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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Hudax wrote:
Quark Blast wrote:
I submit that some people are unable to capitalize on a college education.

I won't argue with that. But they won't qualify. There are grade requirements.

Hudax's hand waving allusions to Plato aside (Yes, Plato! That scion of Antiquities who promoted education for men, and only men, and upper class men at that - LOL ;D with Tears).

It was ancient Greece--a patriarchal slave-based economy. What did you expect him to think?

Thankfully Plato's treatise on "Rich White Dudes" did not stand the test of time.

It is when you attribute concepts to Plato that aren't there in the least.

I didn't attribute anything to anyone. You're adding your own subtext to my words.

And as MMCJawa so helpfully points out, we have in effect already performed the educate everybody experiment and it hasn't shown obvious positive benefits on the whole.

I think MMCJawa meant all the concerns people have in this thread that "might" happen, already happened a long time ago. So the worry is over nothing. 4 year degrees are already devalued, and free 2 year degrees would be "blue on black."

Exactly. I don't think the free community college plan will worsen education or cheapen the value of the degree. Only think it will do is lesson the amount of debt people have from going to school, which is a very good thing.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Captain Olivia Quinn wrote:

First of all, yes I intentionally put this in this forum, because what prompted this question is...

** spoiler omitted **

So, that said I wanted to see how others view Earth within the Pathfinder campaign setting. Are dwarves and such among us and we just don't know it (Is Verne Troyer really a halfling or maybe a gnome?) or did they all leave in the past... or are they died out... were they never here?

When you see a gorgeous woman with her hair dyed blue... how do you really know it's dyed, and not her natural hair color since she's a Musetouched aasimar? Do we just assume it's dyed because humans don't have blue hair and she is obviously human?

The way I see it I think is that they are here... but magic and such is so rare nowadays that we don't really see them beyond just being humans and the few that know they are not human generally keep that to themselves. So maybe Verne Troyer IS a gnome. Witchcraft and such really does work, for those that truly believe (and let's face it... most of us as much as we want to, we really don't)

My guess/preference is that they died out, although perhaps a few vestiges remain in hidden parts of the planet. Fits in well if Pathfinder is actually PulpEarth. Lost races were a major element of fiction in early pulps

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

So...after reading this over and digesting it more, I have a few thoughts.

First...I like to consider myself fairly familiar with the US education System, as I earned my PhD last year and have witnessed the higher education at four different schools, ranging from community college to big state university.

Also, a lot of stuff that has come up in this thread has basically been discussed over and over again with my friends.

First off, for those who think that free community college will somehow "cheapen" degrees, you are too late. Easy access to college loan has would already do this. Schools don't care where their money comes from, and there is a heavy push to give students the maximum aid they are eligible via loans. Since the loans are not something people need to worry about until they are done with school, people head off to college with little worry about what they will pursue for their career. The only difference between the free community college proposal and today's loan situation is that under the former, some people may realize that higher education is not for them, and get out without owing money; people who do go one get a slightly lesser debt load.

My experience on both sides of the teacher-student divide has shown that their isn't much pressure on departments to raise graduation rates and class acceptance rates. Doing so lowers a schools reputation, and from a income viewpoint the school will still make money. More on this later.

For those who worry that college will be seen as "high school +", again this attitude is already present. There is a significant component of college students who only enroll because everyone else does, or because the parents expect it. I think its debatable how much this cheapens education...some people will go on and make use of that degree, some won't. Again, this attitude is already present.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Quark Blast wrote:
Kelsey Arwen MacAilbert wrote:
So, we have more interest in not bumping an F to a C.

What about a "D+" to a "C"?

Also, any professor who uses multiple guess for testing is, outside of testing for jargon comprehension or conditions where the real learning presupposes a certain amount of wrote knowledge, a failed teacher.

Multiple choice gets used a lot (although usually paired with an essay portion) in my experience because doing an essay or short answer only testing isn't practical for classes with something like 90+ students.

Very few of the classes I took in the sciences completely relied upon multiple choice, but often they did include a subset. And honestly, unless its a complex question, MSC usually is just as viable as short answer or essay.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Freehold DM wrote:
Quark Blast wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
you are seriously building an argument based on hours spent going through

As opposed to what?

Srsly pretending to dialog with someone by occasionally sniping at their posts?

...taking several minutes to page through Freeholds posts...

Oop! Never mind. Answered my own question.

this is a messageboard,not a real time chat, so dialogues are going to be badly broken up by the time someone has to respond to a query, sniping or not.

The original question regarding taking seriously with respect to the viability of a program on the part of the US government to provide (sorta kinda)free community college for some (I won't pretend all) remains. If you are honestly putting those two on the same level, maybe I was wrong about what I said earlier.

Rate my professors isn't a great measure of a teacher's ability. Students that in general do poor in a class (because they don't study, don't come to class, etc) often get angry when they don't do well, and of course blame it on everyone else. And some students will mark a professor favorably IF the teacher is super easy, not necessarily good.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I'm sure he has goals, but until we get a deity article about him in a adventure path, I doubt we will seem him fleshed out more.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Retiring Spiderman, Batman, and Superman really is not going to bring in new readers who have never read a comic before. It may get some new readers from other lines, although whether or not they offset people who rage-quit when there favorite character disapears, I don't know.

If people talk about Iron-Man or Guardians of the Galaxy, it's mostly because they were successful movies that appealed to the non-comic reading community

From all I have seen, comic books are just a hard sell to a lot of people. I don't see how retiring known and popular characters somehow ENCOURAGES more people to buy into the medium

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
xavier c wrote:
Do you think the people of Golarion use magic for sexual purposes. Such as spells or Potions that create effects similar to viagra or increase sexual pleasure.or Summoners using there eidolons as sexual partners or How do feel about that.

Sure but probably only among magic-users and the rich (and brothels that cater to those groups). I doubt common folk really have the finances to spend on those purposes.

I could even see it as being a sore spot between the have's and have nots. Ooh...look at the decadent nobles, who are blowing there money on magical sex toys, while we struggle to eat every night or keep the farm up and running.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
archmagi1 wrote: jpg

Casmaron on this map is mostly a sea , then an avistan sized peninsula and a narrow chute e and n of the sea. Assuming the s most tip of casmaron that juts into the sea is vudra.

Land area wise this still looks pretty large, and larger than Avistan. In fact, I would say the area north of that lake and to the east is probably equivalent in land area to Avistan proper. It's not as big as, say...Tian, but larger than the Inner Sea region.

And yeah, I think we should consider all these unmapped continents as only "rough sketches" until we actually get gazeteers

I don't think Vudra is necessarily the southern tip of that continent, but probably starts further north.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
LMPjr007 wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:
Stuff for Horror/Intrigue focused games
Hello? Maybe you might have missed these.

I didn't say there weren't 3pp covering this, just that this is an area that could use more development in Pathfinder in general.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Wonder what map that is...the ones I am seeing floating around on google images seem to indicate that Casmaron is far larger than the Inner Sea region.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Goblins are called out as often inventing gods, sometimes treating an oddly shaped rock as a diety to be venerated.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I kind of agree a bit with the oversaturated thing. There is a LOT of material out there, and a lot of producers of 3pp material tend to work in areas which overlap with other 3rd party products. Which means we get a lot of rules sets and classes which are subsequently orphaned or ignored and reinvented by other companies.

As far as products I want to see, I look for material that is well supported by a company or shows promise of future support. I want to see niche areas, which either won't be heavily covered by Pathfinder, if covered at all, fringe themes, rule sets covering non-traditional settings. And I want material that I can easily slot into other fantasy worlds.

Examples of products I feel fall into this:

Dreamscarred Press coverage of Psionics, which fills a empty niche in Pathfinder, Rite Publishing's Kaidan setting materials, which introduces a lot of options appropriate for campaigns which incorporate elements from the Far East, or Alluria Publishing's Cerulean Seas setting, which focuses on undersea adventuring

Stuff I feel that is still pretty wide open:

Technology and Science fiction materials

Stuff for Horror/Intrigue focused games

Monsters (always room for more monsters)

Non Western European fantasy

Uncommon but established races

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

My understanding is that Sony owns the rights to anything "Spider-x". Marvel can't even use Spider-woman, even though she doesn't have a whole lot to do with Peter Parker's Spider-man

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
captain yesterday wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:
I wonder if the Vercites have the tech to fix and maintain Android foundries. While my general feeling was that Androffa tech is still far ahead of Verces,the Vercites probably are still far enough along to back-engineer Androffan tech.
they can't be that far behind Androffa, with a big f%!$ing space ship port and all:-p

They don't have interstellar travel capabilities...I believe it's been stated that Vercites haven't really explored or had much contact with worlds farther out than Eox or closer in than Akiton.

I assume Androffa is more advanced, if only because descriptions of their ship technology suggests they are more sophisticated than Verces.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Cheliax is still a human dominated nation "run" by mortals, even if the devils are the real puppet masters and deviils are used to augment Cheliaxian armies. I think Celestials would probably attempt to counter that influence in the same manner...helping support mortal opponents. For all we know, Andoran might very well be part of the Celestial master plan in dealing with Cheliax.

There is probably a better argument for angles invading the Worldwound, but even then the worldwound was opened up by a mortal. I imagine that is the reason why they have not more overtly intervened.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I wonder if the Vercites have the tech to fix and maintain Android foundries. While my general feeling was that Androffa tech is still far ahead of Verces,the Vercites probably are still far enough along to back-engineer Androffan tech.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Ms. Pleiades wrote:

"Beast Folk of Golarion" perhaps? Give options for Ratfolk, Catfolk, Lizardfolk, Gnolls, Tengu and Kitsune? I suggest a broader span of races because outside of core, people tend to have a few personal favorites, and by appealing to a broader demographic of its customers, Paizo would be getting better business from its investment into such a product.

Plus, ratfolk and gnolls are kinda soft spots for me :)

I would rather we not go beyond three races for such a book. Otherwise we end up with a couple of pages of material, which would be disappointing for people who might only be interested in one or two races in the book

I'd suggest theming them a bit more narrowly, like a book that just has the "avian" races, like Tengu, Strix, and Syrinx.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

So what do we know already about Casmaron?

A good chunk of the continent is dominated by the Kelesh Empire and Vudra

Presumably there are various satrapies of the former, who would have their own "entry" in any gazeteer.

Other nations previously mentioned are Kaladay (founded by Tiens), Iobaria (which has been pretty well described already), Karash (ruled by horselords), and Vudra (which is the "Indian subcontinent" of Golarion).

There are also the Windswept Wastes, which are quasi-autonomous, and Iblydos, which once was the seat of a massive empire, but which I an uncertain still exists in some form or not. (I think it does, although obviously confined only to its original archipelago of islands).

Finally there are multiple lost empires, with Ninshabur probably the most well known, and is now only populated by undead (maybe?). Other known lost nations/city-states include Kaskari and Yenchabur.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
revaar wrote:
Orfamay Quest wrote:
revaar wrote:
I imagine that any culture that commonly eats bread and meat, of any sort, will lead to the making of sandwiches or wraps, as a means of making food more transportable and less messy.

The problem with this "imagining" is that it's demonstrably untrue, in the medium term.

The invention of the "sandwich" is well-documented (17th-18th century) Standard medieval fare included a "trencher" (a slice of bread under meat -- to bulk out the meal, to sop up juices, and to act as a sort of plate -- but dishes like the Dutch belegde brodje, which is basically an open-faced sandwich, were unfamiliar enough to the English that they needed to be explained by travellers to the the Netherlands.

Similarly, the hot dog bun is fairly reliably dated to the 1904 World's Fair.

Of course, the English had been eating pies for centuries. But it's surprising how obvious-in-retrospect inventions seem to take forever. Wheels on luggage date to 1970. (The rollaboard to 1987.) Popsicles date to 1905. The ice cream cone (ice cream in an edible dish) also dates to 1904, at the same World's Fair that gave us the hot dog bun.

Goodness, pre-sliced bread dates to 1928. So when they say "the greatest invention since sliced bread," they're really only talking about an eighty year period.

That historical information about when people stated putting things on bread actually sort of proves my point. Here on earth, we only have about 5515 years of recorded history(going back to the beginnings of Sumeria and Egypt, around 3500 BC). On Golarion, they have around 8185, with the current year being 4715 AR, and the age of Destiny (aka founding of Osirion) being in -3470 AR. That's a 2600 year of development that they have on us. While we've only had Hot Dog Buns for 100 or so year, they may have had them for 2100.

yeah but even with written history, there is so much we don't know in our own timeline. I am sure there have been enough natural disasters, invasions, undead plagues, etc in that interim (probably more, since magic), given many opportunities for valuable hot dog technology to be lost

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
LazarX wrote:
havoc xiii wrote:
They'd also have to deal with the Rahadoumi this is exactly what they oppose. Gods and divine entities overstepping their bounds.
The gods don't seem to be going the invasion route with Rahadoumi, choosing the subtler route of blighting their lands instead.

yeah, my understanding is the lack of divine magic is what is hurting the region, not the gods directly.

Also outsiders in general seem to value Rahadoum, and consider the area a good neutral meeting ground when they need to parlay with outsiders of opposing alignment or agendas.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Yazata = Azata. They dropped the "Y" first letter to keep it so that all the good outsider races kept the "start with a A" trend.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Kaelan Ashenveil wrote:
Always thought the evil part of being undead, especially vampires and liches, was the part where lives of humans stop mattering because they're going to die before you anyway. I know elves longevity screws with this theory, but if you know Billy is going to die in three blinks what does it matter if you change it to two?

At least in Golarion, the rituals required to become a lich are unique to each lich, but all involve pretty heinous rituals or ingredients. So just the attempt would be enough to ping you toward evil. At least some liches shift back more to neutrality if given enough time and enough focus on relatively esoteric/nonharmful research.

I think with ghouls and vampires, its less about longevity and more about increasingly viewing humans and demihumans as prey/food. When a person starts becoming an object to be consumed, it's hard to worry too much about their feelings. The longevity issue just magnifies it.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

that doesn't really jive with things. I thought I recall from Iron Man that Tony was too young to run the company, which is why Stane was put in charge of the company until he came to age.

My guess is that they probably retconned Howard Stark death as back in the 70's. Note that the whole MCU thing wasn't really thought out for the First Iron Man movie, so I don't think there was concern for dates or how Howard fit into Captain America.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Personally, unless the robotic parts are designed to work with dead flesh and bone (which is sort of what I assumed for the bone sages), I would probably not have cybernetics of a living creature still function correctly on a "normal" undead. If it was important for that to do for the monster design, I would probably just go ahead and create a new monster (to be honest, cyber-zombies and stuff like that feel like they should be more unique)

There might be general exceptions to this however. For instance, I could see cybernetics being part of or the primary component of a Grave knight's armor. And the more human-like a undead is, the more likely i would be okay with some cybernetics still functioning (makes more sense for a vampire than say a skeleton in my head)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I think it's fine...a lot of male professionals nowadays put off starting a family until their 50's and 60's. As long as Mrs Stark is a younger woman it works (and if anyone is going to have a wife significantly younger than him, its going to be rich playboy).

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Yeah Mythic is a great way to augment bad guys, but on the player side of things I think the relative power of tiers was way underestimated. 1 or 2 tiers doesn't seem to bad, but more than that and it accelerates all the inherent problems of high level play, such rocket tag.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I figured that Androffa would end up being one of James Jacobs pet campaign settings. Although I was guessing it would be the setting of his post apocalyptic game.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I am pretty doubtful we will see much more player option support for Mythic from Paizo.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
thejeff wrote:
Fergurg wrote:

Another though I thunk while thinking was that the gaming community has traditionally been the outcast boys who didn't have the social skills to talk to girls. The boys whose very presence makes the girls ill. Yes, more people in the community is good, and opening up the community is also good, but that isn't what is happening; it's not just a "We want to play with you," but a "We want to play with what you have, and you need to leave."

That's going to cause bitterness, hostility, and opposition from the people who feel, with some justification, that their last refuge is being taken from them - by the very gender that they were seeking refuge from.

Yeah. Grow up and get over it.

There's a difference between not having the social skills to talk to girls and being offensively creepy - pawing at them, crudely hitting on anyone who stays close enough long enough, raping their characters etc.
Those people can go.

The rest can stay. I was pretty low on the social skills scale, back in the day, and I was damn happy to find girls with the same interests that I could interact with.

I can't agree with this more. I suffer from social anxiety disorder and suffer extreme shyness and awkwardness around the opposite sex. I don't see how making gaming environments more friendly towards women is some sort of burden for men, nor do I see "increase women participation" and "increase the number of gamers in general" are mutually exclusive ideas

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I am going to guess that Leviathan will be the portion of Hydra that infected the USSR. Given the time period, it would make sense to have SSR's major enemy tie into the cold war.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Freehold DM wrote:
that's not syfys fault, it's the company that owns them giving them the short end of the financial stick constantly. BSG remains an amazing show, as does warehouse 13, haven, and a number of their other shows that they did in house or mostly in house. Their bad movies are campy as hell, but have dedicated fans- the week the sharknado sequel was being filmed i was late to the second job just about every day. Syfy does good stuff, it's that they do not own themselves that is the problem along with the elitists among fans throwing them under the bus.

Um...I don't see a difference? The management dictates the programming, so the two are not separate entities.

Anyway, my source for the above statement was this:

Syfy basically admits they screwed up

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

The Midgard campaign setting also has PC friendly minotaur stats for Pathfinder.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

IIRC, celestials became directly involved in halting the Qlippoth planar rupture over in Tien Xia. So there is that.

But my guess is that most celestials would prefer helping or supporting mortals, and letting them do the heavy work. Same goes for a lot of fiends as well.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I think "The Expanse" is meant to be their flagship for actually becoming a recognizable science fiction cable station. SyFy management has not been exactly thrilled that other networks have been producing genre shows that have been killing it in the ratings, while they are known for bad original movies and wrestling.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Cthulhudrew wrote:
KahnyaGnorc wrote:
In Winter Soldier, Peggy said in a documentary that Cap saved her future husband in the same mission that they lost Bucky iirc.

That's right! I forgot about that. Probably one of the Howling Commandos, then.

Still, I hope that any of that gets tabled for this series.

Or just a soldier attached to that division. IIRC, Captain didn't just save the guys who ended up becoming the Howling Commandos. I recall there being a decent number of other POWs present

Also why I don't think Sousa is the future Mr. Carter, since he apparently was a soldier in the Pacific theater

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

someone at io9 suggested that the Ballerina might be a graduate of the same Russian program that eventually would go on to produce Black Widow. Would make sense...apparently we are going to get some backstory for Natasha in the next Avengers movie.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Is Vudra considered part of Casmaron, or is it sort of it's own separate continent?

I.E. if a gazetteer for Casmaron were ever done, would Vudra be in it, or would it be its own thing?

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Celestials also have the edge in that the different alignments of good outsider closely collaborate with one another to deal with evil. IN contrast, Demons, Daemons, and devils don't really get along that well together, even if there is nothing as extreme as the blood war going on. For that matter, Demons in generally really don't collaborate well, and their alliances tend to fall apart.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Adam B. 135 wrote:

Also, neutral and good lumberjacks in Andoran are often charmed away from home by Dryads and made to attack their coworkers for daring to make a living on lumber. You know, that thing that is needed to make houses for their village. So maybe not every person who cuts down a dryad tree is evil.

In this case, the lumberjacks really are operating as "soldiers" in a war between the fey and the Andoran Lumber consortium (who are not portrayed as good guys in Pathfinder material).

You basically have guys who are destroying your home...I think its fair to fight back

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Jester David wrote:

The catch is Paizo has been expanding a LOT in the past five years, really increasing their production. Monthly Player Companions, five hardcovers a year, and more. I've heard comparisons to TSR in it's peak. Having done the numbers myself, Paizo is comparable in terms of RPG books, even if you include the Realms and campaign settings (it does fall behind when you consider the magazines though).
That amount of product is fine when you're the only game in town or are a growing game. But it gets harder when you have competition. Let alone as a mature game, that is finding it harder and harder to produce content. Pathfinder's at the point where continuing as is would be tricky at the best of times, let alone with strong competition.

I just don't see Pathfinder being sustainable. Not with the content already available. Even if 5e tanks PF might drop in sales as fans reach saturation. We're at the point when a "Pathfinder Revised" is starting to seem appealing, but that's a super risky gamble at this moment.

Paizo might need to cut back their RPG department or segue into other products. They could do good business selling 3rd Party Golarion products for 5e, such as monster books and accessories. Conversion PDFs for their APs might also sell well. I think they're well on the way to being "the Golarion company" that also happens to sell an RPG.

I think The Paizo big wigs have stated that the core rules are still selling strongly (I think its been said that the core rulebook has sold more copies every year than the year before, or something like that). I think there are still legs left on the system, although I personally would prefer the release schedule to slow down a bit (I just can't even remotely keep up anymore)

While a 2nd edition might be ever more closer, I don't foresee them ever going back to producing 3rd party content for WoTC. Such a move would probably require a huge downsizing that would purge most of the staff. And I am still not sure whether 5E is going to necessitate such a change.

I am glad 5E exists, but I rather would have both brands going strong, than one extinguishing the other. Personally I am glad that both systems fill different needs and really don't compete.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Purple Dragon Knight wrote:
Sure but a big meh. It's now obvious that the guy with crutches is gonna be her boyfriend.

I think they are intentionally setting up the audience to expect that

My evidence-less hunch is that Sousa is either going to turn traitor to get his leg back (Leviathan probably has the capabilities), or has been a double agent the whole time.

I think Carter's future husband is going to end up being the other young agent in the SSR, who will be much more supportive once Carter "proves herself".

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

My own idea is that dragons can fly (and truly "giant" giants can exist) because they are not mortal creatures which evolved, but rather divine offspring of primal creatures akin to gods. Mundane physics just doesn't apply to them.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Spiral_Ninja wrote:

Given that he was later shown to be one of the bad guys (not sure if he was Leviathan or just a crook) he probably didn't want the attention. He might have been planning some form of revenge, but it most likely wouldn't have been using cops.

I think you are mixing him up with another character. He was never shown as a bad guy, and was only seen in the couple of scenes in the diner

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Stereofm wrote:

Said in another manneer : escapist fantasy is okay with me too, but not at the expense of the believability of the story.

The other extreme is just as bad for me as well : "misery porn" is not really my cup of tea either : the heroes must shine. But I find they shine better when they crush the real evil guys, not the orc who stole the pie.

Some of that gets into knowing your audience. I think you can run games involving moral quandaries involving things like homophobia, racism, and sexism, but you should have an idea of how the Players might react. You can't blame someone who might deal with sexism on a daily basis not to be thrilled about having her character deal with it within a game. And I don't think those three isms need to be the go to trope to make a villain vile.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Irontruth wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:
Well...there are bacteria out there that can grow on nuclear reactor cores. There are also bacteria living in rock pore space miles under the earth. So even a total nuclear war wouldn't render the planet completely lifeless technically. (and a nuclear war of that magnitude seems rather unlikely now)

The question is more "what would destroy human life?"

Neat as bacteria is, very little of it qualifies as "human life". (Though it is highly important to our survival and function as a species)

I was responding to the poster who talked about life in general, not human life

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
GreyWolfLord wrote:

I'm not a scientist...putting that disclaimer out there so you know I get my information from those science shows on PBS and other things as well...

But...I was always under the belief that total nuclear war would wipe us all out. the radiation clouds would eventually end all life on earth. At least that's what I was led to think (and the basic premise for on the Beach as well...a very depressing novel).

I was also under the impression that you need at least 50 for the genetic variability in order to repopulate, otherwise, with less genetic differences, the race dies out eventually?

Well...there are bacteria out there that can grow on nuclear reactor cores. There are also bacteria living in rock pore space miles under the earth. So even a total nuclear war wouldn't render the planet completely lifeless technically. (and a nuclear war of that magnitude seems rather unlikely now)

As for population size, some of that is going to depend on how genetically diverse your founder population is, generation time, and whether they had the misfortune to get stuck with a lot of "bad genes" The population of Northern Elephant Seals was reduced down to 20 animals through overhunting, but there made an awesome recovery and now number something like 150,000 animals. It's possible that the genetic bottleneck they went to might hurt them in the future, or reduce their change of adaptation to changing environments, but it doesn't appear to have hurt them much in the last hundred years.

Of course the smaller and more scattered your population are, the more likely they are to go extinct, via environmental change, disease, competition, or just bad luck. That is why there is such a emphasis in conservation biology nowadays at trying to create habitat corridors to link isolated refuges together, so the populations are less vulnerable to stochastic change. So while there might be survivors of a nuclear war, those populations may end up fading away in a hundred years or so

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Having seen the third movie (finally) last week, I honestly think it was probably the weakest of the three movies

I really liked An Unexpected Journey. The Desolation of Smaug was undercut by extended action sequences that rendered the orcs and Smaug as incompetant (barrel chase and Smaug's dwarf hunt).

The Battle of 5 armies just seemed...poorly put together. First, I still stand by my thoughts on on the second movie, and the death of Smaug should been how the movie ended.

Secondly, it seemed...rushed. You could easily ground Thorin's gold sickness by developing his backstory with Dain and playing up the siege of Thorin by elves and men. Also the elf gems and the fate of Bard were just left hanging.

Legolas should really have been only and extra in this movie. Tauriel should have taken down Bolg. To make a big deal about adding a strong female character, only to have her be rescued by Legolas was lame. If anything, if Tauriel should have rescued Legolas.

The CGI seemed worse than the original trilogy, especially the Trolls. Not sure if it was because I saw it in 2D and not 3D, but it was.

Their was also the inclusion of tons of unneeded details. I rolled my eyes every time the cowardly human lackey showed up on screen.

Oh least I got to see Werewyrms and hobgoblins?

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although I don't see having the opportunity to run Iron Gods in the near future, I would absolutely allow psionics.

In my own head canon, Psionics is basically sci-fi magic and the development of technologically advanced cultures. So within Golarion, Psionics would really only be found in Numeria and then probably Verces and perhaps a few other worlds such as Eox or the asteroid belt that my mind draws a blank on.

So for Numeria, Psionics is a local tradition that was probably spread by crash survivors, and really hasn't spread much beyond country. So a PC character with heritage from Numeria would be allowed to wield it.

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UnArcaneElection wrote:

^Golarion already does have Pahmet Dwarves in Osirion, although I don't know how much they are fleshed out, or in which supplement(s).

There are also variant dwarf cultures in the Mwangi expanse as well, but I don't think much has been done with them.

Dwarves also exist in the Crown of the World, but no clue how much they vary from the more southern dwarves

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