of the AP (and drawing one myself to use against them!), with unused cards going back in the deck. My players have used the cards to do some fun things, like have the "Broken" card cause the floor of an abandoned building to crack open, the "Sanity Check" card to have a tentacled water monster appear in the river, etc. In my limited experience, PCs don't use the flat mechanical bonuses and instead use the plot suggestions, saving the cards for when they're needed in an important fight and centering their suggestions on things that can hamper the enemies or help their allies. On the whole, I'm of mixed feelings about them. I really like the surprising twists that the card facilitates and it's great for the players to have a little something hidden away for a rainy day. On the other hand, it's often challenging as a GM to interpret the card and the player's suggested twist in a way that respects the integrity of the concept while also being careful not to trivialize an important encounter. I think I would suggest the cards are good for a group that is a little easy-going and understands the role of GM discretion, but they'd be a bad idea for a very strict "Rules as Written" group.

My Group Loves These Cards!


My players and I love the plot twist cards. At the beginning of each session, I give all of the players a card to play at will asking them not to show the card to me or anyone else in the group until played. In last week's game, right before they were about to enter a manor, my wife plays the "Path Least Traveled" card. So I have her discover a secret door leading to a stairway to some catacombs under the house. Another player immediately plays the "Fleeting Glimpse" card. He hears some ghouls that would have been in the next room waiting for the unsuspecting party members. My last player says, "Ah, what the heck." He plays the "Sanity Check" card and a tentacle comes out of the ground destroys the ghouls and all hell breaks loose…

These cards are a lot of fun. If you are a GM who is well prepared but looking for something to shake things up with some random happenings you should try them out. They may require a little bit of quick thinking and on the fly rulings, but they have so far always been the highlight of our game. We have been using them for a few weeks now.

A Fantastic Way of Giving More Control to Players


I use these cards as a reward system for good roleplaying. In my games, we hand out votes after every session and each player votes for the person they feel roleplayed the most and/or furthered the plot the most during the session. When they accumulate 10 such votes, they get one of these cards which can be redeemed at any time. It rewards people who advance the story with the ability to alter the story in small (and sometimes not-so-small!) ways and encourages players to promote the story. Good stuff all around!

Whimsey Cards are back with a vengeance!


This card deck is one of the better prop/accesory ideas since, erm, Paizo's own Harrow Deck.

Allowing players to influence the narrative in a cool and unusual way is great. Especially as it helps me draw LARP/narrativist players to Pathfinder!

Great idea, great execution. Also, whoever references '80s Lion Rampant products by Tweet and Rein(dot)Hagen gets a point with me.

Great story enhancers


I decided to step-out a bit and order these. My fear was that maybe they had the power to greatly derail the storyline, but one of the things I like about the cards is the recommendation that came with them that states, basically, if the card will break your game, replace it with another card. This way the game doesn't go sideways, and your player doesn't feel cheated, but you still get a fresh turn of events to keep people interested.

Just reading them gave me and my players some great role-playing ideas, and my group can't wait to actually use the ones they were dealt. I'd recommend these to anyone who plays Pathfinder/3.5.

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