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Lindaer, roll again, I'm giving you advantage because of the corroborative enhancement of your words with magic.

Jun roll a persuasion check for me please.

Happy Birthday to Lindaer's baby girl! Did you know that all babies have ESP?! Eat Sleep Poop... :P

Also happy birthday do the United States. :D

Sorry I've been absent here, this week marks the fiscal year change over and that is always a nightmare for me for a lot of boring reasons I won't go into. Add in a holiday right in the middle of the week, and you've got the perfect storm for way too much work, with way too little time to do it.

It looks like we're bogged down here (in game) waiting for a few conversations to take place, with some much needed, yet hidden, information to be divulged. If I get a chance today or tomorrow (more likely tomorrow afternoon), I'll jump things forward. I'll have to make a few assumptions of your characters in order to do that, but it definitely feels like we need a push here to get things moving.

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Congratulations on your little paladin in training!!! :)

Gomdebo, Duergar in Eafphqu are slightly different than other D&D settings, in that their nation has been legitimized and they are free to move about the Republic as they desire. Duergar mix into the socioeconomic landscape just as frequently as do dwarves. Point being, just being the Duergar race does not make a character evil. Obviously, in this case though, it seems these particular Duergar do have evil intents. :P So, obviously, Gomdebo can share what she knows of Duergar with the group. Also, if desired, there is more specific setting information regarding Duegar here on the setting site.

Lindaer Elyrien wrote:
And GM, please tell me when it makes the most sense for Lindaer to pop back in.

Now is as good a time as any. :)

Lindaer Elyrien wrote:
Back from training! My apologies for the absence

Glad to read you Lindaer! You haven't missed much. Things have slowed down to less than a crawl. Probably due to absences here and there... Still hoping things pick back up soon.

That was HHHHaaaawwwwweeeeesssssssoooooooommmmmmmeeeeee!!!! But, I'm going to wait to see if anyone has anything to add before posting the orc's reaction. :)

Yo yo yo!!! Just popping in to say I am back and that barring unforseen circumstances, I should have something posted in Gameplay before the end of my shift this afternoon. :) Looks like the game really did take a week long hiatus. Hopefully everyone is ready to jump back into things.

Can you clarify what you're saying here. Are you saying you'll post the end of the duel and then you're out? Or that you're going to post the end of the duel and then wait for me to get things going and hope that my narrative of the world sparks buy-in? I'm confused.

Edit: Read your post in Stormstrider's game, and, therefore, am no longer confused. Well this is going to get chalked up as one of those games that is over before it got started. No need to post the end of the duel. It would be a futile exercise at this point. Take care of yourself first and foremost. I'll mark this campaign as inactive, perhaps if your life sorts itself out in a more creative-writing conducive way, we can pick it back up at some point. Thanks for giving it a shot.

Syrus Terrigan wrote:
Will try to muster the duel conclusion before Monday morning for ya, Mended. :)

Yay!!! Then I can spend some time narrating your arrival at the inn of The Wailing Banshee, and we can get this game out of the starting gate! :D

FYI boys, starting on Friday afternoon next week (June 8th) all the way through June 18th, I'll have minimal if any time to post. Taking a trip to Alaska for my 20th wedding anniversary. Yes, my wife is coming too. :P :P :P I am bringing my laptop, but not sure how much time I'll actually have to jump on and check the boards...


I'm sure the UI rollout leaves the web-gurus with bigger fish to fry, but... I can't help but think changing a font size for a command line would be pretty darn easy. Of course, I say that having absolutely zero programming experience, so take it with a hefty grain of salt cubes.

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Okay, well, Lindaer your post reminded me that I should have actually mentioned this a lot earlier, but I will also be gone from June 8th through the 17th, with limited time and or internet to post. I will do my level best to check in at least twice a week and see if I can't keep the game moving on, but, fair warning to all, it might just be that the game takes about a week long hiatus during my absence.

Sorry, and thank you, in advance, for your patience.

Also, I wanted to say, Lindaer, I loved your most recent in game post. "Zombies, orcs, goblin captives." That's not a lie, because at no point did you say anything other than the names of creatures. Obviously the assumption by those listening would be that you had encountered those creatures, but at no point did you actually say that. Brilliant! Also very much on par with the acumen of a reformed criminal! :) Nice job, take Inspiration!

Sorry you hurt yourself Syrus. Men as old as we take much longer to recover from such things, I know. Great post! That action was impossible not to imagine clearly. I can see the fight unfolding, and that is awesome! Can't wait to read the conclusion. :D

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I'd like to comment, and then I hope we can move on. With characters that were all but flung together against their will, because of the promise of not only wealth but possible political influence, these sorts of arguments were an inevitability, from my way of thinking. Quint would never have willingly worked with an expatriate Highlander barbarian if he had a choice. We all know that. These little bouts of disagreement on how to handle things are actually great situations for characters to role play. After the fight is over, I would fully expect that Quint would address everyone, and make a point of saying, "Here's what I was trying to do. I probably should have been more clear about that before I did it. In the future if..." Then Shenkt can say, "Did you see the way I chopped that orc's head off?!" :D It's part of the game, and, again, by my way of thinking, shouldn't be an unwelcome part. Disagreements between characters is natural in a lot of situations, but let's try to prevent character disagreements from turning into player disagreements, okay?

Thanks!!! :D :)

Now I'm imagining a knife like this one. Which is AWESOME... Thanks for that whosa. Before you said that all I could think of was the "normal" dagger, handle, crossbar, short blade.

Axe in the left hand, dagger in the right, versus sword in the right, shield in the left...?

whosawhatsis wrote:
"Thrusting dagger bashed aside by sword" could easily result in a missing hand, or at least a few absent fingers.

Too true, maybe, bashed aside by shield would be better in that instance... :)

Syrus Terrigan wrote:

In all honesty, the biggest hiccup with the duel post has been hashing through the "real" tactics of sword/board vs axe/dagger!! The weapon selection didn't even register till well after the edit window ended for that post!! lol

I'm a bit of a slave to continuity . . . . Sometimes. lol

Sword thrust parried and turned away by axe, thrusting dagger bashed aside by sword...

You too!

The weapon selection there, probably, came directly from me watching The Last Kingdom on Netflix lately. I read the first book of that series by Cornwell, and I've been watching the series during my every other day weightlifting workouts. I like it. It's character driven and gritty. The real life clashing of religions in a violent and world altering way is a very interesting dynamic. One I might want to try and bring into this very game... :D

No apology necessary. I'm glad that some part of your characters' story is coming together! :)

@Syrus, still got that duel post rolling around the ol' noggin?

Boddy, I'm sorry that you aren't having fun in this group. It is a reality of this game, though. I've been in more than a few groups over the years where player styles didn't mesh and people decided to leave. If you are indeed set on leaving, I'll most likely take over Boddynuck as a DM NPC until there is an appropriate time for him to "check out." Thank you for playing thus far, and I wish you great gaming! :D

Nikeisha, I put a 20' radius template on the grid map where I think you're talking about. Let me know if that's right or not. I don't want to move forward until I know that the spell is affecting those creatures you mean for it to affect.

Okay, there's something here that I need to address before we move forward, because, yes, I did definitely misunderstand Luna's post, but there's a very important reason I did. If your character is going to ready an action I NEED to read the words "ready action" or "readied action" in your post, preferably in ooc text. At no point were those words present in Luna's post. The reason I interpreted "take aim" as take aim and fire, is because you can always take aim with a bow. So, hopefully you will see and agree, my mistake there was completely justified.

Second thing, as Quint rightly pointed out. I felt like, besides Jun and Shenkt, and then, later, Gomdebo and Lindaer, everyone was waiting for something to happen, and like he said, spinning wheels with very little proactive to do. This is a game of combat, and sometimes, combat gotsa happen.

Thirdly, I don't see how there's any way the guards don't attack the orcs at this point. They don't know where the arrow came from, and they do know that three orcs just barreled out of the woods and killed two of their number. Which was always a potential outcome here, so if the PCs play into the chaos, they might end up being in very little danger... Or Shenkt could just lay the smack down on everybody, and our resident Robin Hood (aka Quint bowmaster) could porcupine them all with arrows. :D

Lastly, remember, we're all here to have fun. If, for whatever reason, you are no longer having any fun, you are perfectly within your rights to bow out of the campaign. I would be disappointed, obviously, but I would never begrudge someone the decision to bow out if they aren't having any fun. :)

Gomdebo Blackbuster wrote:
Looks like meats back on the menu, boys! *entrails take flight*

Full-on LOL, thanks for that Gom! XD

Linkified for you... And, yeah, that's pretty much it. :P

Evening, like 6ish, so "bright" light still, but with the rain it's disadvantage on perception checks right now anyway.

Okay, sounds good. Thanks for letting me know Jun.

@Syrus, I don't care either way. So either post it, or tell me to, and I will. :) Are you still planning on posting Brash's duel? Or do you want to use the details of that as back drop and remembrances for future posts?

@Whosa, There's nothing wrong with isolation and reading, in moderation. Just want you to know that some of my most fond memories are memories that took place in raucous environments with people making extremely illogical decisions, myself included. :) It's what my dad used to call "cutting loose." "Go have fun," he'd say, "cut loose." I definitely cut loose of reason and sanity on more than one occasion in my youth, and some of those conglomerations of bad decisions are still remembered fondly, for they taught me valuable lessons about what NOT to do. Yet, I also had no end of fun while living in them. As I said, everything in moderation, even impulsive brazenness. :) Some of the best things that ever happened in my life, happened because I was "brave" for thirty seconds.

Sounds good to me, can't wait to actually be involved in helping to tell this story. :) ... As a DM. Playing other characters... You know what I mean.

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Not sure if this has been reported yet, I'm guessing it has. When I try to make text bigger it actually makes it smaller. I'm certain this was something that got handed over from the UI switch. Just wondering if there's an ETA for a fix? It's nice for a DM to be able to make some text bigger in online campaigns.


Lindaer Elyrien wrote:
Are we in combat? I was just posting what Lin would do. Divine Sense is an ability of almost 0 application. I threw it in as a nod to a nat 20 deception roll. And for Jun isn’t talking a free action?

We are operating in initiative, yes, because combat could break out at any moment, and action economy matters in that situation. Also there are limits to how much talking a character can do outside of their turn, and actively trying to deceive/intimidate a potentially hostile force, for me, falls well outside the realm of what you can accomplish outside of your turn.

Gom, great suggestion, I've seen other DM's do that. I'm going to go back right now and change my post to reflect that style of initiative. Thanks.

Okay, I mean this as respectfully as possible... Do we need to have a discussion about how initiative works? Jun and Lindaer, you both posted actions that will not be able to happen until your turn in the initiative count, and by then you may have wished to do something else... Do I need to be more clear in my posts about whose turn it is? Like put it in bold, large font or something? This seems to have happened in almost every combat we've been in.

Help a DM out... O.o

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I'll echo this error. I've had the exact same problem, where I knew, exactly, what it was I was searching for, but putting the words into the search bar returned erroneous or zero results. Was this a problem with that happened when the new UI got implemented?

Civil War wouldn't have happened at all if the heroes agreed... O.o

Told you I didn't know what I was talking about. ;)

@Quint, "cliffs" on both sides. with the southern side being higher than the northern by 20'. All of which is meant to convey that the ground is difficult terrain not only because of the mud but because of the angle(s) of descent. The top of the hill is 60' above the valley below, and within the curves it descends at exactly the rate of the grid, 5' down per 5' of movement, thus a somewhat steep angle.

@All, I've got a bit of work to do this morning, while I'm doing it I'll be processing how the field of combatants at the bottom of the hill would react to Jun's tomfoolery/ruse. I'll try and get a post up this morning before lunch. Might not be able to though. Regardless, I'm pretty sure that post will end with us being in initiative, which is going to be a hot mess... :) Especially since 5e says I should put all the guards in the same initiative count... That's a sure way for PCs to get killed...

whosawhatsis wrote:
Btw, you might be amused (or at least bemused) to know that I ran the thought experiment of how the four moons orbit by an astronomer I know who works for NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab. He agreed with my assessment that there wasn't really any stable system in which those lunar periods would work, except the one that reinterpreted the meaning of "years". Interestingly, he mentioned that there ARE possible stable systems with two planetoids sharing the same orbital period, one with an orbit more eccentric than the other, but the two bodies periodically trade orbits with one another.

I am humbled that my home-brewed world would invite such scholarly discussion. :) Did you ask him about how all the Lower Planes could coexist separately in one Abyss? :P :P :P :P Also, a different thought experiment perhaps... Are there stable elements whose make up has four protons or neutrons, or a mixture of both (I'll admit to almost failing chemistry so I'm not even entirely sure what I'm talking about) orbiting the nucleus? If so, perhaps the entire world of Eafphqu exists as the nucleus of a cell in a larger organism. Discuss... :)

Leave it to a woman (BTW this is not me belittling women, it is simply an observation that women seem much more inclined to minutely examine feelings and assign to them character content) to assess her feelings of someone else's feelings... Feelings, nothing more than feelings, trying to forget my feelings... feelings of Looooove. Feelings.

That is hysterical, and very true to form for a barbarian. :) Kill first, ask questions later. Lindaer, about whether these are local guards or not. Tough to tell in the rain, they are all wearing sailcloth cloaks to keep the rain off, and none of their shields has any sigil of allegiance on it.

Awesome! Glad you had such a good trip. Hope you got to de-stress. I almost said detoxify, but then I remembered you were in Vegas and there was probably a lot of self-induced "toxification." :P Obviously, as I said, change my musings however you see fit. :) Hopefully we can get this game a-rollin' by next week some time?

Oops, sorry I forgot you there Shenkt! I think partially I left you out because I was already imagining your position, set back on the hill, and knew you wouldn't be able to see much in the valley anyway... :)

Clearly the dice algorithm decided that if anyone was ambushing anyone it would be the PCs, not the bad guys... :P

Now I have to do the whole DMing thing... :( DMG on pg. 110 says:

Heavy Precipitation wrote:
Everything within an area of heavy rain or heavy snowfall is lightly obscured, and creatures in the area have disadvantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on sight. Heavy rain also extinguishes open flames and imposes disadvantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on hearing.

Which means that all those people that rolled such high perception checks actually have to roll again and take the lower of the two rolls... :( I'm going to be doing that here in the Discussion thread because I need the rolls moving forward in order to adjudicate what's going to follow. For the bad guys I'm just going to be using Passive scores, subtracting five for the disadvantage.

Disadvantage Perception Rolls:

Quint: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (11) + 3 = 14
Lindaer: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (16) + 4 = 20
Luna: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (8) + 5 = 13
Boddy: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (6) + 1 = 7
Nikeisha: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (19) + 1 = 20
Jun: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (5) + 3 = 8

All right, now that I've got those numbers I can get things going. Looks like Lindaer is our best "looker" ended up with an 18 even with disadvantage! :)

Gomdebo Blackbuster wrote:

Is anyone already doing a treasure tracker excel sheet? I can set one up if not.

Dwarven Chest

Thanks for doing that Gomdebo! :)

@whos, brilliant stuff. Your characters are absolutely coming to life right in front of my eyes. Talbert's naive unawareness feels right on for someone that is more comfortable around books and scrolls than around people. Such a great pairing Dutch and Talbert. I loved the bit where Dutch suddenly wished she still had her dagger. I can really read the love/hate relationship there. She knows she needs him, she wants the treasure he thinks he can find, but she'd really rather it was someone else. So great! Let me know whenever you want me to pop in as an NPC or two. Otherwise, I'm totally happy to let you handle all of that sans dice, even as far as the woods headed south out of The Banshee.

@Syrus, tell her I said Wwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppppppppppp. :P I hope my version of your characters' beginning is the last piece in your puzzle to get you writing their current story. :) Have a great weekend, don't do anything I wouldn't do. ;)

@Syrus, I've given it my best, or near enough to it. ;) Take a look and change it however you see fit. Hopefully my wrongful telling of the story will spark you to change it to make it right, and in so doing create the vision necessary to finish?

One thought. I'd love to actually role/roll play that duel, if you're game for it. :)

Let me know either way.

All of that is very interesting, and I hope you had a lot of fun researching and theory crafting, but you forgot one vital component in your research. I created Eafphqu, therefore it does what I tell it. Eafphqu's physics might, in some ways, mimic earthly physics, but in many other ways (fireballs) it doesn't. So, try not to think about things like that too much. There are four moons. They cycle just how I said they do, because my creative vision keeps them in the sky. :) It's one of the great things about being the DM, whatever I say, happens. :D

All right, well I got a bit of it going here. You should have rights to edit that. I'm out for the day, but I might have time to work on it later. If not, I'll pick it up tomorrow morning at work.

Excellent ideas whos. Syrus, if you still want me to, I'll put something together this afternoon and finish it up tomorrow morning, and share it with you in an editable Google Doc. Let me know!

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