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Boddynuck wrote:
"Told you I am bloody useless :-("

Boddy, those dice rolls were bloody useless. You, however, are an integral part of this team. Don't ever think otherwise...

Okay... Well I've always been the kind of DM that says all promises guaranteed to fail or your money back... Plus, I just checked, the Community Pack for Hero Lab for 5e actually has all the mechanics for the Celestial and Hexblade Warlock. Don't hold me to this, but it's possible, I'd let you use those when the time comes, if you so choose. Two things though. Hexblade and Celestial are separate Patrons. As far as I know you can't take a level in Warlock with a separate patron. Meaning once you've chosen a patron, every level you take in the warlock class after that is just adding to the abilities of the previous patron...

Second thing. I'd much prefer to keep character choices to the PHB, DMG, and MM as originally planned. I'm still not familiar enough with the basic rules to start adding in extras.

So, I guess, what I'm saying is, I'm not diametrically opposed to the idea, and when the time comes, I might not just poo-poo it, because.

I just realized that would be extremely difficult to pull off because Lindaer can detect fiends at will... Might be a narrative way to get it done, but we'd have to be working together on that...

Oh man!!! I just had a great thought that completely fits with Lindaer's background. A fiend presents itself to him in the guise of a celestial!!!! Like it sends a succubus under a disguise spell, or similar to make him, in exchange for increased power, sign a pact to obey the celestial's fiend's agenda... The narrative potential there is off the charts. That way everything in the PHB that says "dark one's" Lindaer actually deludes himself into believing is the "light one's." Could be really cool.

Edit: Forgot to say that it fits with his background because he's a reformed criminal. It's the divine mirror of his attempt to escape his dark past.

Lindaer Elyrien wrote:

Well...there is the Celestial Warlock option. And I was going to go with the Hexblade fluff changed to have the sword be given to him by Amren. So rather than being a cursed blade, it'd be a holy blade.

So yeah. A puppet of Amren. :P

Ahh, well, you see, there we have a problem, because the Celestial Warlock and the Hexblade are both from Xanathar's Guide to Everything, and I was very clear in the beginning of this game that character choices are confined to options from the PHB, DMG, and MM only. If you still want to go warlock/paladin, I think the options in the PHB could be fluffed to fit your ideas, but, as of right now, anything from XGE is off the table. Sorry.

The very idea of a paladin warlock hurts my brain. I mean paladin is supposed to be a holy champion, and a warlock is supposed to be the puppet of some nefarious abyssal (in Eafphqu the abyss is both the abyss and the hells all rolled up into one plane) entity, whimsical Archfey, or a forgotten celestial being... I can see picking Great Old One as the patron, and fluffing it as actually being chosen of Amren... The mechanics of the combo are very cool, and I have to say, the narrative hooks there are very cool as well... Hmmmm

Not sure what happened with that last link, but it was definitely wrong.

Hopefully this one is right: Eafphqu Heroes Drive Folder

I think everybody is fixed in there. Please, especially those that needed changes made, take a look and make sure everything is as it should be. Now, back to our regularly scheduled combat. :)

Oh right, Deception, I have it right in Hero Lab, just typed the wrong one in the post. :)

Gomdebo, I see where our problem is, rogues get thieves' tools proficiency automatically! You get to choose four other skills to add your proficiency bonus to. So you get one more choice of skill to be proficient with.

Currently you have: Race = Mason's Tools; Background = History and Investigation; Class = Thieves' Tools, Persuasion, Perception, Stealth, [blank]. Might I suggest Acrobatics? :) Let me know how you want to fill in that blank, and I'll get things updated.

Deception is the missing element... Okay, I'll get that fixed this afternoon and repost the HL file and PDF.

Gom, are you missing proficiency in a skill that you would like to have? The reason I ask is that I show you with proficiency in: Arcana, History, Investigation, Persuasion and Stealth. Those are either coming from Background, or Class. If you don't see a skill that you are proficient in that you wanted, I can certainly customize things. HL does allow you to add proficiencies as an adjustment. Just let me know.

All right!

Sorry for the delay here, but we had an internet outage this morning.

Google Drive Folder

I have updated both the Hero Lab portfolio and the PDF of the character sheets in my Google Drive.

Specific concerns addressed:
Gomdebo, the Sage Background gives you proficiency in the Arcana skill whether you like it or not. :)

Lindaer, Hero Lab automagically gives you the Criminal Contact Background feature, also whether you like it or not. I added a faction entry, named it Shelter of the Faithful, and included the fluff text you provided as a note attached to it. It only shows up on your sheet at the top left, right by character name/level info.

Shenkt, my HL and PDF of your sheet shows +7 for those weapons? Did the one you looked at not show that? Or are you talking about ranged bonus? If so, we can both just ignore that part of the sheet, that's a Hero Lab flaw. :) About your skills... the Outlander Background provides proficiency in Athletics and Survival, Human Race provides a choice, so I picked Stealth for you in that slot, and Barbarian class provides two more choices from a select list, so I picked Nature and Perception there. If you'd like me to rearrange or swap out some of those let me know, and we can discuss it.

Quint, I switched your age, and your tool proficiency to tinker's tools. Your AC was wrong because I had never actually given you the armor! That has since been fixed. I only gave you one dagger in HL because when you give more than one of any kind of weapon it shows a separate entry on the first page of the character sheet, which is redundant and pointless, but yes, I did make a note for myself that you have two daggers. I added the 10gp, don't know where that got lost. I also added two more "sets" of rations. Rations in HL are sold as 2lbs worth, which is essentially two days worth, as a character needs to eat one pound of food a day in order to avoid adverse effects. About the background choice, HL forces two on you, so I just deleted the one that was an "extra." Though, just by way of an FYI for everyone, page 123 of the PHB does say, "Give your character two personality traits." I don't personally care if you don't want to adhere to that, but if you can come up with another personality trait that you feel fits your character, it does provide that notation for both of us about your character's motivations.

Boddynuck, not sure why I had different spells listed for you, I've exchanged grease for sleep both in the spellbook and in your memorized slot.

I think that addresses everyone's concerns? If not let me know. Please, those that know you had issues, go back to your character on the PDF file and take another close look to make sure that everything is there. Unfortunately, I now have a pile of work to do that will preclude me from posting something in game-play until this afternoon, but as soon as I can put together the time, I will get that post up. :)

Here we go people...
Google Drive Link

Inside that folder you'll find the Battle grid, a Google Sheets file that is keeping track of in-game dates, a copy of my Hero Lab portfolio file for all characters, and a PDF file of the entire party's character sheets.

PLEASE! Do me a huge favor, and open the PDF of the character sheets, and give your character's sheet a complete scouring from tip to toes. I want to make sure that I have everything squared away as it should be. @Psalm, I added a spell to your prepared list because you had that available. I just picked what I thought would be best, but you can certainly switch that if you like.

In game post to follow.

Gomdebo Blackbuster wrote:
For the 'levelup short rest' to return to full hp do I still need to spend HD?

No!!!! You do not. Everyone will be "fully charged" after the short rest is over.

@Psalm, No, the worms are monstrosities, not beasts.

Working on updating stuff in HL, I'll let you know if I need any more info from anyone.

Just wanted to say, also, in order to update my HL files for your characters I need everyone's choices for that. Some of you that actually have choices (like spells) still haven't let me know what those are. If you're waiting for me to say, "here's what I need from you," that won't happen till this afternoon. :)

Well... I never said it was a "fight." I said encounter, and crossing a twenty foot wide, thirty foot deep chasm, is definitely an encounter that required resources and teamwork to accomplish, right?! Anyway, that's level two everyone. So, since this is the first time leveling up, I need to make everyone aware of how I do this in game. In order to gain the benefits of leveling up, characters must take, at the very least, a short rest, so that there is some narrative explanation for them suddenly having new abilities, new spells, etcetera. That's why my post included Luna calling for a short rest. Once a "level up" short rest is completed, all characters will have regained all of their abilities, the use of all their new abilities, and be at full hit points. :) This is how I do it, because leveling up is such an important part of the game, and I feel it deserves some important in-game mechanical benefits, besides just the additional HP and abilities.

Now, that said... I haven't had a chance to update my Hero Lab files with everyone's level two numbers yet. I will probably have time to do that today, but it won't be until later this afternoon. When I'm done with that, I will pop back in and post something that has a link to a Google Drive file that has everyone's PDF character sheet in it. Then we can check and make sure that my files agree with your assumptions of what your character should look like at level 2. Once I get the high sign from everyone that things are copacetic, we'll continue on. :)

See you later!

Gom, roll a Dex Save, DC 15, make it and you never actually fell...

Ummm... point of order. It's ATHLETICS (STR based check) DC 5 to heave ho across, ACROBATICS (DEX based check) is DC 20 to run across the top.

I find that ridiculously awesome, that a person who makes their living by understanding and helping to enforce the law, is playing the chaotic neutral barbarian. D&D, I love it for so many reasons. :) I bet there are times in your real life you'd like to throw an axe at somebody's head, but you don't, because morality, ethics, laws and such. ;)

Well the Paizo boards definitely want you all to have a lot of HP for level 2... I wonder if they know something I don't about what's coming...? :P

I'm pretty certain that's a math joke, but it went so far over my head as to be all but unrecognizable as such... Sorry, I've never mathed good.

Hmmm. Well if it was broken, it looks like it is fixed. That's a nice high roll, but not max...

Quint, thanks for the math lesson. You're always good for a laugh. O.o :P Also, I'm starting to think that whatever is going on behind the scenes of the website update did, actually, break the dice algorithm. That's four max rolls in a row in one day. If that's luck, then I think you may have just used it all up... We'll see when we get to the next encounter I guess... If it is broken then bad guys will be hitting a lot more often, and putting a lot more HD of you to sleep. :)

Edit: Research

Broken?: 1d20 ⇒ 18

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Listen, I know that when things aren't working right, I'm one of the first to complain, often, and loudly... :P So I wanted to jump in and say a big hearty "Thanks Paizo!" I'm sure the new website roll out has been very difficult behind the scenes, and I know there have been a few glitches, but: I really like the new layout, my speed of posting and updating has much improved, and I haven't lost a post in over a week.

So! THANKS PAIZO!!! Keep up the great work. :)

Oh, also, I just wanted to say that just as part of my standard operating procedure, I will always assume that characters are retrieving their thrown weapons and 50% of ammunition. (That's the rule for 5e. PHB pg. 146 says: "At the end of the battle, you can recover half your expended ammunition by taking a minute to search the battlefield.") So, there's no need to put in a specific post about that. :) Sorry, probably should have said that earlier.

Edit: Shenkt! Sorry, just saw your post. Since the pit is 20' across and your strength is 18, that leaves 2' of distance. If you do make that jump, I'd just have you make a Dexterity Saving Throw with a DC of 10 to grab the other side. Nice thing about that is, Jun just gave you Bardic Inspiration, so you could add an additional d6 onto that roll if you needed to. As long as you make that jump within the next ten minutes (game time). Of course, if you missed the Dex save, you'd be falling 30' to the bottom of the pit... Unless you were tethered, by a rope or something, to, maybe, a large group of able bodied adventurers, who would brace themselves to catch you... :D

Good morning everybody. Good news... Time to start thinking about level 2 options for your characters! A little metagame knowledge for you, you are only one encounter away from leveling up! :)

For HPs at new levels you can either take the median + 1 + constitution modifier that is offered in the PHB (for example it is 7 + Con. mod for Barbarians), or you can roll for HP. If you do roll, obviously, I need you to roll the dice here in the discussion forum. You can reroll a 1, but only once. If you roll a 1, followed by a 1, you're stuck with only 1 + Con. mod additional HP for that level. Also, you can't roll, and then decide to go with the median + 1. If you roll, you're stuck with whatever you roll.

If you have any questions about leveling options for your character, post them here, and we'll work them out together. :)

Just to clarify, no one is leveled up now; we still have one more encounter to go before you've gained enough XP, but I want to have built all the characters at level 2 in Hero Lab as soon as possible, so we can keep gaming without interruption. :)

So, as soon as you've had a chance to look things over, go ahead and post your choices for level 2 for your character, and I'll get HL updated. :)

Oh! I just realized, for some of your characters, there aren't really any choices for 2nd level. You just get what you get. Again, barbarians are one example. Shenkt will get Reckless Attack, and Danger Sense abilities, and extra HP, and that's pretty much it. In those cases, the only thing you really need to post is your choice for HPs. :)

Jun, Quint's got it right. The icons on that worm are unconscious and prone. Each symbol has a matching condition on the right hand side of the map. I just recently added the "dead" condition, and made sure it was a different color than all the rest, so it sticks out. As things sit now, you could move, just, to the red worm and attack if you'd like. I'll wait on a confirmation/post from you before moving forward, because, depending on the outcome of your potential actions, and thanks to two critical hits by our resident rogues, this combat might just be over. Well all except for the coup de grace (which is not a game term. A fact that I think makes it all the easier. You don't have to roll dice to coup de grace something; you just say, "I'm going to coup de grace the sleeping worm," and I say, "done." Another reason I like 5e.) of the sleeper. :)

We still have to get the worm's turn in the initiative before we get to you Lindaer. Hold that thought for just a bit. Quint and Jun still have actions before the worm gets a chance to go. Might be the last conscious worm bites the dust (pun intended) before we ever get to you.

Boddynuck wrote:
Boddy continues to dream, dreaming of how he could actually contribute if anybody bothered to wake him up.

Literal LOL. Thanks for that.

Shenkt is right, Jun, you can't move up attack and then move back. Not just because there's no where to stop, but because moving through allies is difficult terrain and costs two squares to one. You'd have to use the dash action just to get the movement done, and that would preclude the attack action. Not sure if we need a bit of rules clarification for 5e here? In 5e you can move, attack, and move again, but in order to do so you cannot go over your maximum amount of movement for one combat round. You CAN move through allies, but they are considered difficult terrain, and therefore movement through their squares happens at a 2:1 rate. You cannot move through enemies UNLESS the enemy is at least two size categories larger or smaller than you. Regardless of moving through creatures, you CAN NOT end your movement voluntarily in the square of any other creature, friend or foe. The game makes no distinction between whether the creature is unconscious/prone, etcetera. If there is a live creature in a square, you cannot end your movement in that square. I realize that sacrifices quite a bit of realism for rules that are easy to remember. That is one of the major themes of 5e, ease of use trumps realism.

Also, I mentioned this previously, but I'll make it clear again, so everyone is aware. Once an enemy reaches 0 HP, I no longer consider it a creature, I consider it an object, which means that anyone, ally or enemy can then occupy that square. Usually, as soon as an enemy reaches 0 HP I slide it off the map, freeing up the map space for all to see and use. Hopefully that all makes sense. If not, please let me know if you have any other questions.

Say hi to Mickey for me. If I have to bot you, I will. Have a great time!

Gomdebo Blackbuster wrote:
Note to self, for invincibility against melee give a dog a sleeping potion and drop its body in front of me. Or tell gnome companion to take a nap a second. ;P

That might actually be a really solid tactic, unless the enemy had a reach weapon. If they didn't it would at least buy you some rounds worth of actions while they either grappled and moved the sleeping thing, or took the time to kill it, and thereby turn it into an object. Neither of those would take too long with a dog. ;)

Theyn and Mitsouko wrote:

Hi There,

You mention concentrating on spells. Do you intend to ramp up the number of spells that require concentration (like another game we could mention) or will most spells still have duration allowing you to cast and forget?

I never saw an answer to this question.

Also the blog specifically says: "Concentrating on a spell might be vital, but not if you need to move away, draw a potion, and drink it. Maybe you could wait to drink it until your next turn to keep the spell going, or maybe you could not move and hope the monster does not eat you." I'm sorry if someone else brought this up, I did not wade through the 10 pages of posts before posting.

That language makes it sound, very much, like continuing concentration on a spell requires at least one of your actions each round to maintain it. Is that the intention?

@Daedalus Too true. From that perspective, I'm glad that P1 is out there for the people like you. I always want more people in the hobby, not fewer. I'll likewise hope that P2 doesn't drift too far away from that, for all your sakes. It wouldn't make a whole lot of sense for P2 to try and become 5.75, and I have faith that the devs know that, so it won't.

Also, I don't want you to get me wrong; I had tons of fun playing Pathfinder, both online and at the table, for many years. It's just that I'm one of those players that saw in 5e the solution to all my frustrations with Pathfinder, and, so far, my experience with it has proved to me that I made the right choice in switching. :)

Cheers to both of our continued good gaming!

Shenkt could get there if he uses the Dash action to get more movement, but then he wouldn't actually get an attack. Jun could get there and attack.

Dαedαlus wrote:
avr wrote:
MendedWall12 wrote:
I can't even imagine trying to enter into the hobby through the current Pathfinder system.
Such people do exist though. I don't know how numerous they are, but you read the odd person mentioning that they started RPGs with PF on these forums.

I am one of those people. I found out about PF when a youth group in my area got a beginner box. I went online, found the full rules, devoured them all, and have been playing PF ever since. I looked at 5e... didn't like it. Not enough options for customization, and way more focused on narrative than rules.

Emphasis is mine there.

First, I happen to be of the opinion that a lot of people think that more options is the only way to customize a character. Ergo, if it isn't written in a book already, "I can't do it." I could not possibly disagree more. I've always been a firm believer in the fact that you can take any chassis and make it work with whatever you want, flavor-wise. For example. In my current table top game, I have a player that wanted to play a druid that changes into plants for his wild shape. However, in this game we've agreed to only use core books for the time being. I love the flavor of a plant-based druid, and didn't want to stifle character choice. So we decided that he will use the statistics for those qualifying beasts for his wild shape, but we'll flavor it as him changing into various plants. Everyone is happy. The chassis of the game didn't change, and he still gets the character that he wants. Part of the reason I am of this opinion is that I've read and even played with some, seemingly, well developed third party character options that ended up being broken, or not fun at all. Just because something is in a book, doesn't mean it will actual make the game better. That's just my opinion, but it is an opinion that is informed by over three decades of tabletop RPG play.

Second, I switched to 5e BECAUSE it is more narrative focused. After GMing Pathfinder games for the past eight years (yes, I started playing Pathfinder as soon as it came out, because 4e was not at all the game I wanted to play), I'd learned that many times the narrative was stifled because there was no "rule" that governed a situation, or worse, conflicting rules which caused us to have to stop play and discuss something, reach a satisfactory consensus, and then return to play. Again, this is just my experience, but I do happen to have anecdotal evidence that I am not the only person with this framework of experience.

As always, just my 2cp. :)

Another quick reminder, moving through allies costs two squares to one.

Just wanted to let everybody know that if Boddynuck hasn't posted his combat actions by tomorrow morning, I'll be botting him to prevent a stall. Hear that Boddynuck?

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DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:

There are so many people who really need to dial it back.

Please remember that a hobby is not a replacement for an identity, or a personality.

You are more than the sum of the games you buy.

Darn it! Now you tell me. I should probably go to my Facebook page and scrub "Nerd Gamer" from every post. I might not be back for a while. :P

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Arachnofiend wrote:
I really like the idea of crits being "beat the DC by 10" rather than on a dice roll of 20.

I'm terrible at math, but in just imagining a few numbers in my head, I'm thinking you're going to be rolling pretty darn high to beat most target's AC numbers by 10. In fact, in some situations you could roll a 20 and still not have beat the target's AC number by 10... which would be really terrible, from my point of view. For maxed out martial characters that might allow them to crit more often than normal, but for even a 3/4 martial class, that could actually shrink the number of times you crit. I think the keen, improved critical, and weapons that crit at a lower range was supposed to address some that mechanically.

Now if it's a situation where if you beat the DC by 10, OR if you roll a 20 you crit, I could get behind that.

EtG, as far as I am concerned, taking into account the minimal amount I've read about it. That rumor was nothing more than a few people trying to drive up interest in their social media outlets, ergo, clickbait. There have been no substantiated or credible articles written by journalistic outlets of any integrity that even hint at Hasbro looking to sell off WoTC. I cannot see Hasbro selling off one of their entities that has just begun to stream in money at a rapid rate. Though, I'm not an economics expert, so I cannot claim expert clarity where business dealings are concerned.

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blahpers wrote:
Thanks for the doc! I'll check it out. (I don't do podcasts.)

Me either, but they do seem to be a rather influential growing media trend that is attached in many different ways to this TTRPG hobby of mine... Not sure how I feel about that. It kind of makes me feel old. :P

I know no one will ever publicly comment on this, and I'm sure the company line is something like: "it did not factor in our decision making process," but I have to wonder about the timing of this announcement, fully five months before they will even publish the playtest materials. Is this a reaction to the rampant recent success of 5e and of many of Paizo's base market making the jump to that system? I wonder about this because I am one of those ship-jumpers. I switched to 5e late last year after almost six months of hemming and hawing about how intrigued I was by the simplicity and ease of use of the new version of the game I've always loved. I also know there were more people like me who made the jump for the same reason. I also know, because I'm playing with three of them, that there are people who are now becoming indoctrinated into table top RPGs BECAUSE of 5e. The 5e ruleset has a very low entry barrier/learning curve. I can't even imagine trying to enter into the hobby through the current Pathfinder system. Is that part of why? I can only conjecture. Made all the more interesting because of your astute predictions about finances and editions all so many years ago GreyWolfLord. Good show!

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Redelia wrote:
Hythlodeus wrote:
MendedWall12 wrote:

Glad you brought this up. Reading the blog description of initiative system already sounded wonky and weird. That you've listened to actual gamers trying it, and that it was slow, boring, and also pointed to doing something narratively ridiculous just to get the most sure bet to act high in initiative, fleshes out some of the amorphous concerns I had about how weird it sounded. Maybe this will be one of the things that the playtest squashes?

It MIGHT be one of those 'more extreme' rule versions that were mentioned upthread by Paizo stuff, that's only included in the Playtest to get removed anyway and replaced with the rule versions they always intended to include but had to show the worse version first so that the final version doesn't look so bad.

(I mean, I'm glad they admitted that, but that doesn't make the move look better)

That's a rather unfair paraphrase of what they said.

What they have said they are doing is in places they have chosen the more unusual of the options they are considering, because they want to see what we think.

If they are including the "more unusual" option as a way to more fully decipher what doesn't work, I find that a pretty strange way to play test. If, however, the "more unusual" version of a rule has characteristics that are similar to what the developers believe will be the new baseline, and they are just including this version so as not to reveal too much, I can understand that.

Still, based off of what I'm reading I'd say this more unusual initiative system already shows a number of flaws. If the rogue has to spend every moment in exploration mode "stealthing" just to avoid being flat-footed, you've now created an initiative system that also creeps into ruining exploration mode, because munchkin players will be making exploration decisions based off of the possibility that they may at some point be surprised with combat.

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GeraintElberion wrote:

Just listening to Glass Cannon: that initiative system is really slow and boring.

It’s also going to create weird play. Characters in explore mode will always do what supports there best initiative check, the rogue will always stealth, the ranger will always look for tracks... even if they’re just walking down the road to meet a friend, for fear of being caught out in combat.

Glad you brought this up. Reading the blog description of the initiative system already sounded wonky and weird. That you've listened to actual gamers trying it, and that it was slow, boring, and also pointed to doing something narratively ridiculous just to get the most sure bet to act high in initiative, fleshes out some of the amorphous concerns I had about how weird it sounded. Maybe this will be one of the things that the playtest squashes?

Paging Dr. Boddynuck. Dr. Boddynuck please pick up a blue courtesy phone. Paging Dr. Boddynuck.

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Technotrooper wrote:

I am likely a member of the target audience for this new edition--a former Pathfinder GM who migrated (with all 3 of my groups) to D&D 5e because the overhead of prepping and running Pathfinder just got to be too much for me, especially at high levels. It became too complex, fiddly, and time-consuming. A lot has been learned about how to design a fun yet streamlined RPG in the last 10 years and it feels to me like Pathfinder has fallen behind competitively by clinging to its aging 3.5 framework. Yes, the diehard grognards are happy, but only serving their desires is probably not a viable long-term business plan. A change is needed if Paizo wants to bring back those who went to 5E and new players who find 5E to be a much easier entry point into the hobby.

I like D&D 5E...

Okay, if you are the target audience, then I am also the target audience. If that's the case, then I can tell you, point blank, when I left behind my book shelf full of Pathfinder books, because of the increased complication caused by bloat, it was both the most difficult, and most rewarding decision I've made in regards to playing RPGs, ever. I can also tell you with complete certainty I will not be buying PF2.0, UNLESS all the PF books I have on my shelf are able to quickly and easily meld into the new system. If there is any conversion that needs to be done to move my existing books into PF2.0, it will be a no go for me.

Just looking at the vague descriptions of the new mechanics for PF2.0, it looks very much like 5e version 1.5 (which would seem to fit the Paizo business model, after all Pathfinder was 3.75). Examples: unified level based proficiency, three game "modes," and streamlined (and mightily pared down) action choices in combat. Add in that now you can cast spells using more than one action (read: from a more powerful slot), and you have a lot of the reasons I finally decided to leave Pathfinder in the first place - to get rid of rules bloat.

It seems to me that Paizo learned a lot about things from the unchained rules, which is a shame, because, if instead of Unchained, they had playtested 2.0, and worked hard to make all their previous material integrative in that system, I probably would never have even looked at 5e. As it stands, not only did I look, I bought in, and now the only Pathfinder I play is in a single PbP here on the boards. Sadly, because I have always had great experience with Paizo staff and community, I don't think Paizo will be getting any of my money in the future unless they start making 5e compatible APs.

Just my 2cp

Quint Rue wrote:
-Eafphqu- wrote:
Quint falls first letting go of his bow, but it doesn't fall far since it is tied to his wrist.
Quint actually lashed it directly to his hand, so that it couldn't move from his palm (sort of like an improvised locked gauntlet). His hand went limp when he fell unconscious, but all he needs to do is tighten his fingers. At least, that's the way I imagined it.

Oh, okay. Sure, that works for me. Didn't imagine it like that, but I see what you're saying. Just waiting on a post from Boddy to move things forward. @Lindaer, unless you have some ability I don't know about you can't act twice in the same round of initiative... I'm guessing you just got confused by the block initiative? If you check the spoiler you'll see that those in the current block were: Boddy, Jun, Nikeisha, Shenkt. So, I'm ignoring your last post. :)

Red "circle" on the map is the 20' sphere of the worm's sleep spell. Just for reference purposes.

Edit: Just realized I didn't have an icon on the map for creatures being dead. :P I have since remedied that. BTW Red worm is dead worm.

Quint Rue wrote:
Quint Rue wrote:
(the only one I can currently get sneak attack on)
Yellow, in case it wasn't clear.

Thank you to those that declared color of intended target. For those that didn't I'll do my best to assign damage to the most likely target. In the future, everyone, please assign the color of your intended target in the dice roll language, exactly as Psalm and Luna did. :) Thank you! It takes away any guesswork I might have to do. Also @Gomdebo. You went 5' more than you could without taking the Dash action. Moving through allies is difficult terrain and requires two squares to one. I moved you back one square, which is the extent of your maximum movement. The dice are really on your side right now... I wonder if that will continue? Worm post incoming.

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