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When you have Gods who can empirically be proven to be real, whose alignment can be empirically can be proven to be good, and who actively promulgate their views via their clergy, It shouldn't a surprise that Golarion has less a history of gender/sex/racial discrimination.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:
Yeah...back before they got their own studio to make movies, they sold off a ton of rights. A lot of them have clauses where basically if a movie isn't done with the property in X-amount of time, they revert back, which happened with the hulk and I think a few other properties. They have also bought back a few.

There was a so awful its amazing 1994 fantastic four movie done at one point on a 10,000 dollar budget just to keep the rights. There's no reason they wouldn't do that with the different spiderman/x men movies.

I don't think they can pull a fast one like that nowadays. For starters, I believe most of the contracts they have do have a clause that says "X studio can't release a movie that would hurt the comics brand". Marvel in the past hasn't really pulled that trigger; Although there have been some crappy movies, they have all been major theatrical releases and not really so bad as to hurt the Marvel brand. There's also a good faith clause built in there. I think if someone tried to pull something off like that nowadays, Disney's legal team would annihilate them. Something like that is going on right now with Hasbro trying to reclaim the movie rights to DnD.

Purple Dragon Knight wrote:
SeeDarkly_X wrote:
Purple Dragon Knight wrote:
GreyWolfLord wrote:
25 moments in history

8/25 answers the question about Quicksilver being in both X-Men and MCU...

No. 8/25 does not have anything to do with the MCU. 25 Moments is Fox's fictional supplement to the X-men movie franchise alone. The two characters in each story are completely unrelated and will never exist in the same continuity.

I heard the Quicksilver that's on 8/25 *does* show up in the movie, but apparently it's one the briefest appearance for a character known to mankind. The rumor is that it has literally been shoe-horned into the movie. I also heard rumors that a lot of people at the top are staring at this movie in disbelief: they own the X-Men rights, have tons of great actors on the cast, but they managed to screw things up massively on this one. Those same people are looking at Captain America (a guy with minor visible powers at best) and throwing fits of rage not understanding how it's making SO MUCH MONEY.

I have a hint for those people: if you're gonna make a superhero movie, stay close to the source material. Days of Future Past is perhaps one of the best, hands down comic story ever written. How about you do it right and think less of breakfast sandwiches and poolside views...

I am confused on what you are getting at. Quicksilver is definitely in the Age of Ultron, but has a completely different origin from the X-men universe Quicksilver and is played by a different actor. Given that the X-men/mutants are not part of MCU, why would you think the X-men version of Quicksilver would be in the MCU, even as an additional weird cameo?

What GreyWolfLord said.

I like reading them, but mostly for the support articles on deities, new monsters, gazetteers on locations, etc. The earlier entries are definitely easier to read than the later ones; I always feel that the 6th volume comes across as disjointed, between having to put in large statblocks and a reduction in thematically appropriate high CR challenges, leading to inclusion of enemies and monsters that sometimes don't fit the rest of the AP.

Kirth Gersen wrote:
thejeff wrote:
Isn't that always true of any lawsuit? Anyone suing for money has that motivation to be fabricating the accusation. How much weight should that be given in court?

If there are corroborating witnesses, other accusers with less to gain, the possibility of obtaining other evidence, etc.? Not so much. If only one accuser, no witnesses, and no chance of obtaining any evidence at all? Maybe somewhat more so.

Granted, the fact that I hope the thing being accused didn't happen, in a sane world, might be coloring my thinking a bit... but I hope some logic is still there.

EDIT: I'm contrasting with the accusations against unnamed Hollywood "power players" from Corey Feldman not too long ago, about which a lot of his co-workers said, "Yes, everyone knew they were being abused." That sort of corroboration would certainly help solidify the accusations against Singer, I should think.

For what it is worth, one of the other people being accused (and whose home the incident occurred at) has already plead guilty to sex with a minor and fled the jurisdiction. So the claims of sexual abuse are not without credence.

Basically, if they do NPC codex 2 I hope they include all the new ARG, UC, and UM classes/alternate classes and prestige classes. Maybe examples of the prestige classes from Inner Sea Gods and some NPCs with mythic tiers.

that's should be enough for a new book right there.

Some of the archetypes are broad enough I wouldn't mind expanding them, but some do seem keyed in on a certain race or group of races. I haven't had anyone ask to do mix-and-match yet, so how much I would allow would depend on the request. Then again I also regularly change the flavor for a race since I am not too fond of the Paizo version of some races (dwarves, kobolds, etc)

I have all the hardcovers with the exception of Inner Sea Gods (probably ask for it for my birthday), Ultimate Combat, and Ultimate Magic. I lack the two latter books mostly because I am new enough to pathfinder that I haven't had the time and money to grab those.

I have a good chunk of the Campaign setting books, all in PDF form. I don't actually know at this point how many of those I own and which ones I still need to get. I also have a few APs and companions, plus some 3rd party books, including the Hardcover Ultimate Psionics.

I would think that would be the equivalent of calling humans apes

I think we will continue to see mythic support, but largely in the form of bits and pieces in other books. Mythic monsters and the occasional NPC with mythic tiers, a few new mythic feats/spells when relevant, etc.

IIRC, Inner Sea Gods has a little bit of mythic stuff in it.

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Nethys could also have chaste priests, if only because you should be spending your time making magic, not babies.

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LazarX wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:

I always interpreted what happened to the Red Skull as being a result of the tesseract teleporting him somewhere. They might not want to use him again right away, but I am skeptical the MCU would kill off on his first appearance. He is one of the most iconic Marvel villains the MCU actually has the rights to use.

Word on the street however, is that the actor wasn't particularly keen on revisiting the part, so Skull may indeed have been Killed Off For Real. Zola himself is now on that perma-dead list as well, since his consciousness was stuck inside that old computer complex that was blown up by Hydra. Strucker's main rival at this point, is the Garrett-Ward teamup, assuming of course Madam Hydra doesn't make an appearance.

That just means recasting, which they have already done for Bruce Banner and War Machine. I don't think Marvel would hesitate for a second in bringing back Red Skull if they needed him or wanted to use him.

Hell, within the MCU this has already happened. As of Iron Man 3, the Mandarin was suppose to be a fake figurehead to drum up arms sales, with Adrian Killrich the "real" Mandarin. Except that the most recent Marvel short, focused on Trevor, reveals that there is actually a real Mandarin in charge of the real 10 rings from the first Iron Man, and he is not terribly pleased people have been using his name

IIRC, the showrunners have mentioned in the past they prefer to minimize the long term mysteries on the show, until they become relevant. They have 10 hours to play with a season, and I can understand not wanting to drop a ton of hints about Jon Snow's parents in season 1, and then not have it addressed until season 6 again. A lot of audience members are likely to forget those clues so early on, and I think the show's streamlining has removed a good chunk of the other clues/red herrings so far.

With Numeria this fall...they might cut back a bit on the interplanetary/science-fiction for awhile. I know James Jacob was recently complaining in his ask questions thread about how stressful doing AP's with no rules/not sufficient rules, concerning Wrath of the Righteous and the upcoming Numeria AP (which required a large chunk of new rules for technology)

A distant worlds AP I think might come up against similar issues (as well as anything requiring Psychic Magic, etc). So I expect the next "experimental AP" to dabble in new themes, but perhaps have elements relatively easy to model with an existing rule set.

Lord Snow wrote:
CapeCodRPGer wrote:

I'll just leave this here

Great stuff. NSFW images and major spoilers for the whole run of the show so far.

As amusing as this was, the fact that it was clearly made by fans of the show and not of the books bothers me :(

I mean, honestly, I feel like the biggest hipster in town. Imagine this drawl, in a snottish, snobby voice:

"Used to be a time that loving the story of a Game of Thrones required you to actually read the books... now, every moron who likes to watch clumsy TV porn is all over the TV show, making it popular. This other day, I was talking to a friend in the restaurant about the books, said I was concerned for Stannis. Some douche overheard us from a nearby table, and added his opinion to the conversation - 'Stannis is an idiot, but man did he score by doing the redhead!!". Those books, they used to be my thing. My friends' thing. If you actually had to work through thousands of pages to know what happened next, you actually had to care about the characters. And there's also the truth - the books are better. More sophisticated, smarter, far less pornographic, tell a much bigger story...

I recall making a facebook post decrying that all my friends are only NOW reading the books, when I had been telling everyone how awesome they were for the last decade. Accusations of hipster-dom flew.

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That's a really...odd article

Malachi Silverclaw wrote:
thejeff wrote:

In a home game, I'd talk about that character with the GM and any player running an orc. See what they think and how you and they want that relationship to play out.

No, you can't always avoid posting something that will be offensive to someone. You can however avoid obvious triggers. Anyone past the age of about 10 has figured out how to do this in normal life. "Don't swear in front of Grandma. She doesn't like it."

One of the ways this fantasy world doesn't have to be like the real world is that LBGTQ people in it can just be part of everyday life, not a discriminated against minority. Much like women can play a more equal role in this fantasy world than in real historical equivalents. Some people find that an enjoyable difference from their real life. Others would prefer a fantasy world where women knew their place or LGBTQ people didn't exist. That's not what Paizo is going for though.

Nothing will make the playing experience better for everyone, at least on the publishing level of "everyone". People like different things. People are bothered by different things. Removing everything that anyone won't like just leaves a bland, boring game.

I like the idea of the warning though. They could just put it on every module: "Warning: There may be content you don't agree with." No need to specify.

Yeah, best put, " Warning: may contain nuts.", just to be on the safe side.

To me that is redundant, as the possibility of offense exists in all media. It's impossible to make an interesting product that doesn't offend some person somewhere in the world. It's up to the consumer to monitor their content and make a choice of whether a product is worth the potential offense.

In the case of the subject of the thread, If someone really is uncomfortable with a the existence of a gay couple in a product, or a transgender person, It's incredibly easy to ignore or replace. It certainly doesn't color the whole product, at least not as much as a religious conservative who doesn't like the ideas of demons in roleplaying games and is considering buying Wrath of the Righteous

Hey James

So reading your interview on the blog, I didn't realize you invented most of the Eldest. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions concerning these?

1) What are the odds of getting a campaign setting book focused on the Eldest, ala Chronicles of the Righteous?

2) What are the odds of getting new Eldest?

3) Is there a specific reason why the Eldest vary so much in alignment, but non of them are Good? Any possibility of getting a Eldest with Good in it's alignment?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I have to imagine (or hope) that the Eldest will get their own volume in the "Book of the Damned/Righteous/whatever name they choose for Neutral" series.

As far as AoS goes, Garrett seems to be operating independently from Strucker, if not possibly from other major Shield Hydra deserters. And now he has raided the Fridge and gotten all their goodies

I don't think they have introduced enough superheroes for a registry to really make sense. In fact, not sure if they will ever get to that day, what with not having the mutants as part of the MCU

Yeah but DnD probably to some extent has already passed beyond that point.

I think Hindu gods need to be treated carefuly, as they are worshiped by a large population of people, and whats more worshipped by a culture that a lot of people in the West are not terribly familiar with, so easy to accidently offend. I would argue that same case for Jesus, or Allah, or Yahweh. If you want to publish a Hindu Pantheon, or design a monotheistic religion, it's best to change the names and details.

I am sure there is some pagan group somewhere that venerates Greek gods, but they have to be an incredibly minor part of the population, on par with those who still worship Egyptian gods (which were recently introduced in the the last published AP volume). For the most part the Greek Pantheon has transitioned from religion to mythology and pop culture. Whats more, The Greek and Norse gods have always been somewhat a basis for how DnD gods have been portrayed. I don't think you can create a "serial number filed off version" that wouldn't seem like a generic DnD god.

I would argue the Bestiaries are a great example of this: a large chunk of them are named creatures from folklore/mythology, but many of them have had minor to major changes in their flavor. Similarly, Pathfinder already has incorporated a ton of real life Gods. Asmodeus, Lamashtu, the archdevils, most of the demon lords, a good chunk of the empyreal lords, Some of the Tian Xia dieties, etc.

Why would they need to rename the Greek Gods? They didn't for Egypt.

We'll see how things shake out. I am moving cross country in two weeks, and I still need to turn in my final draft of my dissertation and signature sheet, as well as pack up the office and work on a postdoc application. So things might get pretty insane in the near term

Beyond what everyone else said (Good plot, characterization, etc)

-Minimal technobabble. I don't mind if a science fiction uses speculative ideas to explain the technology, but please keep the science in the setting consistent. I hate it though when technobabble is used to randomly get characters out of any problem they have, or to restrict the characters actions in ways that it didn't a few books/episodes ago.

-Keep a theme. Having a consistent theme in a novel or science fiction show is good, whether it's exploring the consequences of a certain technology or taking another genre and putting it in a new setting. Some themes to me just don't gell well when they are used in a kitchen sink approach (I am looking at you, time travel)

-Realistic time frames: Personally, if you are going to create a story about people colonizing the galaxy, try not to set it within the next 20 years. I always get distracted when I read space opera set in the far future of 1990.

-Build a realistic culture: Another pet peeve of mine is how much a future setting coincidentally shares all the same fashion/moral qualms/etc as today. Obviously you need shared cultural touchstones, but I think it's silly to think society will remain static between now and a hundred years from now, when it hasn't even in the last 50 years. Also I eyeroll everytime a show set hundreds of years in the future has characters that are somehow intimately familar with all of today's pop culture.

I always interpreted what happened to the Red Skull as being a result of the tesseract teleporting him somewhere. They might not want to use him again right away, but I am skeptical the MCU would kill off on his first appearance. He is one of the most iconic Marvel villains the MCU actually has the rights to use.

Anyway, my current impression is that Hydra might not be terribly unified right now, so I question whether it has a single leader. This is based on the ending of Winter Soldier as well as last nights AOS episode

Generally people don't get too up in arms when you demonized...err...a demon. I suspect religious people would really only have a problem if you portrayed Asmodeus in a positive light, and even then there have been plenty of at least somewhat sympathetic portrayals of the devil in various books and other media.

On the other hand, there have been several instances where different Paizo people disagree on certain elements of the setting. I tend to look more toward Wes Schneider as the devil expert, and go with his views on things.

Bestiaries are setting neutral, so a hardcover bestiary can't really reference (other than obliquely) the specific details and names of planets in Golarion's solar system.

DM Pendin Fust wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are special cases...they are mutants but IIRC originally introduced in the Avengers, so Fox and Marvel can both used them. Since Fox own the rights to mutants, they can't be referred to as mutants, nor can they be linked to magneto

That is not the case for the vast majority of mutants, or Spiderman, or fantastic four

Horses are native to North America and have been for pretty much as long as their have been horses. There recent extinction on the continent was an anomaly, due to either overhunting by humans, climate change, or disease (or some combination of all of the above).

For that matter, DNA analysis shows that some of the Pleistocene horses in North America were actually the same species as those in Asia, which gave rise to the domestic Horse of today.

Given that the megafaunal extinctions were not that severe in Golarion (see survival of mammoths, etc), it seem pretty fair to assume that horses should be also present in Arcadia. I don't think they need to be introduced from Avistan.

I always figured this was "Ultimate Divine Magic", it's just that doing a book like this without campaign setting material (i.e. the gods that give you powers), would be kind of difficult.

Kthulhu wrote:

The F4, I'd love to see go back to Marvel. Not so much for the team itself, I couldn't care less about them, but aot of the cosmic entities are tied into their franchise. And of course...DOOM. This Guy is often used all over Marvel...even Luke Cage had one of his early adventures fighting Doom. (Where we learned that Reed never came up with the strategy of getting Thing to punch him repeatedly in the same spot. Some genius.)

I feel the same way. I would much rather get the F4 back to Marvel just so they could add Dr. Doom and the Skrulls to the bad guy roster.

DM Pendin Fust wrote:
I'm still of a mind that Sony, Fox, and Marvel/Disney are going to do a crossover for Avengers 3 or later. I truly believe the studios would realize that "loaning" there characters for a movie like Avengers 3 would be boatloads more cash for everyone.

Sony has apparently been pretty open with the idea of sharing elements...IIRC a building with Oscorp on it was suppose to be in Avengers, but got cut.

The big problem though is the whole cost sharing for a larger crossover. That's a nightmare to work out, and apparently a major reason why we haven't gotten a sequel to "Who framed Roger Rabbit". I would also imagine that Marvel, since it's trying to do a consistent shared universe continuity, might be a bit loath to cross over characters who they have limited rights on, and might have to ignore the existence of later.

Yeah...back before they got their own studio to make movies, they sold off a ton of rights. A lot of them have clauses where basically if a movie isn't done with the property in X-amount of time, they revert back, which happened with the hulk and I think a few other properties. They have also bought back a few.

Personally, I don't want to see elves on Arcadia, if only because we have them in Tian Xia. I'd like to see either halflings or gnomes in Arcadia (I would would like to see Dwarves as the Avistan race in Casmaron)

I don't know how important that question of how humans got to Arcadia is really. IMHO it still not been adequately established why they exist in Golarion to begin with. I do get a sense that Syrinx might have been the dominant eastern Arcadian empire during age of the Azlanti. Now? who knows?

I also don't necessarily see an issue with stone age hunters in Arcadia. In Avistan, you have stone-age barbarians In the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, at the same time as steampunk elements in Alkenstar, and high magic in Nex, with a vast diversity of nations filling the spectrum in between. Arcadia (I think) is bigger than Avistan, so I don't see a problem with it being just as diverse.

The setting I had been originally doing was basically an alternative history of Earth, and I abandoned it just because I didn't feel my knowledge of history and anthropology was up to snuff to set something in the real world. Which is basically why I turning my setting into Faux-Earth, with some continents rearranged and some "historical events" changed around or reversed. It's makes a setting way way easier to play with since I feel more comfortable handwaving things like anachronisms, etc.

Kairos Dawnfury wrote:
Shadowborn wrote:
Kairos Dawnfury wrote:
Now I just need to hold out hope that Fox releases its ownership of Fantastic 4, Spider-man and X-men so Disney can add them into the cross overs!
Don't hold your breath. I predict that the latter two are going to make their respective companies bundles of money. FF...not so much.

They're actually rebooting Fantastic 4, all though from what I've heard, even less respect for the source material than before...

Sorry for the derail, I actually love this movie, this is the first time Falcon has actually been cool. The cast was great and the OP hit some many good points I agree on. I'm really excited to see how they build on the plot points left over.

Marvel is never ever getting X-men back, or at least they won't until Super heroes are no longer profitable. Which is kind of the same thing

Sony has also said they will never ever sell Spiderman, although my understanding is that Sony Pictures has been having some financial difficulties, So I suppose Disney just up and BUYING Sony isn't impossible, and presumably they would hand over Spiderman rights to Marvel.

Fantastic Four (and are pretty much the only series I could imagine might get sold back, and that probably depends on if the next movie is a failure or not.

James Jacobs wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:

Hi James,

I hope you are having a lovely Sunday, and not too inundated with project deadlines

Anyway, I was in Hastings the other day and thinking about horror movies, which inspired these questions

1) What do decade do you consider the best for horror film, and why?

2) What was the worst decade (limiting yourself to say, the 1960's to today)

2) What is your opinion of the boom in zombie movies over the last decade? Good or bad for horror? and are you getting a bit tired/sick of zombies yet?

3) any predictions for the next big trend in Horror?

4) are there any particular genres/themes/monsters you would like to see more of in horror and think are currently underrepresented in the last decade or two?

5) What overall theme or trend have you most enjoyed in horror movies that have been made over the last decade?

Less inudated with deadlines than last Sunday was, after me realizing that I was doing too much and backing out of several projects I was working on so as I could focus on the big one.

1) The best horror film is also the best film, but today, I'm not sure if that film is Alien or The Thing. What's best for a horror film is a slow buildup of dread, coupled with excellent acting, directing, mood, effects that don't take you out of the scene, and an effective score.

2) Depends what you're asking by worst. The worst decade for horror films is not the same as the worst decade for good weather or the worst decade for hope.

Thanks for answering! I did want to clarify that for 1), I wasn't asking what your favorite horror film was, rather if there was a decade that you thought produced the best horror.

I tend to think, and I admit it might be from sheer nostalgia, but the 80's for instance were I think a really good decade for the genre: Special effects were getting good enough to pull off convincing monsters, their was a lot being produced due to the VCR home rental boom, and for the most part there was a pretty wide variety (zombies, slashers, creature features, etc)

I do have to say, while some trends are getting a bit boring to me, I do think the last decade has been good at exploring more existential/psychological horror than previous decades. So I do feel that the "IQ" in some respects has risen for horror, and pretty much all the horror movies that have gotten under my skin in a bad way are things from the last few years (The Girl Next Door, Megan is Missing, The Woman, Red, etc)

I think the current Pathfinder approach is to do a different set of core races for each area, with some minor overlap

So Tian Xia has elves and humans, but Nagaji, Tengu, Wayang, Kitsune, and Samsaran are the other the other dominant races.

I really like this approach, since I would rather see new races inspired by New World folklore rather than a bunch of reskinned races. Presumably Skinchangers and humans are part of the core 7 for Arcadia. the cryptid revisisted book also hints at a half sasquatch race as existing there as as well.

Hi James,

I hope you are having a lovely Sunday, and not too inundated with project deadlines

Anyway, I was in Hastings the other day and thinking about horror movies, which inspired these questions

1) What do decade do you consider the best for horror film, and why?

2) What was the worst decade (limiting yourself to say, the 1960's to today)

2) What is your opinion of the boom in zombie movies over the last decade? Good or bad for horror? and are you getting a bit tired/sick of zombies yet?

3) any predictions for the next big trend in Horror?

4) are there any particular genres/themes/monsters you would like to see more of in horror and think are currently underrepresented in the last decade or two?

5) What overall theme or trend have you most enjoyed in horror movies that have been made over the last decade?

Is it weird that the "Sunbaked Zombie" template immediately brought to mind Sun chips?

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I would think "basic respect for personal freedom" is more a chaotic good and some chaotic neutral opinion. Chaotic evil doesn't care about other people's freedom, and is a selfish "I can do what I want" attitude.

in all likelihood, there are probably native wizards in Arcadia, especially since Paizo seems to want to subvert the "New world is less advanced than old world" trope.

Well there is also the Delgeth and Tizheruk now as well

There were also a few Inuit monsters from the Reign of Winter AP, although I am blanking on their names right now

Undead Unleashed so far looks like the closest thing to a "revisisted" book. Still hoping we might get something later in fall/early winter, but definitely running out of time for a revisited volume...

Personally I would like to see the Minotaurs get some advanced race love

1 person marked this as a favorite.


Armin Zola also may have just not given a huge crap if he revealed Hydra's plans. I can't imagine getting mostly abandoned in an old military base is exactly the sort of thing that endears you to an organization.

Pierce seemed to believe that Zola was dead due to missile strike, so if Zola did download himself elsewhere, he obviously wasn't sharing that info with Shield-Hydra

It's been awhile since I ran it, but I don't think very much. Maybe a new intro?

When Garret started going off on what the Clairovoyant has done, he mentioned putting Raina in the same machine as Coulson. Maybe that machine is not only used for interogation, but also brain washing. In which case Ward could have unwittingly been a sleeper agent the whole time, and was only activated somehow in this episode.

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