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Batman - Felix Marshal | Bruises/Wounds: 0/0; Hero Points 2/2; Conditions: None

Batman will re-activate his camo field and sneak a moment after Dottie does.

stealth: 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (1) + 16 = 17 Drat. at least this will be interesting.

The heroes get a strange text message from Dottie, pr1s0n3r5.

Perception check(distracted): 1d20 + 8 - 5 ⇒ (13) + 8 - 5 = 16

Dottie slips into the TV room without drawing attention to herself. The TV flashes brightly. She sees the man sitting on the sofa. To his left, an AR-15 leans in the corner of the sofa.

Nite Owl prowls the darkness, looking for anything out of the ordinary, working his way closer to Q'in up above.

To the North, Batman kicks some metal nubbin across the floor, triggering a few clanks.

Dr. Icarus, I don't have an icon for you. You wanna throw something on the map?

I can adjudicate the rest of Dottie's plan, but what are the rest of you up to? With the door she went through open, you can see the glow of the arcade.

male Human Eccentric Millionaire

"Yeah Steam was a great idea Owl!" He said with a sigh before deciding to leap up and out of the mist.

NOtice: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (19) + 8 = 27

male Human Eccentric Millionaire

make that 32

Init +5 | Toughness +6/+3* | Defense +8/+3*; Uncanny Dodge | Fort +8; Ref +10, Evasion; Will +8 | Hero Pts: 1 |

Is the AR-15 within arm's reach of him? That's a little tougher to lift without notice than a handgun, but if he's distracted.... she'll try to pull it just a little over so it's not quite within his reach.

I think everyone has gone in this round except Dr. Icarus and Q'in. Let's hear from then and then we will proceed. Icarus probably has a pretty good chance of seeing Batman. Certainly he knew where he was before the camo field. Q'in and Nite Owl should be able to see each other.

Male Human Gadgeteer

The site ate my post...

Doctor Icarus hops through the broken skylight after activating his jump pack to find fresh foes.

Attack: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (6) + 9 = 15

Toughness save: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (8) + 4 = 12

Dr. Icarus swoops over one of the thugs on the catwalk, taking him out.

It seems for the moment that the opposition has fallen to your assault.

Dottie delicately moves the weapon away from the man's grasp.

TV guy perception: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (2) + 8 = 10

I guess beating that by 15 would let you handcuff him to the chair. That's a move and a standard.

New Turn

Male Human Gadgeteer

Dr Icarus starts heading in the rough direction he last saw Batman head in and lands on some of the large machinery as he looks about.

Batman - Felix Marshal | Bruises/Wounds: 0/0; Hero Points 2/2; Conditions: None

Shaking his head over his stupid mistake, he creeps further to see if there is anybody near the other door.

stealth: 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (9) + 16 = 25
notice: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (13) + 15 = 28

male Human Eccentric Millionaire

Landing he looks about trying to find out where he can move too.

Init +4; (Danger Sense/Uncanny Dodge: Mystic); Defense: 8 (FF2), Toughness: 8, Fort: 8, Ref: 8, Will: 8; Luck: 3/3 Hero Points: 1; Notice +13

Stealth: 1d20 + 19 ⇒ (3) + 19 = 22

Qi'n drops down from the catwalk, shadowing Dot. He waits for her to deal with the guard watching the movie, and then moves into the room behind her. At then point he starts moving quietly through the dozing prisoners, looking for one that matches the description he's looking for.

They fill their minds with these drugs to make them docile, and to get them addicted as well, I've heard. They are supposed to be easier to control that way, I guess...

If he sees young women of the description he gives them a shake, and calls his quary's name. He intends to free them all of course, but figures it wise to make sure she's here before things get confusing.

"Li Jiao?"

He is less concerned about being noticed by Dotty, but neither is he making himself obvious.

I'm going to try to get us to a point here where we can do some role playing and hope that gets us back on track.

Dottie has the situation well in hand by the time Nite Owl, Batman, and Icarus make their way through the hallway full of video game cabinets, the old crt displays casting a blue white light on their costumes.

Let's say all of the gang members in the big room are taken out. There may be others lurking in the area, but not right here. The tv guardian is handcuffed and disarmed, but conscious and can be interrogated. I'm not sure how much Q'in is hiding from the rest of you. It may be a surprise to find him here, and we may need a little light PvP conflict there or not. Just as a reminder, there is supposed to be a source of hacking here. There is nothing you see yet that could be that.

Male Human Gadgeteer

"Ok time to figure out what the hell is going on in here." Icarus looks around trying to figure out or spot where the source of the hacking could be.

Notice: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (9) + 7 = 16
Computers: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (4) + 13 = 17

Icarus begins inspecting the machines, but everything he sees here is at least 20 years old. Unless they are hiding tech inside the cabinets or something, this doesn't seem to fit. Even all of the screens are original.

Init +5 | Toughness +6/+3* | Defense +8/+3*; Uncanny Dodge | Fort +8; Ref +10, Evasion; Will +8 | Hero Pts: 1 |

Dottie pulls the plastic wrap over the guard's face, ensuring he can't breathe, and says (at a fairly normal volume, so someone close to the door), "Okay, we can sit here until you suffocate, or you can tell us who works here that's good with computers. Would you like to tell us?"

Dottie is aware that often under duress or torture, interrogation victims lie, but given what she saw in the other room and thus what this guard is at least complicit with, she doesn't really care.

male Human Eccentric Millionaire

"She'll do it too." He says with a smile as he walks in and pulls up something to sit in.

"Me I prefer to just let you talk until you reveal something. My compatriot here has little patients. If she doesn't get something substantial well I am pretty sure you'll regret it, I see at least a does possible painful scenarios that would hurt extensively" He says with a flare.

Bluff: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (5) + 10 = 15

Init +4; (Danger Sense/Uncanny Dodge: Mystic); Defense: 8 (FF2), Toughness: 8, Fort: 8, Ref: 8, Will: 8; Luck: 3/3 Hero Points: 1; Notice +13

Qin continues to take advantage of the vigilante's distracted nature, and moves in and out of the prisoners' beds, looking for Li Jiao.

Stealth: 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (19) + 18 = 37 (I'm invisible! - metaphorically)
Notice: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (9) + 13 = 22

Init +5 | Toughness +6/+3* | Defense +8/+3*; Uncanny Dodge | Fort +8; Ref +10, Evasion; Will +8 | Hero Pts: 1 |

Dottie looks up to see Nite Owl and is glad to see she has a consistent ally in him. If he plays good cop (vigilante) to her bad assassin, all the better.

Also, does the guard have any keys on him? Handcuff keys?

Male Human Gadgeteer

"The tech here is all too out of date to be responsible, whatever devices they used they are hiding or disguising somehow. Not too surprising given the effort they've gone to with all these hired goons... I wonder are they really meant to guard it or just slow people down?"

The guard struggles within the plastic wrap, his eyes wide. His mouth moves, but it is hard to tell whether he is trying to talk or just trying to breathe.

He doesn't have any keys in his pockets or on his belt.

Moving to the back of the room, Qi'n sees the girl he is looking for. Her eyes flutter and he sees whites. She is almost certainly under the influence of some sort of drugs. A quick inspection of her left arm reveals an injection mark.

Init +5 | Toughness +6/+3* | Defense +8/+3*; Uncanny Dodge | Fort +8; Ref +10, Evasion; Will +8 | Hero Pts: 1 |

"Sweetie, you can nod when you're ready to tell us something helpful. Can you nod?" She purrs to the guard.

If he does nod, she will remove the plastic from his face.

He nods and sucks in air as Dottie removes the plastic.

"Computers? No computers. Davius keeps the games running. Maybe he knows. He has a room upstairs. I can show..."

Male Human Gadgeteer

"I bet he's got a secret emergency exit up in that office of his, it's probably built into a space invaders arcade game or something... I wonder if he'll have some booby traps set up or was he relying on the goon squad here entirely to buy him escape time." Doctor Icarus waits not foolish enough to be willing to barge into the place alone.

Init +5 | Toughness +6/+3* | Defense +8/+3*; Uncanny Dodge | Fort +8; Ref +10, Evasion; Will +8 | Hero Pts: 1 |

"Ah, Doc, you made it. Can you find a way to unlock those handcuffs on the people in the other room? Not our mission, but they're probably not being kept here for anything good."

Dottie turns back to the guard. "How do we get upstairs?" She holds the plastic close to his face, to show she's ready to start suffocating him again at a moment's notice.

Init +4; (Danger Sense/Uncanny Dodge: Mystic); Defense: 8 (FF2), Toughness: 8, Fort: 8, Ref: 8, Will: 8; Luck: 3/3 Hero Points: 1; Notice +13

Qi'n looks back over to the distracted vigilantes, and shakes his head. They're lucky I'm not hostile. He looks at the girl, taking in the track marks and signs of abuse, the sight causing him genuine pain. So young to go through this. I come from a land of dragons, and I find worse monsters here.

He reaches out his hand over the girl, focusing his Qi. Extending his Aura towards her, he uses the strength of his own to repair the damage done to hers.

Concentration: 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (4) + 16 = 20

*Reiki Healing 10 (Total; Concentration Check Required)
She can make a healing check at +10 to overcome the affects of the drugs.

Li Jiao's Healing check: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (15) + 10 = 25

male Human Eccentric Millionaire

"That looks painful, I am pretty sure if you play nice, She'll take it easy on you." Niteowl says as he made himself look dreadfully serious before he cracks a simple smile.

Bluff: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (2) + 10 = 12

Male Human Gadgeteer

Icarus shakes his head and heads off to help the people but calls over his shoulder. "Don't kill him, it'll just lead to the two of us arguing."

Icarus takes out some tools and steps down beside the strange newcomer and starts undoing the young woman's restraints. Looking at the strange man he nods. "Hey. So what brings you to this part of town..."

Disable Device: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (5) + 10 = 15

"Upstairs, across the hall with the games. There's a big rolling door and then you go up the metal stairs. Davius has kind of a loft up there. Right through there."

He motions back the way you came.

Init +4; (Danger Sense/Uncanny Dodge: Mystic); Defense: 8 (FF2), Toughness: 8, Fort: 8, Ref: 8, Will: 8; Luck: 3/3 Hero Points: 1; Notice +13

Does Li Jiao regain consciousness?

Also, is Icarus addressing Qi'n? He was moving pretty quiet, as of the last note it had seemed like everyone was still unaware he was even there...

Init +5 | Toughness +6/+3* | Defense +8/+3*; Uncanny Dodge | Fort +8; Ref +10, Evasion; Will +8 | Hero Pts: 1 |

Qi'n, Icarus went into the room. If you were leaning over Li Jiao trying to heal her, he probably saw you--he might be nonchalant about it, but I don't see how he wouldn't have seen you leaning over the girl. The rest of us aren't taking notice of you because yes you are being quiet, and we're in a different room, near a loud TV.

"Oh no, not an argument. How will I live with myself if that happens?"

Dottie finishes her sarcasm and then continues her interrogation. "And how does the door open?"

"Also, is Davius the one responsible for selling the people in the other room?"

She smiles ever-so-sweetly. "We're almost done, I promise, and if we're happy with the answers, I won't suffocate you to death." She almost starts to suffocate him again and then pulls back.

Male Human Gadgeteer

He's going over to the captives so I assume he notices the strange man helping them and is just rolling with it.

Init +4; (Danger Sense/Uncanny Dodge: Mystic); Defense: 8 (FF2), Toughness: 8, Fort: 8, Ref: 8, Will: 8; Luck: 3/3 Hero Points: 1; Notice +13

He appears to be a young boy, like about 10 or 11. He was sneaking in and about the beds, but I suppose there is likely not all that much room to hide, so we'll just go with it.

Qi'n looks up at the man kneeling down beside him. He still holds his hands over the sleeping girl, waiting for her to awaken. He smiles and says, "Oh, you know, the usual. I'm new to New York, thought I'd take in the sights. I've heard some of the better off-Broadway productions are hard to find, but worth it if you can locate them." His accent is fairly strong, but his words clearly enunciated. If you're good with accents, you'd probably place him as somewhere from rural China.

male Human Eccentric Millionaire

Xavier observes as he sits in the chair resting his chin in his hand. He nods to Dottie when he hears of the door and slowly makes his way over in hopes of examining the thing. He stops out of the man view and chuckles.

"We could grab some of the tools and let him sing faster, but That is up to you I hate having blood on my hands" he states awaiting the answers form the captured

Bluff: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (2) + 10 = 12

Init +5 | Toughness +6/+3* | Defense +8/+3*; Uncanny Dodge | Fort +8; Ref +10, Evasion; Will +8 | Hero Pts: 1 |

Dottie turns her head away from the guard so the guard can't see her face, and mouths at Nite Owl, Too much. Be patient.

She turns back to the guard. "Well?"

May as throw a Sense Motive check on the guard while we're at it: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (20) + 12 = 32

Male Human Gadgeteer

"Well not to be rude but you're a bit young to be running around this kind of things, in all seriousness it might be best once you find whoever you're looking for if you hightail it out of here."

Batman - Felix Marshal | Bruises/Wounds: 0/0; Hero Points 2/2; Conditions: None

Batman is trying to not watch the interrogation too much. Especially when they are talking about tools. But as Icky give him the "run along, Kid" speech, he cocks his head. "I'm not so sure he's out of place." He wasn't certain why he said this. Maybe something about the way the kid stood.

"Out through the hall with the games there, there is a rolling door. Through there and up the stairs. Davius doesn't have much to do with the kids. We just hold them here until they get picked up."

Li Jiao's eyes flutter as she recovers from the effects of the drugs, he internal energies being realigned to their proper order. Her eyes widen in fear.

Init +4; (Danger Sense/Uncanny Dodge: Mystic); Defense: 8 (FF2), Toughness: 8, Fort: 8, Ref: 8, Will: 8; Luck: 3/3 Hero Points: 1; Notice +13

Qi'n speaks to Li Jiao softly, instinctively pitching his thoughts to sync with her spirit. To Doctor Icarus his words will sound like English, but to Jiao it will come through as perfect Cantonese.

"Li Jiao, I'm here to take you home. I am called Qi'n. Your mother came to the temple to tell us about what happened, and I came to find you."

He looks up as Dr. Icarus finishes removing her handcuffs.

"These folks are not known to me, but they are no friends of your captors; I don't not believe they will harm us. Please, sit. See if you can stand. I will try to revive the other kidnappees."

Once he is sure she is coming to and oriented, he'll move to the next bed over and begin cleansing her from the drugs as well. If he can, he'll rouse them all while Dottie completes her interrogation.

male Human Eccentric Millionaire

As Nite Owl comes into the room and blinks."Wait who is this kid? And we need to do something for these victims, unfortunately, we have room to find, one which Widow is extracting as we speak,Doc you got any doodads that can scan for secret rooms Same goes for you Bats" He says as he Looks over the room wondering what they were gonna do with all these kids?

Male Human Gadgeteer

"Not on me, it's getting things down to a handy size to be carried around that's the problem. He's with a local church that some of their families asked for help..."

Init +5 | Toughness +6/+3* | Defense +8/+3*; Uncanny Dodge | Fort +8; Ref +10, Evasion; Will +8 | Hero Pts: 1 |

Dottie presses, "How does the door open? Is it locked? Do we need a key? Or do we just knock politely?"

She presses her lips together. "Who comes up to pick up the kids?"

She sees Nite Owl walk out of the room toward the increased noise folks are making across the hall. "Uh-oh," she whispers into the guard's ear. "Now there aren't any witnesses..."

I'm almost done, just seeing if I can get the answer to these last two questions.

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