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Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

I pretty much agree with most of the posters here.

When people refer to "classic" fantasy, what they really mean often is Tolkien fantasy. Tolkien was hugely successful and spawned a ton of imitators, especially in the 80's and 90's. But for as long as there has been Tolkien-esq fantasy, there have been people using strange races in their works, or incorporating "lost" sci-fi technology into there narrative, or people who use talking animal folk. Hell most of the tropes actually predate The Hobbit.

If anything, you could make a solid argument that "classic fantasy (e.g. what you see in Conan as well as many other settings)" really is about very low magic and no other significant races, and those other races that are around are rare NPCS or monsters to be slain. Pathfinder and DnD certainly don't fit within that definition.

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

Heaven Unleashed has a section on Heaven, but is not a whole book devoted to it. There is also the Chronicles of the Righteous, which is in the same series as the Books of the Damned, but covers the Empyreal Lords.

There is an upcoming book on the element planes I believe. Some APs almost certainly also cover various planes in the form of gazetteer articles. Wrath of the Righteous cover the Abyss in an article, and Shattered Star covers Leng. Probably some more out there.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber
GreyWolfLord wrote:

I think the other aspect is if you use what someone creates, morally you can feel obliged to support them in whatever fashion or way you find appropriate.

If you use PF stuff, it's great to have it available online for free, but if no one supports paizo, they don't have anyway to support themselves.

One way to show your support for what they make is to throw a little support towards them financially.

In my own small tiny opinion.

It's a big part of the reason I think you should buy things you like. Also, really the only way of letting any company know you like specific kinds of products and not other kinds is with your wallet. If you don't like a hardcover or AP, but you never buy them anyway, your opinion really doesn't account for much

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

I liked the episode, except for the attempted shield assassination of Hive. I was expecting something a bit more sophisticated than "shoot him with bullets and a rocket" Seriously, Shield has got to have some more impressive weapons than that? Could have at least pulled out the Coulson's Revenge.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

I know there is a lot of speculation/wishes that Gregor and Sandor are going to have it out, but I don't think its going to happen, at least not in the book. I don't think Sandor is in a vengeful mode right now, nor do I think anyone know where he is to request him for trial by combat.

Also, it's not like there would be an emotional payoff. Gregorstein is an animated shell...the person who scarred Sandor is dead.

The only way I could see this happening is if Gregorstein was sent after Sansa/Arya, and somehow Sandor found himself in a position to defend them. Which could happen? but at this point is so far out its not worth much serious consideration.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

Kobolds probably, to the point where I have modified my version of Golarion to make them a more significant race, taking a lot of inspiration from the Midgard Campaign setting, and removing the E from their most common alignment.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn, or the Otherland Series. At any rate, I would love Tad William's earlier works getting the HBO/AMC/Netflix treatment

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber
Lord Snow wrote:
Sundakan wrote:

Especially when the vast majority of Pern is hardly great literature.

I like it and all, but...

Look, it's much better than Sword Of Truth, that you have to grant it.

The bar there isn't set to high to surpass that series...

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber
captain yesterday wrote:
Iron Man and Captain America were the only two Marvel comics I read as a kid. So I'm not sure that's correct. :-)

not talking about comics, but rather how many people who don't read comics actually know anything about those characters/

I mean I am nerdy, but was never into comics. I recognized Iron Man by name, but mostly from that AC/DC song, and assumed he was a robot.I vaguely knew what Cap looked like, but mostly from that really bad 90's movie with the geriatric Red Skull.

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

I'll give you Hulk but I think if you asked the average person who Captain America was (prior to the MCU), they would draw a blank.

Really I think the only Marvel A-listers, as far as being recognizable, are Spiderman, Hulk, and X-men. The folks at Marvel films have basically stated that it was very unlikely the first MCU movie would have been Iron-man if they had access to the full list of Marvel properties. Look at how Spiderman has pushed back all the other MCU properties that were in development.

Iron Man and Cap are almost certain A-list now, but that is pretty much thanks to the MCU, not the comics.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber
Matt Adams 259 wrote:

I'm guessing the Inhuman movie is having trouble on a script level. Because writing for black bolt is probably a pain. Not only is he functionally mute, but he's got one of the most OP powers in the entire MU.

Also, does anyone else find it ironic how people have a problem with Daisy's drastic rise in competence (not that that's not a valid critique) on a website of a game where people go from peasant to demigod in a matter of months?

I am inclined to believe the official comments that inhumans is mostly being held up due to timing. Pretty much the incorporation of Spiderman knocked the release dates of all the movies back, and inhumans was at the end of the line. Plus presumably if the new properties due well they are going to end up pushing some things farther back, which I think also happened with Antman and Wasp. Dr. Strange, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel will all need sequels if they do well (which at this point is almost a certainty).

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

I always thought the Iomedae complaints were way way overblown, and are one of those cases where everyone takes the worst possible interpretation of a response that probably isn't needed in the majority of games this comes up in.

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

Well WB right now is banking on Suicide Squad being there ace in the hole, the movie that proves that the DCU can make money. I think they are going to keep a tight lid on any internal discussions until that movie is released.

If they nuke everything now, than the DCU as a whole will go up in flames. That is, I think in there minds, worse than a underperforming JL movie.

WB is almost certainly putting pressure on Snyder to "correct course" on JL and there seems to be a lot of drama going on there right now.

On a random note, oh I found a funny quote from Snyder last fall:

"But I feel like Batman and Superman are transcendent of superhero movies in a way, because they’re Batman and Superman. They’re not just, like, the flavor of the week Ant-Man—not to be mean, but whatever it is. What is the next Blank-Man?”

Which is funny given that the next movie that antman shows up in looks like it is going to annihilate B v S.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber
Lemmy wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:
I just wonder how the hell or even if the Freys are going to enter into this?
Maybe as revenge on Walda's death? The Frey really don't like being cheated...

Ramsay could just tell them they were killed, pointing the finger at other Northerners. While mentioning that if the Boltons go down, who do you think will be next on the "North Remembers" hitlist. It's going to come down to whether or not the Northern lords or some faction of them rise in rebellion BEFORE Bolton goes after Jon.

I just have trouble seeing the Frey's entering an alliance with any of the "good guys" in this situation. Ep 9 is suppose to feature the biggest battle scene yet in GoT history. Doesn't seem like it would be very dramatic if it's Boltons vs practically everyone else in or near the North.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

Yeah I think Ramsay is toast this season, and probably will go out in a big battle.

All his spontaneous cruelty and chaotic evil ways is going to lead to his downfall by further alienating the Northern Houses, which are probably going to be won over by Sansa for Team Stark this season.

I just wonder how the hell or even if the Freys are going to enter into this?

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber
Lemmy wrote:
Kryzbyn wrote:
Mark Moreland wrote:
Anyone else expect to see some of Bran's time-travel visions provide some clarity on the issue? When he looked back into the past, the first thing I thought was that he'd see the truth of Jon's birth as a means of revealing it to the audience, but not be able to tell anyone else cause he's alone north of the Wall.
Yes, but not this early in the season...

Also, the trees can only remember what one of the god-trees saw, IIRC.

True for books but I don't think the show is going with that interpretation (I don't think I have heard them say that Bran can only see through trees on the show).

My guess is that they are streamlining it and probably not going to introduce Howland Reed at all, and use visions to get that and similar info across.

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber
Krensky wrote:
archmagi1 wrote:

So flash director is out due to a creative differences excuse. James Wan is apparently squirming with Aquaman, and the studio doesn't know what to do with Snyder. Not really surprising.

BMD commentary

Oh, they know what to do, they just won't have the gonads to take him out back and put him out of our misery. They're "too invested" in his Heavy Metal does Ayn Rand b~%@+&#~ and John's blood + guts arm ripping stupidily to fire them and push JL back so it can be properly recalibrated.

It might not be that easy for them...Pulling Snyder and starting from scratch on the Justice League could badly hurt sales for Suicide Squad and Wonderwoman, who are either already in the can or fairly advanced in their production. If Studios don't have confidence in their own product (or at least are perceived to have confidence), it sends a bad message to the public

Plus they have an entire jenga tower of movie releases all tied into the Justice League. Reworking Justice League would require moving production back or rewriting those movies, and possibly recasting/hiring new people, since you can't expect actors and directors are under contract just to put off or not take other roles/jobs while waiting for the dust to settle.

This is probably one of the best reasons why starting off the DCverse with team movies is such a horrible idea. If you led with a bunch of stand alones, than you could course correct the other stand alones if they don't do well or underperform, with a lot less effort. Hard to do that if most of your main characters show up at once.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

Eh...if we are going for "Awesome ways to murder Ramsey", my vote is death via Giant punting.

Roose's death was the most "shocking" moment of the ep for me, although I knew it was coming this season and since season 4 they have been building up his inevitable betrayal. I don't think Roose was stupid exactly, but mostly far to overconfident; Roose has, probably since Ramsay could barely walk, alternated between cutting Ramsay down and making him feel insignificant, and then building him back up. I think he was just confident that he was emotionally in a place where the idea of him betraying him just was inconceivable.

I like that the series seems on trajectory to finish, and all that entails, but I do worry they are rushing a bit too much. Tyrion's decision to free the dragons or Davo's being all pro Jon Snow resurrection seemed kind of sudden, and I am not really sure why Davos in particular was so gung-ho about that. There really wasn't a whole lot of scenes last year with those two, nor much to establish why Jon is snow important.

For a show rushing through things, could have used more development there, and you certainly could have cut "random guy getting killed by Frankengregor" or the really drawn out "Ramsay deals with Walda" situation in this episode to build upon that more.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

Still chugging away on the Machen anthology.

Actually skipped over a good chunk of "A Fragment of Life" I get the point (although it's flat out stated someways into the story by the author), but holy #$@@, there have to be less tedious ways of showing the err...tedium of life. A good chunk of the beginning of the first half of the story covers such gripping drama as a victorian couple debating on if they can or should remodel a bedroom, shopping for a new oven, and gossiping about their servant's (not that interesting) love life. I know the story gets more fantastical but I just couldn't bear reading it further.

Thankfully the next few stories were shorter and two the point, although I still have more to finish

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

I am intrigued by these rumors, and only hope it manages to land somewhere like AMC or Showtime, and not, say...MTV.

The big problem with WoT is just the incredibly sluggish pace the books maintain, and the proliferation of subplots that take forever to be resolved (if that?) and the continual resurrection of characters. A TV series, which I assume will have 10 eps per season and maybe only 5-8 seasons will have to significantly streamline the books. This is one case where that is absolutely a good thing.

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber
Wannabe Demon Lord wrote:
What can you tell me about Deadoendjadases? I've heard the name before, and google is turning up very little about him other than that he's a cannibal humanoid.

that's about all I have....other than that he was also a magical user. I think he really only features in one story, in which he is defeated. He's a "MotW" for the Seneca and Iroquois.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

I do think that this book would have been better as a straight up book on the plane of Heaven, or a revisited volume. There are individual sections I liked, but mostly in the sense that it gave better insight into how different types of outsider worked, or how the planes were laid out.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber
Dragon78 wrote:

Also Simmons could have been infected by Hive as well since he touched her. It could be a delayed effect or something like that.

What if Fitz or Simmons turns out to be an inhuman.

Depending on who they kill off will determine if I continue watching this show.

Hasn't it been established that Hive's can only gain mental control over inhumans? and he can only inhabit one corpse at a time?

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber
thejeff wrote:

He didn't actually say they were. Though he might have meant it. Hard to say. He said they didn't seem to be this year.

Can we agree that Vox is trolling the Hugos? Or worse.

Cause as far as effects go, the Sad Puppies seem even less relevant this year than last. Whatever their intent, originally or now, the Rabid ones have taken over.

I generally don't believe the Sad Puppies are trolls. I don't like their politics nor do I care for many of the personalities involved. And I think some of their complaints in past years are baseless and myopic. But at least there is some sense that most of those involved at least have good intentions (even if I think they are horribly misguided). I don't see anything wrong this year in how they set up their recommendations, and even GRRM applauded SP 4 this year for how things were run.

This is really in contrast to Vox Day, who I am pretty sure just see Rabid Puppies as a source of attention and page hits for his website, and would pretty much be happy to leave Hugos a smoking ruin. On top of being a horrible human being in general. I'd like to think most people here would have similar views of Vox?

Anyway I would rather not wade into Sad Puppies, because they are not relevant in the 2016 discussion really, and I would like to avoid this thread being closed if at all possible. I am sure everything there is to say in that fashion was hashed out in the last thread.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

at any rate I think it best we not go into the motivation and pros and cons of the sad puppies. This year they did distinguish themselves from the rabid puppies by not doing a voting slate and don't seem (IMHO) to be trolling the Hugos.

Although I am curious to see the reactions of the personalities involved. So far I can only find, from that faction, Larry Correia, who blames the Chuck Tingle nom on the Hugo's voting No Award. Which...err...yeah..doesn't make sense to me.

It's clear though, even if there was maybe a bit uncertainty last year, that the Rabid puppies slate is much more problematic, and almost certainly their efforts on putting tripe like dinosaur erotica on the nom lists will ensure that the proposed voting changes will pass this year.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

as someone who hasn't played a video game in...5 years? I am pretty indifferent to the whole affair

But that is a good games are diverse enough and far enough afield that they probably don't need their own category within the Hugos (or need to be awarded one in an existing category).

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

I'd have no issues with the existence of a separate video game category, but I feel video games really shouldn't fit into any existing category.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

yeah it feels like perhaps some of the categories need alteration. Novella and short story really should be combined, and it would be nice if series could maybe be recognized separately from stand alones.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

Outside of Novel and movies/tv, it doesn't take much currently to rig the Hugos. There are just so many shorter/fan works published in a given year and so many different avenues, that it's virtually impossible for one person to read them all. And I am willing to bet that a lot of people leave these categories blank; most of short fiction I read comes from "year's best" or from anthologies several years old. It's pretty rare that I read short fiction that is actually eligible for nomination.

So different people are going to have different favorites. So even a slate with modest participation is going to stack the deck.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

So over the last week I finished the second volume of the complete works of Clark Ashton Smith.

The stories are presented, as mentioned before, in order of original production. Given how prolific an author he was across science fiction, horror, and fantasy, there are a lot of variety. BUT...also I find that some of the genres he pulls off much worse than others. for instance all his science fiction space adventures seem kind of repetitive, and mostly rely on standard formulaic pulp tropes that are now incredibly out of date. It means I inevitably lose attention. He also goes back again and again to a specific formula: Characters via time travel/magic/technobabble ends up in a different land/time/planet where he careens from one monster attack/crisis to another using only his dering do and manly wits. While that may seem fun and exciting, after reading 4 or 5 short stories in a single volume, it comes off as narrative mad libs.

I will say this, when Smith sticks to Fantasy and Horror his writing greatly improves. If you feel like checking out his fiction I suspect a collection like Return of the Sorcerer would probably be far far more enjoyable. Also it's nice to read some pulpy cosmic horror from an author who doesn't seem to have hang ups about sex. Smith narrators come across as being much more "normal" than some some of Lovecraft's narrators, and more relatable.

Speaking of hang-ups about sex, I just started the Penguin classic compilation of Arthur Machen, one of Lovecraft's main influences. It's kind of interesting seeing the origin of many common horror tropes, and Arthur Machen is probably the author most responsible for the idea of creatures from antediluvian times surviving to the present in remote areas, something horror authors have returned to again and again. Some of the stories probably haven't aged as well...there is some clunky as hell narrative techniques, and a bit too much reliance on random coincidence, but still readable. Also, if xenophobia was a major inspiration for Lovecraft in his writing, than Victorian hang-ups on sex, morality, and rising secularism were definitely a feature of Machen's work. One wonders how much of modern horror owes it's existence to weird psychological hang ups from a century ago.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

Alistair Reynolds frequently relies on some variation of this trope in his science fiction works

Some of the POVs in Song of Ice and Fire probably fit this as well.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

Hugo Award Nominees

It's that time of year again! Here are the current list of nominees. This years voting is a mixture of better than last year and worse.

Vox Day continues to troll and troll hard, and the rabid puppies slates managed to dominate all the fan and short form categories. That is why "Space Raptor Butt Invasion" currently has a Hugo nom. Which is both incredibly hilarious and also sad.

I actually have no complaints at all about Sad Puppies this year, since they switched to recommendations and most of them seem reasonable.

I'll probably buy a membership this year to vote ( reads!). I expect Space Raptor Butt Invasion will give me many many good things to quote in my gchat conversation with my friends.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber
Mavrickindigo wrote:

So, I was going to make a tread specifically for this one little hiccup I thought about, but I figured if it would be fun if other people share somethings they thought about based on how the Pathfinder rules and Golarion's lore/special rules work together.

I present to you: How to kill a ghost for 25gp/HD

In Golarion, undead hold the souls of the beings they once were, which explains why animating dead is an evil act. Meanwhile, ghosts, which are undead creatures, do not use the body. You can take their corpse and turn it into a zombie, and since the zombie holds the soul in it, the ghost will be sucked into its corpse and lose its rejuvenation ability. You can then kill the zombie and send the soul on to the afterlife!

This works, doesn't it? Either way, what other interesting little things can you come up with base don the rules meshing well/not well with the Golarion lore?

IIRC, and I think this might come from James Jacobs ask question thread, only a teensy bit of soul is used to animate a corpse, not enough to pull a soul from the afterlife, and presumably not enough to get rid of a ghost.

At best you are only annoying/aggravating the ghost.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber
Tacticslion wrote:
Definitely. Kind of blows the whole lid off of Big A's claims, in some ways...

care to elaborate?

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

Incidently...if anyone wants a good source for more obscure monsters, the website is actually a pretty good source. I found info on some Bantu monsters in a book they have online there, and I am currently (very slowly) browsing through a text on Guyana folk beliefs.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber
JiCi wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:
Mechagamera wrote:
Thus B6 will be the intrigue bestiary.
Assuming we get one this year, which I am skeptical on.

B3 was released in 2011, B4 in 2013 and B5 in 2015... I think that they rearranged their schedule to have a Bestiary at least 2 years apart now (2017). We'll probably get either a 2nd Monster Codex or NPC Codex in the meantime... which I hope we get.

with the caveat that this only continues as long as the bestiaries get good sales. With bestiaries, there might very well be a saturation point, both in how many monsters many people need, and how original the monsters are.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

I've been assuming this is all RPG line (and through thread drift Campaign Setting) hardcovers.

Granted I think some suggestions might be niche enough that in effect they would be maybe more appropriate for smaller sized books.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

My memory could very well be off, but the RotRL hardback didn't replace the Christmas seasons hardback the year it was released, and from the sound of things James Jacob is largely in charge of updating the new hardcover, which means it shouldn't be drawing resources from the design team. So I am not sure CotCT will impact there schedule much.

I still don't think we will get a bestiary hardcover, but probably some sort of NPC book or a similar volume.

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

Dorne was aggravating. at this point I really just want Ellaria and the Sand Snakes to try their badass fighting moves on Frankengregor Because that would be hillarious.

I was worried that they would drag out Sansa and Theon being hunted and Jon Snow's resurrection. So I am glad that at least the former was resolved by having Brienne come to save the day.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber
Mechagamera wrote:
Thus B6 will be the intrigue bestiary.

Assuming we get one this year, which I am skeptical on.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber
Deadmanwalking wrote:

MMCJawa wrote:

Might also be more "natural selection" at work amongst fiends than Empyreal Lords. If your not smart, you are going to get killed, since pretty much all the fiends have some degree of backstabbing inherent to their race.

That's wouldn't be at all a factor at all in the promotion of celestials to demigod status.

Given that Celestials fight Fiends really regularly, and that would have a similar effect, this explanation is really reaching, and IMO doesn't make a lot of sense.

Mayhaps. However Celestials also exist in a more cooperative environment, even across the races. So individually intelligence is less important, if you have smarter members of your race you can get help or advice from, or take over other matters.

Kind of imagine it as a situation similar to a president having a cabinet of advisors. For celestials, those advisors can give advice on different things, and the President can say with 100% certainty that he is getting honest appraisals of the situation with no ill will or other agenda, and that it will all work towards some sort of "good"

in the case of fiends, you have to work on the assumption that your advisors have there own personal interests at heart, may care nothing about your own agenda, and may legitimately mislead you in the interest of gaining power for themselves, either directly or by secretly working with a rival or someone higher up the food chain.

really though I am just not terribly bothered by the stat differential between good and evil outsiders. I think it all evens out when you take in account the advantages good outsiders have, such as cooperation across celestial races and probably solid recruitment numbers.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

nope..that is from the American elves book I have mentioned in the past. It's an obscure enough book that I haven't seen its data incorporated much into online sources or google books.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

I would like to see an ultimate book that covered the more "survival" skills. It sounds like Intrigue did a good job with the intrigue-focused skills, but there are still other skill areas that could use fleshing out. Plus I would love to have a book that offered lots of advice/subsystems relevant to games more focused on survival in harsh environments.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

Might also be more "natural selection" at work amongst fiends than Empyreal Lords. If your not smart, you are going to get killed, since pretty much all the fiends have some degree of backstabbing inherent to their race.

That's wouldn't be at all a factor at all in the promotion of celestials to demigod status.

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

Haven't had much time to do one of my creature updates, but I find myself this weekend with some free time, so here is another alphabetical listing of NA creatures from my master list, ,this time F-H.


Fimiyo/Pehuru Putyu/Uhuajtu/Oneitib = Central/South American; Originally created by an evil spirit as servitors…some now good; buttockless dwarves; banished to the underworld; could become invisible and make people hungry; eat raw meat; associated with bioluminescent fungi

Fürüfühué = Mapuche SA; Monstrous pterosaur-like beast; body of a bird, but a body covered in fish scales; size of a hut; is the source for cold bitter winds in Patagonia

Ga-Git = Haida NA; humanoid monsters, descended from shipwreck survivors who have gone mad from starvation and privation; covered in dark fur with talons for hands; little different from wild animals and do not wear cloths; develop supernatural powers, such as enhanced strength, flight, and shapeshifting. Can be detected by the constant rumbling growl they produce and the strong smell of filth associated with them. Fear water; lair in caves by day and hunt at night; could lull people asleep to kidnap them from their homes for food; can turn there victims into Ga-Git by breathing on their face; flight is limited, and only the most powerful can fly above the level of a house

Gaasyendietha = Seneca NA; River dwelling dragon like creature, capable of breathing fire and flying on a trail of fire; connected to meteors

Gada’zhe = Siouan-Dhegiha NA; Winged 18 inch tall Cyclops, with large heads and feet; dwell within the hill of spirits; wield weapons

Gandayah = Iroquois; guard fruit and grains, most benevolent of the Iroquois fey tribes; small people with sparkling eyes and glowing, round heads; live in tree stumps and mounds; created along with other Iroquois little people to help and protect humans

Gahonga = Iroquois fey of rocks and rivers; strong with excellent night vision; dislike cold; live in Cliffside clefts and caves; considered frogs a delicacy; use nets, war clubs, and blowguns in combat; wear stone shirt armor; enemies of stone giants; stone throwers with control over rock

Ganiagwaidhegowa = Seneca; Large man-eating furless bear; indestructible except for the soles of its feet

Gans = Apache nature spirits, summoned by shamans; protectors of animals and bringers of agriculture; impersonated by dancers during ceremonies, when people would dress up in elaborate costumes with black masks, horn-like wooden slate headdresses, body paint, and wooden swords. Headresses would have the 4 colors associated with the Gans: White (Pollen), Black (eagle feathers), yellow (deerskin), and blue (turquoise)

Genoskwa/Atnayalho/Strendu/Ganehwa/Thunenhyarhen/Ronongwaca/Otneyarheh = Iroquois/Cherokee; Stone-coats; rock-like bigfoot creature with hardened skin which kills its prey by twisting off their heads; twice as tall as humans, and covered in rock-hard scales immune to all weapons; associated with winter and ice; cannibals that feed on humans; either formed from evil humans or primordial monsters

Glawackus = Fearsome critter; A fisher-like beast, resembling a cross between a bear, lion and panther; raids livestock

Goofang = Fearsome critter; a large sunfish with sensitive eyes, who must constantly swim backward to protect them

Gougou/Kuku = Mi’kmaq NA; Monstrous aquatic man-eating giant; covered in scales somewhat bear like in form; Can be mistaken for a boulder when resting; causes earthquakes when she walks; hunts beachs and coastlines

Gowrow = Ozark folklore; green giant reptilian monster, with tusks; dwells in sinkholes and caves; lays eggs but carries young in its pouch.

Grassman = Ohio cryptid; bigfoot like creature used to scare children from wandering off; more human like than bigfoot, lives in groups; raids farms for food; build massive grass nests to live in.

Haakapainzi = Kawaiisu Native American; Giant predatory locust with a taste for children; slain when it ate a magic red hot coal that turned it to stone

Hachai = Selk’nam SA; Horned man-like being, with large pelorovis-like horns emerging from his head; cow-like features and covered in white fur with red bands; pot-bellied; mostly benevolent and protected people from the Halpan; slow moving, and associated with dark cliffs; fierce

Habsha/Halahache = Ona S South America; stout, ugly pot-bellied squat imps; noisy; incredibly strong, with sharp forefinger claws; dwell in dead trees; greedy and like to eat guanaco brains; born of decaying wood which give them their smell; invulnerable to arrows and harpoons

Hadjoqda = Iroquois/Seneca; animated inflated pelt of a murdered human, used to kill enemies and guard dwellings;used by the monster Deadoendjadases

Hagondes = Seneca cannibal monster; humanoid with a long nose; comical and clown-like, whose demeanor he would use to lure away and eat children

Haietlik = Nootka NA; Marine lightning serpent; head sharp as a knife, and can spit lightning from its tongue; striped in red and black; Feeds on orcas; skin provides good luck to hunters

Haibohe = Macro-carib; strong creatures with giant mouths, pointed teeth, and feet right below there jaws; travel by leaping; live in wild, desolate areas, especially coastlines; gnash their teeth and communicate by snorting with their noses

Halpan (F)/Shoort (M) = Selk’nam SA; Matriarchal race of humanoid monsters; communicate in strange shouts; bulky in shape, white in color, with a vaguely human-like piscine head; had an extra long nail on their middle finger which they use to disembowel humans to eat them; dwelled underground

Hantceiitehi = Arapaho NA; race of cannibal man-eating dwarves; swift, muscular, and strong; cruel-looking, with brown skin. Could become invisible; had childlike voices. Thick, matted and dirty hair; dwell in deep woods and high mountains. The Arapahoe were warned by the gods to avoid them; Mostly hunt on nights of the full moon; believe that only those who die violent deaths can ascend to paradise; will reanimate unless head is severed. Use poisonous arrow and carve homes from rock; wear cloths made of goat; also create tepes and tree nests; scared of warriors in body paint. Can remove heart from body to make them invulnerable. Destroying the heart kills them.

He’na = Wakashan NA; Quartz spirit

Hebu/Masisikiri/Idsetti-deha =South American/Central American; Small beings with enormous eyebrows which blind them; teeth located in the stomach and hearts of fire; creatures of ill omen associated with fire, tobacco, and smoke; dwell in armadillo holes; fear wasps and rabbits

Hekura/Hekula = Yanomamo spirits; serve shamans; appear as 3ft tall glowing, brightly dressed Yanomano represent vital life energies; animists beings associated with different animals, plants, and objects; exist in a invisible realm not normally visible by people; fear dirt and hover above ground; a shaman gains his power by stuffing Hekura into his chest; attracted to beauty; powers of Hekura vary based on what they are associated with. Used to battle between different shamans

Herma/Hom = Penutian; Hermaphroditic dwarves associated with the moon. Originally had no eyes or mouth, but were carved out by Coyote. Tiny mouths, which they use to suck the guts from fish; dwell in the sea; lead travelers to danger

Hestovatohkeo’o = Cheyenne/Sioux/Omaha NA; Two-faced Ogres with a second face on the back of it’s head; second face can strike dead or paralyze anyone who gazes upon it; elbow spikes; evil creatures who occasionally eat people, but usually just kill them for pleasure; may leave mutilated victims to scare others, and enjoy tormenting children and pregnant women

Hewi = Mesoamerican; dwarvish beings with backward feet who serve Nakawe, the Huichol Earth Goddess; candle drippings form limestone stalag/stalactites; Ate vapors

Hidebehind /Behinder = Fearsome Critter; mysterious monster that preys on people at night; master of concealment and cannot be seen, will always be behind objects, which it can shrink itself behind; feeds on instestines; aversion to alcohol;

Hiintcabiit = Arapahoe NA; Powerful horned serpent; can be dangerous, but are fair to those who offer them respect; can grant good luck in hunting or war if given offerings; owner of waters

Hinqumemen = Coeur d’Alene NA; Massive ooze like monster that mimics a freshwater lake; lure prey to drink from it, after which it stalks them, engulfs thems, and returns to its lair; hunts over vast territories, and may switch holes and valleys to appear as a new “lake”

Hohnogica/Gicila = Siouan; “Spirits of the Lodge”; horned, tailed little people covered in hair; do not inhabit trees; hang out around camps and spy on people; can be kept in medicine bags

Hokhoku =Kwakiutl NA; grotesque giant man-eating bird; possesses a long, thin strong beak used to smash and extract the brains of its prey; crow-like

Hompathro’tci = Siouan; ancient, long-haired, larged headed dwarf spirits; long flat heads; somewhat solitary

Homshuk/Kauil = Macro-Mayan corn spirits; child-like handsome spirit, with golden corn growing as hair; hatched from eggs; age with the harvest; dwell in nearby forests

Hoop Snake = NA and Australia folklore; large snake which travels by rolling along, after grasping the tip of its tail in its mouth; tail has a highly poisonous stinger, which it uses to stab and instantly kill its prey;

Huallipen/Huecu = Patagonian; Strange amphibious beast found in rivers, lakes, and seasides; deformed beast, with the head of a calf, body of a lamb, crooked front legs, and seal like hindquarters; awkward on land, but a fierce and territorial predator in the water

Huay Chivo = Mayan; half man, half goat creature, with burning red eyes; a sorcerer who can take animal form to prey on livestock

Hueňauca = Mapuche SA; humanoid goat-like creature and lord of volcanoes; yellow hair and long goatee; hermit like, dwells in volcanic caves

Huitranalhue = Mapuche SA; undead giant-like figure; capture people to drink there blood and eat their flesh; only ever found alone; mute; dressed in dark clothes and carries around a wooden sword or club to kill its victims

Hunchu’ts = Macro-Mayan; 4ft tall spirits; females beautiful but males ugly with flat, brainless heads and reversed feet; dwell in caves behind waterfalls; control armadillos and use them as mounts

Huptoli = Hokan/Penutian; one-legged nocturnal demonic cannibal woman; killed by fire; bleeds mescal/agave; made of tar. Also beings with one fishy leg; elusive and dangerous to track; dwell in rocky areas or by water;

Hvcko Capko = Seminole NA; Body of a wolf, but with a horse tail, long ears, and a horrible smell; carrier of disease, and infected all who touched it

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well...recall that a few eps ago Hive was interested in pest control tech that could be used to disperse swarms of invasive species. I would be pretty shocked if Team Coulson doesn't deploy a similar weapon against him.

After all, at the end of the day Hive is just a bunch of bugs networked together. Break that connection and its fly swatter time.

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Still plenty of room for a villain book or two I think.

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I dunno...I don't think there is any shortage of threads discussing problems with the original summoner. It's not exactly some obscure viewpoint that the Summoner is grossly unbalanced, and introduces some weird rules interactions on top of anything else.

I actually mostly like many of the unchained summoner, especially the spell list. The only problem I have is that their are an insufficient number of options/flavor so far, so its a lot less flexible than the original summoner. Hopefully more archetypes and outsider types can fix that.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

PLanar/Space Fantasy or Science fiction/Subterranean/High Seas/Steampunk would be obvious choices.

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Aberzombie wrote:

So, they had Indigo, could the pod contain...

** spoiler omitted **

Not likely...I think that character is probably embargoed along with Lex Luthor and Darkseid.

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