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randomwalker's page

Goblin Squad Member. 813 posts (1,020 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.


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Goblin Squad Member

Probitas wrote:

...There are a few AAA developers out there that could learn a thing or two from that kind of attitude. Sadly it is also investors that normally drive a game launch into insanity and destroy company good will and the hope of a successful launch.

Agree. The GW decision seems absolutely to be the right one, but it wouldn't one Ryan could make unless there is money for the next month.

Just saying some of those other developers who rush their products don't do it to screw the customers or out of stupidity but because there's no better option.
I guess Ryan and Lisa might be pretty good at expectation management also when it comes to investors.

Goblin Squad Member

Just make sure you come back to the nerd threads number-cruncher discussions! Just because alpha is over doesn't mean stuff shouldn't be properly analyzed.


Rule as written seem clear that the Haversack is not a Bag of holding, at least not in this specific context.

'Bag of holding' and 'Handy haversack' are listed as separate examples of extra-dimensional effect. This means the wording 'Bag of Holding' does not include 'Handy Haversack'.

The claimed only exception refers to stuff happening "as noted in their descriptions". Bag of holding and Portable hole have this noted in their description, Handy haversack does not.

Whether houseruling the opposite would give a better(*) game is not a matter of interpreting what the rules say, but of taste.

(*) more fun, more logically consistent, more opportunity to railroad the group to the astral plan by means of clumsy npc's, whatever reason you have. I don't mind, it's your game.

Goblin Squad Member

2 people marked this as a favorite.

stealth to hide your icon from the minimap,
bluff or disguise to appear friendlier on the minimap,
- I like that idea.

Bluff would be countered by sense motive though, so that it would be a huge risk to try to bluff your way through any large group...

As for when the chaos of melee erupts: I will probably regret this, but so far I like the idea of no names unless you target them. If you want to identify your team, color coordinate. If the foes don same color to confuse you, that's a legit tactic - you can still use the minimap or target them and read their name.

Company tag. Yes I absolutely like that too, but adding a "right click to see all my (public) company tags and titles"-function would cover all noncombat needs without removing fog-of-war and subterfuge aspects.

Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.


There should eventually be a map showing who lives in the monster home hexes (the ones with a lion icon on the map). But someone has to get around to making it first. Expect most settlements to know their ownneighbourhood monsters but not what lives 12 hexes away.


Nightdrifter's calculators are teh best. For best value, you should have some kind of plan first and use the calculator to check prerequisites and costs. The list of available feats at any given time is huge.

Of course, the trainers in-game give you a list of available and unavailable feats that they can train. I find that the unavailable feats tab is great for planning the next step.

hmm... would it be a good idea to make a graphical "tech tree"? Sort feats by type, achievements and stats... any volunteers?

Goblin Squad Member

Schedim wrote:

Sooo ... Now when I have crafted myself a nice and shiny Battleaxe+2 I can buy Chop-3, and be happy without any other fiddeling or doddeling with feat/stuff/whatever?

And more or less the only effect is increased base damage. Because I can't see anything really correspond to the three Keywords on my nice and shiny Battleaxe+2.

You are correct. Every matching keyword (attack level/keyword and weapon 'plus'/keyword) increases base damage by 5. You don't care what the keywords are called, only if they are the same both places.

So your +2 battlaxe with Chop lvl3 adds +10 base damage compared to chop1 and/or axe+0. For Chop (damage factor 1.1) that is 11 points damage for a full hit. The 25% interrupt chance and the +5 improved crit don't scale with keywords.

However there is another thing that increases, but you don't see it explicitly. If your attack applies a timed or stacking debuff like bleed, frighten, slow, etc, each keyword makes that effect 10% stronger.

If you buy Hew lvl3 for your axe+2, the Razed and Frightened stacks will be 20% larger than with Hew lvl1 (but not necessarily 48 stacks of Razed because the target's armors keywords pull in the opposite direction). This in addition to the +10 base damage.


Did I mention that I have a Battleaxe+2 now?

can't remember

Goblin Squad Member

Schedim wrote:
The structure I have seen so far is a weapon+5 (that I get, or think I do) then there are stuff that has a +0 (improved critical for instance), do it mean something? Or is it just forshadowing? Redundat?

+0 is foreshadowing, but I want to complicate a bit since I think you maybe are asking about more things that were answered:

To be even more exact, Role Feature keywords improve Expendables
(sorry Dazyk!) Role features also have passive bonuses.

Example: with Heavy blade specialization 1, every attack with a heavy blade gets precise +5 (which is a +5 on the d200 attack roll), base damage +0 and improved crit +0. In addition any fighter maneuver (expendable) with the 'slashing' keyword gets a boost. The '+0' bonus gives you a whopping +0, but it makes sense to list it when you compare to higher levels:

With heavy blade specialization 5, the bonuses are precise +10, base damage +2 and improved crit +5, and you have 5 keywords to match your maneuvers.

Fighter features (weapon specializations) generally work the same way, and you don't actually need expendables to get good use from them.
For wizards, some features ("magic schools") give only keywords to boost their spell expendables, while others give some passive bonuses too (illusionist gives stealth, diviner gives percpetion, transmuter gives hitpoints). The different rogue features gives sneak attack under different conditions. Cleric domains can give energy resistance, skill bonus, defense or attack - or even a small speed bonus.

Goblin Squad Member

Swiss Mercenary wrote:

As a new player, I found that the game has a steep learning curve.

I did read quite a lot of the information out there, but I feel that there is some information that new players should be aware of and in short form it can be more helpful that telling them to go dig through the documentation out there.
Please feel free to add your points too or to ask questions.

quick comments:


1) Do NOT spend any xp unless you are absolutely sure you need the skill/feat/profession etc.

Good advice, though spending a few hundred xp on various armor feats and all proficiencies is ok.


2) Always have a distance weapon of some sort, be it a bow or magic.

3) 'R' is autorun, 'Ctrl' will make you sprint, remember running away from a fight is an option.
yes and yes

4) Before purchasing anything that needs xp, ask yourself if you need it and have you researched it?

and: do you need it right now?


5) There are no stupid questions on the General chat during Alpha, and indeed during EE, most of the players do not bite, though TEO might ask you for your soul.

we only ask so as to prove that actually you have one, we don't keep it.

6) Quite a lot of bugs can be solved by logging out and waiting a minute or two, this can even fix the teleport bug.

yes. see Ryan's post. There are "true bugs" and there are server overload/desynch issues.
7) You get basic attacks when equipping a weapon, these are enough to fight with it, unless you want to specialise more.
just remember to buy the basic weapon proficiencies
8) Knowledge skills and gatherer skills at level 1 are cheap and indespensable, IMHO.

Cheap and useful, but you can also gather with lvl0 skill. Absolutely recommended though.


9) DO NOT ATTACK THE THORNGUARDS, they never forget a name.

Do not attack anyone if there are guards nearby. Don't fight back if the wolf eats you.

Goblin Squad Member

T7V Avari wrote:
...while the elves have those awful ears.

well, look who's talking, round-ears!

Seriously, my elfs face is much more annoying to me than the ears (which look as expected for Golarion). Also, the running elf lack a certain... grace that you'd expect from elves.

Goblin Squad Member

Misteradd wrote:

By the way, I want to see how you can survive and grow up on your own.

You should be aware that the game is specifically designed to force people to cooperate. Doing things alone is supposed to be hard.

You don't need to ask people for "free stuzz plx", but can ask in general (in alpha, at least) if anyone is selling basic gear.

even if I can manage two kobolds, I dont't think I would be vey useful to a group.

Wrong! The way the system is designed, any player is a useful addition. Two fresh characters with +0 longbows and the basic attacks do more dps than a top equipped and buffed lvl7 character. As long as have learned to stand back and only fire at the designated target(ie not pull extra groups into the fight), any group should be happy to have you.

I'll try to move to another place. Any place of choice for a Sarenrae follower wanna-be ?

Brighthaven/Keepers Pass/Phaeros (in SE part of the map) are certainly three good places for Neutral Good characters. There are also others. Good luck!

Goblin Squad Member

Schedim wrote:

(last time I did something similar it was called MUD).

Welcome, friend!

Are you happy with the answers to your questions so far? Bascially your comments are bang on, but you are not the first to bring them up.

Note regarding vendors: yes, players will be the vendors. Yes, AH prices are inflated because there is no money drain in the game yet. Yes, many groups are not even using the AH (but just stockpiling within the group).
On the other hand there are (in alpha) lots of players willing to give equipment out for free. Ask (but don't spam) in general chat.

Beer is hard to come by in the game, will weak sedative extract do? mix in some flammable and a drop of deadly extract if you need something more. Or an actual potion! Boots, trousers and something better than a club is easier.

other Gromir/Misteradd specific questions:

-where to go: a player group! Help capturing towers, fight escalations and fuel our crafters. (I could gladly insert a 'Welcome to Brighthaven' ad here, but there are lots of other good groups too). Eventually we will have better trainers than the npc's too.

-crafting and auction UI: when the AH's fill up properly with goods it should be make more sense. Also some functions are not implemented yet (or were not last i tested). For questions about the crafting system, ask us in-game.

-the "second shortcut bars" are for expendables: spells and special maneuvers that are held by your 'implement' (spellbook, rogue toolkit, etc). You don't have any yet (and if you miraculously found one it will be in your inventory under 'all' as a recipe for learning).

Goblin Squad Member

looking forward to see someone trying the same with rogues. The subterfuge needed for level8 stealth is more than can be granted by weapon kills, and soloing subterfuge escalations is going to take time.

(Unless you can get a group to do the killing for you, possibly the fastest way is to equip a staff and AoE your way through the escalation. pure solo rogue i predict will be much slower than the other classes).

Goblin Squad Member

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sspitfire1 wrote:

Diminishing returns to population growth is basically what I am asking for (see my graph in the original post).

Not exactly what you ask for, but there is certainly a point where the same population would be (economically) better off by founding (or capturing) a second settlement and having twice as many building slots.

Also, the costs of building upgrades may scale exponentially, but that may favour big settlement populations more than small ones.

Goblin Squad Member

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Andius the Afflicted wrote:
Ryan Dancey wrote:
Last night I levelled a Fighter to 8th level using nothing but Feats from the Fighter College and the Dreadnaught school.

This statement, while technically true, is highly misleading. What he's not pointing out here is his build is full of skills that contradict eachother.

Well, I disagree. i certainly do not see the ability for a fighter to tank as contradicting the ability to dps melee or ranged. Nor the ability to use one weapon as contradicting the ability to use others. I don't quite see why you rate Archer as particularly useless when longbows was one of his two main weapons. (well, except that he didnt use any armors at all).

Do you see the game currently as having 12 separate classes? Do you plan to just use a single weapon and armor type for all your time in the game and see versatility as useless?

The point Ryan proves is that is you make a well-rounded character (similar to tabletop classes), then you don't need to spend xp on cross-class or crafting skills.

To me, the beauty of the current system is that it doesn't allow you to get ahead by narrowly specializing (and ignoring a big part of your role), yet allows to to meet the gating criteria with whatever combination you want. (I would not describe it as fully classless, but more like having 'fluid' classes instead or rigid ones).

The 'default' for rogues would be to get their wisdom from library skills, but they can replace some of that with scavenging or cleric feats.
The 'default' for fighters would be to get their con from training fighter armor and shield, but they can sacrifice some of that and pick up smelting/tanning/sawyer instead (or cleric armor).

Goblin Squad Member

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Hayato Ken wrote:

I´m not gonna send you cupcakes from europe though....

I'm sure Bonny can post a link to a local bakery where you can order online and have it delivered to her (or to GW office)

Goblin Squad Member

..and here are the results for 'average damage factor':

vs T1 vs T2 vsT3
T1 82% 59% 39%
T2 96% 82% 61%
T3 100% 96% 85%

Meaning, a T1 roll vs defense 50 on average does 82% of full damage, a T2 roll vs defense 150 on average does 61% of full damage, etc.

Assumptions: +0 attack bonus, +0 reflex bonus (except the 50/100/150 from armor). No crits.

T1vT1 has only 42% chance of a full hit (possible crit), where T3vT3 has a 58% chance of full hit.

Real numbers will be different, but the value of upgrading your armor is very obvious.
Note also that in reality higher tier players will have higher base damage, more hit points and higher protection. Time to kill an equally matched opponent will depend on how different bonuses scale.

(i was surprised to see the same 82% for T1 vs T1 and T2 vs T2, it seems that the square root skewness and the d200 skewness cancel out. Higher number for T3 vs T3 is as predicted).

I speculate that defense buffs like parry/block/evade are slightly better at T3 levels and attack buffs slightly better at T1, but the difference (like the 82% vs 85% avg damage) will be small.

Goblin Squad Member

randomwalker wrote:

I'd probably prefer the brute force in this case

scratch that. The analytical problem for the first part is simple enough i could do it with pen and paper while supposed to read work emails, so I'd probably try finesse before force (still no monte carlo though).


for 3 dN (with N^3 possible outcomes),
the #outcomes that has a certain dice=x is

#low(x)= (N+1-x)^3 - (N-x)^3
#high(x)= x^3 - (x-1)^3
#middle(x) = 6x (N+1-x) - 3(N+1) +1

The middle one was a bit tricky, so feel free to confirm it independently. Doing it for a d20 in excel gives a checksum of 8000 and the right averages in each column, though.

Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.
sspitfire1 wrote:

The other main things you could note are these:

Tier 1 attacks are very heavily weighted towards the low end, with roughly 90% of your Tier 1 attack rolls coming up less than 100.

Tier 2 attacks are heavily weighted in the middle, with roughly 90% of attacks being between 28 and 174- and the bulk of that really being between 50 and 150.

Tier 3 attacks are heavily weighted in the upper end, with roughly 90% of your Tier 3 attack rolls coming up above 100.

This! (as was first pointed out before Nightdrifter made his first graph).

T1 attack vs 50 is more likely to miss by a low margin, but occasionally exceeds by a large amount. This is good for T1 vs T3, but unless crits have meaningful effects it slightly favours the defender in T1 vs T1

T2 attack vs 100 (well, 100.5) is symmetric, but compared to a straight d200 is less likely to have extreme high or low numbers.

T3 attack vs 150 is the reverse of T1: more likely to exceed but will occasionally fumble badly.


1) IMO it would make more sense to:
a) plot probability densities (non-cumulative) to show the skewness of the distributions and give a better intuitive comparison of tiers.
b) compute the 'miss factor' (square root and all) vs 50/100/150 and plot that.
c) extended: integrate/average to show the average damage done for various scenarios.

Monte carlo is just one way of doing it. I'd probably prefer the brute force in this case - anyway you already have the probabilities, so moot point.

2) Never overestimate the audience (except when posturing at conferences). Imagine we are all journalists and politicians.

Goblin Squad Member

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FMS Quietus wrote:

This in reference to the RPG 'Paranoia?'

You win!!

Your prize is (rolls d20)...a frag grenade. Since you are not authorized to remove the pin, that has already been done for you. Have a nice day!

(it was actually one of the first rpgs i played. The GM never explained any rules, just told me stuff like "melee is kinda weak so i'll give you a nuclear warhead grenade too. That's probably the highest damage personal weapon in the whole game". Good, crazy times!)

Goblin Squad Member

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TEO Cheatle wrote:

The average 17th Century Galleon could hold 15877.35 Galleons of Espresso, or 1,016,150.4 mg of Caffeine!

I doubt anything in the world could hold 15877 galleons laden with coffee, if only because there were not that many galleons in the 17th century!

Assuming you meant US gallons, that seems to be about 60m^3 cargo hold and 60 tons of espresso only.

A Galleon like the Padre Eterno was 53m long with a displacement weight of 2000 tons. Ok, so that is the biggest one ever and maybe not your "average galleon". But I still think any serious coffe maniac would chuck out the cannons, water, and food to make room for much more than 60m^3 of espresso!

The ceffeine/espresso ratio seems spot on for the americas, but a recent australian study on espresso caffeine shows that their espresso has lots more caffeine than US espresso. Taking their average number of 2500mg/l would mean 1.5 tons of caffeine per 60m^3 cargo hold.

Next, let's consider a supertanker. Here we.. oh, oops, time to go home from work now.

Goblin Squad Member

The longbow exploit is indeed incredibly powerful. But two comments:

1) when you get to masterwork/T2, basic exploit is no longer so relevant since it doesn't upgrade. With T2+2 weapon and level 4 attacks, you have +30 base attack on everything except basic strike & exploit.

2) ranged + opportunity überness is being looked at and may well be changed. (Especially when you combine it with rogue features Daredevil or Opportunist that make them even better).

Goblin Squad Member

Kobold Cleaver wrote:

3. Did you know "whelm" is actually a pretty badass word? It means "engulf, submerge, or bury".

so, burying someone under something (such as the ground) is literally underwhelming?

Using 'sand', 'delver' and 'underwhelming' in the same sentence just became even easier.

Goblin Squad Member

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T7V Jazzlvraz wrote:

1) Stay alert!

2) Trust no one!
3) Keep your laser handy!

That information is above your security clearance. Please report to nearest termination booth. Thank you and have a nice day!

Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Summary: I don't really see it as a problem, at least not in the next 1-2 years. But I tend to interpret 'crafting' as 'anything that involves T2 and T3 materials'.

-The argument potentially extends to 'free alts' working every building.

-'Real' crafters will have to spend xp. 'Free alts' (with say 1 day of xp each) can still crank out low-tier items, but so can any non-crafter who picks up lvl2 in a craft. Tier1 crafting has so low entry barriers that every player can (and should) dabble. No crafting alts needed.

-The value of a 2nd or 3rd crafting queue is great when you are making goods nobody else can (and takes days). It's not competitive against hordes of 'free alts', but doesn't have to be. The real money will be in T3 and T2 resources. To play the T2 game you need to pay more than a month of xp per character, for T3 lots more.

-"every serious guild will have 17 maxed alts". I suspect a lot of them will be mains, though some crafters may well want to invest a bit of xp in non-crafting alts (fighting, gathering and trading across the world while the main minds the store at home) and should not be punished for that.
-In any case the crafters won't be maxed in the first year. By the time this becomes a problem, GW will have introduced new and wonderful ways to solve the issue. Until that time, active crafter mains have a clear edge.

Crafters 2nd class? If a high-level dedicated crafter and a high-level dedicated pvp'er want to leave the game after 12 months, which account do you think the guild would consider buying out?

Goblin Squad Member

Since it isn't possible to train the needed skills from scratch in the remaining time, this can only be done by a team who have already committed deeply into at least one refining skills (for those crunching the numbers it should be obvious which one).

However, even if many groups then already start out too far behind, i'm absolutely convinced that all the pieces of the puzzle exist somewhere on the server. So it seems this contest has an added dimension of politics - or at least trade. I love it!

Goblin Squad Member

TEO Cheatle wrote:

Tanner - Could double down as the butcher

"This jerky is sure tough"

"I didn't say jerky, I said jerkin. Put keep on chewing, it makes the leather softer"

Medieval tanneries were so foul-smelling they were placed outside the towns - I doubt anyone would want meat stored there.

"ooh, a junk node: maybe we'll find something to cook!"

jokes aside: yes, appetizing idea but not vital enough for the first few months.

Goblin Squad Member

celestialiar wrote:

It's cool that you can tab target and attack something by pressing the attack then run up and the attack will be executed,

I wanted to look at different weapon models, so 'attacked' a guildmate at the other end of town in order to get my weapons out.

Two minutes later he ran past me, and the attack went off. Ouch!

Also surprising that you can (at least could) attack yourself with melee weapons. (But quite useful for testing weapons and armor).

Goblin Squad Member

Wszebor Uriev wrote:


I had to get up at 4am a half an hour before I went to sleep and grind my own lead with my TEETH to draw on a piece of moldy deerskin floating down river. And I was THANKFUL for that.

you were allowed to stay up until 4.30 AM?!

ps: no need to use your teeth, if you bang two flints together just right you can get a universal tool that's good for nearly anything.

I miss the old days when we had to carve our own dice from mammoth tusks. "1d4 with of damage" really meant something if you had the right throwing technique.

Jazzlvraz wrote:

...and you try and tell the young people of today that...they won't believe you.

so true, so true.

nor do the older ones, actually.

Goblin Squad Member

I believe Lam's point is that more and more of the interesting forum discussion is happening at the Alpha forums and correspondingly less happens here.

I agree with Carbon: if you are interested in following the game closely at this stage, why not give it a free spin. (Just beware it is alpha and subject to large improvements in the next few months).

PM'ing anyone active in a major guild is likely to give you a free invite, since GW is now reaching the stage of alpha where they want to test what happens when you fill the game with players...

Goblin Squad Member

DeciusBrutus wrote:
I think that finding the way to maximize a skill with a given XP budget might be a NP-class problem. Fortunately we have a relatively small O right now.

I think I agree, (but only because NP contains P, i'm not fully convinced about the N bit).

It should be "fairly straighforward" to calculate the most xp-efficient route to a given ability score treshhold. The "but i just need 0.01 more" complication only applies to the final stage, so that's just a one-time add-on.. or wait... duh! I see your point.

(gah, couldn't we have had this discussion 10 years ago, when I was into this type of stuff)

ps: but is it the right problem? isn't more relevant to minimize costs for a given skill level? Since costs scale the way they do it's very hard to 'squeeze in an extra skill level at the top' through efficient budgeting.

Goblin Squad Member

Whether to upgrade should not depend on this game in any way, but on the 3 eternal questions:

1- do you want to? (*)
2- can you afford it?
3- will doing it get you into trouble (**)(***)

(*) if you really really want to, men generally don't bother with the other two questions.
(**) if you don't understand the question, you are probably a one-person household.
(***) if yes, re-evaluate question 1.

Goblin Squad Member

To OP:

there is a world of difference currently between Int/Dex and Con/Per. Hopefully that will change when ranger/barbarian and sorcerer/bard are implemented

If you want to focus exclusively on being a Tanner, well.. getting your Con high enough means investing heavily into just about every con-based skill.

Nihimon wrote:
I fail to see a rational explanation why learning to wear Light Armor (Chameleon, Scout, and Swashbuckler are the most efficient ways for a Wizard to raise Dexterity) should help me learn to wear Clothing Armor better (Clothing Armor Proficiency 2 requires a 12 Dexterity).

ninjaed by Urman, but yeah: after being forced to run around in tight leather pants, going back to your robes feels just so much better. (Though by that rationale, rogues should need to train medium armor to build dex for their light armor skill..)

..maybe pretending to be a rogue puts you in the right mindset to "unlock your inner dexterity" ?


Goblin Squad Member

KoTC Edam Neadenil wrote:
Nihimon wrote:
KoTC Edam Neadenil wrote:
Being wrote:
I haven't been keeping my Ptolemy refreshed: How many seconds in a degree?
360 of course, 60 seconds to the minute 60 minutes to the degree. 60 all the way down like the elephants,
3,600, isn't it?

aye that be likely true

Though it be odd that something that almost came first be smaller than something which be apparently minute or is it miniscule? Edam be confused now.

The first division was into "primae minutae", the next into "secundae minutae", ie first minutes (= small things) and second minutes.

Within short time (but not minutes) this was shortened to "minutes" and "seconds".

(ie: Blame the users, not the design)

why are we discussing time again?

Goblin Squad Member

randomwalker wrote:

Just like for attacks, each matching keyword gives hitpoints and potentially other bonuses.

gahh.. bad wording. Try again: Just like for attacks, each matching keyword gives a stacking bonus. (For armor: hitpoints and other bonuses, for attacks: damage).

attack example:

* basic dagger strike keyword progression:
Piercing/Precise/Light/Masterwork/Penetrating/Hasted, Artifact

* dwarven steel dagger keyword progression:
* steel rapier keyword progression: Piercing/Precise/Balanced/Penetrating

essentially basic dagger strike scales like this:
lvl 1: any dagger or rapier do same damage
lvl 2: use dagger+1 or rapier+1 (or better) for max damage
lvl 3: use dagger+2
lvl 4: use T2 dagger+2 (but a T2 rapier is better than a T1 dagger)
lvl 5: use T2 dagger+3
lvl 6: use T3 dagger+3 or higher

Goblin Squad Member

T7V Jazzlvraz wrote:
KoTC Edam Neadenil wrote:
...the various armor proficiencys.
Those appear, from the spreadsheets, to be simple gates, requiring purchase before continuing on the path they control. Each is accompanied by the same small Characteristic boost one gets from buying anything, but nothing beyond; the same applies to all proficiencies, not only armour.

Apart from the gating, the point of buying higher armor levels is to get access to more keywords. Just like for attacks, each matching keyword gives hitpoints and potentially other bonuses.

The keyword progressions were in the spreadsheets at some very early stage but I cannot find them now.
My notes from back then for rogue armor:

Cham: light/stealthy/agile/MW/reinf/shadowskin/intricate/truesilver
Scout: light/stealthy/quiet/MW/supple/shdowskin/flexible/truesilver

now compare this to an armor such as Strapped leather, which has the keywords: |Masterwork, organic|light/stealthy/agile/reinforced|

By comparing the lists, you see that a rogue with
-Chameleon8 (5 keywords) gets 5 matches Strapped leather +3,
-Chameleon6 (4 keywords) gets 4 matches out of a Strapped leather +2 (or +3)
-Chameleon4 (3 keywords) gets 3 matches, but would get the same from the much cheaper Footpad's leathers +2.
-Swashb/scout get no benefit beyond +1 (3 matches incl MW).

Bascially: a Chameleon would want the highest 'plus' Strapped his training would allow. Scout/swashbuckler would use a +1 strapped in a pinch but rather have Boiled leather.

Goblin Squad Member

Hi Nari,

the way it looks to me, there are "3 main parts" to a character:

-weapon and attack feat
-armor and armor feat
-expendables and class feature feat

In addition there is utilities, saves, hitpoints/power, skills, crafting etc etc.

Of the "main 3" you can slot only one at a time, but you can combine different roles.

- You can, for example, slot fighter armor feat, fighter attack feat (weapon specialization) and cleric expendables (spells). You need to keep up with both martial achievements and divine achievements, and you will need to train the full 'class levels' to unlock some skills, so you will lag behind, but you can do it.

- The worn equipment must match the slotted feat. Axe specialization and holy symbol is an obvious mismatch, but armors also need to be keyword-matched as far as possible.

- Weapon swapping... as far as i know (help please?), switching weapon switches attacks but not attack feat. You could have focus weapon and axe, but your orisons would not be very powerful if you have axe specialization slotted. No idea how shields work.

Goblin Squad Member

Agree with the provisio that idea 4) is not to add new training options to a settlement, just adding convenience by offering the already available skills at multiple locations.

Please also make trainers visible on the minimap (and distinguishable from guards). Not seeing buildings nor trainers on the map makes it pretty useless for navigating a settlement!

In the tooltip (to come) for each skill, add info on what trainer can teach it.

Goblin Squad Member

"Hold the line! I'm going to put up a Wall of fire to split their group, so don't charge in until... GAAH! WHY DID WE BRING THE BARBARIAN?!?"

Goblin Squad Member

good craftsmanship!

as i commented, there is an inherent self-selection in all surveys of this type, but I suspect the intro questions are there for a reason several good reasons.

(I guess you are planning to look for correlations/anti-correlations, bimodal distribution etc and not just averages/totals. I for one would be curious to see if you can group responses into 'PvE' and 'PvP' groups or if there is a full continuum. Also it could be interesting to see if there is clear correlations in the top/bottom priorities).

Goblin Squad Member

celestialiar wrote:
300 ms is lag city.

My pingtest from scandinava to US west coast gives results around 180 ms (East coast around 110ms).

If GW reduces the 300ms tick, that might easily turn the game into a "US-only" game.

Goblin Squad Member

Crazyriver wrote:

And yet another way to frame the question...
If I would like to be a substantial crafter and adventurer, will this take longer than might truly be feasible? (Given xp is solely related to time)

i'd say you can do both, but will have to narrow/specialize in both roles. You will lag behind the specialists but I currently believe (hope?) that lag will be less apparent as we reach higher levels and the power curve flattens out.

Very rough rule of thumb is that half the xp cost of lvl 20 put you somewhere around lvl 15-17, so you could think of it as "fighter16/weaponsmith16" vs "fighter20" vs "weaponsmith20"

For the adventurer, the difference between 16 and 20 is 1-2 extra keywords in play (if you have top notch gear). For the crafter, though, it may be the difference between having and not having a key t3 recipe.

Note that Refiners and Crafters can be 100% dedicated alts just sitting safely in a settlement. Expect most large guilds to have 100% dedicated crafter characters. Gatherers on the other hand actually need to stay alive in the field, so there is good synergy between adventuring and gathering.

Goblin Squad Member

Stephen Cheney wrote:

...We'll look back at it once the server economy is in full swing to see if it's still resulting in weird behavior.

I suppose this is good enough for now, seeing as you may have other stuff too on the to-do list.

After a weeks the cold start problems should be over, so the issue may more or less resolve itself.

Goblin Squad Member

what Guurzak said about cold start,
not just for adventurers, but for crafters and refiners.

The argument of 'different players should do it' is valid for justifying high xp cost to progress in each craft/trade, but not for the mismatching levels.

Goblin Squad Member

Simple question:

looking in the GW "sample crafting and refining" guide, i see a lot of seemingly basic recipes that require (IMO) disproportionally high refining ranks to make.

example1: footpad's leathers. This appears to be the "starter rogue armor" given at leatherworker rank 2 , but requires a weaver rank 7 padding. For comparison the starter fighter armor (hide and steel banded) only requires rank 3 components. Reaching weaver level 7 is a significant xp cost, and players at these levels have likely outgrown rank 2 armors...

example2: introductory trophy charm. This appears to be the "starter fighter feature item" given at jeweler rank 1, but requires smelter rank 6 silver bars.

Question: are item ranks for refining equal to the minimum skill level for making them, or can you make them at lower skill (given the recipe) just using correspondingly longer time?

Goblin Squad Member

Bluff, persuasion, sense motive and perform are already on the skill list.
Factions are on the to-do list.
Aiding (and controlling) escalations are on the wish list.

Goblin Squad Member

Giorgo wrote:


Pending Confirmation
Blacksmith, Carpenter, Stonemanson

these three skills match the bulk construction resources very well:

Blacksmith -> bulk iron ore
Carpenter -> bulk wood
Stonemason -> bulk stone

I expect the 3 skills are for constructing buildings (settlements/PoI). So far unknown how they interface with Architect (and siege engineer...)

Goblin Squad Member

Quintalmot wrote:
Hmm, you have not seen reform of US export regulations perchance, have you? Reformed yes, simple, uh. ...

Did you make your Will save, or did you take the full Wis damage?

Goblin Squad Member

Andius the Afflicted wrote:

The distinction is important because it's debatable whether or not chaos is a bad thing. Some settlements (such as Aragon) would say it's a good thing. Where corruption is always a bad thing even for chaotic settlements. It generates only negative effects.

I don't like the term 'Chaos' here. 'Freedom' and 'Deregulation' have good sides, but 'Chaos' is almost by definition negative - Webster synonyms include Mess and Havoc.

In the same way, 'Lawful' is too positive. Less rosy alternatives are: Bureaucratic, legalistic and conforming. (And netural good is obviously the best alignment).

Chaotic settlements should be allowed to rename the 'Law-Chaos' axis to 'Bureaucracy-Freedom' in forum discussions.


to the topic: economic warfare is good, but trying to evade consequences is ...bad sportsmanship. Shame on the ninja locust! Shame I say!

Goblin Squad Member

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KarlBob wrote:
What do robot cows like? Electronic hay?


that i lurked for a long time before posting

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