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First time poster on this forum. I tried to search this topic but couldn't find anything relevant.

Assume my arcane archer has a +1 bow of frost. When I gain elemental arrows does that stack if I choose electrical or fire arrows? I'm guessing double frost doesn't stack but what about shock plus frost? Or fire plus they cancel?

It gets worse when I hit CL5 Wizard and get the Fire Arrow spell. Can I stack frost (bow) plus shock (archer ability) plus fire (spell)? I know it sounds OP to add 3d6 per arrow but our party will be about 13th level at that point and it's a challenging campaign, so it's not that unreasonable.

yeah, you have it right, different elements from different sources can stack

they can even stack from the same source. your Bow could be a +1, Frost, Flaming, Shocking, bow and grant +3d6 element, and you could then cast gravity bow and do even ore damage.

Like TxSam88 said, flaming and frost would stack and not cancel each other out. It would take a specific wording for that to happen. Similarly, you could also use magical arrows of flaming or lightning, as long as the enchantment wasn't the same as the bow (frost), since the bow imparts that onto its ammunition when fired.

    The only rule that is relevant here is that "Weapons cannot possess the
    same special ability more than once." (CRB pg. 468)*
    Flame Arrow doesn't use the magic weapon rules and thus stacks with everything.

*) Note that the burst enchantments explicitly say they apply the effects of the base version, e.g. Frost for Icy Burst, so they basically are treated as both for stacking purposes.

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