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Gameplay thread

Batman - Felix Marshal | Bruises/Wounds: 0/0; Hero Points 2/2; Conditions: None


Male cursed human

dotting in

Init +7 | Toughness +6/+4* | Dodge +10; Parry +10; Uncanny Dodge | Fort +7; Will +5 | Hero Pts: 1 |

Dottie walked up the streets of Manhattan, eying the glorious, sparkling skyscrapers around her (checking for snipers), watching the varied and yet all rushed and busy passersby (checking for thieves and creepers). She hadn't really been in New York proper for... oh... decades at least. SHIELD had her in a holding cell here for the better part of the 60s, but she hadn't really SEEN the city much. She last lived there in the 40s, on some caper or another for Leviathan. Back then, she'd thought New York was a city like any other, and that it would burn soon enough. But the city still stood, and Leviathan was a hazy memory, a faded and crumbling section of the Big Book of Sinister Secret Agencies.

She'd developed, thus, a hesitating respect for New York. It was still American (*shudder*), and home to more than a number of corrupt plutocrats ready to crush the world under their heel in service to their great god Profit. But the city also pulsed with the life of... what did Peggy call them once? "The real people." Workers. Industrious souls building society in spite of those who would crush them in the name of progress. Dreamers and inventors too, to devise the innovations of the future, to encourage, challenge, or crush. But most of all, New York was like her: a survivor against all odds. No matter how many tried to control it, subjugate it, destroy it, rebuild it in another's image... it survived and moved on and got bigger and stronger. What better place for her to be?

As she thought it, of course, this meant likely something would drag her from the city to something else. She smiled. Just another challenge to face. Besides, it wouldn't be today.

Dottie saw someone running through the crowded sidewalk in her direction--eyes focused beyond. Dottie recognized her, a news reporter, Mixie Stern. Chasing a big story? A date? "Excuse me, it's an emergency," Mixie said, trying to push past the generally oblivious and unconcerned passersby too bent on getting to their own destinations. Her face wasn't worried though, it was alight with excitement, determination. A story, then.

Dottie "stumbled" toward the rushing Mixie. "Oh my GOSH, I am so sorry," she burbled as their bodies collided. She brushed Mixie off and Mixie, too bent on focusing on where she needed to go, simply nodded and kept going.

Dottie smiled at the object now in her hand, that had been so openly and haphazardly clipped to Ms. Stern's jacket: a press pass. Waiting a moment, she then turned to tail Ms. Stern. Where there was a reporter's story, there might be an adventure for Dottie to take on.

male Human Eccentric Millionaire

Xavier stood looking out the window of his office. It was a daunting ordeal today. His Public Relations Officer and Advertising Executive were about to release a new series of smartphones and tablets to combat with other tech companies. What was different was the software and power supplies they were using. With Lithium Ion batteries and encryption being major issues, Xavier had Oracle look into making a different but more effective device.

This product the Delphi Mark 1 with the Archimedes search engine with Artemis version 2.0 phone and matching Sage Mark 1 tablet. It wasn't on the level of Stark or Parker industries but it was something to watch. What was truly worrying the owner of the company was not the prospects of the devices but more the potential villains who would seek to take it.

Even if the tech was not world-shattering technology but it could be used to aid crime and terrorism around the globe. He hoped that with the tech he could end up spying on others and finding those dealing in crime and terrorism. That way he could get them before anyone dies at least thats what he thought.

Make a post here about what your character is up to near or at this announcement at the Oracle building. Feel free to make up whatever details for yourself seem appropriate. You can decorate the scene with other character, complications if appropriate, and things that should reasonably be there. Be careful not to make assumptions about what other PCs do.

Init +7 | Toughness +6/+4* | Dodge +10; Parry +10; Uncanny Dodge | Fort +7; Will +5 | Hero Pts: 1 |

A block ahead, Dottie saw Mixie push her way into the Oracle building. "Don't you know who I AM?" Dottie could hear the shout from here.

A tech firm--well, at least it wasn't Stark Industries. She paused at the corner to straighten her jacket and her hair, letting errant strands on one side cover the scar on her face, and clipped on the press pass just-so that the pocket of her jacket partly obscured the photograph.

Usually the trick with security was to act like you belonged somewhere more than having the right credentials anyway. Dottie once got into a secured research institution by dressing like a graduate student and holding up a library card with authority as she passed through the door. And so, presuming the slightly-harried but busied look of the other members of the press now pushing their way through the revolving door. Joining that particular crowd, she made it into the lobby.

male Human Eccentric Millionaire

Looking down at his watch he noted that time was ticking by and he still had to get down to the meeting hall. He would be on the stage for the event, but he would not speak. Xavier was supposed to be seen and heard at these events as he would be thought of as the aloof but involved owner.

He also had a reputation for being eccentric and spending money on things like a trip to Hedonism with the entire cast of the New York City Ballet! At least that is what he had shown to those who wanted to follow the likes of him and other powerful celebrities and wealthy persons.

So with that Xavier grabbed his coat and domino mask, alongside his hat. He would make sure that if anything went down he would slink away and change into his attire and combat such issues. For now, he would have to ride the elevator and observe the crowd.

Male Human Gadgeteer

Jeb leaned from the computer arching his neck and peered into the 3D printer as it began the laborious process of constructing the new part for the prototype. Nothing fancy but it should hold up to testing better than the part it was replacing if his calculations were correct. Not a glamorous project but it paid the bills and he owed Reggie one.

Rolling his neck he could see the clock on the far wall. While the piece was being made he might as well check out the announcement. He had been curious but Reggie and the others on this project were being kept out of the loop on it. He passed by his briefcase, had a few of his custom designs in a hidden compartment but he'd get to them later.

Grabbing a mug of coffee he waved to an exhausted looking intern before heading to where the announcement was being held.

Batman - Felix Marshal | Bruises/Wounds: 0/0; Hero Points 2/2; Conditions: None

Security was tougher than usual. They had half again the normal number of guards, most of them from other buildings. "But you aren't on the list. I can't let you in." He had already explained, when Calaveras saw him. "It's okay, he's not here for the announcement. He's on the normal visitor list." Felix thanked his savior as he picked up his badge and headed up to his mother's office. The show downstairs was for reporters and big names in the tech industry. But they were streaming it through the building so that the employees could watch. Up on the fifth floor, he stood at the railing and looked down at the people filing into the lobby. It was going to be a big day.

Male Human

Knack was so excited! Oracle was releasing the biggest 'new thing' today and he was going to be there for it, come hell or high water! It had taken some saving and scrimping but he'd manage to get enough money together to buy his way in to the release.

The company's products relied a bit too much on the whole 'Greek' naming themes for his taste, but it made it a bit more exotic and certainly wasn't a deal-breaker by any means. And they were usually pretty wiz, even if most of the time he had to get used or second-hand goods himself.

He smiled as he looked around, pack on his back. He wasn't expecting any trouble but he almost never left the house without his gear anymore. What if he saw a crime being committed on his way to the store, for instance? And, hell, half the time he flew most places anyway just to get more practice on the hoverboard.

He rubbed his hands together and then tried to still himself and exert patience as he waited for the unveiling.

Male cursed human

Gene waited with the other reporters impatiently. The story could have easily been handed to someone else, but they'd insisted it be he that covered Oracle's unveiling of their new technology. To say that he wasn't interested would be a misnomer. He wanted the new technology as much as the next guy, but the stories that he preferred to cover had to do with crime or helping the little man.

"At least the creature hasn't come out lately" Gene thought to himself as the waiting continued.

As he walks through the revolving door, Gene is hit with a blinding vision. Two groups of men and women in street clothes, one group wearing fedoras and the other touched with bright blue here and there (bandanas, shoes, gloves, nothing flashy) fire guns at each other in the street. A car careens into a storefront and bursts into flames. A line of people waiting in line at a soup kitchen are caught in the crossfire, mowed down like grass. Bleeding on the street. For a moment Gene stops in the door before someone shoves him from behind.

"Hello everyone, and welcome. What you've seen today is amazing, obviously. Hardware like nothing on the commercial market, battery life extended to days. These things will change the market place. But what really want to show you today, what we are here to offer, no, to promise, is privacy. The new Archimedes OS offers a level of encryption that is unbreakable. Keep your private business private with Archimedes. The Archimedes uses advanced AI to constantly evolve its encryption, meaning the only people who will have access to your data are the people you give it to. I've brought today, to show you, one of our chief developers to show off some of, Boooooooom..."

As the presentation is drawing to its big reveal, simple, clean graphics rolling across the screen, an armored car crashes through the glass windows of the lobby and into the presentation, fishtailing to turn its back to the room full of chairs, reporters, and observers.

Onstage are Xavier, his PR guy, and Gable Harnes, Chief Developer of the Archimedes system. Harnes has a silver briefcase handcuffed to his left hand which contains a dedicated interface into the heart of Archimedes.

Out of the armored truck tumble four figures, each wearing tactical gear and an animal mask.

The one wearing a gorilla mask says, "Everyone down on the ground."


They look like this, but are themed with masks and colors:

Ape-Man is black and has a gorilla mask. And pump shot gun.
Cat-Man is brown and has a cat mask. And 3 inch claws on his hands.
Frog Man is green and has a frog mask. And massive boots with some sort of mechanisms built in.
Buzzard Man is Blood red and has a bird mask. And razor sharp feathers hanging from his arms, somewhat like Falcon, but not nearly so well designed.

Batman Initiative: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (8) + 3 = 11
Icarus Initiative: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (20) + 2 = 22
War Widow Initiative: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (3) + 5 = 8
Knack Initiative: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (15) + 4 = 19
Nite Owl Initiative: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (4) + 3 = 7

Those on the outside see a massive gap in the wall, obviously.

Everyone who in their secret id gets a Hero Point.

I'm not too worried about initiative. Everyone can go before I take another turn.

Male Human Gadgeteer

Jeb clenched his fists and took a breath, he was by the door but so were a lot of innocent people, he wasn't going to risk them getting hurt because he wanted to play hero if the shot went wide. He just had to hope they got distracted so he could make a break for his gear. If that didn't happen well hopefully no one would get hurt and he could pursue them soon enough.

Swallowing his pride he kept his hands up as he began to lower himself, waiting for an opportunity if it presented itself. He looked for number plates on the vehicle to commit them to memory.

Batman - Felix Marshal | Bruises/Wounds: 0/0; Hero Points 2/2; Conditions: None

As the scene unfolds on the monitor on the fifth floor, Felix is shocked. This was major. He had been standing in the back of the conference room, as he wasn't technically an employee. His mother calls out loudly "Everybody be calm. We've done the drills and we know what to do." Using this distraction he slips out and heads for the railing over the lobby. The few people there are all looking down and so don't catch his face as he steps on the railing and goes over.

In midair, he triggers his pack and the suit enfolds him. The wings spread in time for him to land on top of the van. He could cancel out the noise, but chooses to let the loud >thunk< reverberate. After all, bad guys shooting at him weren't covering the crowd.

male Human Eccentric Millionaire

In the chaos Xavier slips from thd stage and rolls to wear he can change. Ig would be a hard fight for him. Four on one was never good, what made it worse was these chumps seemed to be packing more than the just guns. No he would need his wits and skill.

With that said Xavier grabs his mask and places it on his face once free from sight.

acrobatics for tumbling: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (16) + 13 = 29
stealth for hiding and going unnotoced: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (9) + 11 = 20

Also Mothman, and Crystal Titan, obviously.

Male Human

Mal was on the edge of his seat, practically brimming with excitement, having to force himself to sit still during the presentation, force himself not to bounce his legs or tap his fingers or anything. He bit his lip to keep a big smile off of his face...which quickly turned in to shock and surprise as the armored truck literally crashed in to the meeting!

He stood up quickly and then looked down and realized he wasn't in his armor! He frowned and looked around for a place to change, hurrying towards the nearest non-secured door he could see, ducking in to the bathroom and triggering his armor once out of sight of people.

Folder with some pics of the Ani-Men. I really like Cat Man and Bird Man, the other two are close enough.

Male cursed human

Gene complied with the demands and hit the floor. After that he began army crawling towards an open door. As much as loathed to admit it, the beast was going to be more helpful than the reporter at the moment. Besides, if they get away then the premonition of the armored truck careening out of control could happen, assuming it was the truck the villains rammed through the wall.

Init +7 | Toughness +6/+4* | Dodge +10; Parry +10; Uncanny Dodge | Fort +7; Will +5 | Hero Pts: 1 |

Dottie had still been standing in the lobby, deciding to observe comings and goings while hearing the announcement on the speakers.

The "comings" of the truck was certainly unexpected, and upon its crashing through the wall she reflexively ducked down behind a statue, shielding her from the worst of the shattered glass. Someone wants a lot of attention... she mused.

She figured the building's own security system would already be autodialing emergency services and trying to deal with the intruders themselves. Oh, and possibly whoever just flew over her head. Assessing various threats and possibilities, she opted to run for the truck itself: if it could crash through a building of this integrity, it could do far more damage to anyone than the four costumed weirdos. Plus if they were here to make a show of stealing something, it would be how they got away. Hence, best to stop them from doing that.

Coming from behind the vehicle, she used the chaos to hopefully keep anyone from noticing her jumping in where the men had just jumped out.

Skill mastery take 10 on Stealth, result 22

Bird-Man's wingpack whirs to life and he rises into the air, moving toward the stage. Gable Harnes, genius developer, is making a run for it, and manages to make it to the stairs leading down from the stage before Bird-Man swoops in and grabs him from behind.

Bird-Man's wings are clearly technological and attached to a sort of shell shaped pack on his back. Thrust is provided by jets. If Icarus would like, the design can be based on one of his early designs.

Frog-Man responds to the thump on the top of the armored car. The sound of hydraulics building pressure precedes the smash of pistons into the floor, driving the mercenary into the air, where he lands on top of the armored car. He thrusts one leg backward and the other at Batman.

"Masks here already. Whiteskull said we'd be clean for 2 minutes. Who the hell are you?"

Frog-Man kick attack: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (16) + 10 = 26 DC 21 Toughness save

Ape-Man notices Mal threading his way through the crowd, attempting to get out of the room. He points his shotgun and fires.

shotgun attack: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (16) + 8 = 24DC 21 Toughness save

Cat-Man perception: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (3) + 12 = 15

Cat-Man. guarding the back of the armored car, is distracted by Knack as Dottie makes her way past him and into the back of the van.

There, she finds 4 seats, two against each wall. There are weapons racks on each wall and a cage close to the front, what may once have been a secure cage for a safe has been converted to transport prisoners. All of the work is top notch. The weapon racks hold a 50 cal machine gun, 2 rpg's, and a variety of lethal and non-lethal grenades.

That's me. Ani-Men are off to a good start.

Batman - Felix Marshal | Bruises/Wounds: 0/0; Hero Points 2/2; Conditions: None

toughness: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (6) + 10 = 16 Fail by five... I don't think I want to be stunned before the other heroes emerge. Spending the hero point I just got.
reroll toughness: 1d20 + 10 + 10 ⇒ (7) + 10 + 10 = 27 No damage

As the foot comes in, he moves backward with it, dropping into a crouch. From his low position he gives an ultrasonic scream through clenched teeth. With his mouth shut, the power reverberates through his skull. As Batman springs up, it gets transferred directly into the frog guy. It might not have been so bad if he didn't have his leg extended upward.

Sonic Headbutt attack: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (20) + 10 = 30 Ouch! This is an autofire attack, so with the crit the DC is 26+(1 per 2 points I hit by, max 5) This attack also has enhanced knockback. I think the crit affects this, but not autofire. So he only takes knockback as a level 15 attack. Bye-bye Flying Froggy!

Frog-Man toughness DC 31: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (6) + 10 = 16

Batman catches Frog-Man under the chin, knocking him from the roof of the armored car and into a row of chairs.

Male Human

Mal doesn't make it to the bathroom, but instead drops like a sack of potatoes when shot.

Toughness save without armor: 1d20 ⇒ 5
Toughness save without armor, Hero Point: 1d20 ⇒ 14
I assume lethal damage with a shotgun so Stunned, Bruised and Injured.

Init +7 | Toughness +6/+4* | Dodge +10; Parry +10; Uncanny Dodge | Fort +7; Will +5 | Hero Pts: 1 |

Can Dottie see into the cab, is there a window or divider that can be lowered, and if not is there a communications device that lets the occupants of the van communicate with the driver?

There is a speaker in the cage, but no window or communication device.

Male Human Gadgeteer

Jeb is stunned as he gets a better view of the winged figureand he froze halfway to the floor. It was clearly based off an early design he had been working on. He'd shelved the idea and since cooked up something completely different without wings but the intake valves were very particular. Someone clever had worked out some of the bugs obviously for it to be field ready but it was absurd to think someone hadn't gotten a hand on one of his designs.

The shotgun blast stopped his mind racing, they weren't going to handle this cleanly. There was no way he could sneak out these guys had a plan even if it was disrupted. He took a breath before speaking hoping appealing to the man's own self interest might get him somewhere. He made sure to keep his hands up and clearly visible "Mister Ape, sir. If that man dies the cops and capes are going to come after you twice as hard and for way longer. You want money, you want tech, you've got no problem from me. With your permission I want to just take him into a side office and get him stabilized. I can't do anything to you that isn't already being done. I don't want him to die and you don't want the unnecessary attention. I'm asking respectfully sir." Even if the Ape said no he doubted he would be so trigger happy as to unload a round at him... he hoped.
Diplomacy: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (10) + 2 = 12

Init +7 | Toughness +6/+4* | Dodge +10; Parry +10; Uncanny Dodge | Fort +7; Will +5 | Hero Pts: 1 |

while I'd still like an answer to the question, I've decided to still do something else first.

Is that high caliber rifle an automatic? I. Want. That.

Dottie smiles as she grabs the rifle. She checks to be sure it's loaded, turns off the safety, aims the rifle at the Cat's back, and taps the trigger once for single fire (the idea of its full potential is fun but she is trying to reduce chaos, not add to it.

If the rifle's not loaded, use the attack roll below for a grapple attempt(+13), but she'll still take the gun. Either way hopefully Cat is not yet aware of her. Also I dont know what the damage is for the rifle so if she hits please do the Toughness save.

Ranged Attack: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (13) + 6 = 19

After firing, Dottie calls out to a nearby security guard running to contain the situation, or to Batman if she can see him. "Excuse me sir, could you please come get these rocket-propelled grenades? These fellas can't be trusted with them and I sure shouldn't be either." She smiles sweetly.

Not sure what question I missed. Did you see my response two posts up? It was double posted and then I deleted one. I still see it, but maybe you don't?

Machine Gun

Cat-Man Toughness DC 20: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (12) + 6 = 18

Cat is bruised and injured.

Init +7 | Toughness +6/+4* | Dodge +10; Parry +10; Uncanny Dodge | Fort +7; Will +5 | Hero Pts: 1 |

I did miss it. I'm traveling and using my phone and so it's harder to keep track. Sorry.

No worries.

male Human Eccentric Millionaire

Once his mask and hat are on he pops out of his hiding spot and notes his key engineer being caught in the hands of the flying bird man. First to free his employee, second would defeat the bird themed idoit and steal his tech. He himself wished to have wings of some kind. I mean he did want to be the fearsome Nite Owl.

So he leaped for the Bird themed thug his legs propelling him towards the direction as he shifted in midair to get his feet forward to hopefully spring off and then back to the ceiling to catch his employee before he hit the ground followed by a return jump to hit the winged bastard. He was gifted with the ability to bounce like a damned spring!

Kinda doing the whole leap in hit with his feet, jump off the bird flip hit the ceiling jump off it to catch his employee and then deposit him on the ground to then spring again to hit the bird from underneath. If possible

I think that should look something like this in the rules.

Nite Owl jumps to intercept Bird-Man, This move action is covered by Leaping.

Attack: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (13) + 6 = 19 Misses Bird-Man, who has a pretty good Defense and bonuses while in the air. If it had succeeded, then you would need a grapple check, and if that succeeded, you could choose the Break option for a successful grapple check.

But as he arcs toward the bird suited villain, Bird-Man changes his path just enough to cause Nite Owl to fail to intercept.

Male cursed human

Gene made it to the opening. He knew that he had to help, but he also knew that the people had a right to know what was going on.

Setting his camera on a timer that was long enough to allow him to transform before it ever took its first picture, but on a delay afterwards that was a matter of seconds, he set it up in a location that others wouldn't find it but that it would have a view of the battle.

He then transformed into the moth flying out overhead, "Don't let those men back into their vehicle. Trust me something will go wrong if you do!"

male Human Eccentric Millionaire

Xavier landed and leapt again seeking to get this Bird out of the sky. He tried this time to charge him from behind and get the drop on him.

attack: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (11) + 6 = 17

Init +7 | Toughness +6/+4* | Dodge +10; Parry +10; Uncanny Dodge | Fort +7; Will +5 | Hero Pts: 1 |

Nite Owl I don't think we've finished the round yet, the villains haven't gone.

male Human Eccentric Millionaire

yeah I wasnt sure so I posted. Been a weird week for me.

Status reminder: Frog man is down for the count in some chairs.

Surprised by the attack from within his own mode of transportation, Cat-Man turns to find himself looking down the barrel of a smoking gun. He leaps into the van, slashing with his claws at Dottie's face.

Claw attack: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (10) + 8 = 18

Barely connecting with her head. DC 23 Toughness Save If Dottie fails her toughness save by more than 5, she must also make a DC 18 reflex save against a visual dazzle effect as blood from the cuts gets in her eye.

Bird-Man decides to ignore the threat of Nite Owl and focus on his objective. He kicks his jet-pack into high gear and jetting toward the armored car. Seeing the fracas in the back of the car, he drops Harnes near the passenger door and the door swings open.

Ape-Man covers the room. Readying an action to shoot any threats to his team.

Good Guys are up.

Batman - Felix Marshal | Bruises/Wounds: 0/0; Hero Points 2/2; Conditions: None

Having heard the commotion going on under his feet, he rolls silently off on the far side of the van and then sneaks around. Grumpy Cat was obviously part of the problem, and this must be the lady concerned about the rocket-propelled grenades. He leaps at the cat, headfirst.

stealth (silence, camouflage field): 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (5) + 16 = 21

sonic headbutt: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (12) + 10 = 22 DC 21+(1 per 2 hit by, max +5)

Cat-Man toughness save: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (16) + 8 = 24

Cat=Man, with his catlike reflexes, takes the blow and redirects the force, and Batman ends up headbutting the steel cage instead of the villain.

Init +7 | Toughness +6/+4* | Dodge +10; Parry +10; Uncanny Dodge | Fort +7; Will +5 | Hero Pts: 1 |

Moths, bats, cats, and birds... a veritable menagerie, and all fighting with each other! As the Mothman shouts a warning, Dottie shouts back, "Gee, you think it's 'cause of all the explosives in here?"

Dottie gets the attention of the cat, which she wanted, and gets hit by him, which she didn't. Prison's made me rusty...

Toughness save: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (2) + 6 = 8

Oof. That's a good start.

Reflex save: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (1) + 10 = 11

Even better! Of course with the Toughness save as it was, it doesn't really matter.

Completely caught off guard, perhaps due to her own overconfidence, Dottie collapses to the floor of the truck, bleeding profusely.

Dottie is unconscious and dying, I believe. This might be a short game!

Init +7 | Toughness +6/+4* | Dodge +10; Parry +10; Uncanny Dodge | Fort +7; Will +5 | Hero Pts: 1 |

Oops, forgot I need to make a Fort save immediately

Fortitude DC 10: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (16) + 10 = 26

While I would have liked to have had that 16 on my first roll, I'll settle for being unconscious and disabled!

Male Human Gadgeteer

He hadn't got an answer but it seemed the costumed villain had bigger fish to fry now. Staying low and keeping his hands up Jeb would be attempting to get to Mal and bring him to safety... and closer to his gear. This was going bad quickly, even if he couldn't get the gear back in time to attempt to try and help stop them he could maybe get some people to medical attention at the least.

Batman - Felix Marshal | Bruises/Wounds: 0/0; Hero Points 2/2; Conditions: None

You should spend your hero point for dodge. That doubles your dodge until the start of your next turn. That way you avoid the attack entirely.

Male Human Gadgeteer

I'll take the advice and spend a hero point for dodge.

Icarus, I intended Ape-Man's readied action to mean that he was giving you a chance to move, but watching you closely. You can take a move action to get to Mal and then have a standard action left.

Male cursed human

Seeing Bird Man about to drop Harnes into the van, Mothman charges at him hoping to slam the bird unconscious.

Charge: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (13) + 5 = 18

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