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MMCJawa's page

3,778 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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Troodos wrote:
Why didn't they (Save for Wun Wun of all people/sascwatches) use fire against the wights?

I don't think they had enough time or organization to extensively bring fire to bear against the wights. The wights pretty much overran Hardhome in less than a hour I would guess.

Had they had any sort of area they could realistically hold and defend while they got their stuff together...than yeah they probably would have.

Well Leng exists in Pathfinder, so I sort of just assume Carcosa exists...somewhere...

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For North America, at the top of my list for monsters I would like to see are Raven Mockers, some dragons based on Horned Serpent myths, Water Panthers, and maybe a more horrific monster drawing from the Skinchanger folklore than the current PC race.

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Kirth Gersen wrote:
LazarX wrote:
the way Patrick Stewart did in Dune.
I'm still trying to forget the awful David Lynch rendition. The SyFi channel miniseries was everything the 80s movie should have been and then some.

Wow...I thought I was the only person who actually had that opinion.

James Jacobs wrote:
MMCJawa wrote: that a nod to the B movie "Hell Comes to Frogtown"???
It certainly is!


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hhhmm...I mean the whole idea behind magnetism is pretty tied into science?

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Yeah that was a huge improvement over the prior episodes. Lack of Dorne in this episode certainly helped.

1 person marked this as a favorite. that a nod to the B movie "Hell Comes to Frogtown"???

yeah...the works Carcosa originally figured in are long out of copyright

Zaister wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
I hope they do any soft cover bestiary next year when we will not get a hardcover bestiary. Please be a distant worlds one or one focused on a area of Goarion that is not the Inner Sea.
There is no indication yet whether 2016 will bring a hardcover bestiary or not. That will probably be announced at PaizoCon 2016.

well a hardcover bestiary would appear in the fall 2016 slot, so that is too far out to announce.

although we are getting one this fall.

I don't necessarily have a problem with a lot of the mechanics of the new summoner versus the old summoner...I mostly have a problem in that they took a very freeform game system (eidolons) and straight-jacketed them into very specific types with fixed alignments and only certain options...while not providing a whole lot of variety for those types. At present, a lot of concepts don't function well or elegantly with the new eidolon. For the unchained summoner to really shine, we need not only more types but probably also more outsider/related types to work with.

There actually is a plant monster based on that in one of the Shattered Star AP volume bestiaries...

Kthulhu wrote:
Plus there's the fact that Superman has been active on Supergirl's Earth for over a decade, but neither the Arrow or Flash shows have ever mentioned his existence, even in passing.

Could always have it as an alternative universe, and have Kara cross over through some dimensional portal or something, if they really wanted a cross over while avoiding Superman-level powers in the CW verse

Can we not use this thread/lock it? Beyond the fact that some of the opening stuff in the OP's post was baiting a specific poster, I don't think its helpful to duplicate the Wishlist thread yet again....

Myth Lord wrote:

I'm calling it... Annunaki will be on the cover, seeing everybody being even more happy to see this creature than Chtulu himself.

Rather confused that this creature will be the Diamond in Bestiary 5, as its Science-Fiction.

We have only a small handful of creatures whose name we know and who have had artwork done for...

I just started watching Arrow and Flash...I got to say I have a lot of Faith in Supergirl based on those shows, since the same creative talent are involved.

I am worried how well the show will do on CBS. That station hasn't had a whole lot of genre entertainment, and what they have had is kind of bad (looking at you Extant and Under the Dome). And even though CBS owns part of CW...I am kind of skeptical CBS will allow this show to exist within the Arrow/Flash Universe.

Paizo's version of Book of Vile Darkness would be pretty cool, although if they were going to tie that in with an AP, it would have been probably in the place of Ultimate Intrigue.

Myth Lord wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:

Kind of hoping we finally get some Catfish in this book. Way under-rated as dangerous animals. Would be great to get a Goonch or Candiru swarm in a bestiary.

Wonder how many monsters inspired by movies we will see? The Annunaki already give off a Prometheus vibe, although those guys are sort of inspired from the same source.

No love for Namazu?

Well I was sticking with mundane animals in that post. A Namazu would be cool, but it would be a magical beast I assume.

Kind of hoping we finally get some Catfish in this book. Way under-rated as dangerous animals. Would be great to get a Goonch or Candiru swarm in a bestiary.

Wonder how many monsters inspired by movies we will see? The Annunaki already give off a Prometheus vibe, although those guys are sort of inspired from the same source.

To be fair, my read of the the thread didn't pick up sarcasm, because I have literally come across posts that were dead serious that used similar language.

Dragon78 wrote:
I wonder if we will ever get 0HD races for magical beast, undead, aberrations, and oozes. Also some more plant and monstrous humanoid based ones would be nice.

not impossible but I think Paizo prefers humanoid races (for gear reasons), plus they have a policy of undead = almost always evil, which means a player friendly 0HD undead race will probably never happen.

That episode was great. Also this was not an episode to watch hungry...that cake at the end was outright foodporn

Dragon78 wrote:

1)So what part of Golarion is the sasquatch-like race from?

Mysterious monsters revisited, in their section on Sasquatch, specifically call out a reclusive "half Sasquatch" race as being present in Arcadia. So I am guessing these are the same guys as the new 0HD race.

Wes has said on the product page that we are getting some high CR Fey in this book (as well as some CR 20 plants)

Bestiary 4 seemed like it would be the "Mythic Bestiary", but was really the horror Bestiary after reading through it. So I am curious what the ACTUAL theme of Bestiary 5 is.

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DarthPinkHippo wrote:
Speaking of 0-HD races, are there any that have been published that havent already made it into a bestiary?

Off the top of my head, we still need the Kuru, Triaxians, Skinwalkers, and Shabti in a hardcover bestiary, although not sure if Mummy's Mask made the AP cut off. and Triaxians might be hard to do as setting neutral.

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Barachiel Shina wrote:

Hmm...not really fond of a huge Alien theme. Robots I could use. Mythic monsters are fine as long as they don't overload this book. I thought we got that back in Bestiary 4?

Also not caring about the new "occult monsters" in this, as I have no interest in Occult Adventures. I thought that was the purpose of the Occult Bestiary?

As long as we get more Inevitables and Aeons I'll be happy. Unlike Paizo, I like to run the whole "Law vs Chaos" theme and I can also run some pretty interesting adventures involving Aeons. I just wish I had a big chunk more of Inevitables and Aeons to better run my games with.

I would guess, like mythic, most of the occult monsters can be run without needing Occult Adventures. Personally I am glad we are getting more mythic...I hate abandoned rulesets, and mythic monsters are one of the better things in the system

Evil Midnight Lurker wrote:
I notice the text says "leshi" and not "leshy." Typo or different monster?

huh yeah...maybe this is the Leshi that reflects slavic folklore, versus the previous "plant constructs".

The shores part of Distant Shores may suggest that whatever city they use, it will probably be coastal. That may also narrow down options.

It's too early, and honestly it would be easier to just keep the current wishlist going, and modify the list someone has been compiling...

Deep Ones are listed in the product description?

Presumably there will be some niche differentation, or maybe Skum will be "pure" while Deep Ones will represent the half breeds?

I wonder if Deep Ones will be a 0HD race? IIRC, they are in James Jacobs unpublished post apocalypse game.

Jaelithe wrote:
RDM42 wrote:
Of course then there is the completely ridiculous behavior you see suggested or exhibited by some players if they ever for any reason hear the word 'no' uttered about anything at all?

In my experience, that seems far more common today than it did years ago. Modern players in their teens, twenties and early thirties do, in general—and please note that I said "in general," before anyone gets their panties in a bunch—seem to have much more a sense of misplaced entitlement than their older counterparts.

I know my friends constantly talk about such attitudes amongst our students, so I think something is there. But I also have to wonder how much of it is the "BACK IN MY DAY..." mentality that is sinking in as we have entered our thirties.

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Crystal Frasier wrote:
Ashiel wrote:
Crystal Frasier wrote:

It varies from person to person, but:

1) Most trans people don't want their old name shared, especially without their permissions. To most people, especially women who've transitioned and live fulltime, it is a vulnerability, like sharing their medical information or allergies without their permission.

Is there a place I can find the statistics on this sort of thing?
It was a giant mistake for me to come back into this thread

Hi Crystal,

Let me just say that as a het cis male, I find your contributions in this thread and elsewhere really valuable. I learned a lot about trans people via this thread that I never knew before, and and it has made me aware of viewpoints or considerations I probably would have never thought about before. While I can totally relate to the idea of not spending free time on a thread that may bring up some unfun real life stuff you deal with daily, I do value your views and it has improved my outlook/conception of LGBTQ issues.

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hard for me to take the comment about the lack of LGBT villains, when one of the most iconic villains in Pathfinder is Queen Ileosa.

Joe Wells wrote:
I wonder if there will be overlap with Occult Bestiary.

Doubtful. None of the monsters from the Inner Sea Bestiary have yet to be repeated elsewhere. I doubt they would release two dedicated bestiaries within a year of each other with the same monsters.

the Paizo sneak peak blog has art for the Grays, Annunaki (which look sort of look inspired from the movie Prometheus), Fastachee (from Seminole folklore), Hsingo (flying monkey from Chinese folklore), Dream Dragon and Wood Colossus.

hhmm...the store link says Grim Reaper will be in this one. Maybe I am just getting mixed up?

I'm Thinking it might be Andoran based...although I guess we will find out more today...

Kalindlara wrote:
Actually, they might be reprinting the Grim Reaper from Carrion Crown. It's not a psychopomp (in Pathfinder lore), but a powerful undead creature representing the end of life.

Grim Reaper was in Bestiary 4 actually...I wouldn't put too much faith in judging the book by a temporary cover.

I agree with Sincubus...lets hold off on a new Bestiary thread until the book is released...

Also, occult rules simply means the monsters will use them, not that they will be npcs or anything. For instance, it would not surprise me at all if Grays for instance use the Occult rules.

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Duiker wrote:
My feeling is that it won't be in Cheliax at all, but in Andoran. That the vengeance is the destruction of the nation of freedom.

This would make the most sense. An Andoran-based AP otherwise is kind of hard to run, since so much of the country is stable/good.

yeah I am betting the Dream Dragons will be the new 5 dragon set.

oh jeez...I just noticed the two aliens in the art preview were labeled. So we are definitely getting Grays and also getting Annunaki

Hopefully more info tomorrow, plus I imagine they will have the product page up soonish...

Honestly surprised we are getting a new class so soon after Occult. Wonder when the playtest will start for that, and if its entirely new or an alternate like the Samurai and Ninja

Ultimate Intrigue though is a pretty obvious niche to target however...

Well Sincubus and Dragon78 should be happy...Bestiary 5 confirmed as final RPG hardback!

Dream Dragons! Flying Monkeys! Aliens! More Mythic and Occult content!

oof Brandon does indeed confirm that the paizo folks were referring to the Occult Bestiary that was already announced, and it was a mistake to refer to it as Hardcover.

Carry on, Carry on...

Set wrote:
Kirth Gersen wrote:
(3) On top of that -- and this was the real problem -- Taylor Kitsch has absolutely nowhere near the kind of larger-than-life screen charisma that propels an action-adventure movie franchise.

I also liked the movie, and would have liked it more if they'd gotten someone with some *charm* in the role. Carter was supposed to be a southern gentleman, among other things, and someone able to play that up, like McConaughey (sp?), might have been able to bring that across.

Kitsch seems fine in serious roles, like in Savages, but doesn't really work as a POV/lead character, IMO. Being (for the most part), the only Earth-human on-screen for much of the movie, it was essential that Carter be an approachable engaging sort of personality.

I am honestly really curious on how the Kitsch does in True Detective, since he is one of three main leads for this upcoming season

Dragon78 wrote:
Well regardless if it is a Bestiary 5 or big Occult Bestiary, the fact were getting a hardcover bestiary makes me very happy. Thanks for the info MMCJawa:)

Well I would still express caution here...its possible there was a slip in terminology here and they really are just talking about the Occult Bestiary that we already knew was coming out. Mostly because I don't think they would have two different books named "Occult Bestiary" coming out within a short time frame, so we should probably not read TOO much into offhand comments.

(although looking at the Occult Bestiary thread, some of the comments by Paizo folks do sort of suggest a hardcover bestiary, reading between the lines)

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