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Samaritha Beldusk

The Terrible Zodin's page

193 posts. Alias of Frank Ward.


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I, too, have been using his sheets for a long time. Speaking of a long time . . .

This thread is from 2009 and Neceros' last post was in 2011.

Sherman and Mr. Peabody.

The brains are still alive. In fact, they are the only part that is still alive.

This is similar to have your hand chopped off. You live, but the hand soon becomes dead meat.

The other issues are really DM calls. I personally would do yes to the chuul and no to the mi-go for campaign reasons only.

I played with the rule in Rise of the Runelords. We had a wizard with maximized fireball and it was an important part of our strategy for dealing with those giants. It was rare, but it helped a lot when a giant just upped and died. It never got a PC in that one though.

As an aside, it was a maze spell that took out my PC in the surprise round of the final battle.

The second time I went through RotR we used it again. I created a cohort (through leadership)because we needed a party healer. In the very first battle, she died from a failed massive damage save. (In the surprise round, too boot.)

Aside from that it didn't affect things one way or the other.

Until the final battle with Karzog. The barbarian won init, crit on a charge and Karzoug rolled a 1.

Massive letdown. We then decided to stop using the rule.

In all cases we used the 50 pts of damage version.

In the future I would suggest:

A) Big Bads are immune to it. B) mumbo jumbo up a reason that raise dead doesn't need a 5000 gp diamond to fix that death.

Everybody can hold their breath for rnds = 2*Con score (-1 rnd for every standard or full round action).

So take a breath, go underwater and stay there. 2-3 minutes later take another breath. Eventually the bats will kill you or go away. Or you will find a third solution.

One point of note: things are done by rounds in pathfinder. This means that for a particular round you are either underwater completely or you are not. So you will have to suck up damage those rounds that you breathe.

EvilPaladin wrote:
Super Sayin'[Rogue/Bard]:A class focused on spreading rumors and manipulating people subtly with words. "It would be a good idea to do X, just sayin'".

Does it get Speak Attack?

I am intrigued by this idea and want to see it more fleshed out.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Off the top of my head, it looks like your substitutions would work. It would be a definite flavor difference.

Regarding why earth = acid:

To make acid you need certain chemicals. Hydrochloric acid requires chorine (from salt). Salt comes from the ground, sulfer comes from the ground, nitrates and nitrites come from the ground. And so on.

Assuming that the normal CR calculations apply:

format line

format line

format line

(hopefully past the avatar picture)

Group Size APL
2 -1
4 0
6 +1
8 +2
12 +3
16 +4
24 +5
32 +6

Of course, milelage may vary according to build, tactics, terrain and GM bribes. Also, this pattern does break down (as noted in the APL calculation section of the books) due to action economy, so caveat emptor.

Simultaneously too many and not enough.

Here's how I do it:

when rolling 2d10 [or d(1-10 twice)] I think of it as the last 2 digits of a number

so I get

when rolling %dice [ or d(1-10) and d(00-90)] I mentally add the values

so I get


What I have found interesting is that ten sided dice *never* have a 10 on them.

Mage armor provides an armor bonus. Shield provides a shield bonus. Because they are different bonuses (and cleverly named) they do stack.

Mage armor also lasts 1 hour/level. So you should have cast it before the encounter started.

I'll let others decide if it is worth it.

Faction missions!

If a PC belongs to some organization, give them some minor sidequest to further the goals of the organization.

Or items (like famous but rare books) to be on the lookout for.

Or even strange requests like "Sometime in the next few months (adventures) bring us the wedding ring of a left handed man."

Things I've been looking for:

Enviroment templates to make combats more interesting.

Death Curses for those unfortunate NPCs the PCs didn't actually need to kill.

A simple (1 or 2 page) weather system. Most of these that I have seen require rolling handfuls of dice to determine the exact temperature or inches of rain when all I really need to know is hot and drizzle.

Immediate danger is pretty much danger that is comming for you regardless of your actions. In the examples above, you can avoid the danger of falling by not doing the action "I'm not going on that rope."

An archer is, presumeably if able, going to shoot arrows at you even if you don't make the check.

Also, taking 10 is a way to reward people who put resources into that skill, as opposed to that other skill. They will succeed (and make it look easy) because they have actually studied that skill.

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Mechalibur wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:

and the class's capstone is fairly bland as well (the eternal youth grand discovery isn't very impressive), but overall I think that this is a great option for an alchemist who wants to be a sometimes-healer for his party.

Since when is discovering the secret for eternal life not impressive?

It takes forever to beta test.

Try this:

keep thier sheet (or a copy). Tell them your problem and that your solution is to do the level up for them. Email the changes and additions (don't change anything previous, just do a level up). Get thier OK or thier revisions. If this process isn't done by the end of the first week, then they play thier unleveled character.

Keep doing it this way until they do it themselves.

For a lot of people, leveling up is a chore they would rather not do. (That's why it doesn't get done until push comes to shove.) This way all they have to do is say Yes to your hp and skill point additions and Maybe to your feat additions (or that's not what I had in mind).

Odds are, though, you're just stuck. Some people just won't do homework.

Zhayne wrote:

A few big ones ...

All classes (except INT-focused ones like Wizard, Magus, Psion) get at least 4 skill points per level.

I've noticed this a lot. Is there a reason that wizards et al, shouldn't benefit from those 2 extra skill points?

It's a bit like saying that you won't enforce encumberance rules for classes except barbarians, fighters etc. Or that eve ryone gets lightning reflexes for free except classes with evaision.

Is there a reason that classes who benefit naturally from high Int shouldn't actaully know more skills when classes that don't do?

My aplogies if this comes across as agressive. I am genuinally curious.

All of these reports on breakages has me thinking twice about buying any of the booster packs.

The Summoner class has a restriction when using its SLA to summon. This is the only restriction that multiple summoning has.

When using spells everybody has the option of spamming as they see fit.*

*Disclaimer: the use of spam is meant in a non-judgemental way

There are elf gates that can connect planets. There is no reason why ancient Thassilon or Azlant couldn't have had them. There is a PFS module "King Xeros of Azlant" that includes exploration of an astral ship.

So while Paizo may not have plans to do "space" stuff. They have given you the starting mechnaics to do it yourself.

In my own games I have



Laura (the youngest of the bunch only 200 years old)

Nightmare of Flame (with a teleporting demon possessed dagger as his phylactry)

You can also let individual players decide for themselves.

I myself prefer average per level, but I once ran a campaign for a group that prefered to roll.

Compared to PFS I didn;t see much of a difference. Tactics, party build, and class builds made a bigger difference.

So I just tell people: max at first level, then every level choose roll and keep or half die plus one.

Each weapon hit. Two handed weapons have a special rule where you add an extra half of your str bonus.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

There is a third party suppliment (open design) that focusses on summoner feats. It's called The Summoners Circle; collected into the Complete Advanced Feats.

It has things like Vampiric Summons (drain your summons for healing)
Balaced Caster - no concentration check needed while mounted
Improved Shield Ally - more AC!
Shifting Wall - move your wall spells
Clockwork summons - use that instead of celestial

and more.

If you want to use the real world, it's because of testosterone levels. Or they lack the gene.

Otherwise you don't need a reason, they are a different race and have different things (like pointy ears).

Side question - what other races have beards. I'm not sure, but I don't think I have ever seen an illustration of halflings, gnomes, or orcs with beards. Although catfolk do have whiskers.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

In the end, illusions are only as powerful as the DM thinks they are.

You would be better off creating by creating some sort of fog.

It'll work even better if you shout "Now deal with the Terrible Blue Fog of Damolocles!". Your allies will know you mean illusion and your enemies won't know what to expect except for something blue and foggy.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

For mythic goals, with a bunch of gods gone, the PCs can go about creating/helping a new god.

Or if you prefer, perhaps some domains are up for grabs and a paticular diety wants one of them.

As an aside to the mechanical side:

If you want to give the classes an ancient feel utilize the 10 classes from the Advanced Class Guide playtest.

Eventually these "hybrid" classess will split into the ones we know today.

Under Investigator, p20, Inspirational Expertise (Ex)

"An investigator successfully uses a Knowlege check to identify a monster's special powers or vulnerbilities he can expend one use of inspiration pool as swift action to grant allies that can hear him and are within 30 feet of him +4 insight bonus on attack rolls against that monster or type of monster for 1 round."

"WHEN an investigator succssfully identifies a monster's special powers or vulnerbilities using a Knowledge check he can expend one use of HIS inspiration pool as A swift action to grant allies within 30 feet, who can hear him, A +4 insight bonus on attack rolls against that monster or type of monster for 1 round."

I added some words (in caps)and reworded to be more active voice.

Under Swashbuckler, p42, Cheat Death (Ex) ability

"...whenever the swashbuckler is reduces to 0 or fewer hit points ..."

should be

"...whenever the swashbuckler is REDUCED to 0 or fewer hit points ..."

Under Arcanist, page 4, first column, last paragraph

"(The only except is that she ...."

except should be exception


First, determine the distance they would spot a normal sized enemey. Now double that distance for large, triple it for huge, etc.

When they first spot it say "It's a large ship with two masts." You have have x rounds to prepare.

After x rounds tell them "It's actually much bigger than you thought, now you think its x rounds away.

People have a tendency to assume that things are "normal" until proven otherwise. So a faraway ship will be assumed to be human sized until other details make themselves known.***

*** as an aside, I think that sentence is the future-perfect-present tense. Which is a lot less awkward than I thought it would be.

Shadows of Evil's Past

I had an idea and was wondering what people thought of it.

First everybody gains 1 feat at every level. (plus bonus feats for classes that get them).

However, spellcasters must buy thier next spell level with a feat.

For example, consider the cleric.

the feats would be;

Cleric Spells I (prerequiste cleric level 1) - grants access to first level cleric spells.

Cleric Spells II (prerequiste cleric level 3, Cleric Spells I) - grants access to 2nd level cleric spells.

As you can see, you can't skip spell levels you have to take them in order.

I thought of this because A) learning spells is supposed to be hard and B) to address the LFQW issue a bit.

1 person marked this as a favorite.


My first thought was 'great, another boring elemental "system"'. But, upon reveiwing your quick play I see that you've tied the elements to races which ties to base spellcasting in a way that makes race matter.

Scott Sharplin wrote:

These are all great ideas! Since Zodin asked "why time travel," I'll try to answer it from Allu's perspective.

I've seen provisions for chrono bonuses in combat, but I'm personally curious about extending a bonus throughout an entire combat encounter. The principle here is that a PC would fight a battle, then travel back afterwards to alter the outcome to her (or an ally's) favor. That shouldn't mean running the encounter twice (because boring), but finding a way to preemptively alter the encounter to account for the time traveler's influence. Any thoughts?

QUICK half formed idea before I go to work, use 13th ages escalation die. during combat, whenever something that the PCs (or bad guys) don't like, they can spend their chrono resource and undo the event. don't replay, its just undone. then add +1 to the escalation die.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

First, answer the question: Why do we want time travel?

For instance, in Doctor Who - a show which features a time machine every episode - very little time travel shenanigans are done. Time Travel is just a way of saying 'this week the setting is this'.

In Star Trek episodes are often about exploring the questions that often pop up in time travel. What if we get stuck in a time loop? what if we accidently change history and make it right? did it really happen that way at all? what if we destroy some required element of my/our present existence?

In the RPG Feng Shui time travel can occure between 4 zones and changing history (indeed physics) in that zone is a way of keeping score for the various factions.

Can you have the predestination paradox? this is where A cannot exist without B, which cannot exist without A . . .

Do you want PCs trying that?

Do you want PCs redoing the dungeon/adventure? How about NPCs?

Is the big bad really dead if he can plan contingencies to go back in time and do it all over. You could make it a feat.

I really look forward to seeing more on this.


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Nathanael Love wrote:

Also-- I pointed out the exact page and section where it clearly says that your manifester level is all classes that can manifest powers added together. I knew it was in there, it just took me a while to find. So again, page 66 in the description of overchannel it very clearly says exactly what my original assertion was.

You should also check manifester level in the glossory. It specifically states that they do not stack.

I really like the idea in general.

I, too, worry about the deflection bonus. Eidolons really can get high ACs already. More thematically, I think using the higher of the summoner's or the eidolon's might work better. Or a 20% miss chance as one provides interference for the other.

Either drop the semi-incorporeal nature or embrace it fully. As is it makes no sense even in a magic fueled fantasy game. It should either be there or not.

As for trading out spells . . . what you offer doesn't even begin to make up for loss of spells like haste, black tentacles, and others. Not even if you offered all of them.

As a final note: consider offering the summoner something. Without the eidolon he currently has neither SLAs nor spells. Even the rogue will look down and pity him.


Ice tomb is a major hex, and reading the major hexes in the APG I see that a lot of them are 60'. So I would make it 60'.

Regarding the rest, I am going to ignore the fluff and just look at the mechanics.

It does 3d8 damage (fort half). If you fail your save you are also paralyzed.

Ok, hold person paralyzes for 1 round per level and is a 2nd level spell. Searing light does 2,3,4, or 5d8 (at 10th level and is a 3rd level spell.

Combining these two gives us this major hex first available at 10th level (a level after 5th level spells are gained).

A fifth level spell that did just what hold person and Searing light do seems kind of weak.

This is where the fluff comes in. The paralyze part doesn't have a duration, so it becomes however long the ice lasts. To keep it from becoming a death sentence the bit about not eating or breathing was added. I would also add not needing to drink. It seems nonsensical to keep someone alive without breathing and then ignore drinking.

The hit points of the ice determines how long the effect actually lasts. Below freezing? forever! Above freezing? it depends. Rules on this don't exist. You could whip out some calculus to figure out something 'realistic'.

Try this.

Above freezing ice melts at 1 hp per hour. For every 10 degrees above freezing add 1 hp cumulative per hour.

So this gives for ice tomb.

32-40 ---- 20/1 = 20 hours
41-50 ---- 20/3 = 6.7 hours
51-60 ---- 20/6 = 3 hours
61-70 ---- 20/10 = 2 hours
71-80 ---- 20/15 = 1.5 hours
81-90 ---- 20/21 = .9 hours
91-100 ---- 20/28 = .7 hours
101-110 ---- 20/35 = .57 hours
111-120 ---- 20/43 = .46 hours

this works for me. :)

gaseous form is excellent for getting out of black tentacles

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Death has no name. That is why she takes ours.

What HaraldKlak said is true.

However, in general, in may always voluntarily fail a save. This is why some spells, like the cure wounds serious or the animal buffs, have SAVE: (harmless).

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The way I see it, this is your free time.

Your valuable free time.

And you get to spend it as you see fit.

In my group I sometimes have players falling asleep, or checking email, or playing some sort of online game.

I don't have a problem with any of these.

When I need them to respond, they do so and otherwise know what's going on.

I would rather they be full on engaged with the wonderful, wonderful world that I have developed (because that's how I spend my free time)but as long as they meet the minimums of involvement they are free to spend their free time as they see fit.

It works.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

That Inner Sea Gods book is going to need a lot more pages.

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