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SwnyNerdgasm's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 658 posts (833 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 6 aliases.


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Well my time as a DM is almost up with my group, which means that soon I get to play again!! And one class that caught my eye in the ACG was the brawler, anyone have any suggestions on a good build? Or how viable the assorted archetypes are? Assume core races and 20 point buy.

Any idea on when this will be released?

Don't know if this helps, but technically, a longbow is pretty much held in your off hand anyway. I mean I'm right handed, but when I shoot the only reason the bow isn't in my right hand is it's a bit easier to pull back the weight with my right hand. Now for your question, do you literally mean pull the string back with your off hand? Cause if so then yes, you get the penalties for using an off hand weapon, at least, that's how I'd rule it.

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I genuinely thought you were looking to make The Stig as a character.

TritonOne wrote:
I was thinking that for my Jadwiga characters, I would affect a Russian accent and speak a combination of both English and Russian words as my approximation of Common. Because they are descendants of Baba Yaga, I like to imagine that the Jadwiga are Slavs who came to Irrisen. I give Jadwiga characters and NPCs Slavic names.

Yeah, her name will be Russian, I was just looking for a good language thet she and her parents most likely spoke around the home, I decided to go with Skald

Exactly how many times am I allowed to vote for changelings? I've house ruled a few things, but I just can't get enough of those heterchromatic little broads...

So if you need any help with the changelings, feel free to contact me

Kind of been awhile since the movie, and haven't seen it sober yet, but I would say Chaotic Good.

Tvarog wrote:
SwnyNerdgasm wrote:
Pointy-eared arrogant elven bastards?

I see someone else has played through Second Darkness.

+1 to you (and this most accurate epithet), sir.

Actually no, I've just hated elves since reading the complete guide to elves back in the days of 2E.

Anyone have an idea on what languages would be spoken among the Jadwiga of Irrisen? I plan on playing a brawler who's parents are exiled Jadwiga and was just wondering.

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Pointy-eared arrogant elven bastards?

Thank you for the replies everyone, but the spot has been filled

I would most likely say that it's Wrath of the Righteous, though as I'm in the middle of running it, I personally, would have a few issues calling it a high quality AP. I believe it would have been better without the mythic ruleset, but that is a conversation for another time.

I have been running a group of 3 players through WotR and they have gotten to the end of book 3. The thing is after losing a few players through the course of the campaign, we'd like to add a new player or two for when we resume gaming in the new year. If anyone is interested just leave me a private message or reply here and I will get back to you.

I love it

James Jacobs wrote:
Suma3da wrote:
The problem with doing a new race chart is the sheer number of races outside of the Core 7 races. Excluding subtypes and racial variants, my last count for all the races was up to 41+. Think of how many pages the foldout would have to be to have them all lined up together with a decent amount of detail.


It'd be far LESS expensive to take the various body shots we've done of all those races and resize them on a file in front of a police lineup type thing, though... but kinda tough to figure out where and why we'd do this. It'd be a not-insignificant usage of art staff resources. Which makes it a great choice for a fan project, since heights for all those races are out there...

Like the poster of Usual Suspects starring all the new iconics?

I Understand that but Demon's Heresy pretty much explicitly states that that player is the child of a god, im just looking for an alternative to that. I was going to say change to the the herald of the god appearing and promising the character the job of running basically becoming the pope of the church but it doesn't to me at least have the same oomph as being revealed as the god's offspring.

Edit: forgive any typos as I'm posting from a phone.

So I'm going to be starting Wrath in about a week and a half, but I've run into a slight snafu, nothing to major just looking to avoid retreading some things that happened in our last campaign. Here's the story, in our last AP (not run by me) one of the characters was revealed as the child of a god, now the problem is this player is the one in the group who chose the "Touched by Divinity" for wrath, so fellow board users here's my question, what can I change the trait's backstory to to avoid having the same player wind up with the same exact reveal two campaigns in a row.

What about the Black Butterfly?

I'm just starting a campaign up and am allowing changelings as races, thats why I made up those two traits, I never made a Night Hag trait because as outsiders i just pictured them as creating tieflings instead of changelings. But hey maybe in a few hours I'll try making a night hag version and I'll look up the Storm Hag.

Fire in the Blood (Blood Hag): The changeling gains fire resistance 5
Hyperboreal Witchcraft (Winter Hag): When the changeling casts a spell with the cold descriptor, the save DC of the spell increases by +1.

What about the bodaks? Looks like a zombie, acts like a zombie, reproduces like a zombie but in no way is it a zombie

Seth Parsons wrote:

Aasimar Cleric of Sarenrae with the Domains Glory (Heroism) and Good (Archon).


I'm pretty sure Iomedae is known as The Inheritor not Sarenrae

Going to have to dot the hell out of this till I get some free time

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S'mon wrote:

If gods don't have stats, how did Saranrae fight Rovagug? :p

Is Iomedae a Demigoddess? Does she have stats?

Cause it's a good story

Only rules I make on the regard of race is when I start running a new campaign I always allow core +3 and those 3 races I'll include in the filesi send to my players

Umbranus wrote:
ingenuus wrote:
Good to know. Esp the Souleater info...although the title gives a good sense of how evil they would be, its good to have that added context, so thanks Mikaze!

+1 to that.

** spoiler omitted **

On your off-topic spoiler, can we really call anyone besides the Tau the Good Guys in that setting? Even then, calling them good might be a stretch

default wrote:

Superman I was thinking Sorcerer with FANTASTIC ability scores, though I was imagining him as 6th.

It gives him access to
-Scorching Ray
-Haste/Expeditious Retreat
-Protection from arrows/energy

But all those abilities come from his race, so in order to do superman correctly you'd need to create a Kryptonian race

shadowlodgemember wrote:
His rationalization is "the ARG says I can make my own race".

Technically you don't have to allow anything not in the Core Rulebook.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Holy s~~+.

I'll say it again... Holy S~#+

So far it's only one book in but I'm instantly a fan of anything that uses my hometown add the setting

I think when I get home I'll post the group of X-Men I was going to throw at my Wrath of the Righteous group before I killed the idea, if I remember I had Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Gambit started

Iron Man is a synthesis summoner

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Set wrote:
or Set

Are you telling us you feel you should rule in hell?

Yes the target would still get the save

Just play an Inquisitor

David Eitelbach wrote:
Robert E. Howard wrote some great jungle-based fiction for his Conan stories. "Iron Shadows in the Moon," "The Pool of the Black One," "Queen of the Black Coast," "Jewels of Gwahlur," and "Beyond the Black River" are all excellent stories, although the theme of "the characters stumble upon the domain of powerful, primitive creatures from a lost age" can get a little repetitive.

You can also check out his Solomon Kane stories that take place in "Darkest Africa" or try some Alan Quartermain stuff. Also IIRC wasn't Conrad's Heart of Darkness set in Africa?

I've always wanted to throwa continent based on Dinotopia into my homebrew setting, I just never say down and did it

Dotting this because I feel that after a ten year plus hiatus from serious dming I'll be running a mythic campaign in about a month

Please cancel all my subscriptions

Well I know that, but my players have been pretty good about avoiding spoilers in almost every AP we've run

I've decided to just make it simple and rule it as Terrain: Worldwound

I have a ranger in an upcoming Wrath campaign and he asked me what types of terrain are common in the Worldwound. Anyone know?

williamoak wrote:
I will recommend hobgoblins. I dont know how often they are used in golarion APs, but the fluff paints them as exceedingly militaristic, they have excellent stats, and no reason to be dum. The could act as a god "mongol horde" type of thing.

That's what I went with in my homebrew setting, the Hobgoblins are a combination of Mongol Horde, Feudal Japanese Nazis

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Being the unabashed Ravenloft fan that I am, I'd want a return to Ustlav and let us deal with the Whispering Tyrant

Thank you

Of course it should be nerfed barbarians aren't casters.

I have received an e-mail telling me about the next shipment in my Adventure Path subscription, but I have yet to receive this order in the mail.


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I have a tendency to blast One Shot at Glory by Judas Priest during boss battles

I am aware of the of the weather I just read the e-mail wrong and assumed it shipped on the 13th. I thank you for your prompt answer

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