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[PFS] A Vision of Neb (Inactive)

Game Master Nebten

Dispatched on an envoy mission overland from Absalom to port city Escadar, you must weather the harsh wilderness of the Isle of Kortos before you can hope to meet with the representative of the elusive gillmen.

Dark Archive

Hey there.

My name is Ben, and I'm looking for 4 or 5 people who would like to play through the Pathfinder Society scenario, "A Vision of Betrayal" (First Steps, Part 3). It was written by Larry Wilhelm. The description of the scenario is as follows:

Dispatched on an envoy mission overland from Absalom to port city Escadar, you must weather the harsh wilderness of the Isle of Kortos before you can hope to meet with the representative of the elusive gillmen, and only then come face to face with the greatest threat to the Pathfinder Society.

This will be run as a legal Pathfinder Society game, so all the characters will earn PFS Chronicles for their efforts.

This scenario is meant to be ran as the 3rd part of the First Steps series. One does not need to have played the first 2 parts to play in this one. The character must be 1st level and on the normal XP track . If you don't have a Society character, that's fine. You're welcome to build a new PC according to the free Guide to the Pathfinder Society. (If I were to oversimplify, I would say: it's a 20-point buy, 150 starting gold. There are a handful of campaign-specific rules.) It is OK if your character doesn't have a faction or hasn't picked one yet for this scenario.

Some ground rules:

* I only want people who are able to post at least once a day, throughout the week. More frequently is welcomed. I move fast as a DM. If the party is in a battle and the PC doesn't act within 48 hours after the monsters act, I reserve the right to bot the PC or have the character go full-defensive.

* I use group initiative. What I do is average my creatures initiative modifier then add it to a d20 roll. Then average the PC's initiative modifier and add it to a d20 roll. The characters can go in any other when it is there turn to go. The side that has the highest roll goes first, then flip-flops from there. This speeds things up on the boards since you don't have to wait for the dwarf fighter to go so that you can act.

* I will roll saving throws, AoO's and some skills depending on the situation. If there is an error with the roll, feel free to let me know.

* No meta-gaming, faerie whispering or telling people what they should do during a battle or conversations. Only short phrases should be used on your turn during combat.

I will select a group and get the ball rolling this Tuesday evening. I will use Google Docs for a grid map and Dropbox for player handouts.

So please provide a completed character with its PFS number. Let me know if you've played Part 1 and/or Part 2 with this PC. Also inform me if you've played this scenario before with another PC. If you wish, provide an introduction along with any other information that "sells" your PC.

Any other questions, feel free to ask,
Neb da GM.

Grand Lodge

Hi Ben/Neb, I would like to apply with this character (ID #19310).

Level 1 ranger, no XP, so obviously did not play or run Parts 1 and 2 previously. I believe that all the information needed can be found within character profile.

Silver Crusade

Omrax (1st. paladin) would be interested. He has not played any of the first steps series. He has played master of fallen fortress and just finish voice in the void. He is still first level with 2xp. I am preparing to run part 1 but have never seen parts 2 or 3 .

Grand Lodge

Dotting for interest. Have not played any of the first steps

Liberty's Edge

Badger here. This is my character so long as summoners are aloud (most gms seem to not like them). And btw i prefer a more fast game play, the other pbp game im playing is going way slow.

Dark Archive

Haraldir: It looks like you forgot to add in your extra HP or skill point for your favorite class. I would hate for you to short change yourself at first level. Keep in mind that for Craft (bows) you'll have a -2 penalty for not having artisan tools for that skill. Does this character plan on carrying everything he has listed under his gear? If so, he will be Encumbered thus his AC and all Str/Dex skills will be negatively effected.

Badger: I have no problem summoners. But Master Summoner archetype is not allowed under Pathfinder Society play, neither is the trait "Without a Past." This character will need to be modified if he is to be considered for this game. And I would like his inventory listed on the character sheet. I have no desire to register to another website to view your items.

Liberty's Edge

oh... sorry, i will fix those things :)
Edit: i didnt know those things werent legal :P. i will make major adjustments to this character

Silver Crusade

FYI - Cleaned up Omrax's character sheet, added PFS#.

Shadow Lodge

Seems very interesting :) I haven't played pbp on paizo yet so I'm kind of excited :) I'll try to make my character as fast as I can :)

Grand Lodge

Nebten wrote:

Haraldir: It looks like you forgot to add in your extra HP or skill point for your favorite class. I would hate for you to short change yourself at first level. Keep in mind that for Craft (bows) you'll have a -2 penalty for not having artisan tools for that skill. Does this character plan on carrying everything he has listed under his gear? If so, he will be Encumbered thus his AC and all Str/Dex skills will be negatively effected.

It seems you were right in regards to HP/SP for Favoured Class. Fixed it by adding one more HP.

In regards to Craft (Bows) - that is OK. To be honest I made this character such a long time ago that I honestly forgot what was the motivation for taking that particular skill. But I do not have any big plans in using it any time soon, while it seems to fit his background, so I'll leave it as it is. Who knows, I might even earn enough money to buy some artisan tools along the way :-)

As for the Encumbrance - you are right, he is Moderately encumbered. If we are "adventuring" inside some urban environment, then please consider that Haraldir has only his weapons/armour and just 1 "set" of caltrops, putting me at "Light encumbrance" - unless I specifically state that I am going to retrieve some or all of my "other equipment".

If we are travelling/adventuring "outside" (wilderness, dungeon, etc...), then please consider that Haraldir is carrying all this equipment with himself. In that case, typically one of my first actions in combat is to drop backpack (to the ground). All I need from you is the ruling - is it a Free action (listed in PHB as "Drop an item") or a Move action (like "Ready or drop a shield"), or something completely third?

Greetings pplz, I'm kinda new to this online play but I would be happy to try out! If you could maybe give me some information on what I need to do and how the campaign will work? I'm pretty familiar with Pathfinder rules etc., just need some guidelines :D

Liberty's Edge

Im editing Badger now for PFS. Will have him PFS legal here in a bit.

Liberty's Edge

Oh well, i didnt have to change near as much as i thought i would have. Everything should be PFS legal now.

Dark Archive

Haraldir: Sounds good to me. You can still use a Craft check at the end of the mod for a Day Job Roll. I'll give you a heads up that this scenario will be an "outside" game. To drop your backpack will be a Move action. Good thinking though.

Badger: You character is still not PFS legal. You cannot use the Master Summoner archetype. Also Magical Knack is not a legal trait for PFS. To see what is allowed in PFS please visit Addition Resources.

Marconi: Please review the Guide to Pathfinder Society Play to answer your questions.

Liberty's Edge

I took the master summoner archytype off. Sorry i must have missed it somewhere, he is just a summoner now. but i will look

Liberty's Edge

Yeah i see that i left the master summoner in his overview

Liberty's Edge

ok now he should be legal. Just had to change that trait. Sorry i didn't know those traits listed were not legal. Sorry for the annoyance.

Dark Archive

Badger: You can't have 2 traits under the same Subclass (Combat, Magic, Relgion, Social, Equpiment). You'll have to pick another one =v). Also you shorted yourself an HP since you have a 12 Con. You also didn't pick either an HP or a skill point for your favorite class. And you don't have your spells selected either. You get 4 0 level spells and 2 1st level spells.

No worries, I'm chuckling to myself over here.

Liberty's Edge

*sigh* ok :P

Liberty's Edge

im eating now, but i will fix it all in a second. I am playing in another pfs and i swear i dont usually have these problems. lol I must have been off when i put this character together :P

Grand Lodge

Hi GM Neb

I would like to submit Luisila, an elven cleric of Calistria for your consideration. She and I are brand new to PbP and Pathfinder Society.

I plan for her to be a fairly vanilla, archer-support cleric, while I get more experience with the game.

Please let me know if you spot any mistakes in my stats.

Do you have any formatting standards for posting?

Liberty's Edge

Ok theoretically everything is good now. I had missed the spells from the .txt doc that i had originally built him in. But everything (i think) is good now, maybe.

Silver Crusade

FYI - I found this post to be helpful for when I was starting on PbP a few months back...

Guide to PbP

Fixed it had an extra CRLF in the link tag.

Liberty's Edge

The like sends me to somewhere else than what you intended i believe :P

Dark Archive

Luisila: Welcome to PbP for PFS! I'm confused with her stats. Is she to have a Dex 16 and a Con 14 or a Dex 18 and a Con 12? Also be aware that you are Encumbered and will affect your AC & skills accordingly. If you keep your rope in your backpack and drop when needed, like Haraldir, that is fine. Just remember it'll be a move action to do so.

As for formatting standards, it is common to bold when speaking. When you roll, go a head and include the damage roll as well.

Luisila shoots goblin 1: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (14) + 5 = 191d8 + 1 ⇒ (8) + 1 = 9.

This way if I know if you hit, I can go ahead and have the bad guy react accordingly.

Does that answer your question or is there more with regards to formatting?

Badger: Looks great. Still have an HP or SP to choose, unless I'm missing something =v).

Omrax: Thank you for the Guide link. D'oh I think link is broken.

Grand Lodge

To Ben Thanks for your welcome and patience. I have fixed Luisila's stats. I will re-read the Encumbrance rules and make any changes.

I found the guide Omrax was referring to, so I think I’m fine with formatting. Thanks, Ben.

These guys seem friendly and helpful

Liberty's Edge

I chose the +1hp for my eidolon. I actually rolled a 10 the first time but i was like no.. So i rerolled and got a 4, so CON +1 and Favored Class +1, so 6 all in all for his hp

The Exchange

Hey its Hawkwen, here is my submission. Fluff it out tomorrow

Howdy. Pitching Astyannax

PFS #23089-1.

He surived First Steps I (granted, lying in the street, bleeding and unconscious, but hey, a win is a a win...). Only scenario played.

Dark Archive

OK, it looks like we got our party.

* Haraldir 19310-1
* Omrax 9884-1
* Badger 68288-2
* Luisila 69095-1
* Ezrek 65114-6
* Astyannax 23089-1

Again, I ask that you be able to post daily if you join this game. I also ask that if I put a spoiler tag on something with somebody's name on it, only the person who's name that is should read it. Other info I'll put on the discussion board when I think about out. Otherwise, Let's Get it On!

A Vision of Neb Gameplay

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