Lost GM gained faction reputation?

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In my organized play charterers, they all lost the reputation / fame gained from my own characters from the games I have personally reported via GM credit. The sessions are there, I can see I have put the faction rep there. But it is being listed as 0. I know this was being reported properly earlier. Has anyone else noticed anything?

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I still see my GM credit sessions showing prestige/rep/fame for all PFS1/PFS2/SFS sessions on the session page.

On the summary page however, I don't see any GM chronicle rep/fame adding to the totals.

I didn't check on the Boons page to see if its unlocking reputation tiers properly.

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I just checked if my GM-baby could buy a tier 2 starfinder boon, and I couldn't because the character didn't meet the prerequisites according to the site. The character in question is far into tier 3 with the Exo-Guardians, so that is clearly an error.

I noticed that in the sessions page it now refers to the reputations as "GM 2" instead of just "2", so maybe the addition of the GM letters broke the counting system on the site?

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I reported the issue to Paizo, here is to hoping it gets fixed soon. Pretty sure this happened last/night this morning. at least achievement points are unaffected. Its just the characters reputation and boons it qualifies for. Bound to cause confusion eventually but can just handwave the boons until it gets fixed.

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