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Please tell me if you can see any issues with this home-brew does it existence potentially cause problems, is it's level and cost correct

Ghost Touchable - Accessory Rune 2
Price 30gp
UsageEtched onto non weapon, non armor item
An item with this rune can held, touched and used by both corporal and incorporeal creatures.
For example an ink pen with this rune could be used by an incorporeal creature to write, draw or anything else an ink pen could normally be used for.
This rune does not affect the items effectiveness when used as an improvised weapon against an incorporeal creature

Seems way too expensive.

If this is intended for Ghost Archetype PCs and non-weapon items, the Ghost Dedication feat already lets them incorporate any items that they need with a 10 minute activity. That includes weapons as well as any other items that they find during adventures.

What would you price it at?

something random wrote:

What would you price it at?

I'm not sure who this rune is intended to be used by.

If I was playing a Ghost Archetype character, you couldn't pay me to use this. That ability already comes free with the dedication feat. Unless your homebrew is also going to remove that ability from the Ghost Dedication...

If it is for a non-Ghost character why would they need this?

If it is for an NPC why are you, the GM, charging yourself for it?

If it is for a GMPC you should probably be using the Ghost Archetype rules like the other players.

So it feels like there is something that I am not understanding.

1)It is possible to have a ghost eidolon, companion or familiar.

2) A PC might encounter a friendly ghost or the like and it the PC is able to lend the ghost such an item it might help the ghost help them and/or communicate

Those are some really exotic scenarios.

The Phantom Eidolons are not actually incorporeal. Neither is the Undead Eidolon.

Animal Companions and the related Undead Companions don't use many items other than barding. Familiars don't even use that. And in both cases why would they need to use the item - they have a master that could use the item instead.

And the GMPC or ally NPC should probably have the same ability that the Ghost Archetype has to incorporate items that they feel are important to them so that they can interact with them.


Having the rune is fine. It makes for a reasonable and plausible in-game explanation for why an incorporeal creature could use a particular item. Especially for why an incorporeal NPC creature would need the PCs assistance in order to do so.

But it shouldn't cost more than a token amount. A few SP or maybe a GP or two. Because basically from the player's perspective the rune isn't actually providing them any value. The game devs went out of their way to provide a cost-free way of allowing incorporeal PCs to use regular items - and did so successfully for the vast majority of the PC options.

If instead it is a plot device, you can make it cost whatever and account for its cost from game narrative rather than the expected loot rewards and wealth by level tables.

Like Breit, I don't see the point of this item, but as to whether the price and level makes sense I will say yes.

The lowest example of accessory runes we have is a level 2 rune (Fanged) which costs 30 gp. I think this rune doesn't provide any benefit, but if you want to make sure it's not imbalanced making it level 2 for 30 gp for sure doesn't break anything.

The only thing I would change is the name, I would call it lesser ghost touch and word the function as not providing the ability to deal damage to incorporeal creatures but allowing incorporeal creatures to grasp the object.

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