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MMCJawa's page

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Minor suggestion, but these big lists are somewhat easier to go through if they are in alphabetical order. Especially if you are trying to look them up and compile your own notes :)

I am all for new magic systems, since I think DnD arcane actually does a pretty poor job simulating most magic systems in books. And has some pretty ridiculous power at high levels.

So if a psychic system doesn't get ridiculous at high levels and has better flavor, I might consider switching over to that from Arcane.

I wouldn't worry about Supernatural. I think the show will be on its last season, and honestly it's gotten pretty stale at this point. In contrast, AOS still has the new show vibe, plus all the love the MCU has generated.

I am not terribly concerned with the lack of a campaign setting book. All of the DnD settings are well supported by books from the previous editions (and presumably online sources).

We'll get one for at least a few settings, but if they are trying a lower output approach, than it might be better to save for a 2015 release.

Sinkholes could be a problem, if the salt flats are sitting on top of a shallow aquifer. IIRC, some epic sinkholes have formed from draining of water, with the thin fragile Salt flat collapsing into the subsequent bore.

Sounds like the AP after Giantslayer pretty much sticks to Cheliax...

I tend to agree with people who think its too niche a product, and that 12 pages isn't really enough room to clean up specific problems people have with certain APs

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But I don't think they necessarily are trying to compete for the 3.X crowd. I think it's been obvious from the get-go they are going after fans of rule-lite systems + DnD brand loyalists. I for one am glad they are not trying to compete for the same consumer niche as Pathfinder. That would be a bad idea for both brands.

It sounds like this next book is getting into new design space. So one would hope it would be distinct from existing divine/arcane magic

Mark Seifter wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
I know that we will be getting a Kineticist, Spiritualist, Mystic, and possibly a Telepath and Medium. I don't know what the 6th class will be.

Are you sure?

These new classes are really going to be fun; I can't wait for the playtest! (but I'll have to wait, since it'll be a while) the iconic Slayer guarding the computer where all this information is stored, keeping you from looking at it?


Shortly after I left Laramie for good, The local police department acquired a armored Bearcat. For some reason.

FYI, Laramie is a small town of about 30,000 or so, most of them college students, which is located about an hour from any other major town. It's very low crime, or at least low in the amount of crime that requires a swat response with tank. Last year a bank near where I shop was robbed. Even though the felon was long gone by the time cops showed, they still had police officers roaming the parking lot around the bank with automatic weapons. I have just always gotten the impression that local police are really waiting for some sort of Die Hard movie moment to live out all their action fantasies.

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I feel the "one and done" stream-lined system already's the Beginner Box. I suppose they could expand the rules for that into its own hardcover. Although you still run into the issue that WoTC already is released a more simplified set of rules, so presumably a good chunk of the potential audience is investing in that.

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David knott 242 wrote:
Xris Robin wrote:
LazarX wrote:
2. They are planning something that's essentially Barrier Peaks on Steroids. and Numeria is the setting for Barrier Peaks writ large. The tech introduced has self-limiting factors that ensure the planet is not going to be overrun by legions of Cybermen.
People always SAY we're not going to be overrun by Cybermen this time, but we still end up having to have the Doctor save us, don't we?

We're not going to be overrun by Cybermen. The monsters who are going to overrun the world look more like Dalek expies.

Man, now I wish Bestiary 4 had Dalek expies...

The third volume of Reign of Winter heavily features centaurs

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The high tech numeria tech is kept in check because:

It's been thousands of years since the crash: a lot of the tech is broken or malfunctioning

A lot of it is buried (the local Kellids greatly feared it for a good part of their history), or in crashed ship-parts crawling with robots and aliens, and sometimes fatal amounts of radioactivity.

What functioning stuff that does get out gets snatched up by Technic League, who are willing to kill to keep the technology from escaping their control.

Even if you get ahold of some tech that works and you understand enough to use, power charges are limited (after which it becomes useless), and it's so advanced that you can't replicate it. A lot of Numeria tech would probably be hard to replicate with our level of technology; Most of Golarion is at best Renaissance level as far as science and engineering goes.

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I think the issue then comes back to...supporting and developing two separate pathfinder systems is not something that really is feasible for Paizo based on profit/development reasons. So then the conservation drifts to supporting a rules light system versus the current Pathfinder.

The Kikimora from Reign of Winter Came from The Midgard Bestiary.

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Emperor Point wrote:
Cthulhudrew wrote:
Misroi wrote:
Because heroes. It's hard to be heroic when you're siding with an empire that has literally sold its soul to the Devil.

Pfff. You just need a villain that's even worse than the Devil you know.

Qlippoth, anyone? :D

Whilst on a philosophical level selling your soul to the devil is evil, on a practical level it has a great deal of benefits for the living. You can still be the good guys and make deals with bad guys, that is what is known as a "Peace Treaty" and is traditionally seen as a sign of good.

Also a bigger villain would be the perfect stage for the adventure, with the city under threat by INSERT BESTIARY CREATURES HERE lead by INSERT CHAOTIC EVIL CASTER HERE threatening to destroy the city, both the loyalists and the rebels are looking to rally the people to beat back the villain and gain the support of the people. So the side you help/get help from is seen as heroic by the people and gets more support, leading to their victory.

On the other hand, another AP set in Cheliax which DIDNT go up against House Thrune would probably have been a disappointment to many.

yeah...for whatever reason lots of news sites linked Fichtner to Shredder. Although based on the movie, I sort of expect that maybe that character WAS suppose to be Shredder, but then they backed off at the last minute, and did a rewrite. At the very least, Fichtner's role is sort of pointless.

Anyway I saw it last night. I think there are enough elements in the movie that if you were a fan of the animated series from the early 90s/late 80's, you might get a few nods and chuckles. If you are not, than there really is nothing endearing about the movie or it's really stupid plot. FYI...I don't see this movie as being that bad for's certainly less violent and exploitative than the Transformers movies, although some little kids in the audience were initially scared of the turtles

More detailed opinions


Positives (which are really "was expecting worse"):

The turtles are not as bad looking as I get used to them fast. Also each turtle was different enough that I didn't have a problem telling who was who, and the personalities seemed to fit with what I remember from their TV personas. Movie Raphael was more "angry" than snarky however

Megan Fox actually wasn't that bad. They don't really go for the degree of sex exploitation for her character that they did in Transformers, and I felt the movie didn't focus on her to the exclusion of the turles. Which was the vibe I got from Transformers and Shia Leboeuf

Shredder is pretty cool, even if I think aspects of his character were only made at the last minute

The Bad

Oh god the geography. A good chunk of the movie takes place at the bad guys estate, which we are told is 45 minutes drive from NYC (in summer/spring). Said estate is in a wintery high alpine region with no people that I am pretty damn sure was actually filmed in the Rockies. Said remote mountain region also for some reason had convenient sewer access to NYC.

I know you really wanted that cool mountain chase scene...but really? This was the suspension of belief that broke the camel's back

Everything with Splinter. Honestly...Splinter looked creepy, and unlike the turtles I never got used to the creepiness. Also, shredder learned fighting not from his master, or from being a human martial arts master, but from a book he found in the sewer.

Again..this seems to be some sort of weird script problem. Because movie splinter inexplicably knows all about the Shredder, including warning the turtles they are not ready to face him. We get a Shredder vs. Splinter fight, which because the characters have no actual relationship with one another, loses any emotional resonance it might have had. Whats worse, the whole scene is filmed in such a way that I think those characters WERE supposed to have a prior emotional connection

The foot clan felt less like ningas, and more like generic terrorists. I suppose an improvement over some versions, but still...

Honestly Gamora was given probably the least to do of any of the major characters, so I would blame that.

Although I did like her "pelvic sorcery" or whatever she said line.

KtA wrote:
Ross Byers wrote:
FormerFiend wrote:
So many of the evil gods require their worshipers to be insane. It borders on the absurd at times.
There are plenty of real-world religions and churches with practices that would appear to be insane from the point of view who someone wasn't raised with that specific set of beliefs. The terrible things done in Zon-Kuthon's name make perfect sense to the Nidalese. They're not insane. They were just taught when they were young and impressionable.

However, most of the real world religions with practices like human sacrifice tend to have more "reason" for it -- within their own system -- than the D&D/Pathfinder evil gods do. Even for the Aztecs, who probably went as far in that direction as anyone, the human sacrifice was considered to be a necessary part of keeping the universe running.

When there's evil gods existing alongside good gods which are mutually recognized (by each others' religions) to exist, it is harder to imagine why anyone would follow the evil ones. I can see the good gods being too demanding ... but it seems like even most evil people would prefer one of the neutral gods to the evil ones, if only for a better afterlife.

With the exception of Asmodeus and Zon Kuthon, who have entire nations in their thrall, non-monstrous worshippers of other gods might actually be quite rare. It's just that those cultists are exactly the kind of people who show up as frequent threats in APs or are mentioned in campaign setting material, since the whole point of Pathfinder is adventuring and fighting bad guys.

Chaotic evil doesn't equal crazy, though it is often conflated with that. Chaotic evil is more about pursuing your own (negative) desires without regard for the safety or well-being of others. A Mafia member who flouts the law while pursuing evil aims and kills people who get in his way could be considered evil, even without having any sort of mental illness.

At any rate, I personally don't see how the portrayal of madness as specifically problematic in regards villains in AP. Maybe if they linked specific bad guys with medical terminology (schizophrenia, etc), I would be concerned.

magnuskn wrote:
RMcD wrote:

The ratings you post are a bit useless if you post them in a vacuum, how would rate the basic, advanced or alternate classes?

Seems to me that everything is above 5/10 and the average was well above that so seems like there are barely any negatives

Yeah, as it happens I am actually pretty pleased with most of the book. Divine Protection, the entire fiasco with dex-to-damage and the Arcanist bring it down a bit. I probably would have rated the spell section pretty low, since I haven't seen very inspiring stuff there. But the rest is good.

And I don't think I need to rate all the other classes which had come out before to rate these ones. That seems like a strange way to do a light review of the new stuff.

Yeah I agree. As far as the Merit of these classes compared to others go, I think it's only important that the classes exist within the power level of the already released classes, and nothing I have seen so far suggests they are noticeably weaker, and only Arcanist could be considered more powerful (although I think that is debatable given the power level of wizards already).

Tels wrote:
El Ronza wrote:
I just want to find every single person responsible for the awesome and give them a huge hug, then give Mikaze a hug as well for reporting it.

Mikaze should get more hugs just for being Mikaze.

MMCJawa wrote:
Tels wrote:
The only thing I'm worried about is the playtest time period. Hopefully, there is going to be a much longer playtest so the rules get a better pass over.

Well...on the plus side, 6 classes might be more manageable than 10 on that front (and part of the book will be monsters, so the whole thing won't be player options). I do think 10 classes at once might have been a bit much, given Paizo's current production schedule.

although man, I do wonder about archetypes. since that potential section got a lot bigger now that ACG is out.

I agree, 10 classes was too much, but so too was the time period too short.

However, this isn't going to be a playtest of just the classes, but also the mechanics of Psychic Magic. In addition, each of the classes will be custom built from the ground up, unlike in the ACG where the classes each had a parent class to draw abilities from.

So there's going to need to be playtests to ensure the classes function, but also playtests to ensure Psychic Magic functions well.

As for the book itself, I expect it to be very large.

-6 new classes with all new mechanics. (2-3 pages each)
-Archetypes for the 6 classes. (2-3 pages each)
-Archetypes for the 29 base classes that already exist, or new class features like Mysteries, Rage powers etc. (2-pages each like ACG)
-Prestige Classes (20-30 pages or so)
-Magic Items (A good 50 pages)
-Feats (A good 50 pages)
-Spells/Spell lists (A good 100 pages)
-New subsystem that comes out in every hardcover book (Word Casting, Armor as DR, Downtime etc.) (30 pages or so)

We're likely looking at a book that might go into the 350+ page count here. Although they could trim down the page down by cutting content like not including new material for each of 29...

Plus they have already mentioned that there probably will be a monster section, although unclear if they will be new monsters or stuff like reflavored intellect devourers

Kind of hard right now to say how much will need to be playtested. Prior to the announcement, it had been implied that Psychic magic would probably utilize spells found in other spell-lists. So for instance, A pyrokineticist probably would use the existing Fireball, even if the underlying mechanics utilize Fireball differently.

Granted this is still pretty heavily speculative. Since it sounds like this whole book is going to be a new subsystem, than I don't really expect separate subsystems, other than the general advice on integrating the rules for psychic magic into a setting/game.

I actually expect that this book will probably not be much larger than the other Gencon supplement releases. If only because I just don't think that is possible under the current production schedule.

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Just noticed that the Know direction notes list a new Kineticist (ala psychokinetics, pyrokinetics, etc) class that is NOT a caster.

Incredibly intrigued on how something like that works.

I do feel like arguments are perhaps going past each other.

I don't think people are saying that all murderers and general bad guys are "mad" or suffer mental illness. You can perfectly understand the difference between right and wrong, and know what you are doing is wrong, but still do something bad for the sake of power, revenge, greed, or ideology. Yes...I generally believe that most serial and spree killers are crazy or otherwise suffer mental impairments. Because such actions are not by any means rational. And certainly, if the act of burning a building down causes arousal, I wouldn't equate you as having high mental health. my own life I have had to wrestle with severe depression and social anxiety disorder, and have been on medication for treatment. As someone with mental health issues, I have never been offended by how Paizo approaches "madness" in games.

Dragon78 wrote:
Well if Bestiary 5 has a psychic theme then I would love to see the thought eater, brain mole, and few other psychic related old school monsters make a come back.

It sounds like they are really try to make this new system different from Psionics. Not sure how that will shake out with Psionic monsters. I feel their is a good chance that they will leave out the Psionic monsters that have not already been put into the game, to further divorce it from Psionics.

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Tels wrote:
The only thing I'm worried about is the playtest time period. Hopefully, there is going to be a much longer playtest so the rules get a better pass over.

Well...on the plus side, 6 classes might be more manageable than 10 on that front (and part of the book will be monsters, so the whole thing won't be player options). I do think 10 classes at once might have been a bit much, given Paizo's current production schedule.

although man, I do wonder about archetypes. since that potential section got a lot bigger now that ACG is out.

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Ascalaphus wrote:
Erik Mona wrote:
It sounds pretty exciting. A question though, if I may? When it was said they'd be more like Penny Dreadful than Prof X, did you mean the pulp genre or the signature character from Mage the Ascension? Because the latter would (also) be extremely awesome, and quite appropriate.

I assume it's neither, and more a reference to the Showtime series. Especially since the series features quite a bit of 19th century spiritualism.

The Paizo folks have commented on options like this in the past.

Basically...they are very against splitting consumer bases, something which was a large reason for TSR nearly going out of business before 3E.

Creating a separate product line of stream-lined rules would mean that you would probably develop two lines of consumers, with a good probability that each consumer base only purchases material relevant to Pathfinder Lite or Pathfinder original. Cost of production and effort remains the same for each book, but now you could be getting half as much a product sold for each line. That's the optimal condition, assuming both lines are equally successful. If they are not, than you are subtracting the number of products from the popular line, and investing resources, time, and periods of the release schedule for something that won't make it's money back.

That's a major reason why we haven't seen more support for instance for the Beginner's Box ruleset.

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For the most part most of the high level bad guys kind of make sense. I will say, I think Razmiran would be far more interesting if he was a level 10 wizard (or higher level bard). It would just make his con all the more impressive.

Well...the book is going to focus on the major races of the inner sea region, as well as the different ethnicities and cultures. I honestly wouldn't be all that hopefully that Distant Worlds/Tian Xia races will get significantly greater page count than what they got in the ARG.

Kind of like how Inner Sea Gods was focused on the core 20, and only has limited coverage of other dieties.

Depends...if the book is set up like Mythic Adventures, they might just have a section in it with psychic monsters. Granted Mythic Adventures just had mythic versions of already published monsters, so we might still need a new bestiary for new psychic beasts.

The 4th book probably won't be announced until sometime next spring. Bestiary 4 and Monster Codex were not announced at Paizocon/Gencon

Mikaze said it was announced at Gencon just moments ago, for sometime in 2015.

(Also Psychic Magic) :)

Zaister wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:
(Mildy) surprised about Occult Adventures...Figured there might be more of an intrigue focused book with Cheliax rebellion being the fall 2015 AP. Occult Adventures doesn't seem to be super synergistic with that, but who know?
Well, the Advanced Class Guide doesn't have much to do with the Iron Gods AP either, does it?

True...but a hardcover technology book would be way more controversial and risky, which is what would have fit with Numeria stuff. and Mythic came out with a Mythic AP, and Bestiary 3/Ultimate Combat had a lot of stuff for Jade Regent.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Also...I assume Playtest for the 6 new classes? any rough idea if an when?

Well...Occult Adventures won't be using the power point system of Psionics. SOOOO...yeah.

Ultimate Psionics is awesome, but some GMs probably will be even more reluctant to use Dreamscarred Press in Golarion games when this book comes out.

I was expecting Inner Sea races to be on the line up soon. Bastards of Golarion covered the last of the core races, so seems like about time.

(Mildy) surprised about Occult Adventures...Figured there might be more of an intrigue focused book with Cheliax rebellion being the fall 2015 AP. Occult Adventures doesn't seem to be super synergistic with that, but who know?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Well...Hardcover Inner Sea Races is on the line up for 2015. That should hopefully provide more material for races not covered in the Advanced Race Guide.

FYI, Bestiary 4 won the gold ennie for best monster book. Maybe a promising sign for future bestiaries?

I suspect we will get another edition...I just don't think it will be more substantial than the 3.5 -> Pathfinder, and I don't think it will be for quite a few years yet.

Honestly...that product just seems really niche. I might pick up such a book, but not sure how how many other people would.

Some biomechanical horrors like in the otherwise Meh movie Skyline.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

While insanity can take many forms, I assume the type of crazy that is attracted to Rovagug are the folks who IRL climb up watch towers and shoot people, or burn stuff down for their jollies. So while mental problems do not equal violent criminals always, they certainly can lead to violence.

As for worship of Rovagug, it's probably not all madness. You can also get the following:

Societies/races who for whatever reason were brought up within the religion of Rovagug. members of such societies might not be insane, but having grown up around Rovagug preachings, might not really know better.
I suspect this is the case for many monstrous humanoids (at least in my head canon). Also, some species such as orcs may have a greater predisposition to violent acts, which might make worship more tolerable.

People/societies ostracized by greater society. If you have been spit upon and treated by dirt by another race/nobility/religion/etc all your life, you may relish the opportunity to rise up and destroy your persecutors. Obviously Rovagug is all about that.

Charismatic cult leaders. This sort of goes with the earlier point, but there are plenty of real life examples of people who prey on the gullible and weak-willed. In this case, you might get a cult of Rovagug that may worship him without really realizing what he is about. Also if a powerful sect of Rovagug worshipers takes control, they might be able to influence the greater population into serving Rovagug out of fear.

yeah I agree with the last two points. DnD/Pathfinder, are as a rule not terribly great at simulating worlds characteristic of most fantasy stories. A novelist has complete control of plot and characters. A DM doesn't or shouldn't. And the majority of the games mechanics really focus on combat and dungeon-delving. It's not really a good system for intrigue or political games, at least without a lot of PC cooperation and use of subsystems.

Norgorber's clergy seem all over the map on the crazy scale. The cultists that venerate Father Skinsaw are essentially serial killers, and completely crazy. On the other hand, I could see sane politicians, power brokers, and thieves venerating his other aspects.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

On the other hand, WoTC isn't necessarily the only model to follow. How long did 1E/2E last? What about other gaming systems, such as Call of Cthulhu?

Really...the radically new edition thing only started with 3E...

And based on rumors for 5E, it might be now considered an obsolete model.

We also shouldn't forget that Paizo business model actually makes it a lot harder to update than WoTC is. A radical rules revision (ala 2E -> 3E, 3E -> 4E) would result in a lot of the existing product being rendered unsaleable. Which is a problem when a main source of revenue is subscriptions and sale's through the Paizo store.

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Found a pretty cool blog earlier this week by a South American cryptozoology writer:

Patagonian Monsters

The site has tons of obscure monsters and legends from the southern portion of South America. These include many beasts I have never heard about before, like armadillo-folk, penguin-like dwarves, and monster seals. Worth checking out

on a related a there any page on here that includes the gencon panel times for Paizo?

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