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Samaritha Beldusk

The Terrible Zodin's page

230 posts. Alias of Frank Ward.


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I played a skeleton summoner (the summoner class) for 11 levels in PFS. Skeletons were my go to summons for SM I, II, and III. After that I dropped the skellies in favor of the lantern archons.

Is the problem not DCs? If not, then why is it mentioned in so many of the posts above mine? If not, explain in detail what your issue is without using the word DC.

Trade it out for the conjuration abilities of the wizard specialist. Make it only work if the eidolon is Mia.

You could avoid the whole DC issues if hyperpoisons just forced 2 saves and take the worse.

Oh my, it annoys me.

Why would any intelligent race call themselves some-animal-folk?

It would be like us humans calling ourselves ape-folk.

Anthropoids, or anthropoids (not arthropods!)


Based on your sample summoner I like this very much. May I have an access code?

Our PFS lodge runs modules this way every now and then. Lots of mods will work for this. So just choose one at the level range you like. My first choice would be Feast of Ravenmoor. Note that the Harrowing did takes about 16 to 18 hours to do. Very cool module, but it has a lot of encounters.

Hargelbargel wrote:

I was wondering if someone had complied a list of Pathfinder feats by grouping (or category or stacking). For example, all feats that affect charge in one group, or all feats that alter movement in another.

I tried searches, but to no avial (perhaps wrong choice of key words). As a GM I need to make a lot of NPCs and also help new players make their characters. Pouring over the feat tables each time is fine a few times, but after awhile it becomes quite the chore.

Yes! -of

2nd try at cut and paste

Stupid tablet. The thread is in general discussion.

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For reference the Vietemese name Nguyn sounds very much like "wind".

I have noticed that on the Alchemist spell list, Adhesive Blood and Adhesive Spittle have been swapped on the lists. Should be level 1 and level 2 respectively.

For defiling I like to keep it simple.

Defiling is normal spellcasting.

If you wish to preserve then you must take a move action immediately before spellcasting to do so. No check is needed, but the spellcasting must be done immediately after the preserve move action or the effect is lost.

If defiling, the amount of land defiled is a number of squares (25 square feet) per spell level. Use the final spell level if including meta magic or other modifiers.

For other stuff, I was riffing some ideas about the bard class. In AD&D they were poisoners instead of spellcasters.

My idea is to let them keep the spells known and spells cast tables. They can use these as normal for bardic masterpieces. Also they can use the slots known as poisons known, and the spells per day as poisons per day. You would have to assign levels to the existing poison types. Also you would have to decide if you wanted use the existing poison DCs or use the 10+level+Cha modifier formula.




Avatar-1 wrote:
Even with those restrictions, you'd likely find every second player would take the feat.

Living Arcanis allowed the feat. In the 4 or 5 years it was available to PCs I only saw 2 people take it.

LA also had the advantage that if your PC died, you could continue playing the cohort as a full PC at whatever level the cohort was.

Still,only saw it twice.


Nils Janson wrote:

And what happens if there are 5 Players and all have Leadership? Does that mean a table with 5 PCs and 5 cohorts? Or is only player allowed to use its cohort? And how does it get decided which player?


Good question. My off the cuff answer is that you allow up to the table maximum. If that puts the table over six then none of the cohorts get to go. Instead, they all go as a group to get coffee for the venture captain.


Starglim wrote:
It wouldn't scale to higher levels (unless it did: when your character reaches 7th level you may use the 4th level version of the follower, at 12th level advance it to 7th level).

That was my thinking. Basically, you may use the highest level pregen that your leadership score allows for.


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First, I know the feat is banned. And why it is banned.

But nonetheless, this popped into my head.

What if the Leadership feat only allowed you to choose from the list of pregens?

With some restictions:
* you may only bring your follower along if the table isn't full
* it must be the same follower for every adventure that PC goes on unless
* if the follower dies, you must choose a different class
* the follower does not gain its own chronicle sheet, xp, gold, items or anything else the PC gets.

So, what is the reasoned discussion on this? (Besides PFS doesn't allow Leadership.)

Back in 1e I had a friend who would cast light on a pebble and place it inside a scroll tube with a flip top lid. He thought it was the coolest hack ever and insisted that every one of his characters was smart enough to think of it.

I thought it was an ok thing. It didn't break anything. The worst part was my friends smugness over the whole thing.

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I like this idea but, ultimately, it would be better for supposed adults to control themselves better on a board that doesn't allow swearing.

I haven't played PFS in a while. What is this Core business?

Edit: Nevermind, I found the appropriate forum threads under Society play.

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uhh guys, that stat array corresponds to a 44 point buy. It's a fantastic set of stats.

For the record. APs are designed with 15 pt buy.

The problem is he wants to melee and feels that he can't.

Allow him to swap two of his stats and maybe change class.

Try a summoner?

My last impression is one of disappointment. Overall I love the flavor of the occult classes. But their execution had problems I couldn't overcome.

Kineticist - didn't read as the list of powers bored me. I'll call that one bad on me.

Medium - I liked the pact binder from Radience House. Compared to that the Paizo medium is clunky at best. Some of the writing is wordy at best and confusing at worst. The occult flavor is really good, as is combining with the Harrow deck. Unfortunately, because of how powers are gained and interact with one another, you have to read and comprehend the entire thing. I did that and my opinion is that this class is designed to not do well at a lot of things. For instance, the séance ability is flavorful and brings the spirit to the attention of the whole party. But a small bonus to a situational maneuver or skill is kind of blah.

Mesmerist - strikes me as a bard archtype, but I didn't read it fully. I did note that the spell list had a bunch of spells from books I don't own. So that was another turn off.

Occultist - Again this has a lot of flavor and seems the most original of the classes. This is the class that gives me the most inspiration to actually play. But again I see complicated (and uninspired) mechanics for moderate gain. I'd rather play a bard.

Spiritualist - This really comes across as an archetype for the Summoner. I love playing a summoner for the summon monster SLA (and I hate the eidolon for getting in the way of that). Seeing a class that does the exact opposite just made me sad. I moved on.

Psychic - I found this to be the most disappointing. Again its an archetype for another class. This is the only place where I see actual psychic spells previewed and most come across as much weaker than a corresponding spell of the same level. When I had a chance to create a 4th level character for a Dragon's Demand game, I spent a lot of time reading and thinking about this class. Bottom line, I just couldn't do it and went with a sorcerer instead.

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As part of the casting of Infernal Healing you must collect a small sample of blood from the recipient. A drop on a piece of paper is fine. (If the recipient has no bloody wounds, then you must cut them.) Later, that bloody item will disappear from your possessions (no action required on your part). The act of casting Infernal Healing is agreeing to the terms of this contract.

What happens to the blood? I don't know, but it can't be good. Both healer and healee are now part of the greater plan of Evil.

As an aside, what happens when a friend lets you do illegal downloads on his computer. Usually nothing, but if the RIAA comes after you it becomes a world of hurt.

It's up to the GM if something happens, but I'm sure everyone has heard the stories of some guy that got healed and then years later was torn apart by invisible demons on the street...

Owen KC Stephens wrote:

Portal Magic
More Microsettings (like Guns of Tarnation and Pierce the Veil)
Time Themed adventure and/or setting
Alternate magic item crafting
The Genius Guide For Designing Feats, Story Feats, & Traits
Genius Guide to BBEG

I have decided to second the motion for the above items.

I would also like to see (but with a better title "The Genius Guide to Organizing those hundreds of feats and hundreds of spells into lists that can be used to separate elf magic from dwarf magic etc. Because I like my races to have different magical backgrounds and traditions."

I would like a copy of the Talented Fighter.

I just noticed that the sorcerer has the wizards spells per day table.

I see your point. Both of those things would be really nice. As would having all ten knowledge skills listed.

Imbicatus wrote:
Just use the 3e books. 3e to pathfinder is MUCH easier than 4e to pathfinder.

You may have missed the point. He wants to use the Neverwinter stuff which is only fourth.

Try this, find the Neverwinter creature you care about and note CR. Find a similar creature with the same CR that has a third edition counterpart.

In the third edition critter replace the relevant bits with the Neverwinter creature stats.

Post your conversion for others.

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bump, because sharing is careing

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Today is your lucky day!

put up just a few days ago

claudekennilol wrote:
Is there a way to edit the source (is there source somewhere?) for the neceros 1.0.8 fillable pdf? It's by far the best character sheet I've used, but there are a few details I'd like to improve. Is this at all possible?

I'm sure it is possible. I've been wanting to move some sections around for years. (Why is initive near the bottom of the sheet?)

Sadly, even if I had the full adobe program I wouldn't know how to go about it.

There is an alphabetization issue.

Should be

Summon Evil Monster
Summon Good Monster
Summon Neutral Monster

Summoner's Call

Also, Summon Good Monster doesn't have the list of monsters while Summon Nuetral Monster does.

Summon Nuetral Monster lacks information on the Counterpoised template that can be applied. (or a page number).

Summon Evil Monster from Champions of Corruption is missing from the Feat book.

This is great. I can see that you've done a lot of work on these documents.

I especially like how, on the tables, you grouped the feats by type and subtype. This will be fantastic when creating PCs and NPCs with a theme. That list alone is worth its weight in gold.


nosig wrote:
The Terrible Zodin wrote:


Also, anecdotally, in my local area, the GM pool is at most 10% of the player pool.

How is this possible?

I mean, one in seven people has to be a judge right? Unless you turn 2 players away for each table, and a always have 7 player tables...

Percentage should be something greater than 15% right?

Ok, you're right.

By our last warhorn signup there were 10 individual player signups and 2 individual GM signups. But we also have players who show up in the morning and leave in the afternoon or vice versa.

But my main point is (again anecdotally) is that if every GM farmed every boon it would still be only a fraction of the available characters. Many of which you wouldn't see because the GMs are too busy running the game.


I would like to point out that player replay and GM reruns are two *totally* different things.

As for boon harvesting: Are there so many GMs that in the worst case scenario you would end up with "lots and lots" of characters with the same boon?

In my experience there simply aren't that many boons worth having. There are a few (and I do mean few) that are nice, but I wouldn't want an axebeak for every character.

Also, anecdotally, in my local area, the GM pool is at most 10% of the player pool.

So it seems that the most useful thing that they do is keep tabs on each other. And occasionally save the planet from the Aboleths.

I think the only reason that *they* had to stop Earthfall was because adventure paths hadn't been invented yet. :)

The one thing I noticed is that they save the world (and everything else) from Rovagug. But then again, that served their own interests as well.

Other than spell granting, they don't seem to do much.

I, too, have been using his sheets for a long time. Speaking of a long time . . .

This thread is from 2009 and Neceros' last post was in 2011.

Sherman and Mr. Peabody.

The brains are still alive. In fact, they are the only part that is still alive.

This is similar to have your hand chopped off. You live, but the hand soon becomes dead meat.

The other issues are really DM calls. I personally would do yes to the chuul and no to the mi-go for campaign reasons only.

I played with the rule in Rise of the Runelords. We had a wizard with maximized fireball and it was an important part of our strategy for dealing with those giants. It was rare, but it helped a lot when a giant just upped and died. It never got a PC in that one though.

As an aside, it was a maze spell that took out my PC in the surprise round of the final battle.

The second time I went through RotR we used it again. I created a cohort (through leadership)because we needed a party healer. In the very first battle, she died from a failed massive damage save. (In the surprise round, too boot.)

Aside from that it didn't affect things one way or the other.

Until the final battle with Karzog. The barbarian won init, crit on a charge and Karzoug rolled a 1.

Massive letdown. We then decided to stop using the rule.

In all cases we used the 50 pts of damage version.

In the future I would suggest:

A) Big Bads are immune to it. B) mumbo jumbo up a reason that raise dead doesn't need a 5000 gp diamond to fix that death.

Everybody can hold their breath for rnds = 2*Con score (-1 rnd for every standard or full round action).

So take a breath, go underwater and stay there. 2-3 minutes later take another breath. Eventually the bats will kill you or go away. Or you will find a third solution.

One point of note: things are done by rounds in pathfinder. This means that for a particular round you are either underwater completely or you are not. So you will have to suck up damage those rounds that you breathe.

EvilPaladin wrote:
Super Sayin'[Rogue/Bard]:A class focused on spreading rumors and manipulating people subtly with words. "It would be a good idea to do X, just sayin'".

Does it get Speak Attack?

I am intrigued by this idea and want to see it more fleshed out.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Off the top of my head, it looks like your substitutions would work. It would be a definite flavor difference.

Regarding why earth = acid:

To make acid you need certain chemicals. Hydrochloric acid requires chorine (from salt). Salt comes from the ground, sulfer comes from the ground, nitrates and nitrites come from the ground. And so on.

Assuming that the normal CR calculations apply:

format line

format line

format line

(hopefully past the avatar picture)

Group Size APL
2 -1
4 0
6 +1
8 +2
12 +3
16 +4
24 +5
32 +6

Of course, milelage may vary according to build, tactics, terrain and GM bribes. Also, this pattern does break down (as noted in the APL calculation section of the books) due to action economy, so caveat emptor.

Simultaneously too many and not enough.

Here's how I do it:

when rolling 2d10 [or d(1-10 twice)] I think of it as the last 2 digits of a number

so I get

when rolling %dice [ or d(1-10) and d(00-90)] I mentally add the values

so I get


What I have found interesting is that ten sided dice *never* have a 10 on them.

Mage armor provides an armor bonus. Shield provides a shield bonus. Because they are different bonuses (and cleverly named) they do stack.

Mage armor also lasts 1 hour/level. So you should have cast it before the encounter started.

I'll let others decide if it is worth it.

Faction missions!

If a PC belongs to some organization, give them some minor sidequest to further the goals of the organization.

Or items (like famous but rare books) to be on the lookout for.

Or even strange requests like "Sometime in the next few months (adventures) bring us the wedding ring of a left handed man."

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