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MendedWall12's page

1,936 posts. Alias of Hoary and Wizened.


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Just saw this series today, and was in the middle of Episode 2 when I thought to myself. "Really?" No DM is that bad. I mean we all have bad days, and we all have those brain-fart moments, but on my worst day I could come up with a reasonable encounter with as little information as the terrain and climate. This is exactly what random encounter tables were created to solve.

And yes, I get that it's supposed to be comedy, but even comedy should be remotely realistic.

I'm still here, and I have a bunch of ideas for my 6th level caster. We're using all Paizo, correct? If this week doesn't bring any new surprises I should have my character ready to submit by the end of business on Thursday. :) Sorry again for the delays. Real life has been throwing me some curve-balls lately.

317. A series of unfortunate events.

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Arachnofiend wrote:
voska66 wrote:
Arachnofiend wrote:
Somewhat related note: is there anything a Rogue can do about an Alarm spell? I was certain that it was considered a trap that Rogues can detect and disable but it came up in a campaign recently and I found my Rogue's investment in stealth completely invalidated by this level 1 spell.
An alarm spell is a trap with DC 26 to detect and disable. It's no different than mechanical trap that rings bell alert the guards.
Where is this rule listed, and why isn't it listed in the text of the spell itself? My GM was quite certain that you needed to Detect Magic or you couldn't identify an Alarm spell and there's nothing to refute that in the spell's description.

You know, you're right. There are many spells, like glyph of warding, and the symbol spells, that have a specific note about the difficulty of disabling them, and the fact that only a character with the trapfinding ability can use disable device to disable them. Alarm has no such language, but I've always run it under the idea that it could be disabled at a 25 + spell level DC. I think I may have even read in a module along the way that Alarm could be disabled by a rogue just like a normal mechanical alarm...

Interesting. This is one of those things that could start a whole RAI/RAW string of posts.

I don't know, endurance as a bonus feat and favored terrain are pretty nice options in my opinion.

I'll add to what Jiggy said with the knowledge that I did everything in my power to make sure the fighter got the best initiative bonus, because I knew that I needed to win initiative to even have a chance. That a fighter built specifically to deal with an invisible flying opponent (which is what I assumed would be the tactic going in) got beat simply because she lost initiative absolutely proves Jiggy's point. Terylinlara was specifically built to make sure the wizard couldn't get away, and he got away. Now, granted, I was stuck with only Core Rulebook options, and there are some options out there that would have benefited her, but in the end, Jiggy is exactly right. She was built to get the jump on a wizard, and didn't get the jump. That I forgot to buy a simple magic item that could have absorbed magic missiles, in the end, didn't really effect the outcome. Once she lost initiative, it was over, and I knew it. When I saw that initiative dice roll, my stomach and my heart sank. I actually had a real physical reaction to seeing that roll.

Is this flame-bait for role playing versus roll-playing? Cause it sure seems like it. In my experience, a lot of people play monks because they like the flavor of somebody that destroys people with their fists/feet, not because they are doing the most damage.

CampinCarl9127 wrote:
In my experience, riddles only work well with gaming groups that you are intimately familiar with and know how they think and are able to psychoanalyze them. If I was running with fresh players or a one shot, I would avoid riddles. With my home group that I've been playing with for 6+ years, I do give them an occasional riddle, because I have a very deep understanding of the way they think and I'm confident in my ability to craft a riddle that is appropriately challenging for them.


If you are incorporating riddles into a long-running campaign, hopefully you know the players well enough to know that they'll figure it out, or won't be upset if they don't. Before I EVER put a riddle in a campaign, which, to date, I have not, I'd actually have an out of game conversation with the group to discuss: their previous experience with riddles, if they like them, and, most importantly if they feel a riddle or two would enhance the game we're currently playing. Me putting in riddles because I think they are cool could completely destroy the game for a lengthy period of moments.

Lot of great suggestions upthread as well.

Sorry! No, and in fact it might be another week before I get something put together. Real life stuff is bogging down at the moment. I won't bore you with the details.

272. Only ever encountering sloths.

Davor wrote:


Because there are eight other alignments?

Paladins and clerics are whatever the table has agreed that they are. Barring that, they are whatever the GM perceives them to be in his/her setting. There are no mechanics to adjudicate when discussing the religious zealotry or lack thereof for classes that are designed, narratively, to be religious.

Just wanted to pop in and say that some things have come up and I won't have the time this afternoon that I thought. I'll still create a caster, but it probably won't be until this weekend, or even next Tuesday. Sorry for the delay.

Okay, level 6 all paizo caster comin' right up. I should have things squared away by tomorrow afternoon. :)

SquirrelyOgre wrote:
MendedWall12 wrote:
Blake's Tiger wrote:

Sincere question: wouldn't the rules from the CRB supercede a freelancer's NPC where he might have missed that rule?

You can still make elixirs of personal spells with Create Wondrous Item.

Shouldn't anything that is published by Paizo undergo a rigorous enough editing standard that things that clearly break the rules don't make it in? I get that the rules are the law of the game, but if you are hiring people to create NPCs, shouldn't those NPCs have to conform to the same rules as everybody else? And shouldn't you be hiring people to create them that are pretty darn familiar with the rules? FAQ or errata request I don't care. If the button gets hit enough times, something will be done about it, and I, for one, believe something should be done.

Even the Vietnam War Memorial has spelling errors. It is/was one of the most highly scrutinized documents in the world.

The lowest percentage of errors you are able to achieve within a written document is something like 1-2%, with a lot of money, investment, and editing.

I mean this in the most sincere and respectful way, spelling errors don't really fit in this topic. I'm guessing there are some spelling errors in the NPC books as well. Including items that are a clear violation of the rules, is something completely different. I understand that errors are going to happen, even with seasoned developers, and veteran freelancers. The number of errors involving this particular rule seem to form a trend, and that needs fixing, in my opinion.

Yeah, like I said, I'm game for whatever. You all just tell me what level, what restrictions, if any, and whether you want me to be a martial or a caster, and I'll start rolling something up. :) Goddity, Avoron, Jiggy? You out there? Want to go two on two?

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249.) The realization, after waking up from a dreamscape, that your real life is a nightmare, and it's Monday, again.

Matthew Downie wrote:
OilHorse wrote:

The easiest solution is for the text for all those offending potions to be changed to elixirs.

You know, potions created by Craft Wondrous Item, not Brew Potion

Preferably with a standardised pricing system, caster level formula, etc., in case players want to be able to make or sell them.

This. If this were the case, I'd be fully satisfied, at least then they've become part of the rules, rather than a "unique case" or an "editing error." I've found these often enough in various books that there should be some kind of response.

Azalia Lunarra wrote:
This is a group of good roleplayers, Thank you for this game:)

Thank you!

232.) Math palindromes

electricjokecascade wrote:
There may, or may not be, an entire lost village of helpful tinker gnomes further in just waiting to sell and buy anything that you may need.

I almost just did a spit take on my computer. Nice one!

The paladin fell because he gambled, and gambling of any kind is one of the deadliest sins.

The paladin made home-made ice cream and delivered it to the poor and needy children of his community.

Sargon The War Sage wrote:
I'm married and resemble that remark

Me too, on both counts. :)

Lastoutkast wrote:
I could not find it on here. is there a way to have muible combat tabs ready ? For large number encounters I have to keep making a new list and Im trying to avoid that. Hope that made some kind of sense, thanks all

You mean have multiple sets of monsters ready to go at the click of a button? Yeah. Just put in all the monsters you want, make sure they are adjusted the way they should be, and then click the little "diskette" button on the monster tab. That will save all that monster data in the folder you choose, and you can click on the "folder" button later on to open up all those monsters just as you saved them. If you are talking about having characters and monsters set up and ready to go, the only way to do that is to get them set up and then "save the combat state" which is in the main menu. You can set it up for different heroes and monsters and then save the combat state, then clear it, set it up again, and keep saving the new states. Then you can just open those combat states when you need them. Realize that opening a saved combat state is going to clear whatever data you already have open in the current window though. There is no way to open more than one version of Combat Manager that I know of.

Steve Geddes wrote:
Have you tried some low level duels? (Like third level wizard vs fighter or somesuch)?

Not yet, but I'd be up for that and I'd play martial or caster, whatever the opponent(s) needed to make it a go.

Holly Halloween wrote:

Okay, so we have

  • Tamar the Drow Sorc
  • Jandar the Barbarian
  • Amazing Opo the Goblin firebomber

So need characters from

  • Doublegold (he warned us he'd be late getting character together, no problem)
  • MendedWall12 Half orc Ranger?

And what do you all think of something like this for initial party glue?: Over the last few days you've all met the Amazing Opo in town while the Carnival sets up. Loveable little goblinoid, that guy. Now it's the first big night of the Carnival and Opo's got his fireworks all set up for the big show later, so he's got a few hours off. In the mean time, he's promised to show you all around the great Carnival on this chilly cloudy-grey wintery evening...


Sounds perfect, and, yes, half-orc Ranger Infiltrator archetype.

JoshB wrote:

I've been lurking and thinking about participating.

One of the issues I think you face is the large number of combinations of formats and levels.

A person thinking about a character doesn't really know what level / rule set to target if they want to find a dance partner.

Stop lurking and start fighting!! I think you'll find that if you find a certain combination that you are intrigued with, many of those that already fought would be happy to make a character to match. I know I would!!! :)

He failed to do a thorough background check on the buyer of the old sword, and found out a week later the that purchaser went on a wholesale slaughtering rampage in a small hamlet nearby.

The Paladin shoveled all the snow off of an old lady's doorstep.

217.) Stacking 15 Samurai in a human pyramid.

Looking at the current list of candidates, I think I'm going to switch my class to Fighter. I'll be looking through the archetypes for something that will add to the narrative. Back story will be something along the lines of: the character had to learn to fight to protect himself and his family from an abusive father, and now uses his toughness and prowess as a mercenary, hiring himself out as an expedition/caravan guard.

Awesome, I've got my half-orc Infiltrator Ranger with his trusty wolf companion all but done, just need to put finishing touches on the gear. He's got a composite flaming longbow as primary weapon, archery focused, obviously. I even gave him Bullseye Shot.

Backstory is going to be along the lines of: mother stumbled into Falcon's Hollow after escaping orc captivity with her new baby. She fell victim to the elements, and he ended up in the care of the local herbalist (I've got a Falcon's Hollow Primer, so I'll include her actual name when I can look it up) who was in a romantic relationship with one of the Lumber Consortium's scouts (I don't think that's actually in the primer, but I'm taking creative license for the narrative). Raised by both, he learned knowledge of the land, knowledge of herb lore, and to hunt and kill the Fey that so dog the Lumber Consortium and prevent their work. Gives Him a great reason to hate the fey (which, I'll admit, was a little metagaming on my part, but it does fit the Falcon's Hollow setting), and puts him squarely in Falcon's Hollow when the Carnival of Tears begins. :) Super excited about this! Thanks for offering to run this Holly. :)

Holly Halloween wrote:
Carnival of tears is oldschool DnD so let's be brave: Hit points max at first level then roll HD for levels 2-5! Hahah!

What about the pro-rata healing wand? Is that okay?

HP for levels 2-5: 4d10 ⇒ (7, 8, 8, 1) = 24

Edit: Dice for Animal Companion
Wolf HP levels 2 and 3: 2d8 ⇒ (3, 6) = 9

Since we're starting above first level, would a pro-rata healing wand be allowed?

Edit: Sorry if I missed this in the other thread, but were hit points addressed? Is it maxed at first, and then average every level thereafter? What about animal companion hit points, if applicable?

Okay just reiterating: 15 point buy, 2 traits, 10500 gps, correct?

Okay, I'm thinking half-orc Ranger with the Beastmaster archetype and a War Bull animal companion...

Edit: Or Infiltrator archetype with either Fey or Outsider favored enemy...

Holly Halloween wrote:

MendedWall12 you make 5 interested players! That makes me comfortable enough to start!

Carinval of excited! Let's move to discussion thread.

Toodles or summat

I'll PM everyone.

Excellent! See you in the discussion thread. :)

Okay, I'll look to have a complete character submitted by Tuesday afternoon, if that's not too late?

Tangaroa wrote:
She said 10500 gups

Oh, yep! See that now, thanks for clarifying. Any chance this is still active?

Is recruitment still open for this? I am definitely interested, but it will take me some time to come up with a character concept and background. This adventure deserves a lot of forethought to the character, and I want to make sure I don't just slap something together. My initial thought is a cleric of an obscure Vudran-esque deity. Is there still time to submit?

Sorry for the late entry! I just now saw this interest check. If you're still taking applications, I'd love to get in on Carnival of Tears! I almost ran this module for a group I had, and it looks like wicked fun. You are correct that this module is perfect for PbP. Are you sure about only 300 starting gold at level 5?!! Are we all peasants? If so, I'm fine with it, just wanted to make sure that wasn't a typo. Let me know if you're still planning on this, I'll get a character made up this afternoon, and posted quick as a whistle. Also, trust me, I won't drop out. I'm not that guy.

Bumpity bump bump.. There has got to be people on the boards that have time enough and creative spirit enough to throw together a martial or caster for an arena bout? In the immortal words of Pink Floyd. "Hello, hello, hello, is there anybody in [here], just not if you can hear me. Is there anyone home?"

I feel like we've lost momentum here... Might be the arena closes after two matches with one caster win and one "martial who brought along a high level caster" win? Say it ain't so!!!

Totally forgot to bump this today, but I had a rather busy day at work. I certainly hope the arena isn't finished. Aren't there any worthy warriors and wizards out in the realms who want to put their mettle/metal to the test?

@Goddity, whichever side you prefer. I'm happy creating a caster or martial at level 6 with all Paizo printed material available. :)

So where do we go from here? Jiggy, want to create a caster for a higher level fight? Or should we drop back a few levels and maybe go 6th level all Paizo 2v2? I'd certainly make either a caster or a martial for that particular bout, if Goddity and Avoron were up for another go... Otherwise it might be time to just get the word out to others for recruiting purposes. I'll probably bump the recruitment thread on Monday during Central "business" hours. :)

6 people marked this as a favorite.

There's a lot going on here, and I really wish I had more time to address every part individually. Long story short, you are not a bad GM. You might be a product of a bad game environment... but I'll save that for when I have time to post later.

For right now I want to point you to Kyle Olson's Combat Manager application. It is an initiative and effects (including HP) tracker at heart, but it is also so much more. It is a searchable rules database, a monster/NPC database, has a random treasure roller, etc. Take a look. It has GREATLY sped up all my games. It has a small learning curve so if you have questions just let me know, and I'd be happy to help you through them. You can apply conditions, and subtract HP from multiple characters at once. Also! You can import your Hero Lab portfolios directly into the players tab. This wont' solve all your problems, but it might make some things go a little faster. :)

I'm going to bump this again. We've had two great matches so far, but we'd love to actually fill up a multiple character arena bout! The great thing about this arena is the quickness with which things get resolved. If you have a week to dedicate to posting regularly, you can get a character made and in battle. Come on down and join the fun!!! No experience necessary, and no one will be turned away!!!

Goddity wrote:
Oh hey, you know what would've made a good tactic? Readying an action on your third prep turn.

Like what? Ready an action to...

Goddity wrote:

Does this mean I can look at the spoilers now?

** spoiler omitted **

Club officially started.

I do think Jiggy is absolutely right, that all that was proved here, is that the only way to "overcome" the disparity of caster power is to bring along a high level caster. A deva with Holy Word, certainly, in my mind constitutes a high level caster. So, even though the "martial" won the fight, I still think this arena continues to prove the truth of the C/MD.

The Paladin failed to include the required array of sweet, savory, and spicy dipping sauces for the buffet.

The Paladin hosted a jovial feast to celebrate the turning of the calendar to the new year.

Goddity only:
Yeah, sitting where I'm sitting, I doubt it will work. You never know though. :P

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