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How does a player get access to uncommon feats with standard availability?

The feat in question is Read Psychometric Resonance.
The character has a psychic dedication (ancient elf)
Trained in occultism.
Am I missing a boon?

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If the Uncommon feature--whatever kind of feature it is--does not have Access criteria that can be met, it typically will require a boon (that may or may not exist).

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It's not that you're missing a boon. There isn't one. That feat is not available by any means at present.

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Meanwhile, [other] uncommon feats can be accessed by either meeting the access condition, or by having a boon that grants you access.

Some Examples:
Fane's Escape (from the Pathfinder Society Guide) has Access: Member of the Pathfinder Society, so you can select it if you're a member of the pathfinder society (and are expert in stealth). And all PFS characters are members of the society, so everybody has access.

Backup Disquise (From Character Guide)
Prerequisites expert in Deception
Access members of the Firebrands gain access to them once they reach the rank of second mark
You need to be a member of Firebrands to take the feat. There's Secondary Initiation boon on the boon store that lets you become a member of another faction, you can use that to qualify for this feat.

Aldori Duelist Dedication (from World Guide)
Access You are from the Broken Lands region.
You get to choose 1 home region for your character. If you decide that your character is from the broken lands region, you get to use Aldori Duelist Dedication.

Shadowcaster (from Secrets of Magic)
Does not have any kind of access condition. You'll need to buy a boon with achievement points to gain access to it. Luckily, there is a boon - if a boon didn't exist, it would unavailable (for now).

Availability, Access, and Prerequisites are three different things that all affect if and how your character can get to use something.

Availability answers the question "Did campaign place additional restrictions on this?"
If something is marked as Restricted, it means "you'll probably never get access to this".
If it's limited, it typically means "There might be a boon for this, either now or maybe later".
Standard just means "you can use this, as long as you have access to it and meet the prerequisites" or "no additional restrictions".

Prerequisites typically answer the question "Is my character physically capable of doing this thing?", stuff like feat or skill or ability score requirements usually.

Meanwhile, Access sort answers the question: "where would my character learn/acquire this from?" - uncommon and rare stuff are typically hard to find, and fulfilling access condition might mean your characters have connections that would allow them to learn the thing you want.

The big issue is that when sanctioning content, PAIZO KNOWS that if a feat is uncommon and does not have access condition, it is basically impossible to acquire without a boon, regardless of what the availability status is (standard/limited/restricted). It would have been clearer if they had marked those feats Limited or Restricted, though, because generally speaking PLAYERS DO NOT INTUITIVELY KNOW that a "standard" uncommon feat with no access condition is "unavailable", and this causes some confusion.

There are several feats which will basically never be available in the campaign, like Ritualist archetype or some other "this requires heavy GM oversight" stuff, but instead of clearly marking them as restricted, they are marked as "standard", despite the effect being the same.

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