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I am not actually all that sure that errata is made solely to align with PFS. However PFS (for better or worse) provides a standardized gaming environment for Paizo folks to both recruit new players as well as get a general sense of what is and isn't being played or causing problems.

It's a lot harder to get data from people who play outside of that environment, and because of differences in house rules/play style/GM ability/campaigns/etc, there is no standardization to determine if something should be changed or not.

Similarly...a lot of the current issues in the game system derive from the original update from 3.5 to Pathfinder (Mythic aside). Stuff like fighter-caster diparity need addressing in the core rule book, and that is best done in a new edition, not as patches in supplemental rule books. Otherwise you risk obsoleting existing books. Stuff like Unchained can only go so far.

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Kirth Gersen wrote:
GreyWolfLord wrote:
Not that anyone who really is a scientist or concerned with the science seems to be reading the thread.
Ahem. ** spoiler omitted **

Indeed...I am a professional paleobiologist with a PhD in Ecology. I don't think agree with anything GreyWolfLord has said in this thread.

Evil Midnight Lurker wrote:
My problem with the Vigilante is that Paizo has already locked themselves into having a Vigilante base class, and no amount of playtesting will convince me that this is a good idea. It doesn't matter how good the class becomes; it's not something that should be a class. Paizo should have publically playtested the idea before committing themselves to printing it.

There is just not enough time in the development process to do something like that. By the time something goes to playtest the sections of a book need to be locked down, including the rough sketch of a class. In a perfect world it would be great to have time for playtesting and idea building, but the economic reality just doesn't allow that.

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Ashiel wrote:

The playtests are a farse anyway though. I mean Paizo intentionally released a nerfed version of the kineticist class for the playtest instead of the actual version they were intending, rendering the whole thing moot. Similarly, in previous playtests for things like Ultimate Combat, I realized that Paizo's open playtests were just publicity gimmicks.

Whaizo. Just Whaizo.

I think you are not interpreting statements about the kineticist in the way they were intended. They released a less powerful version of the class to see what people thought regarding power level, etc. Because if it was too powerful and needed to be brought down, people would be screaming NERF at the top of their lungs. It's a lot easier to buff than nerf a class.

Probably not a concern anymore, as they have hired more staff, and I am unaware of any major editing issues in either Pathfinder Unchained or Occult Adventures so far.

The Vigilante is a playtest, and so shouldn't be held to the same standard as a finished product, especially since it's one small section of a much larger hardcover.

LazarX wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:

Another confession:

I really love "star wars cantina" type settings. I like tons of unique races, the less traditional the better.

I especially love it when a setting incorporates oddball races that are not simply reskinned elves or dwarves, or even worse, existing earth ethnicities reskinned as elves and dwarves.

Strangely enough though I also like the human baseline, where they are the most common/dominant race. I admit to having a really weird time reconciling these factors.

You kind of have to make a choice between Golarion and Talislanta...they're about as opposite world concepts as you can get.

At the moment I am compromising by having huge swath of kingdoms where humans are practically the only thing around, with other races absent/persecuted/considered myths. However there are other areas with multiple races living in harmony, or areas humans are excluded from.

Gorbacz wrote:
So, real men are the ones who revel in violence? A very American observation.

I detected a fair whiff of sarcasm in that post you are commenting on...

Larkspire, I don't know if I would call it a lost cause. People should petition for books they want, and I would probably rank such a book above a Monster Codex 2 in probability of being published.

LazarX wrote:
thejeff wrote:

Again, I'm quite happy playing with moral ambiguity and with different cultural mores. I'd just rather not do it with a system in which some can literally ask the supreme moral authority for the answer. The typical fantasy world isn't one of those, since the various Gods aren't actually supreme.

Pathfinder may be the system, but AFAIK on Golarion, not even clerics get to directly quiz their god on anything. At most, they might get an answer from a highly placed intermediary.

A deity might not come down directly and say "Bad Priest..NO". But gods do withdraw power from those who don't roughly follow the dictates of their faith. A cleric of a good god that can't cast spells like her colleagues is going to get some second glances.

I don't think errata free books is actually a thing that can happen. You can minimize it for sure (something which ACG obviously didn't), but the perfect should not be the enemy of the good.

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I would prefer an Abyss Unleashed over Demons. Demons already have a lot of love, and I honestly would like a book that could give more love to Demodands/Thanotic Titans/Qlippoth, rather than just more demons.

psyrus wrote:

I think this book offers a radically different take on what it means to be "Psychic" that has never been a part of any roleplaying game. It is interesting in its own way. I like the classes and appreciate the differences from other classes. I enjoyed the non-Sci-fi spin and "blending" of psi into pathfinder in this non disruptive way.

I noticed a lack of new races, race options, and traits; is this part of another book? what is the title? when is it coming out?

Generally speaking races and race options are not included in class focused books. Instead new races usually debut in the Bestiaries. IIRC, there are psychic variants of Duergar and Samsarans, as well as a new race, in Occult Bestiary, while Bestiary 5 might also have more psychic friendly races (?)

Yeah I can't say I have heard any significant editing complaints in books since ACG.

voska66 wrote:
magnuskn wrote:

Yeah, the "new rules" churn is rivaling the late 3.5 WotC fast release schedule by now. It's again getting to the point that there are too many new rules to keep up and care.

It seems to be an indicator for me that PF 2.0 is coming soon.

I don't think you'll see PF 2.0 coming any time soon. I think we may see a halt of PF RPG books coming out. Maybe focus on different genres like PF SciFi RPG. There is enough PF RPG content to feed the campaign setting for year. Pathfinder Online will also drive sales. I mean that's how I ended up playing pen/paper RPGs back in the day. Started with BBS MUDs on the Apple IIe.

While they might dial back the releases (at this point there is probably more need for Campaign Setting hardcovers than campaign neutral ones), I don't think they will stop releasing books until they announce a new edition. If they stopped the main RPG line...what would the RPG development line people do? I'm pretty Jason, Mark, and everyone else would rather have a job than...not have one.

Kobold Cleaver wrote:

I'm gonna be That Guy and disagree. I believe that bigotry, or irrational dislike of any kind, is not going to turn you evil as long as you do no harm by it. Preaching against homosexuality is a form of bullying, and that paladin would lose her powers. Being of the "love the sinner, hate the sin" philosophy and silently judging people even as they try to feign full support because they don't want to hurt anyone's feelings? That paladin is going to struggle mightily (because they are completely wrong), but it's not an evil act or grounds to drop them to Lawful Neutral.

I believe that "half-orcs are bastards, monsters, and some, I assume, are good people" dwarf paladins and "call me old-fashioned" clerics of Erastil can be Good simply because Good people can be heavily, heavily flawed. What it really comes down to for me is, "Do they do any harm? Do they fail to do good?" Most bigoted paladins will eventually have to either get over their prejudices or face the consequences. But that's not automatic.

I'm going to clarify my views on paladins so people who disagree with me will know why and not derail this thread talking about a class feature: For insight, I also fully believe a paladin can have a substance abuse problem. I...

Actually I don't disagree...note that I used the term "preach"

If a cleric or a paladin is preaching and trying to make a community run out its gay members, or otherwise creating a distrustful/hateful community towards certain individuals based on that viewpoint, than they will probably fall. The same would happen if a Paladin refused to lay hands on a person in need because they were trans, or gay. Basically I don't think the good or neutral gods police the thoughts of their followers, just how they act on them.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I will also add in, as others have stated, that their are biological underpinnings to gender's not some sort of cultural phenomena, any more than people "choose" to be gay. So if you want to argue that it didn't "exist", than you would need to argue that the biological processes behind gender orientation are somehow different than they were in the past, or the environment regulating them was different. might not be that transgender people were "common" as today because a transgender person would have suffered extreme persecution, and thus would have stayed in the closet, committed suicide, faced societal sanction, or otherwise hid there condition. Even then though I am not certain historical evidence of trans people is completely lacking. There are certainly many examples of saints adopting male personas, not to mention folklore around female popes and such to indicate that gender dysphoria existed back then, even if it wasn't well understood.

LazarX wrote:
thejeff wrote:

One of the drawbacks to running a quasi-historical game, at least using something like the PF system, is that you have to decide what God thinks of such things in your world.
Not really. The gods in Golarion, outside of Razmir, are notorious for NOT making public statements on their positions. There are at least two factions of Sarenrites that are in violent disagreement, yet the goddess continues to supply the priests of both with spells.

Actually...while gods don't make pronouncements on a daily basis, they do regulate spells and "class features". Also Alignment is real and elemental aspect of reality that can be discerned with low level magic.

In real life, clerics of a religion can make pronouncements based on their interpretation of religion, and its up to the individuals listening to those clerics to judge the validity of those statements within the context of spirit of the religion.

In Golarion, a cleric of Shelyn or a paladin that preaches against homosexuality is going to eventually lose their abilities and stop pinging as good. Any true followers of a religion of Good Alignment is going to be supportive of LGBTQ folks, gender equality, etc, while neutral religions either are...well ambivalent or would wonder why their priests are so focused on a concern they don't care about.

It's prominent that the only religions with a strong misogny vibe are Asmodeus and Kotschei (sp?).

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FYI, there are rumors that Falcon gets a robot drone "Redwing" in Civil War.

Milo v3 wrote:
It is abit worrying that Occult Adventures didn't have any archetypes for unchained monk, though technically, aren't all barbarian and rogue archetypes unchained barbarian and unchained rogue archetypes?

I imagine that Occult Adventures "stuck" with the original classes because that book and unchained overlapped in development (Unchained was in development something like a year before it's release).

Although I thought most UC rogues were able to take rogue archetypes, because in most cases the rogue just got more stuff, and didn't lose old class features???

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Ok this is not meant to be a rage thing or a hate thread or whatever, I am legitimately curious of this.

What concept does the fighter cover tjat other classes just don't do better? Between Cavalier, Brawler, Slayer, Ranger, Barbarian, and swashbuckler I dont see what he has. Oh and even worse, thematically a magus does the whole "warrior with sacred weapon thing" better tha the fighter as well...

I think it fills the role of being a very easy class to build and understand for beginners, very casual players, or people who just want to hit things with a sword without fiddling with a lot of class stuff.

Kthulhu wrote:
Fast & Furious

Hah..too much time spent on comic book movie related threads here!

BigNorseWolf wrote:

I would think that Lamashtu would be gay unfriendly because you're not going to make the next generation of monsters that way.

Unless she has a spell to let people have monsters that way. Which .. yeah I'm stopping my brain there.

I believe there is some in canon examples of unwanted(?) male pregnancy caused by Rovagug and Lamashtu...

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Aranna wrote:

Trans wouldn't exist in the same way as the real world... first magic can remake you in your preferred gender, and second the player can select their preferred gender right from character creation.

Yes and no. There are things like potions of sex shift, but I assume the price makes it outside the reach of a vast majority of potential customers, and it's probably specialized enough to not be a widespread formula created and kept in stock by a lot of potion makers. So it might be an option really only for nobles (which has some parallels in real life).

So you could get some sort of weird economic class thing going on, with either class (poor versus rich)
looking down on members of the other, based on differences in how trans people are viewed/assisted. would have a hell of a motive for a transperson from an impoverished background to become an adventurer. To build up enough cash to get the potion they need/want.

Lord Snow wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:
Just finished Name of the Wind...very slow for the first half, but eventful in the second half. I am interested in where the Author is going to be taking the character in the next book, especially as it seems like a lot of major mysteries/plot developments will not be really solved in the trilogy
The author takes them to the fascinating location known is "nowhere, really". The first half of the first book is more eventful than the entire second book.

I think I liked the first book largely because I was incredibly amused to see all the parallels with the modern University system, everything from grad school to college towns to even how labs work.

Of course...the second book kind of spent...a ton of time going over all of that again. Which uh...was less than needed.

BPorter wrote:
While I suppose anything is possible, everything points to this guy campaigning for it. John Stewart, this guy isn't. If he thinks he's the big draw for the F&F movies, he's delusional.

He would be indeed very delusional, since Tyrese isn't even in Fantastic Four.

Another confession:

I really love "star wars cantina" type settings. I like tons of unique races, the less traditional the better.

I especially love it when a setting incorporates oddball races that are not simply reskinned elves or dwarves, or even worse, existing earth ethnicities reskinned as elves and dwarves.

Strangely enough though I also like the human baseline, where they are the most common/dominant race. I admit to having a really weird time reconciling these factors.

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I have to say that prior to hanging out on the boards here, I really wouldn't have thought much about LGBTQ concerns while world building. Now I do try to mull over those issues when creating races/cultures, and try to intentionally vary up presentation, rather than defaulting to the pop culture interpretation of medieval views.

I suspect most of the time this fleshing out will remain in the background, but I do think it adds to the realism of a setting.

Just finished Name of the Wind...very slow for the first half, but eventful in the second half. I am interested in where the Author is going to be taking the character in the next book, especially as it seems like a lot of major mysteries/plot developments will not be really solved in the trilogy

Krensky wrote:
The theory is he had some issues that were exasperated by exposure to his fake Pym particles. Also, note he didn't really go full on villain (maniacal laughing, hand wringing, mustache twirling, threatening kids and small animals, etc) until after using the Yellowjacket suit.

One of his first scenes is murdering a board member and flushing him down the toilet because he disagreed with the direction Cross was taking with the company. A short time later we see his preferred test subject is baby lambs. I would say he was already a sociopath and pretty darn evil well before perfecting the shrinking process.'s possible that any exposure to Pym particles, not just shrinking, could cause mental issues, in which case Cross's problems mental deterioration could have started way before the movie began. But we don't really get that from the movie

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I kind of actually wouldn't mind if some of the Daemon Harbingers were CR 25+. Daemons lack the rigid hierarchy of devils, but that doesn't make them entirely a race of backstabbers. And some Harbingers could certainly operate outside of the Horsemen, representing powerful individuals with their own much more limited domains, or Harbingers that just don't play well with others.

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also probably should throw in the generic "orientation doesn't equal sex". You can have gay npcs in a campaign with no suggestion of sex, just by having the bartender have a husband instead of a wife, etc.

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Ildris elba improves everything though...

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As someone who doesn't own the book, I do find the errata situation hilarious.

After the book was released, we had people proclaiming the book was horrible, needed errata right now, and was proof that Paizo was going to pot and they would never ever purchase a product from the company again.

Some people continued with that attitude through much of next year, demanding early release of errata.

And then, we got early release of errata, and people are angry, proclaiming this renders the book horrible, Paizo is going to pot, and they are never going to purchase a product from the company again.

Now I know that doesn't describe everyone, and I know the ACG had probably the worst editing issues of any hardcover, but I can't help but be "amused" by "just can't win" nature of the situation.

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Lotharct may have never been a really good baseline. He is after all on the run from Hell and thus presumably should have lost a bit of power compared to a duke who is still in favor.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I've thought about how LGBTQ folks fit into my setting in the context of their given societies and cultures. There is basically a whole spectrum, ranging from complete acceptance to social class based distinctions to biology based differences. And then there is the whole layer of religion over that.

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Here is my confession. I got interested in Pathfinder mostly as a consequence of stumbling upon the bestiaries online and in the Laramie Hastings. I HAD played 3.5, but stopped after my group scattered to the 4 winds. However I enjoy world building and have for years been slowly research folklore and reading other fiction to have my own go at creating a original novel. Golarion and other Pathfinder works tend tend to be a great source of inspiration.

To this day I spend far far more time reading through Campaign Setting books, adventure paths, and similar books than I do actually playing the game. HOPEFULLY this will change when I move in a few weeks to a more populous area.

Krensky wrote:
Hama wrote:

Stane was an awesome villain. Mostly because it was Jeff freaking Bridges.

Justin Hammer was also awesome in his own way.
Schmidt was good. Not enough time to flesh him out properly. Too bad.
Blonsky was awesome.

I love that Marvel doesn't have the qualms to pick amazing actors to be villains, even though it means that they'll usually be killed off. And those actors give awesome performances.

I just regret that they misused Faran Tahir. He should have stayed alive.

The Mandarin is coming.

I hated Justin Hammer...he seemed utterly incompetent, and I don't think he could have run a lemonade stand nevertheless a major arms production company.

I keep secretly hoping that we will find out that the Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2 was actually Justin Hammer Jr., with his father the actual ruthless businessman his son only wishes he could be.

Faran Tahir was great...but I think he is a bit hesistant about returning. I remember him commenting back then that he was a bit tired of most hollywood roles involving people of Middle Eastern descent involve playing a terrorist. That...has to be frustrating.

Also...sure the Mandarin is out there, but I don't see him showing up until phase 4 or 5, probably not until they end up recasting or otherwise needing to bring Iron Man back. Although apparently one of the buyers for the antman tech was from the Ten Rings (based on tattoo), an easter egg I totally missed.

Dragon78 wrote:
Technically B2 and B3 were all new races that had not appeared in any book before except the Suli and B4 was all reprints. We already know that we will be getting at least 2 new 0HD races in this book with a good chance of reprints as well.

Well I presume...we will get skinwalkers at least in the next bestiary. There are five races in the Inner Sea Bestiary (Android, Ghoran, Monkey Goblin, Lashunta, and Syrinx).

From the AP's, post Shattered Star there are Shabti and Triaxians.

I don't think all of those are going to be in the book, but they probably will take up some new race space.

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Four campaigns, 3 of which were 3.5, and one of which was Pathfinder.

None of the campaigns topped 10 levels, and I don't think a fighter appeared in any of them (Barbarian, Paladin, and Ranger were the usual beat sticks). No monks either, although I recall the Rogue being pretty effective in our most memorable campaign. Caster wise we have had Druids, Wizards, Clerics, and Witches.

In the most memorable 3.5 campaign, The wizard I played was...not really all that fun, and I ended up taking levels of ranger just so he was more effective when his spells ran out. The Barbarian was by far the most powerful character in this campaign, and regulary converted enemies to redmist.

In the backup game, I made a pretty effective Psion/Ninja. I remember a Bard, Paladin, and Ranger from that game, although I can barely remember any details on the relative power level of all the characters, and I think we were roughly equal? The other 3.5 game only lasted for a few sessions before TPK city.

In the Pathfinder Game I GMed, we had a Druid beatstick (who rarely if ever cast any spells), a sleep focused witch, a kobold paladin, and a ninja.The kobold paladin was the only weak link in there...but...Kobolds are not that great a paladin option, and so I can't really lay blame there on paladins. The witch and ninja were probably the most consistently well performing characters, but I also recall the Druid and his velociraptor having a lot of really really unlucky rolls

So my experience has been that, without going to the forums and reading, I didn't really encounter caster martial disparity. BUT there are a ton of caveats...we never reached high level, we never had monks or fighters (who seem to get the most complaints), and half our PCs at any give time were run by casual players who probably wouldn't have even noticed the disparity.

USUALLY they use the Bestiaries to compile the 0HD races that have appeared in APs and similar books. So those are going to take up a lot of the space in the Bestiary, especially if the Inner Sea Bestiary races get slotted in.

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Kirth Gersen wrote:
Bandw2 wrote:


it's out there, it is a thing, and it does create problems, so paizo should realize it exists so they can stop the system from making it hard on new players. the system should work as written, not work as written after you've made several unspoken rules on code of conduct.

I wish I could "like" this post a hundred times.

If the game works fine with all these unspoken agreements, let's speak them. Let's print them right there in the rulebook where they need to be. Instead of a wealth-by-level table, the book should have a chapter on what custom items you have to give out to certain classes in order to make them viable -- or better yet, include those items in the class description. If every fighter always gets an artifact sword at around 10th level, and that's why fighters rock in your games, then put that right there in the fighter table:
Level 10 - BAB +10/+5 - Fort +7/Ref +3/Will +3 - Special: artifact sword (Su).

If crafting isn't a problem because you keep everyone on tight schedules that don't allow it -- then why not just remove the crafting feats in the first place?

I think there are several tangled issues at work here. One...fixing martial-caster disparity presents 2 options. fix it in future hardcovers. Unfortunately, doing this may lead to definite power creep, as suddenly you are obsoleting sections of the core rulebook. And if the fix that is required is say...more elemental to the game system, like changing buff durations or action economy, there might be further ripple effects that can create problems elsewhere in the game.

Alternatively, you can do a new edition, but that presents all of its own issues, and economically it isn't feasible to do this while a game is still successful.

The Caster-Martial problem is real, I don't doubt that. However it's severity varies from table to table, depending on GM and play style, optimization, level played, experience, houserules, and reading of the rules. In the games I have played it really hasn't been a huge issue, for the above listed reasons. I am sure that applies to many other people. It's basically a problem that hasn't hampered playability of the game for most, and because of that isn't hampering sales.

At the moment, core rule book sales grow every year, so this problem isn't dramatic enough for Paizo to consider it in need of a major fix. I do hope fighters get boosted and 9 level casters get nerfed in the next edition, but until then I don't expect the issue to be addressed.

So question:

This appears to be Midgard's "Africa" expansion. I see a lot of Egypt/North African stuff, but how much is there here for people looking for a more Sub saharan type feel? Does it pull much or take much inspiration from areas farther south on the continent?

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My issue with Maguire is that his Peter Parker just seemed always so depressed. He was completely lacking in the smart-ass qualities I expect from Spiderman

Hopefully the new Spiderman actor can channel Maguire's nerdy qualities and Garfield's smart ass elements. Assuming I am not distracted by Aunt May being hot now.

Gars DarkLover wrote:
Lamontius wrote:

I have my doubts and concerns about child characters in roleplay settings, but I get it

Too awesome for this game.

Berselius wrote:
Thank the kami she isn't chaotic evil! Instead she's a teenage girl out to find her place in the world. Also, it is just me or does Paizo seem to have a strange fixation with fire-based casters?
No really, aside from the Bloodrager, Paladin and Ranger iconic, all the casters seem to LOVE PLAYING WITH FIRE, then again, it seems 95% of the monsters shown in Non-Bestiary books are weak to fire.

I'm thinking the movie Firestarter has a lot to do with why they went this direction, as well as Carrie. Young female pyrokineticists are practically a trope.

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Tormsskull wrote:

For favoritism to be a problem, there sort of has to exist a competitive mindset. Like Player A is trying to create a more powerful character than Player B. If the GM gives player B something above what Player A gets, then Player A can complain of favoritism because Player B's character is now more powerful because of something beyond that player's skill in creating a character.

In my group, we don't have any of this. No one is trying to "beat" the other players as far as character power is concerned. The primary focus is on taking part in the collaborative story that we're creating,

As an example, in the most recent PF campaign I was in (where I was a player), the GM of the group gave one of the players a +1 sword at level 1 as a result of his character's background story. None of the other players complained (some of them got other story rewards, some did not.)

I know...

I think stuff like you describe is pretty common. The messageboards, especially the sections about rules, are going to attract the hardcore people who have the books basically memorized, and play in a lot of games, games with people who they don't know really well. In my past games, I can honestly say they were all with people that I was already friends with, and only about half of the players spent any time looking through rule books outside of the game. I don't think any of us would have recognized if one player got something way more valuable than someone else, or if we were under WBL or not.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Aranna wrote:


I found a site explaining from the pro man made global warming side why they falsified data (although they don't call it that) (they call it changing the actual readings to better reflect what they should be if mankind and weather didn't keep messing up their experiments).

Which is what you do in very large experiments. Have you ever run a weather station? The temp in one can jump 5 degrees in a year... from someone cutting down a tree that provided shade. Or the paint getting old. Or down from getting a new coat of paint. Welcome to the physical sciences.


A quick web search revealed climate analysts make between 74k (Texas) to 105k (Washington DC) per year. I would like to know where your from that a bake sale raises enough to pay multiple 6 figure salaries.

That is what you pay someone when you demand a masters or higher (in any field but teaching anyway). There is no conspiracy here. If you can't understand that how on earth do you expect anyone to believe that you can handle the statistics behind removing outliers from a data pool? They remove BOTH absurdly high and absurdly low readings (including a lot of zero readings when the machine goes on the fritz)

As someone with a PhD in an earth science area, 71,000 might seem like a lot, but then again those people probably have a Phd and/or MS, alongside their undergrad degree. And they are almost certainly entering a crowded job market where its very difficult to get a nonindustry research job, and some of them will be making quite a bit less starting off.

After a year of searching, I finally nailed a postdoc that start next month, and that only makes 41,000 a year or so, which adjusted for higher tax bracket, student loan repayments, and high cost of living in the job location, means that I will basically be only marginally better off than I was as a grad student.

In contrast, a labmate left academia and went to work full time for, I think BP oil (it was one of the big companies), using past intern experience and his geology ms. His starting salary was higher than what I would make as a tenure track faculty member at most good schools, enough that he has been able to take several safari's in Africa and actually complain about not knowing what to do with all the money he makes.

Jacob Saltband wrote:

Was this party agreement to weird for everyone?

In most groups I've been in, we've had an agreement that a magic item went to the person who could put it to the best use. If he didnt want it someone else could ask for it. If no one wanted it it was sold. When all wealth items where sold we divided the cash equally plus a full share to the 'party pool'. The 'party pool' was used to buy wands and potions and such, and was used to pay for raises, restores, etc.

That's pretty much how are group has done it.

Norton is wiry...I don't think you could consider him really out of shape. Trust me I know a think about "being out of shape" :)

I am skeptical of the next Fantastic Four, but I don't think you can really judge it by the trailers. I have seen horrible trailers for good movies, and awesome trailers for really bad movies.

And I don't think it's really fair to compare a Netflix show with movies. Daredevil was awesome, but that has 10+ hours and a different format. It's probably really only comparable to Agent Carter, AoS, and the various WB tv shows.

We opened to Norton doing like Brazilian martial arts/meditation stuff...I don't see how you can say he seemed more nerdy than the other actors.

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