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Hello, is it possible to use familiar conduit feat with familiar's face spell, share senses ability or familiar's eyes feat ?

Does it considered have a line of effect if a character see familiar through its own eyes ?

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Familiar Conduit is a metamagic feat that requires being cast with a spell with a range.

I guess it would work with Familiar's Face, but I'm struggling to find a reason why that would be necessary. Familiar's Face has a 1 mile range and doesn't need line of sight or line of effect to cast it on your familiar. You do need line of effect in order to target your familiar with Familiar Conduit. So just cast Familiar's Face directly - without the metamagic.

Share Senses is an Eidolon ability, not a spell. So it wouldn't work with Familiar Conduit.

Same with Familiar's Eyes - that is not a spell.


You definitely don't have line of effect from yourself to a point if the only reason that you can cite for it is that you are seeing through a familiar's senses.

You might be able to argue that you have line of sight to that point, but even that is questionable. There are a lot of shenanigans that happen when line of sight is allowed to work with things like scrying sensors or shared senses.

You probably should be allowed to make seek checks and other such visual things, but not targeting spells, Strikes, or other abilities.

Unless the spell or scrying effect specifically says otherwise.

I'm suspecting that the specific scenario you are asking about is getting lost in translation. Perhaps describe a specific example of what you are trying to do.

Shadow familiar has become shadow ability.

1/With become shadow, did it consider as incorporeal ?

2/ For divine emissary feat, is there also a good-aligned requirement for the patron ?

3/ Is it possible for a witch with worwitch feat and the druid dedication to take leshy familiar secrets feat with basic wilding and then advanced wilding ?

4/Is it possible to obtain also elemental familiar with a leshy familiar ?

5/ With familiar morsel, is it possible to obtain only one (master) ability, is it right ? Is it possible to obtain an ability from divine emissary feat or elemental familiar feat ?

6/ Does a familiar consider as a leshy (trait plant) if the witch obtains a specific familiar as a shadow familiar or a spirit guide ?

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1) Actually, while the effect is somewhat similar to an incorporeal creature's damage reduction, the Become Shadow ability doesn't reference the Incorporeal trait at all. So things like the Ghost Touch rune wouldn't affect it.

2) Yes, the feat has: "Prerequisites - a familiar, you follow a good-aligned deity or patron"

What I don't see is a requirement that the character is good-aligned. I could see a GM adding a restriction to at least not be evil-aligned or something like that.

3) As far as I can tell, yes - you can use Druid Archetype in order for a Witch to get Leshy Familiar Secrets.

It is somewhat annoying to me that doing so is the only way to get that feat.

4) I think the question you are asking is - if you have a limited form familiar, such as a Leaf Order Druid with a Leshy familiar, or a Ratfolk with Rat Familiar, or a Kitsune with a Star Orb familiar, or a Sprite with a Corgi Familiar, are you able to use that to qualify for a specific familiar upgrade such as an Elemental Familiar?

Personally I believe that it does - as long as you can get enough familiar abilities to pay for the upgrade. I doubt that this will be a universal ruling though.

5) Correct, you can only get one ability from Familiar Morsel at a time. Trying to add a second one will fail.

I don't see any restrictions on what familiar abilities you can add with that. Though I would expect most GMs to rule that it has to be an ability that you could give to your familiar during daily preparations. So if you have an Elemental Familiar you could have a Familiar Morsel with an Elemental Familiar ability. But if you instead have a Divine Emissary familiar, that same Elemental Familiar ability Familiar Morsel item would not work. Familiar Morsel isn't a way to give your familiar abilities that it couldn't or shouldn't have.

6) Not all familiar upgrades remove the base traits of the familiar. Some do though, and not all of them do it correctly. Sometimes they either require or remove the 'Animal' trait from the familiar. RAI that should probably mean the 'Animal' trait or whatever the familiar has instead.

So for example, the Elemental Familiar feat says "Other than taking the form of an elemental instead of an animal, this familiar continues to use all the same rules as other familiars." and "your familiar is composed of the associated elemental matter and gains the matching elemental trait."

It doesn't technically remove the 'Animal' or 'Plant' trait that the familiar would originally have, but it sounds like, RAI, it should.

Other familiar upgrade feats may or may not remove or change the 'Animal' trait - I haven't checked them all.

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