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2 people marked this as a favorite.

Lady Vastra, Jenny, and Commander Strax are reoccurring characters in New Who, who first appeared in "A Good Man Goes to War" and have been in several episodes since. Vastra and Strax both owed a debt to the doctor, and hence while they are friendly to him.

I dunno..I think there is a consistent moral and philosophical core to the new series. Perhaps watching a season instead of random episodes here and there would help?

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
The outsider I'd like to see would be "Inner Demons", repressed memory and emotion given physical shape via ectoplasm.

Going with that idea, I actually would really like to see something like the creatures from David Cronenberg's The Brood. Those were pretty creepy takes on that idea.

I am surprised we are not getting more Occult Adventures news, what with Dragoncon an all. I think last year the Arcanist was first announced at Dragoncon, for instance

hhhmm...could we just end up seeing "Psychic" versions of the primal dragons then?

correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the "teams" were focused on development and creating product, but that they editors were shared between them?

You could do a lot of APs in Arcadia without having to deal with themes of colonization and such:

Just thinking about the Arcadia thread on here:

SKY CAPTAINS OF MACHU PICHU (the all caps is important)

Windigo gods: horror AP dealing with themes of desolation and loneliness, where they must venture into the savage Taiga of the North, ultimately facing a ancient and all powerful Windigo that is stirring from it's thousand years of slumber

Battle against the Syrinx: Players deal with increasing problems from resurgent monsters and enemies nations, only to realize taht the real threat is a cabal of Syrinx mages

Something to keep in mind also is that Jason Bulmahn (and other staff?) is currently at Dragoncon, also doing pathfinder stuff.

summoner/alchemist -> artificer like class
Bard/rogue -> spy

2 people marked this as a favorite.

if we do get "psychic constructs", I hope they use the idea of Tulpas. They fit in better with the ideas of this book, compared to say crystal golems or something.

at any rate, ACG: origins would have already been sent off to the printer by now

I thought tonight's episode was way better than the first episode of the season. It's nice to actually have an episode of Capaldi as the doctor for the full thing.

The Indescribable wrote:

Hmm, are there any spells for shoving a persons soul back in their actual decaying flesh?

I'm just wondering if I'd have to research it as a cheap arcane mockery of true resurrection

One of the early Anita Black books actually had a bad guy use that as a method of torture. Yeah...being a thinking feeling being stuck in a rotting shell = NO GOOD

I'll also add that Andoran has a pretty huge impact on the rest of the Inner Sea, and as a progressive good nation on the rise, is likely to be of a lot of use in other campaigns.

Like I could totally see good number of Andoran freedom fighter PCs showing up in Hell's Rebels

I think their has been mention of some sort of panache pool like mechanic for clue what options it will provide (obviously), but we might get some stuff similar to this


I want to see the Books of the Damned style series continued. Chronicles of the Righteous was awesome, and I know Paizo could do a great job with Proteans, Psychopomps, etc.

Major reasons:
Devils and Demons have been done and redone multiple times: at this point I am more interested in seeing how lesser known outsiders like Kytons or Proteans fit into things.

Some of these groups remain poorly known: There are now more types of robot in Pathfinder than their are Proteans, even though Proteans date from 3.5 days and are probably more usable in games than robots.

Many of the outsider groups left to explore would make excellent diety options for players. Just look at all the flexibility in flavor and mechanics now available to players of good alignment. Let the Neutral characters have flavorful demigod options!

More support for different types of campaigns. If I want to do a hellraiser themed campaign, I am still pretty limited in the types of outsiders I can throw out at people. Same goes if I am doing a campaign focused on Chaos eating away at reality, or a Lovecraftian sage about the Old Ones. These books would increase the types of campaigns that could be run without resorting to throwing random demons and devils in.

Come on folks...I know demons are the "safe option", but if Paizo wasn't willing to experiment some, we would have never gotten Rasputin must Die or Iron Gods!

Oddly enough, as someone who prefers "Human Dominant" settings, I actually agree with Orthos. It bothers me that Humans have their superiority built into them, and when people play up how "special" humans are compared to everything else.

I prefer a heavy extraplanar/extraterrestrial element in my settings, so I just roll with Humans being common on certain worlds, while Dwarves dominate others, Lizardfolk are common on these worlds, etc.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The Gillmen might be a special case for Aroden, given that their are hints and strong suggestions that they serve as a sort of Aboleth 5th column/sleeper cell, and the Aboleth are obviously a major enemy of Aroden.

Odraude wrote:

That's a lot more involved than saying it's an unwillingness. Those are genuinely good reasons to meet GenCon releases. Still, that doesn't bode well for Occult Adventures. I have a feeling history will repeat itself and Occult Adventures will be another editing mess due to rushing to meet the new GenCon date. It's a heartbreaking shame to me, because I genuinely like the people that work at Paizo and I really love Pathfinder. But if nothing can or will be done about the editing issues, and if GenCon is going to continue to be the focus of Paizo at the expense of quality control, then maybe it is time to move on.

That really sucks. But I don't want to spend money on a poor quality project. I guess thems the breaks.

Paizo is still in the grips of Gencon recovery phase. I would guess if they make a statement about editing, they are not going to rush one out.

Personally however, I do feel Paizo would be better off if they dropped down some of their production schedule. Every year it seems like sees the release of some extra book (Emerald Spire this year, RotRL Anniversary edition, etc). Seems like reading on the board that there are far far too many times where Paizo devs are working 7 days a week and late into the night to get a product out.

Shrugs. Personally I am more attached to Golarion and the APs than the hardcover rule book line (with the exception of bestiaries). Everything about Iron Gods so far has been awesome, and I hope to be able to resubscribe to the AP line soon, as soon as I stop hemorrhaging cash :(

A lot of the alignment concerns are built into the game to reflect Golarion, which is the sole setting for Pathfinder. It's easier to set defaults in the rules for your setting, than to leave them open or undefined, and have players playing AP's constantly running up against setting constraints that they don't know about.

I watched "The Resurrected" on Netflix last spring, if that helps.

Pathfinder also has the Shabti (Mummy's Mask) and Kuru (Shackles Campaign Setting book)

I would also say Pathfinder has done a bit better on putting all their races in one setting. Yeah some are rare and are mostly found on other world/continents, but with the exception of a few ARG races, they mostly fit in someplace. A lot of 3.5 races get mentioned once, and never brought up again in any other book.

I probably should have mentioned before, but there is a file up on dropbox that is linked here that is an attempt at compiling all the monsters. It's formatted completely differently than your though. If that helps look in April 2014 or so for the link

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Erastil is also implied to be a very very old god, and predating humanity (His natural form could very well be that of a stag-headed humanoid)

In that case, I don't see any issue with him having non-human worshippers, assuming you follow his precepts.

Do we have a Thing expie yet? I know there is some 3pp supplements that have something like that, and I know the D20 Modern has it (as James Jacobs mentions).

Maybe Iron Gods could provide one?

Buri wrote:

The gripe I've seen about the older editions is that they're not actively developed. That's also the big grip about sticking with Pathfinder as it is now if Paizo does a new version. I'm curious how that matters regardless of edition. Have those folks really exhausted all the adventures each system has to offer?

I've been dedicated to Pathfinder for the past 3 years exclusively and lesser so back to beta. I haven't done even half their APs or one off modules and next to none of the PFS seasons.

It makes me scratch my head. Can they only ever have the latest and greatest? That's honestly where I put them mentally, and that's just entitlement to which I give zero credence.

I think part of the issue is that if a system is no longer actively supported, it starts losing presence in game stores, and more and more players (especially new players who were not around when game system X was around) are not interested in playing it. So it become tougher to track down material and tougher to get players.

I think I see complaints here monthly that certain GMs/Players love a certain edition (often 2E or 1E, but even 3.5 as well), but never get to play it because their friends are not interested in that version, or they can't find local players.

Also people just like new gets them excited about the game. Without those new options, people lose interest, which speeds up the problem above. And a lot of players are really only interested in certain classes and themes: they may only be interested in a small subset of the already published material, and want more material closer to what they are interested in.

So yeah, I do think think it's a valid complaint, although perhaps slightly less valid in the age of the internet. I don't see it as player entitlement.

Having seen Contracted and Dead Girl, any STD you get from the undead is way way way worse...

Anyway, not really sure if a real life Necrophiliac would be attracted to a vampire or other undead. I mean a vampire is basically, physical appearance wise, not much different from a human, except they are cold and don't breath. At least part of the appeal from Necrophilia I think is the fact you have a motionless cold lifeless corpse. Vampires might not fill that quality

In other words, I expect "people whose sexual fetish is vampires" would probably be a whole different fetish from Necrophiliacs.

well I just treat it as "future Bestiary" wishlist anyway

"Psychic Warrior"

a combat focused psychic class that uses his abilities to ignore conditions and enhance his speed and strength, and maybe gets special abilities like being able to phase through walls, blindfight, etc

"Life force manipulator/Psychic vampire"

Basically a psychic healer class, that has the ability to manipulate energies to heal, without the use of divine power. Could also redistribute it, using his abilities to drain the energy of enemies or buff himself at another opponents expense


Basically this would be more a prepared caster, something like a divine caster but not reliant on outside powers.

Not sure what else at the moment, but I would be pretty happy if at least one of the above made it in

Yeah...there isn't a single theropod dinosaur that gets anywhere near that big. Just pretend it was some Silurian genetically engineered critter.

I thought the first couple of seasons of BSG were great, but then the series went off the rails and killed whatever goodwill I had for it in the last season

deusvult wrote:

Some scholars argue that the social upheavals in the aftermath of the black death were the crucial impetus that lifted Europe out of the stagnancy dating back to the dark ages.

Kill off enough of Golarion's peasantry and serfs, and the labor will have to be made up by SOMETHING. Magical technologies would be a ready answer for every day applications once there are no longer enough slaves/peasants/serfs to go around to empty all the chamber pots, harvest all the grain, etc.

Although unlike Earth, Golarion is full of non-human creatures which could supplant the human population.

Massive die off of the population just allows Lizardfolk, Goblins, etc to gain back territory.

Yeah but the Yaoguai of myth are more like demons, with loose connections to bears.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

what does disciplining a child have to do with having sex with a vampire in RPGs?

It does make me wish there was a lawful neutral god that was similar to Erastil but maybe took the family values thing a bit far. Don't see it as all being very likely, given that neutral gods tend to be short-changed in demigod options, compared to good or evil gods.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It probably also doesn't help that baby goblins are kept in cages where they are poked and prodded at by adults. Who may or may not regularly feed them, which sometimes results in cannibalism.

Interestingly, the Advanced Race Guide leans really hard on the idea that Hobgoblins, in contrast, are evil almost entirely due to cultural reasons. Something it does do with Orcs and regular goblins by contrast.

The Prophecy for starter, which is an early 80's horror movie featuring a bear mutated by toxic waste....which also happens to bear a bit of similarity to the Yaoguai.

Um...Hungry Flesh I think has been mentioned to be inspired by the 80's Blob remake

Tanniver actually derives from middle-eastern folklore/myth, so it is different.

also not sure if I recall Tuyewara in anything, although I don't even recognize that monster

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Medieval monster and animal illustrations are also pretty fertile to mine for monster ideas:

Old Monster Drawings

I would guess that the last volume involves the PCs retrieving and destroying the contract with house Thrune from the libraries of hell. I think the flavor for Contract Devils state that two copies of all infernal contracts exist, one of which is stored in Hell, and they are only void if both copies are destroyed.

I see a lot of my current concerns about Pathfinder as being potentially addressed in Pathfinder Unchained:

Current problems I see in the rules:

Fighter/Rogue/Monk all need tweaking, as they are a bit low on the power side.

Summoner needs to be reigned in

Wizards are kind of boring, and 9th level casters could really use some reigning in at high levels.

High level combat needs to be streamlined.

Crafting and Stealth rules need a bit of work.

All but Wizards being boring sounds like stuff that is being looked at in the Pathfinder Unchained.

I think you could use the chassis of Pathfinder to build a system for more science fiction settings. There are just a lot of holes right now in the rules that make it difficult. So presumably Advanced Genre/World Building/Ultimate Tech would need to fill those holes.

It would be also nice to have some sort of rules or just advice on how to dial back/up certain elements. I feel a low/no magic space setting and a high magic/high tech setting are going to have very different problems and needs, mechanics wise.

I don't know, the spiritualist (I think that is the one that is ectoplasm focused?) sound pretty cool to me as well.

Yeah...honestly I am already seeing things requested or hypothesized by people that I don't think stand any chance of all of getting changed or changed in the direction people want.

yeah I guess my concern is that by throwing everything into one book, potentially you are diluting the content by not having room for everything else. Since different themes are going to require more work than others.

For instance, I think you legitimately need an entire book to really do a space fantasy setting, since there are tons of system you need to flesh out and build (space travel, starship combat, retooling classes so that they fit in a high tech, gun everywhere setting, maybe races, etc). We just got a 64 page setting book with nothing but technology, and even that was just scratching the surface

Whereas, I think a stone age setting really already has all the systems, items, and even most of the appropriate archetypes, etc built for it. It really in this case requires gm advice and maybe a few revised tables for things like settlements, crafting, etc.

So I guess...if I had my way:

Some sort of Advanced GM Guide/World Building Guide, that extensively covered how GMs could run a pathfinder game in a atypical setting, including new rules systems, etc. This would cover everything, from Stone age to galactic empire

And a series of books that would concentrate on focusing on the more popular and complicated types of setting, and which would be more player option focused.

So, for instance with high tech, The World Building guide would include the ship combat and piloting rules, and some basic ships of different capabilities. But a Space Fantasy Adventures would elaborate on those rules with a wider sampling of ships, and maybe more options to customize them.

Of course I admit that spreading this stuff out over multiple rule books might be a hard sell, but this is a wishlist after all.

I actually think there is enough material there in the OP ideas for multiple hardcover books. Certainly you could do a full book called "Steampunk Adventures" or "Science Fantasy Adventures" or "Post Apocalyptic Adventures"

Personally, I would like to see special archetypes to allow existing classes to "fit" into different settings better. Maybe new classes that fit into the themes *cough*artificer*cough*

Poll 10 random pathfinder players and get them to list 10 things wrong with Pathfinder. My guess is that while that list will overlap in places, there will be enough variance to basically make it impossible for one book to address everyone's problems. Especially since some people will want fixes that completely contradict other people's wants

So yeah...even if the book turns out well, it's still going to disapoint some people.

sunshadow21 wrote:
Also, as far being aggressive is concerned, 4E's problem wasn't ultimately that it was aggressive, it was that the aggressiveness was not well framed and supported by the marketing and PR. 3E was in many ways just as aggressive and was ultimately well received, so packaging very clearly makes a difference. I honestly think that if people had been able to get a fuller glimpse of precisely what was coming with 4E, a lot more people would have been accepting of it, rather than getting a major shock at release. At the very least, more people would have known more clearly it wasn't for them and simply said nothing. 5E could have gotten away with being more bold in the changes, given that the play test gave many people a pretty decent idea of what to expect, making it easier to manage expectations and responses. I can understand to some degree why it wasn't, but it's still a bit of a missed opportunity.

I don't this point I say we are left with "Agree to disagree". To me, WoTC business strategy seems mostly sound, and the lack of announcements on rule updates make sense in the context that they are taking the game slow, and might very well be giving the core material breathing space to get comments before pitching the next round of books. Yes, I think They should have said something at Gencon, but I don't feel it will sink them, especially since DnD has more media clout and can probably get the word out without Gencon about upcoming projects.

Also I think the design goals of 5E were pretty successful. It's a simpler game that manages to incorporate aspects of all editions, and has been packaged in an appealing way that front loads lots of races and classes into a single book.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Guys, can we dial back the edition warring, and accept that some people actually like 3E and Pathfinder, just like some people actually like 5E, 4E, 2E, 1E, etc.

Right now we are flying towards a thread lock...

LazarX wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:
Moffat's first season as show runner wasn't bad, and his second season had some good moments, but overall I wasn't happy with large doses of last season. Especially the enormous retcon of the Doctor not really destroying Gallifrey, or everything with the Trenzalore siege and resolution. The former took one of the most dramatic backstory elements of NuWho and shot it in the face.

Retcons for another series are something to worry about. With Dr. Who it's stock in trade!

And to be honest, it wasn't a retcon... for the bulk of the universe, things happened exactly as they first appeared, what you see as a retcon, I see as a peeling away at another layer of the cosmic onion. The 50th anniversary was by far the best Multi-Doctor episode ever made. And it was a great homage to the original Three Doctors.

A good chunk of the core audience, including me, started with New Who. I know all my friends did, and none of us were terribly happy with that.

While that may not be a huge retcon to you, the "lonely god" was an archetype that drove the last 3 doctors and was an element in practically every episode of New Who. So a "nope, see it didn't really happen!" did not leave us happy.

sunshadow21 wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:

My thinking is that, unlike with 4E, the game plan for this edition is not to gain huge numbers of people who have never played a RPG before, but rather to retain 4E users and earn back fans of earlier editions.

If they can get new people into the hobby, great. But that is not the main goal of the marketing as far as I can tell.

I think they want to keep the brand "viable", in that they are supporting a system, but everything I have heard makes it sound like they might be mostly keeping DnD alive for the purpose of novels, computer games, and other multimedia

That may be, but that does rely on trusting them to pull off the novels, computer games, and other stuff. Aside from Drizzt, which many people don't really associate with D&D directly, they have none of that, and haven't been able to get anything like it going consistently despite more than a decade of trying. So those things fall firmly in the "I'll believe it when I see it" category. Even if any of that is successful, there's no guarantee that success in one area will be based on or bleed over to success in other areas. It's not the best strategy for long term success of the brand. Right now WotC has nothing firm beyond 5E; 5E merely being viable may not be enough if the other projects fall through.

Are you so certain about that? I recall reading in the past that the novel lines + certain video games such as Neverwinter Nights and Baldur's Gate were far far more profitable many times than the actual DND lines. I don't know what the state is currently, but it doesn't seem like a bad policy.

Also, WoTC doesn't need to make 5E an amazing hit that brings in millions of new gamers. Their bread and butter are card games; Hasbro doesn't actually care that much about the DnD portion, other than owning the DnD IP.

IF 5E is a relatively solid product that makes more money than it costs to develop, I think WoTC will be happy. Tabletop RPG's are a niche long as it does well in that market, I would consider it a success

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