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Fallout: War Never Changes

Game Master Wareagle

In a post apocalyptic world few strive to survive and a few of those who still roam the earth now look to make something of the ruins that was once our world.

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Have an idea for a campaign set in the setting from the fallout series but slightly altered background behind it is still similar. This campaign will have nothing to do with the games plot wise and I am using a combination between the original fallout d20 rule set modern d20 and my own.


For classes I am only using the "Advanced classes" Meaning they have no prerequisite. All information regarding classes and rules is on the web linked.


Battle Mind
Field Medic
Field Scientist
Martial Artist
Shadow Slayer

Character stats will be as such:

Characters have total of 50 points to distribute among Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma.

All stats start at 10.

Total Cost

6: -6
7: -4
8: -2
9: -1
10: 0
11: 1
12: 2
13: 4
14: 6
15: 9
16: 12
17: 16
18: 20

All characters are required to take 2 of the following traits:

Character Traits:
Bloody Mess
Requirements: None
Description: By some twist of karma, people around you die violently. You deal 1 extra multiplier from critical hits (for example, x3 instead of x2). The drawback is anyone attacking you gets to enjoy this benefit as well.

Requirements: Human or Super Mutant
Description: A little slower, but a little bigger. You may not hit as often, but they will feel it when you do. You deal an extra +2 damage with Melee Weapons, Thrown Weapons (except spalash weapons) and Unarmed Attacks. However, you get a -2 penalty to hit with all these attacks.

Chem Reliant
Requirements: Don’t have Chem Resistant
Description: You are more easily addicted to chems. You take a -2 penalty to Fortitude checks when rolling to resist chemical addiction. The upside is, if you do get addicted, you recover from the withdrawal time twice as fast.

Chem Resistant
Requirements: Don’t have Chem Reliant
Description: Chems only affect you half as long as normal, but your chance to become addicted is also a lot less. All chems only provide their benefit for half as long when you use them. Though, you also get a +2 bonus to Fortitude saves when resisting addiction.

Requirements: Human
Description: You are now permanently part-man, part-machine. This Trait gives you a permanent 4/- damage reduction, +2 bonus to save versus Poison and Radiation and the Energy Weapons Perk. Downside is energy weapon damage against you is open-ended, movement reduced to 20 feet and you cannot resist or save against EMP effects.

Fast Metabolism
Requirements: Human
Description: Your metabolic rate is twice normal. That means you are less resistant to Poison and Radiation, but you heal faster. Your base Healing Rate is doubled, but you get a -4 to any Fortitude saves to resist Poison or Radiation.

Fast Shot
Requirements: None
Description: You don’t hit very accurately with guns because you attack faster than normal people. You get a +2 bonus to Initiative when using guns, though you also get a -2 penalty when using them.

Fear the Reaper
Requirements: None
Description: You have cheated Death! And he’s not laughing. Your perk rate goes up by one (Perks every 2 levels instead of every 3, for example) however, at every level up you must make a Luck check (d20 + Luck Modifier): DC 5 + level attained or die.

Requirements: Human or Ghoul
Description: Your attacks show a lot of finesse. You hit more often with guns and thrown weapons (not grenade-like weapons), but you never cause critical hits. You get a +4 bonus to hit when using Small Guns or Thrown weapons. However, you don’t get to ever cause any critical hits.

Requirements: None
Description: You have more innate abilities than most, so you haven’t spent as much time honing your skills. Your statistics are better than average, but your skills are lacking. All SPECIAL stats get increased by 1, but all skills get a -2 penalty.

Glowing One
Requirements: Ghoul
Description: Your glow doubles your healing rate. Though medical attention and Stim-Paks have no effect on you.

Good Natured
Requirements: Human or Ghoul
Description: You studied less combative skills growing up. You get a -4 to your Base Attack Bonus. But, you gain 2 ranks in all Knowledges and the Treat Injury skill. You also gain 10 Positive Karma points.

Requirements: Human
Description: You can bend and twist your body in confusing ways, even while you move. With this perk, you get a +6 bonus to your Reflex save to resist explosive and splash damage. Downside is, you cannot use any weapons of the Big Guns category or ever wear medium, heavy or Power armors, oh and your Strength is reduced by 2.

Ham Fisted
Requirements: Human or Ghoul
Description: Genetics have endowed you with huge…hands. You deal an extra die of damage when fighting unarmed, but you cannot use single-handed firearms or small melee weapons.

Heavy Handed
Requirements: Super Mutant
Description: You swing harder, not better. Your attacks are very brutal, but lack finesse. You never cause a Critical Hit, but you always cause more normal damage. All melee and unarmed attacks deal an extra die of damage, but you will never be able to cause a critical hit.

Requirements: None
Description: The good thing is that everyone around you has bad luck, the bad thing is – so do you! Your Luck modifier is now permanently reverse (meaning negative). Good thing is, anyone within your influence has theirs reversed as well. If you take this Trait, do not tell the other players, but the Overseer will need to know.

Requirements: None
Description: By not paying attention to any threats, you can act a lot faster in a turn. This lowers your Defense to just what you are wearing, but you sequence much faster in combat. You have no base Defense or a bonus from your Agility or Class. You must wear armor to have any Defense, but you get a +6 bonus to Initiative.

Karma Chameleon
Requirements: None
Description: You come and go, you come and go. And no matter where your coming from or going to, your Karma is nonexistent. You do not begin the game with any Positive or Negative Karma, nor can you ever gain any throughout your existence. The good thing about this trait is bad things will not happen to you as a result of a high Positive or Negative Karma score. Bad thing is good things won’t happen to you either. This Trait bypasses any/all requirements for any Classes. However, Perks with a Karma requirement are unavailable to you.

Magnetic Personality
Requirements: Can't have Vat Skin Trait
Description: You easily attract metal, of the lead variety. Anyone shooting at you gets a +4 bonus to hit you. However, you’re used to getting shot up, so you gain a +2 bonus to Endurance and a 2/- Damage Reduction.

Night Person
Requirements: None
Description: When performing actions at night, you do things better. During the day, however…well let’s just say you’re not a morning person. Doesn’t have anything to do with the level of the light, just the time of day. During nighttime hours, you get a +2 bonus to all skills, saves and attacks. But, you get a -2 penalty to the same during the daytime hours.

One Hander
Requirements: None
Description: One of your hands is very dominant. You excel with single-handed weapons, but two-handed weapons cause problems. You get a -4 penalty when using two-handed weapons or two weapons. But, you get a +4 bonus when using a single, one-handed weapon. This works for both firearms and melee weapons.

Rad Child
Requirements: Human or Super Mutant
Description: While in the midst of radiation, your heal rate switches from days to rounds. However, you forfeit your Fortitude save to resist radiation, and you gain radiation twice as fast.

Sex Appeal
Requirements: Human
Description: The character gains an extra +2 bonus to Barter, Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate and Perform skills when dealing with a human of the opposite sex. However, they get a –2 penalty to the same skills when dealing with a human of the same sex.

Requirements: None
Description: Since you spent more time improving your skills than a normal person. The tradeoff is that your SPECIAL suffers slightly. All Tag skills get a +3 bonus. However, all your SPECIALs are reduced by 2.

Small Frame
Requirements: Human or Ghoul
Description: You are not quite as big as other people, but that never slowed you down. You can’t carry as much, but you are more agile. You get a +2 bonus to your Agility, but your carry weight is reduced to 10 pounds per point of Strength instead of 15. Plus, you cannot ever wear heavy or Power Armor.

Tech Wizard
Requirements: Ghoul
Description: You’ve spent your formative years hunched over a bench learning tech stuff. Trouble is you’ve ruined your eyes. You get a +2 bonus to Computer Use, Craft (electronic), Craft (mechanical), Demolitions, Disable Device, and Repair. Though you also get a -2 penalty to attacks, Decipher Script, Forgery, Navigate, Search and Spot.

Vat Skin
Requirements: Super Mutant, Can't have Magnetic Personality Trait
Description: Other people find you hideous to behold and vomits to smell. You’re harder to hit in melee combat because of this. However, it’s also made your skin a lot softer. You get a +4 bonus to Defense when attacked by Melee Weapons or Unarmed. However, your Damage Reduction is reduced to 2/-.

Character races are Human and variants (will explain later), Super mutants, and ghouls.


Ghouls are very similar to humans in most aspects as they once were.

They receive +10 to fortitude rolls when warding off effects of radiation. They are unaffected by mild or moderate amounts of radiation.

They receive a +5 to fort when suffering the effects of electrical damage.

They cannot have the Arcane lore knowledge skill or use any magic arcane, divine or psionic ability's.

They receive toughness at first level for free.

-2 to Strength, -2 to Dexterity, +2 to Wisdom and Inelegance due to their stiff ghoulish state and long (after) lives.

Outsider human

+3 free ranks to Survival

At first level may not take the skills computer use, drive, knowledge arcane lore and pilot. Nor any feats regarding driving or computer knowledge.

They do however have one thing going for them on top of the one human bonus feat they may take another from the following list: Animal affinity, Athletic, Alertness, Acrobatic, Endurance, Stealthy, Nimble or toughness.

Vault Dweller

+3 free ranks in Computer use.

At first level may not take Skill regarding anything in the outside world e.g. Handle animal, drive or any feats involving vehicles or nature.

Computer use is always a class skill and automatically increase as the character rises in level. and start better equipt than most others. Like all humans they get a bonus feat.


+3 free ranks in all Intelligence related skills.

May not take skills or feats involving driving or animals.

They gain a bonus feat at first level but cannot spend it on combat related feats. They do have a class restriction though and are always Techies.


+3 free ranks in Handle animal

They know nothing about business or technology and cannot take any feats or skills regarding at first level. They cannot use crafting skills ever.

Beastlords start with an animal companion this companion is a small creature such as a bird or small radscorpion it gets "Stronger" as it's master does. A beastlord can teach it's companion a number of tricks equal to his int mod. Beastlords start play very poor with no modern equipment.


Same as Beastlords exept they trade the companion for +3 free ranks in Survival and knowledge of the lands surrounding their home (If within 50 miles of tribe can never get lost.) As well as the ability to track.


+3 to strength, +2 constitution, -2 Dex Cha. Int is variable if you make a super mutant roll a d100.

Super mutants are considered large: -1 to hit and defense +4 grapple and -4 hide. 10 foot reach.

+2 fort

Cannot take Drive and pilot initailly due to size.

Cannot use any form of divine magic or knoledge of divine. They have thier own form of Arcane will explain later.

Background story:
The geopolitical situation that led to the outbreak of the long-feared global nuclear war was prompted primarily by the onset of a worldwide energy crisis when the supplies of fossil-fuels, particularly petroleum, finally began to run out by the year 2050. This energy crisis was in part the result of the ever-increasing amounts of fossil-fuel required to power the Fallout world's larger and less energy-efficient technologies when compared with those of our own world, due to their failure to develop miniaturized electronics and more advanced manufacturing materials. The result of this energy crisis was an increasing scramble by all of the advanced, industrialized nations to secure the few remaining supplies of untapped petroleum around the world. Ultimately, a series of military conflicts driven by this hunger for natural resources consumed the planet. The European Commonwealth had reacted to the rapid raising of oil prices to unacceptably high levels by the Middle East's oil-rich states in 2052 by unleashing military action in that region of the world. This intervention ultimately resulted in the destruction of the Israeli city of Tel Aviv in December 2053 by a terrorist nuclear device and a limited nuclear exchange between the conflict's participants in 2054, the world's first since 1945.

As the United Nations tried with little success to keep the peace, many of that organization's member-states pulled out, and within two months of the outbreak of what was soon called the Resource Wars in 2052, the United Nations was disbanded. Next, following the breakdown of trade talks and the unilateral American exploitation of the world's last newly discovered reserves of crude oil, the Chinese invaded Alaska in 2066 in pursuit of that American state's remaining oil reserves. The United States ultimately annexed Canada in 2076 to ensure Canadian support for its defense of the Alaskan front even as the American federal government acted aggressively against its own citizens to contain wartime rioting, anti-war civil disobedience and military desertion. The United States retaliated against the Chinese by launching its own costly invasion of the Chinese mainland in 2074 to reduce Chinese pressure on the Alaskan front. Despite initial costly setbacks, this strategy proved successful and American forces liberated the Alaskan city of Anchorage and forced the Chinese People's Liberation Army to retreat entirely from American soil in January 2077. This victory was largely won due to the more advanced military technology developed by the United States during the conflict, especially the deployment of Powered Infantry Armor. Many smaller nations went bankrupt in the ensuing conflict as their economies collapsed due to the increasing shortage of fossil-fuels. The Resource Wars ended with the Great War in 2077.
The Great War

It is not known who launched the first nuclear weapon that precipitated the conflict. President Richardson would tell the Chosen One that China launched first, but he is hardly objective. Leftover log entries within Black Mountain Radio would also seem to pin the initial launches on China, with the United States retaliating in only a handful of minutes. (See behind the scenes)

The nuclear exchange that characterized the Great War lasted for only a brief two hours, but was unbelievably destructive and reshaped the climate of the world even as it caused the fall of most of human civilization everywhere across the globe. More energy was released in the first moments of the Great War than all of the previous human conflicts in the history of the world combined. Entire mountain ranges were created as the ground buckled and moved under the strain of the cataclysmic pressure produced by numerous, concentrated atomic explosions. Rivers and oceans around the world were contaminated with the resulting radioactive fallout released by the relatively low-yield nuclear weapons used by all sides, and the climate changed horrifically. All the regions of the Earth suffered from a single, permanent season once the initial dust blasted into the atmosphere by the nuclear explosions had settled - a scorching, radioactive desert summer.


Many American citizens did not heed the air raid sirens on October 23, 2077, believing them to be signaling just another drill. The Vaults sealed their inhabitants in as the Earth burned in atomic fire. A few citizens took shelter where they could: sewers, and subway stations, drainage centers, Pulowski preservation shelters, or in the case of the Keller Family, the National Guard Depot. However, without a very strong outer shield of dense metal or rock to defend them from both the heat and kinetic shockwave of the nuclear blasts (such as Lamplight Caverns or Raven Rock), few civilians survived the full-out nuclear exchange. Some who were exposed to high levels of radiation became ghouls, and some of these ghouls, in turn, formed their own communities. Those who survived the nuclear exchange would form the basis for the brutal civilization that existed for the next 20 years, until the first Vaults re-opened.

Despite the global destruction caused by the war, many areas remained habitable, with low and tolerable levels of radioactive fallout. The surviving humans were in some parts of the Earth able to continue living in the ruins of the pre-War civilization, establishing new communities and even small cities.

Around a week after the initial nuclear explosions, rain started to fall; however, none of it was drinkable. The rain was black; tainted with soot, ash, radioactive elements produced by the nuclear explosions and various other contaminants produced by nuclear weapons. This rain marked the start of the terrible fallout that marked the true, permanent destruction caused by the Great War. The rain lasted four long days, killing thousands of species that had survived the initial destruction of the bombs, be they animal, plant or micro-organisms. Those few living things, human, animal or plant, that survived after the rain ended were left to live in the now barren wasteland that had spread across the Earth, where nearly all pre-War plant life had died either in the initial explosions or from the intense radiation produced by the fallout. apocalyptic

Some major global cities were not completely destroyed by the explosions because of their relatively low explosive yields, and cities such as Washington, D.C. even managed to maintain intact buildings despite relatively close detonations. However, most city streets across the post-nuclear United States were and continue to be blocked with rubble from collapsing edifices. In the ruins of Washington, D.C., most of the city's Metro system of subways remained intact. Though many Metro tunnels were blocked by collapsed masonry caused by the shock of the atomic explosions, the Metro's tunnel network remains the easiest way to move around the D.C. ruins.

Dot me interested. Love the Fallout scenario. Although I wont have a character built until after the holidays. Is there a recruitment deadline?

Some time during or after Januray there will be different "factions" that players can be part of: Brotherhood of Steel, Enclave, Raider, The Reavers, or just a Wasteland wanderer.

No real deadline but will require A LOT of people to fill all the factions with 5 at least (May or may not have the Reavers start in different group.)

For information about the "groups" go to links.

The Brotherhood of Steel.

The Enclave


The Reavers

Wasteland Wanderers are not part of any group or faction they strive to survive out in the wastelands. They have no restrictions.

One other rule I had forgot to mention. You start with 2 feats + race or occupation or class bonus and gain another every four levels. Super mutants gain a feat every 3 levels instead of 4.

It is not required to pick a starting Occupation but is very helpful and suggested.

starting occupation

The feat personal firearms and exotic is broke up into

Small Guns Proficiency

Benefit: The character can use any small gun without penalty.

Normal: Characters without this feat take a –4 penalty on attack rolls (per range increment) made with a Small gun.

Big Guns Proficiency

Perquisite: Small Guns Proficiency

Benefit: The character can use any big gun without penalty.

Normal: Characters without this feat take a –4 penalty on attack rolls made with a big gun.

Energy Weapon Proficiency

Perquisite: Small Guns Proficiency

Benefit: The character can use any energy weapon without penalty.

Normal: Characters without this feat take a –4 penalty on attack rolls (per range increment) made with an energy weapon.

Weapons list

Dotting. May not have a char until january (holidays+vacation).

My techie will be ready to join the enclave - count me in.

Im going Soldier with the Brotherhood of Steel or Enclave depending on whoever is in need of numbers.

Will this take place in Washington DC? what year?

Is crossclassing aloud? Or will this campaign end after 10 levels?

dotting. holidays will delay my submission.

Crossclasing is aloud but you need to fit the class requirements.

It will take place in Washington D.C and perhaps several other places. Have not decided on the year it takes place but will be some time before the events of Fallout 3.

Future feats:

Action Boost

You have the ability to alter your luck drastically in dire circumstances.

Benefit: When you spend an action point, you roll d8s instead of d6s for the action result.

Jack Of All Trades

You’ve picked up a smattering of even the most obscure skills.

Prerequisite: Character level 8th+.

Benefit: You can use any skill untrained, even those that normally require training and those that are exclusive to classes you don’t have. You cannot, however, gain ranks in a skill unless you are allowed to select it.

Armor Proficiency (Powered)

You are proficient with powered armor.

Prerequisites: Armor Proficiency (light) , Armor Proficiency (medium).

Benefit: When you wear powered armor, you may add the armor’s entire equipment bonus to your Defense.

Normal: A character not proficient with powered armor adds only a portion of the armor’s equipment bonus to her Defense.

Special: A Soldier may select this feat as one of his bonus feats.

You can only take Power armor prof if you were trained by an elite of the brotherhood or enclave even if you have the prerequisites.

I am quite interested in this. Probably a cyborg from the vaults. I have several questions though:

What is the role of magic/psionics in the vaults? Did these powers exist before the apocalypse?

Many of the traits you posted mention SPECIAL. How will the effects of these translate to the 6 d20 attributes?

How will the wealth system work in your game?

Are there any vaults in your setting that are 'open', that is are they unsealed and have some sort of diplomatic presence with the surrounding communities?

Psionics and mages did not exist before the war nor are there any in the vaults.

I forgot to edit the traits they come directly from the original fallout d20 book will edit to fit my rules thanks for bringing up.

Weath is dependent mostly on race and occupation some classes get a bonus will explain in detail later.

Any vault dweller characters have left the vault they come from for whatever reason it could be any number of thing you decide. If you plan on being a mage type from vaults you would have learn t the arts after you left the vaults.

I blocked out the basics for my vault dweller. It felt weird going back to the 3.0 skill rules. Do we get any free feats in this setting? For example, the basic classes all get simple weapons proficiency for free...

Character draft:
STR 13 (4)
DEX 16 (12)
CON 14 (6)
INT 18 (20)
WIS 14 (6)
CHA 12 (2)

FORT +3 (+2 vs radiation/chems)
REF +4
BAB +0
DEF 17 (+4INT, +3DEX)

DR 4/-

+8 Computer Use 4+4
+6 Craft (chemical) 2+4
+8 Craft (electronic) 4+4
+8 Craft (mechanical) 4+4
+6 Craft (pharmaceutical) 2+4
+5 Decipher Script 1+4
+6 Demolitions 2+4
+8 Disable Device 4+4
+8 Knowledge (earth/life sciences) 4+4
+8 Knowledge (physical sciences) 4+4
+8 Knowledge (technology) 4+4
+6 Knowledge (any other)* 2+4
+6 Profession (quartermaster) 4+2
+8 Research 4+4
+8 Search 4+4
+4 Treat Injury* 4+2
*not a class skill

Languages: English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese

Cyborg, Good Natured
Vault Dweller

I'm still working out the best background, probably military or white collar, but possibly dilettante depending on the reason he ended up leaving the vault. My choice for that might have me tweak the skills a bit.

loimprevisto all classes start with use of simple weapons. All except Beastmen and Tribal start with small gun prof. They are aloud to take at first level.

You made a vault dweller meaning you do not have to put point in computer use automatically has max points for level plus another 3 free ranks. You also start with a pip boy. Also good natured gives +2 to all knowledge and treat injury you forgot to include.

I included it as 2 free ranks based on what the trait said, should I count it as +2 instead? Same with computer use, I treated it as 3 free ranks... I'll change it to be max ranks with a +3.

Lantern Lodge

I'm curious. Outsider Human Infiltrator (Finesse, One-Hander). Mark me down for when things start up.

Andy's Revised Character Sheet:
STR 13 (4)
DEX 16 (12)
CON 14 (6)
INT 18 (20)
WIS 14 (6)
CHA 12 (2)

FORT +3 (+2 vs radiation/chems)
REF +4
BAB +0 (-4 from good natured)
DEF 17 (+4INT, +3DEX)

Karma: +10

DR 4/-

+11 Computer Use 4+4+3
+10 Craft (chemical) 4+4+2
+10 Craft (electronic) 4+4+2
+10 Craft (mechanical) 4+4+2
+10 Craft (pharmaceutical) 4+4+2
+5 Decipher Script 1+4
+5 Demolitions 1+4
+8 Disable Device 4+4
+8 Knowledge (earth/life sciences) 2+4+2
+10 Knowledge (physical sciences) 4+4+2
+10 Knowledge (technology) 4+4+2
+10 Knowledge (tactics) 4+4+2
+5 Profession (quartermaster) 3+2
+5 Research 1+4
+5 Search 1+4
+5 Survival 3+2
+5 Treat Injury* 2+2+2
*not a class skill

Languages: English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese

Cyborg, Good Natured
Vault Dweller

Feats: Simple Weapons, Small Guns, Energy Weapons, Armor Proficiency (light), Armor Proficiency (medium)

Andy's Story:
Andy was a the vault's quartermaster and a member of vault security; being in charge of supplies was an important job, but a boring one. He had to know a little bit about everything and read all sorts of dull books on the theory and background of all that boring stuff. Eventually curiosity got the best of him, and despite the dire safety warnings in the textbooks, he snuck into an unused lab and practiced the stuff he was reading about. A few months later an explosion rocked the vault, and it was all Doc could do to put Andy back together. Now he has several metal bits to remember the experience by, and he had to learn even more dry and boring stuff about cybernetics and bionics!

For generations nobody in the vault had any idea what had happened on "The Outside", so speculating about it was a favorite passtime. Andy's theory was that the Chinese had invaded the mainland after launching the missiles, so he killed time learning Chinese from the vault's software library (Rosetta Stone equivalent)- he didn't know a thing about the Chinese culture or the difference between Mandarin or Cantonese, so he learned them both. It only took about 5 years. Eventually the radio broadcasts started back up and they were in English- boy was his face red!

When the overseer decided to send someone out to investigate, Andy was the natural choice. He knew about all sorts of things from the Old Days and was desperate for anything that would relieve the tedium. He was sent on a two-year fact-finding mission, with the understanding that he would not be allowed back into the vault until then.

I guess we'll do starting equipment when the game kicks off.

Happy holidays you lot ;)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Keepin it out there :)

im still interested Wareagle. I might be able to pull in another player as well after the holidays are over.

I'm very interested in this. Was busy over the holidays and all but back to the regular schedule now. Will look over the rules and such and try and have something ready by tomorrow. I'll also put the word out on my other game discussion threads for ya as I'd really love to see this game take off.

I would love to be a part of this. Could you tell me a little more about the super mutants in the game? Do they have their own faction or are they just wasteland wanderer's? Also, what level are we starting at?

Still interested - Reaver techie cyborg that somehow joined the enclave.

I'd like to make a Super Mutant Martial Artist and will post one soonish, but I'd like to know more about the mutant's flavor in your game, as well as what happens with their intelligence. Can you tell me more about them, like do they take up more than a 5ft square? Also, we're starting at 1st level?

Starting at first level yes and super mutants count as large creatures.

Super mutants are a result of an subject of the FEV virus and their intelligence varies depending on how the test went.

roll a d100

1-10= -1d6 int.
11-20= -1d4 int.
21-85= -2 int.
86-100= +1d4 int.


I might be interested, I'm a big fallout fan but I've never played d20 modern. Let me sift through the material and come up with a concept.

Sorry, count me out. I do't have the time atm to familiarize myself with a new system.

Ooo. Reavers and Radscorpians.

Questions for Wareagle:

1) What fallout games have you played?

2) Which of these are you looking to draw on for setting and tone?

3) What other fiction post apocalyptic or otherwise do you think we ought be familiar with?

4) Do you have any themes, ideas or setting details that you want the campaign to focus on?

5) What gaming format do you feel best describes your style:
-Traditional Dungeons and Dragons
-Tactical Combat with Story Elements
-Dramatic Narrative Gaming (like FATE)
-Creative Writing

(I know the system is d20 modern with some variations but I'm more trying to assess the style of game to expect.)

Alternate me please.


I was searching the forums the other day and I found this forum, slightly covered in dust. Is there any chance it could continue again?


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber about Thread Necromancy.

I would LOVE to play in such a setting, but am wondering if the GM is still even around.

Good digging SinBlade! I'd love to play anything in this type of setting. I'd be happy to learn Modern or even play with modded Pathfinder rules/classes. It's all good.


I'd prefer the modded classes/rules just because I don't want to have to learn how to play Pathfinder Modern, but I would if the need arises.

I've been playing Fallout 3 lately and I've been thinking of how we could easily change some of the weapons in Pathfinder to match weapons in Fallout.

At the same time, the original GM had a weapons list, and most of the weapons on there are in Fallout 3. I could do some digging and find what guns belong where, and maybe throw in a few of our own.

What do you guys think?

BTW, I'd want to be a Super Mutant with either a sledgehammer or a supersledge

EDIT: Scratch that, I'd take a Shishkabob


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber

If you make it happen, I am sure to come on board.

Heck, you could make this work with re-skinned PF classes (or use The Modern Path)

Personally, I'd just as soon use the PF rules as is.

Radiation exposure becomes an affliction.

Mutants/Ghouls are easily created with monster/ARG stuff.

Firearms become "readily available" with energy weapons taking the "exotic firearms" route.

Melee = Melee

Bows = Bows

Use the Armor as DR subsystem (or just go with traditional system)

Consider excluding the full-casters, everyone plays a martial/partial caster. "Spell" stuff becomes re-configured as "science" stuff.

Yeah, a lot of melee stuff would be similar.

Bumper Sword = Great Sword
Chinese Officer Sword = Longsword
Baseball Bat = Club

I could go on and on.

I'd say the Armor as DR route paired with the Class Based Defense Bonus would be staying pretty true to form.

It may be best to fully cut out the full casting classes and stick to the mundane ones. The Machinesmith may cover that loss pretty well.

A lot of this stuff is just rewording what psionichamster has already stated so I guess I should have just wrote something simple like "Yeah, dude!" but alas...


I'd be willing to start this up, but I honestly don't know how to make a campaign.

I'm working on making a weapons list for all the guns in Fallout 3. I think Fallout 3 would be better, considering there are fewer weapons.

We would exclude named weapons (Unique weapons such as Eugene or Vengeance) as well as weapons from the Mothership Zeta DLC, since all the weapons on it are totally foreign. Some of the weapons from the other DLCs, such as the Lever Action Rifle (from Point Lookout) and the Incinerator (from Broken Steel) would be fine, but only to a point. We don't want someone attempting to shoot at a Bloatfly with a Tesla Cannon.

Weaponry from this list are as follows:

Weapons and Conversions:


.32 Pistol-Purse Revolver
10mm Pistol-N99
Chinese Pistol-Shansi Type 17
Scoped .44 Magnum-Desert Eagle 44
Unscopped .44 Magnum-Blackhawk


Assault Rifle-R91 Rifle
Chinese Assault Rifle-AK47
Hunting Rifle-Varmit Rifle
Lever Action Rifle-Backwater rifle
Sniper Rifle- DSK-510-1


Combat Shotgun-Sidewinder Shotgun
Double Barreled Shotgun-Winchester Widowmaker
Sawed off Shotgun- Sawen-off Widowmaker


10mm SMG-H&K MP9 SMG

Big Guns

Fat Man-Fat Mat
Gatling Laser-L30 Gatling Laser
Heavy Incinerator-Incinerator, Heavy
Missile Launcher-Rockwell Bazooka
Minigun- Avenger Minigun

Energy Weapons

Gauss Rifle-M72 Gauss Rifle
Laser Pistol-AEP7 Laser Pistol
Laser Rifle-AER9 Laser rifle
Plasma Pistol-Glock 86 Plasma Pistol
Plasma Rifle-Winchester P94 Plasma Caster
Tesla Cannon-Tesla Cannon
Tri-Beam Laser Rifle-AER9 Spread Laser


Frag Grenade-Grenade, Fragmentation
Plasma Grenade-Grenade, Plasma
Pulse Grenade-Grenade, Pulse


Frag Mine-Landmine, Fragmentation
Plasma Mine-Landmine, Plasma
Pulse Mine-Landmine, Pulse

Melee Weapons (All)

Baseball Bat-Louisville Slugger
Brass Knuckles-Brass Knuckles
Chinese Officer's Sword-Officer's Sword
Combat Knife-Combat Knife
Nail board-Nail board
Police Baton-Club
Pool cue-Pool Cue
Rolling Pin-MW Club
Super Sledge-Super sledge

If anyone else has suggestions for weapons, do post them. The reason there are no custom weapons is there isn't a conversion on the table for them except for the Shishkabob, and the only other on I could think of was the bladed gauntlet being a sub for the Deathclaw Gauntlet, but the Deathclaw Gauntlet does much more damage due to the fact that in game, it ignores all DR.


After looking over the Class Based Defense bonus list, I like that concept as well as having armor give you DR. It would mean that facing off against the Enclave or the Brotherhood one of your worst nightmares.

One other thing I was thinking was this: Super Mutants can't wear any clothing that normal people can. At the same time, we find them wearing stuff they've found. Tires, hub caps, strung together leather belts to keep their torn-up pants on them. Why not let them have something similar in the case of clothing?

If you can find four sets of clothing, you can make (with a DC 20 or so Craft Armor check) you can make a Super Mutant a set of clothing with similar properties, only on a Large scale instead of Medium. The only exception being Power Armor, as it doesn't transfer over from being smaller than Large.

I'd imagine that Super Mutants have a pretty decent Natural Armor so they shouldn't be too worried about worn stuff. I also recall some of them (definitely Nightkin) using street signs as bucklers or shields. Those two factors could make up the difference.

I can't GM but I'd certainly apply if this idea becomes a game.


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber

So...just to recap the suggested "solutions" to make PF Fallout happen:

Use Class-Based Defense and Armor as DR alternate rule systems. D20PFSrd Link

Firearms become "Commonplace" and are broken into three segments:

Small Guns (Pistols/Rifles/Shotguns) are Simple Weapons. Generally Single Shot, most people have proficiency.

Advanced Guns (Automatics/SMGs/Assault Rifles) are Martial Weapons. Generally multi-shot, automatic, or burst fire, only trained folks have proficiency.

Large Guns (Heavy Machine Guns/Chainguns/Rocket Launchers) are Exotic Weapons. Each feat grants proficiency with 1 type.

Energy Weapons (Laser Pistol/Rifle, etc) are Exotic Weapons. Feat grants proficiency with entire suite (so EWP: Energy Weapons allows for laser pistol, plasma pistol, laser rifle, etc).

Char-Gen as standard, except all full-casting classes are nixed.

Available Classes:


(as well as the alternate classes like Samurai/Ninja and appropriate archetypes)

Radiation is an affliction, similar to disease/poison. How/what still to be determined.

Races still TBD. I would suggest using the core races (Dwarf/Elf/etc) and simply "re-skin" them to fit into Fallout. For example: Vault Dwellers gain +2 Dex, +2 Int, -2 Con, Low-Light Vision, +2 Techcraft, +2 on "Caster Level" checks to bypass Tech Resistance, +2 Perception, and proficiency in Stun Baton, Energy Weapons, and Advanced Firearms.

(above is for example completely...take the Elf and call it "Vault Dweller.") Take Half-Orc and call it "Tribal" or something similar.

Alternatively, if someone more skilled with the Race Builder from the ARG wanted to work up human sub-races and a balanced Super Mutant & Ghoul progression, have at it.

I've been watching this with interest as I love fallout. About to start a post-apocalyptic game in real life. Anyway, I just had a rules comment. I've run a post apoc game and a sci-fi game using the defense bonus rules (from unearthed Arcana), and I've also run with armor as DR before. When you guys are saying defense bonus rules are you referring to the UA stuff or just how the armor as DR rules remove AC and replace it with defense?

Because if it is the UA version, wearing armor cancels out the defense bonus. So people like brotherhood would be really easy to hit and hard to damage, where as an agile unarmored foe would be hard to hit, but easy to put holes through. It seems like the most realistic way to me. I've not actually combined them in gameplay to test it, but I think it would work well for y'all.

The Exchange

I have to admit, I prefered New Vegas to 3, but I still enjoyed both of them. I'd be interested, but I'm not GMing. I kinda like the idea of a Ghoul Magus. I'll work on a backstory of some sort, but the build will be left till after you guys figure out how to "re-skin" a common race.

Maybe a Half-Orc would work. Do to their appearance and voice, a +2 intimidate is understandable. Because of their dubious amounts of radiation, they are able to block out the pain and not fall unconcious at first.


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber

Yeah, let me play around with the race builder a bit.

This looks like it might actually get off the ground!

My suggestion was rooted mostly in 3.5 stuff but the "Armor cancels out Defense Bonus" suggestion really does make more sense. Good call with that.

Now all we need is a GM...


I'm liking how this is going through. I would prefer to be a player, but I would totally be willing to GM this on another thread.

@Jelani I didn't know which version we'd be using, but the way you put it we'd be using the UA version you referred to.

@psionichamster Ok, if you can make me a few races, that would be great. We'd need the Super Mutant (large at least), the Ghoul, the Vault Dweller (yours works very well), the Wastelander, and the Brotherhood Initiate (Initiate for now. He'll work his way up) More than likely, the BI will only be available as a Paladin.

Anyone else?

Dark Archive

Dotting with interest, I would want to join as a Wastelander Barbarian with a profession of scavenger. I was looking for the Powerfist as a weapon and I think you forgot it...


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber

Here's what I've come up with so far:

Google Docs Link

Super Mutant & Ghoul Racial Stats:

Super Mutant {9RP}
Type: Humanoid (Giant)
Size: Large {7RP] (+2 Str, -2 Dex, -1 Size penalty to AC, -1 Size penalty to Attack, +1 Size bonus to combat maneuver checks & CMD, -4 Size penalty on Stealth checks. Takes up 10x10 feet and has 5’ reach)
Base Speed: 30
Languages: Common, Trader, English, Chinese, Russian, Raider Cant, Latin
Racial Traits:
Mixed Weakness {-2RP}(+2 Str, -2 Dex, +2 Wis, -4 Int)
Radiation Resistance {2RP} (+4 Constitution checks & Fortitude saves to avoid damage from radiation or radioactive sources)
Natural Armor {2RP} +1 Natural Armor bonus

Type: Monstrous Humanoid {3RP}
Size: Medium {0RP}
Base Speed: 30
Languages: Common, Trader, English, Chinese, Russian, Raider Cant, Latin
Racial Traits:
Standard Abilities {0RP}(+2 Con, +2 Int, -2 Cha)
Unnatural Resilience {2RP} (+4 Constitution checks & Fortitude saves to avoid fatigue and exhaustion, as well as any other ill effects from running, forced marches, starvation, thirst, and hot or cold environments)
Radiation Immunity {2RP} (Immune to damage from radiation)
Plagueborn {1RP} (+2 racial bonus on saving throws against disease, ingested poisons, and becoming nauseated or sickened)
Low Light Vision {1RP}

I was thinking the Vault Dweller could be a re-skinned Elf, while the Wastelander could be the standard Human. Brotherhood Initiate could be a Dwarf, but without the Darkvision and Heavy Armor proficiency instead. (Possibly more, depending on the numbers involved.)

PS. everyone should be able to edit the G-Docs document as needed, so if you want to create/modify anything, have at it!

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