Stuff I'd enjoy seeing changed from SF1, rhymed for no reason.

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We're getting a new edition
Based largely on PF2
So I'll make my own submission
Of what you all could do!

Eox has radiation
Which Eoxians should ignore.
It'd bring me great elation
To play those undead more!

When I play Mechanic,
And brain chip's better suited.
It'd cut down on my panic
If a familiar-bot's included.

Not much a thing for changing
But holograms embedded
Are such a lovely strange thing,
So changes would be dreaded.

(I dunno, it's late, and this struck me on a whim. I did one for each of my three favorite Starfinder characters. I'll explain them.

I know PF2 cut back undead immunities when they're playable, but for me, it really helps get into the setting and so on if we can play undead who can actually live on Eox. I've got an Eoxian deadly gameshow host, and I've got to come up with a bunch of backstory for why he's not really undead, and give him a medical bracelet so people know to use positive energy on him, and invest in necrografts just to get him closer to proper undead. I'd love to see at least enough immunity to be able to walk around Eox outside the Halls of the Living to the same degree that other Eoxians do. It's still dangerous out there, sure.

Mechanic has two main class paths, and maybe that'll change. There are also a bunch of variations to boot. It'd be nice if mini-versions of the major class paths were available as class feats. If I've got an exocortex, being able to get a drone that's on the level of a familiar would be cool. If I've got a combat drone, being able to take a feat that gives me a chip in my head that functions like the various "pick one skill to be trained in at the start of the day" feats- maybe even limited to lores- would be a cool addition. This one is actually inspired by a Starfinder dual-class character I had named Arendi, who had a sonic weaponry drone named Ban (for Banshee) and an exocortex with a synthetic identity named Shasa (for Rakshasa, since she helped him kill things).

And finally, something I love in SF. Hologram skin implants. I've got a character who goes around wearing a hologram of a cartoon Pahtra to hide his real identity with something obviously fake. I'd really love for that option to stick around- and it'd be a nice treat if "specific non-realistic appearance" were a supported early option. Science fantasy equivalent of a mascot suit?)

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I wonder if it'd be easier to put the onus on the planets. Instead of PCs needing to have XYZ to survive on a planet, the planet is listed as being hospitable to IJK species/traits.

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