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MendedWall12's page

1,635 posts. Alias of Hoary and Wizened.


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Technotrooper wrote:
I have personally reached the "no more rulebooks" stage with Pathfinder. Unchained will probably be my last. I have enough rules to last a long time. I will still continue buying the APs that look interesting but I do wonder if, between 5e and people feeling like they have enough Pathfinder rules, a downturn is inevitable.

I love a lot of what Paizo does, but I reached the "no more rulebooks" stage right before the mythic ruleset came out. I think the last book I purchased was Ultimate Magic. I don't have any doubt in their business model. I'm sure they have intelligent minds looking at the ins and outs of their accounts. What I do doubt is that there will be a book coming out in the near future, that is not a module or AP that I will even think about purchasing. But I'm only one guy, and there are a LOT of gamers out there who might be gobbling up all the new publications.

What Saldiven said... Methinks you might be reading the rules incorrectly?

Ving Rhames unleashes medieval fury. Voice might be a bit deep for an elf, but the elf is dragon blooded. Maybe this is what you aim for after the full transformation?

Edit: Probably Definitely some NSFW language in there. Adult content warning.

Okay I didn't read through everyone's posts so I don't know if this has been said already but there are two ways that I address this. Let me say first off, that I completely agree with @Adagna's ideas, but I still like to reward efforts as story-telling elements, and role-playing a character's speech. Therefore in situations like this, I have, over the years, used two different methods to reward. One I have shamelessly stolen form another roleplaying game that shall remain nameless. It is the "advantage" mechanic. Did the player make a good attempt at a diplomatic speech? Roll 2 d20's and take the higher roll for your check. The other is to just provide a simple circumstance bonus to the roll, based off of the player's attempt at roleplay. Depending on the situation and the player's effort, I've been known to give up to a +5 circumstance bonus onto a roll (though it's normally just a +2). I have even on rare occasions given a circumstance bonus, AND allowed the use of the "advantage" mechanic.

Also wanted to point out that @Jiggy's explanation of the why is right on in my own experience. I still remember playing games from the "red books" and having social interactions be just that, us and the DM talking to each other as if we were the characters/NPCs.

I'm gonna cast a little necromancy on this thread. When I originally paid for and downloaded this book, which I love by the way, it came with a hero lab file. But I recently downloaded the updated version and it no longer has that file as part of it. Did Rogue Genius Games stop providing HL support for this?

So your group are all cunning linguists, but are they master debaters?

When I GM if the PCs are equivocating in any manner, I'll have the NPCs roll a Sense Motive, which immediately requires that the PC rolls a Bluff. So as Nawtyit said, the Bluff check roll is made in response to the Sense Motive roll.

You might want to take a look at Rite Publishing's 101 New Skill Uses. It has a mechanic for just this kind of maneuver. Besides my Core Rulebook, this is the most used book at my table.

Isn't that what this book is for?

I want that metal d20 so bad I can taste iron on my tongue. I'll need to save up for that bad boy though, or put it on my father's day list. :)

Not sure if you're still looking for a good settlement source, but Raging Swan press has a great book called Village Backdrops. It has a few villages all ready to go, with flavor and crunch. Very useful for dropping a complete town anywhere in your fantasy/Pathfinder campaign. They have a free version of the product that has a lot of information, might even be enough for what you're looking for. I've found Raging Swan's material to be of high quality, and would highly recommend it. :)

My 2cp


If it were not to difficult, I would definitely appreciate the new formatting. I don't want it to end up breaking anything that is formatting dependent though, so if that's the case, keeping the old formatting is just fine with me. :)

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Okay, before I comment on any potential Pathfinder movie, I wanted to point out that there were actually three D&D movies.

  • Dungeons and Dragons from 2005 was an absolute abomination. The cartoon from the 80s was better, and it never tried NOT to be cliche and kid-catering.
  • Dungeons and Dragons 2: Wrath of the Dragon God wherein Bruce Payne reprises his role as Damodar. Significantly better than the first. Imho the major drawbacks were special effects, and acting. The story was pretty good, and could have been done a LOT better.
  • Finally Dungeons and Dragons 3: Book of Vile Darkness which I was surprised to see had only a PG-13 rating because there was some pretty blatant nudity and sexual material in it, but that's a different conversation. Of the three, Vile Darkness was by far the best, though, again, the two major drawbacks were acting and special effects.

Now, if someone were going to make a Pathfinder movie, and make it in such a way as to garner a major box office audience, it would have to be done as a great story/screenplay first and foremost, with actors that have proved their stuff in other serious roles, and a budget on par with the LOTR movies.

As others have mentioned, I, as an avid Pathfinder player, and general lover of fantasy movies, don't really see a need for this sort of thing. I get my kicks from LOTR, Hobbit, and other medieval and fantasy themed movies. Frequently, when I'm watching those movies, I put in the mechanics myself. Sweet arrow to the neck at the end of Robin Hood (the one with Russel Crowe)? Called shot to the neck, at twice the range increment of his composite longbow. Then I start thinking about what level his character has to be in order to even have a chance of pulling off that shot.

So you see, any fantasy/medieval movie can be a "Pathfinder" movie. It's all in the eyes of the beholder. This is where I think the producers, directors, and actors of the three D&D movies failed miserably. They were so consumed with making sure the movie properly displayed its gaming roots, that they forgot to just tell a good story.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I find it a little disheartening that you would come to the forums and ask the question: Is it all right if I do something that will be totally fun for both me and my players?

I mean, that's what the game is all about, right? Having fun? If you think it will be fun for them, and you know it will be fun for you, you should never have to ask other people if it's okay. Just do it man! Now, if you thought it would be fun, but it turned into a disaster, then come back to the forums and say: Tried this, it sucked, if your group is like mine, don't duplicate.


Maybe I should start another thread and call it interesting things you can do with floating disks...

Another query: It doesn't seem to me that there is anything preventing a caster from creating more than one floating disk. There's nothing that says you can only have one floating disk at a time, or that if you cast a new floating disk spell the previous one winks out. So then, adding on to my previous scenario, what if a caster, let's say a 4th level wizard, who gets an extra spell of 1st level because of their intelligence modifier, casts four floating disks, and has four of his companions climb on the disks. Then another of his companions, who is also a caster, for the sake of the argument let's assume also 4th level, casts another floating disk, and the previous caster climbs on that one. Then, caster number two directs the spell to the very edge of the spell's range, where it won't wink out, but he is still capable of directing it. Won't the previous caster's disks all close the gap to maintain a 5' distance from their creator? In which case, you could conceivably, especially at higher levels, have an entire party floating on floating disks for lengthy periods of time, since the spell lasts for 1 hour/level...

Unholy Thread Necromancy Direbat-man!

I'd just like to say my bank account is still fully prepared to buy, at minimum, a PDF of a book like this.

Could two casters of level two each cast a Floating Disk and thereby move each other? If caster one directs his floating disk to 10' away, the other caster's disk would try to close the distance to remain within 5', thereby the caster on the other caster's disk would conveniently follow the direction of his own floating disk, on which sat the other caster.

MrSin wrote:
... the cost of a wand of healsticking is relatively trivial ...

That depends on the magic level of the campaign, the generosity of the GM, and the level of the characters. In a lot of the campaigns I've been part of, "trivial" does not describe the cost of healing wands.

To me the "so what" is that healing is a part of the game that is supposed to cost something: a spell slot, a channel energy use, a wand charge, a potion, the cost of a magic item (or the murderhobo-ing necessary to procure said magic item). I realize a feat is a relative cost, and that divine casters, generally, are feat starved classes, but it doesn't change the fact that once you have this feat, it completely gets rid of "the cost" of healing outside of combat.

I get that whether they left it in on purpose or left it in on accident doesn't make that much of a difference. I guess, for me, it's one of those cases where I'd just like to know, for no other reason than morbid curiosity.

Thomas Long 175 wrote:

The only ridiculous thing here is that people think a feat that gives a spell's level in hp and +1 to attack (per the new ruling) when a spell with a specific descriptor is cast is worth a feat slot.

You could literally make this for any spell and I wouldn't consider the new write up of it worth a feat.

Apparently people keep missing the fact that the actual ability as printed in the brand, spanking new Inner Sea Gods book, doesn't say spell level, it says character level. I'll paste in the exact wording of the ability so everyone can see that, for non-PFS play, you are actually healing half the casting character's level in HP.

Inner Sea Gods-italics mine wrote:

Glorious Heat

When you cast divine fire spells, their heat empowers nearby allies.
Prerequisites: Ability to cast divine spells, caster level 5th, worshiper of Sarenrae.
Benefit: Whenever you cast a divine spell with the fire descriptor, choose a single ally within 30 feet that you can see. That ally heals a number of hit points equal to half your level and gains a +1 morale bonus to attack rolls until the end of its next turn.

Cheese or not, outside of PFS (which has changed how the ability works to spell level), this feat, in the hands of a fifth level caster who has the spell Spark prepared, creates the ability to "spam" heal all party damage without wasting any actual resources.

As someone else pointed out, I'd like to know if that was intentional. Especially since two developers comments from three years ago, make it sound very much like they wanted to change it, but were not going to reprint that book, so they didn't. Inner Sea Gods is a new book, just published, and they didn't change it. Which, as I said earlier, gives me pause. Either they allowed it, knowing what benefit it provides to non-PFS players, or they overlooked it entirely and reprinted it with the same mistake.

The Red Mage wrote:
They're releasing an advanced class guide? Cool!

I'm happy to say I realized you were being sarcastic right there. :) Sarcasm is such a great way to point out something's potential or inherent flaws with language that denotes no such problem.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Serum wrote:
Sarrah wrote:

... you read it again
Mark Moreland (Paizo Developer): "Were we to reprint the book, we would change the Glorious Heat feat to grant the fire spell's spell level in healing instead of character level. This keeps unlimited use orisons from being spammed, and 1st level spells from being abused at higher levels. This clarification will appear in the July update to the Pathfinder Society Additional Resources document." Healing#73
Jason Bulmahn (Paizo Developer): "Unlimited healing at the cost of a feat and an orison slot is just too good. This is a fix. It is neither elegant, nor my preferred solution (which would have been to catch this before it went to print, but mistakes do slip through), it is simply a fix for the OP system. This fix will go into official campaign documentation, unless Mark and Hyrum decide that instead a ban is more appropriate."

And then, when they reprinted it in ISG 3 years later... they didn't change to be based on spell level.

This! The Mark Moreland and Jason Bulmahn quotes are from three years ago, where they said they would change it to spell level if they reprinted it, but then they went ahead and reprinted last month and didn't change it.

seebs wrote:
It was. There are Paizo team posts, they're changing that for PFS play and that is effectively a strong recommendation that everyone change it to use spell level instead of half of character level. They don't usually do errata for books they don't plan to reprint, but they are talking about it because this is a pretty serious bug.

I think you may have missed part of the conversation. Glorious Heat was just reprinted in the Inner Sea Gods book. This book just left the printers not too long ago. The only thing that changed from the original Faiths book to ISG is that they added "worshiper of Sarenrae" to the prerequisites. Yes, PFS has changed the way it works, but the "official" (whatever that means) rules say "half character level" healing. They didn't errata it the first time because they don't change books that won't be reprinted, but then they went ahead and reprinted it in a new book without changing it.

andreww wrote:
Mapleswitch wrote:
Jadeite wrote:

The Glorious Heat feat allows a character to heal an ally half his levels in hit points each time he casts a divine spell with the fire descriptor. Spark is an orison with the fire descriptor.

So, for a single feat, a character now has the option to heal his companions for free as long as he has sufficient fine objects to burn.

That should really hurt the wand of CLW market. And now all clerics are pyromaniacs.

Spark is a Level 0 orison. 1/2 times 0 = 0. Yes, you can heal yourself and party for 0 all day long with spark/glorious heat feat combo.

You're totally correct Jadeite. Healing all day long for 0 will really hurt CLW wand market and clerics.

*sighs and rolls eyes*

Read it again. It is healing for half of character level, not spell level.

Yeah, what andreww said.

mysticbelmont wrote:

A wand of continuous cure light wounds will cost 2000 gp (1000gp if you craft it yourself).

For 1000 gp, you have unlimited healing.

You know the adage that floats around the forums occasionally, that the developers put the rules into the hands of intelligent and capable people...

Sometimes I'm not so sure that's true.

DiscOH wrote:

With how cheap wands of infernal healing are, it's not even a good use of feats to pick up this combo.

Yes it works, yes its legal. Anybody who has a problem with it doesn't understand what optimization looks like.

I'd have to disagree with you there, a wand of infernal healing is only going to give six hit points per charge. 1 hp per round x ten rounds in a minute with only one minute of total duration. Getting 300 total hit points worth of healing for 750gp is far less cost effective than gathering together a bunch of fine flammable objects (which nature can usually provide) and getting unlimited healing at 0 cost whenever you want. I can think of a lot of players that have "burned" a feat for a lot less than that.

I realize this thread is both impossible by current science regarding time-space, and probably trollish, but I did want to pop in and say that I have some reservations about the ACG based off of the playtest. I'll reserve my final judgments when I get a look at the completed book in August, but as of right now, I'm leaning heavily towards ignoring it entirely. That, of course, is one of the great things about this game, and one that has already been mentioned. If you don't like something, don't use it; that doesn't mean you should jump on a campaign trail to convince everyone else not to use it too.

Kemedo wrote:
Is it intended that with a talent (Glorious Heat), with strong pre-reqs, bring back the banished 0-Levels Unlimited Heals?

They either put it in the book realizing that it provided unlimited healing outside of combat without having to use any "real" character resources, and didn't care, or they completely forgot that it was broken the first time and never took the time to change the original wording. An important part of the supposed intent, for me anyway, is that they did add the line: "worshiper of Sarenrae" into the prerequisites. It means that at some point someone was looking at the feat, and knew that they needed to add something deity specific to it. Either way it doesn't instill me with a whole lot of confidence.

Alceste008 wrote:
MendedWall12 wrote:
So every cleric that is healing focused will now make sure to worship Sarenrae and get unlimited healing. I can't believe even after they realized this needed to be reworded the first time, they didn't fix it before it went to print in ISG.
They kept the same restriction in the Additional resources document for Inner Sea Gods: "Glorious Heat grants a number of points of healing equal to the spell level, not the caster level (ie. flame strike grants 5 points, while spark grants 0)".

Great, that doesn't change the fact that in the actual pages of the book the Glorious Heat feat says half your level in hit points. Also, the feat doesn't say that you have to keep taking divine caster levels. It just says you need the ability to cast divine spells, and be worshiper of Sarenrae. You could take one level of cleric, and then 4 levels in sorcerer and still be able to abuse this feat. This is something that EVERY table is going to have to houserule according to the predetermined fix. If that's the case, why not just fix it before printing?

So every cleric that is healing focused will now make sure to worship Sarenrae and get unlimited healing. I can't believe even after they realized this needed to be reworded the first time, they didn't fix it before it went to print in ISG.

I really don't mean any disrespect here, and it looks like you're well on your way to achieving your funding but...

  • 1.) A Corpse Token replaces a nicely painted metal miniature on the battlefield. Your nicely painted metal miniatures will never have to be tipped over again!!

  • 2.) Corpse Tokens are flat. So they don't hinder movement on a tactical battlemap.

  • 3.) At a quick glance of the battlefield, player and DM alike can easily tell which characters and monsters are dead or alive.

1. I personally have almost exclusively prepainted plastic miniatures, and tipping them over is far less of a chore than finding an appropriately labeled disc in a different location to replace the miniature.

2. Unless a person can't physically pick up a miniature, movement across a grid map should never be hindered by things that are on the grid map.

3. This is the very reason tipping a miniature over exists. It also easily displays this very same idea.

Again, sorry to rain on anyone's parade, but I just really don't see how these tokens are an improvement on anything.

Good luck!

In my campaigns the naming of weapons has always been based much less on what abilities the weapon has, and much more on what gloriously triumphant epic deeds the weapon helped accomplish.

Things like: Fiendslayer, Bonecrusher, Sunderheart, Mages'-end, etc. Barring that, sometimes players will name a weapon in a way that calls to mind its shape, like Fang for a shortsword or dagger, Dragon'stooth for any long pointy weapon, and so on.

With that in mind I would have zero idea how to name any of the weapons you've listed, because I do not know what mythic deeds they've been a part of.

My 2 cp

Jiggy wrote:
You know how when you open a plastic bottle of soda/water/whatever, there's a little plastic ring left over? Those can make good markers for who's carrying a light source, where an invisible creature is standing, etc. If you collect a variety of colors, you can start using them to keep track of conditions as well.

Mind... blown. I can't believe I didn't think of that, and now that you told me, I think about all those little rings I've just thrown in the recycling bin over the years. D'oh!

+1 to Kolokotroni's advice. It is very sound and balanced advice.

Are you providing a +1 at every even level in addition to the core bonuses at 4, 8, 12, etc.?

If that's the case, I'd start with a ten point buy. If you are removing the 4, 8, 12... bonuses and replacing them with +1 at every even level, I'd start 15 point buy.

My 2cp

If you don't mind parting with some money, I'd direct you to Purple Duck Games Random Encounters Remastered, More Random Encounters Remastered, and Even More Random Counters Remastered. I have all three books and use them quite often. The greatness of these books is that, between the three of them, they cover just about any general terrain out there. In addition there are several encounters built in to each table that are designed to be non-hostile. Like I said, if you have the coin, well worth it, at least from my perspective.

You actually have a semi-working version with a calendar tab?!!! Oh man, if/when that feature arrives, it will mark the day that the only thing Combat Manager doesn't do for me is order the pizza.

LazarX wrote:
Mapleswitch wrote:
I've never heard of the Multiclass Archive Wiki. It is not third party material. I am 95% sure it is PFS legal and want to be 100% sure before I post it.

And I'm absolutely sure that no such thing exists in any material authored by Paizo.

If such a thing were the case, you'd have seen a bunch of "Guide to the Ranger's Eidolon" threads by now.

That's kind of what I thought.

Raymond Lambert wrote:

Mapleswitch, would you please point me to the book for a ranger to get an Eidolon?

I love summonrrs, have 4 of them in PFS but a chance to play a range
with Eidolon would be a nice change of pace. Playing another class would bout be a nice change of pace as I dislike the other classes.

Actually, I'd like to see that too. I didn't know there was a RAW way to get an eidolon as a companion for a ranger. A point towards how that could happen would be appreciated.

Dude... You killed your 8 year old daughter's character?! That's straight up harsh. You really are the MVP of Death. When I play with my kids, who all started playing right around 7 years old, and have now been playing for a few years, I make sure never to kill them. I want them to have as much fun as possible playing this game, so that they keep playing for life. :) I mean, sure, I've dropped a couple of their characters into negative hit points, but I always make sure there's a way to come back. I don't want to criticize the way anyone GM's, to each his own, and if she's having fun then rock on! However, I just can't imagine killing a young adventurer's character.

As to the original question, I'm not familiar with the original material so I can't help there, but, I'm going to actually kind of reiterate what I said above. At this stage in a young player's game, it's all about fun. Especially since it is a true "home" game. If that's what she wants, and you think eidolon is the best way to go about it, have at it! Heck, I wouldn't even make her forgo her spells, I'd just give her an eidolon in place of her animal companion at level 4. It's a home game, and it's your 8 year old daughter. Give her a chimera as an animal companion if you want. :)

Kyle Olson wrote:

Grr. This is something I keep forgetting to fix, even though the players in my own group are getting on my case about it.

Until I get a fix in there is an option. You can manually hide the monsters using the "Hide" option on the monster's action menu. It is not quite the same effect, but it will take the names off of the list.

Okay, I'll definitely use that temporary option to deal with this. Thanks for the hint. :)

Thank you for the great update Kyle. Love the fact that conditions can now show up on the initiative window! Speaking of the initiative window... I have one request, not sure how difficult it would be. I really appreciate the fact that you can hide the names of the monsters in the initiative window. There's just one small problem, the names of the monsters/NPCs still show up at the top of the window in the "Active Character" position. This causes a little trouble with metagame. Example: sometimes I tell the players they are fighting, "fleshy undead." As different kinds of undead have different abilities and such, this requires the characters to either learn by doing, or to make a knowledge check to figure out their enemies' weaknesses. I realize good players are supposed to separate the metagame from the game, but when "Ghast 1" shows up in the "Active Character" window, it makes it very hard for the players to separate those two entities. Is there any way you could hide the names in that part of the initiative window too? Sorry to just bring this up right after such a sweet update. :(

I've watched a couple episodes of Tabletop, it was... mildly entertaining. Can't say as I'd ever put it on my list of "must watch" regular shows. I can say, though, seeing that they've reached the 1 million+ mark, that I will definitely give the new RPG series a look see when it debuts.

It's a long read, but well worth it. Justin Alexander writes a great gaming blog, and has a complete essay on mysteries in rpgs called: The Three Clue Rule. If you are seriously thinking about making this part of your players' adventure a mystery, this essay will be invaluable.

Also, +1 to everything Orfamay Quest said.

wisepeppy wrote:
One thing to remember with touch-range spells is that the touch-attack is a separate action from the casting (though all included within 1 SA). So, the caster (1) casts the spell (which is when a counter spell could be done), and then (2) makes the touch attack. If done together in the same action it provokes two AoOs. After casting a touch-range spell, the caster can "hold the charge" indefinitely, but the spell is already cast, so no longer able to be countered. So, I say, countering a touch range spell is not laughably infeasible.

You've got too many AoOs here. Spells in Combat, emphasis mine wrote:

Many spells have a range of touch. To use these spells, you cast the spell and then touch the subject. In the same round that you cast the spell, you may also touch (or attempt to touch) as a free action. You may take your move before casting the spell, after touching the target, or between casting the spell and touching the target. You can automatically touch one friend or use the spell on yourself, but to touch an opponent, you must succeed on an attack roll.

Touch Attacks: Touching an opponent with a touch spell is considered to be an armed attack and therefore does not provoke attacks of opportunity. The act of casting a spell, however, does provoke an attack of opportunity. Touch attacks come in two types: melee touch attacks and ranged touch attacks. You can score critical hits with either type of attack as long as the spell deals damage. Your opponent's AC against a touch attack does not include any armor bonus, shield bonus, or natural armor bonus. His size modifier, Dexterity modifier, and deflection bonus (if any) all apply normally.

Making those free touch attacks as part of a touch spell does NOT provoke an AoO as it is considered an armed attack.

Edit: Also wanted to say thank you Jiggy for this excellent and concise guide to light and darkness.

Edit 2: Just realized wisepeppy was talking about a ranged-touch spell, in which case there ARE two AoOs. On my first read through I thought he was talking about a regular touch attack, not a ranged touch.

Kyle Olson wrote:

Scratch that, I see it everywhere. Still, feel free to send sample files, I find them very useful.

Sent you a couple files anyway, use if you need them.

Thanks for all your work on this FREE program. I realize the android and ios versions aren't free, but the pc version of this program started and remains free, and I'm to the point now, where I don't think I could actually GM a game without it.

Hexes are defined as "magic tricks," that use up a standard action, but do not provoke an attack of opportunity. Casting spells does provoke. Based purely off of this, I would say a hex is not "cast." It's a pretty semantic argument, but in the case of rules that are, at times, very semantic, judgements must be made based off of little things like this.

Dustin Ashe wrote:
Making binders sounds like a lot of work and extra weight to carry.

Oh, it is, for sure, but you have to balance that with the fact that, when I want to find a pawn, it quite literally takes me a maximum of 20 seconds to locate and get on the table.

Thanks for the great update! I have a small bug, not sure if this has been mentioned before, but with some of the portfolios I import from Hero Lab there's an issue with attacks. For some reason it turns the "x" for the critical multiplier into a little diamond with a question mark in it. Any weapon attack that imports with that mixup won't actually work in the automatic dice roller. When I right click, select roll, select attack, it shows up as an "empty" button. Meaning I can click it, but it doesn't actually do anything except put the character's name into the dice engine. Anybody else have this issue? Is it something I'm doing with Hero Lab?

Okay, thanks all for your insightful answers. :)

So, say a level one caster wanted to make an illusion of a rock slide, between two cliff walls that were no more than 40 ft apart, that would be perfectly feasible?

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