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Hi everybody,

i've played my first few Games in PFS as GM.
I have read the The PFS Guide, but there are some things i dont understand.

1. Whats the Thing with the boon slots?
As in this Thread Can-someone-explain-boons explained, every Player has 5 boon slots. But i can't find anything about these 5 boon slots in the linked PFS-Guide. The only rules i found are these:


Boons are rewards that can be applied to a character. Common types of boons include Achievement Points (AcP), Chronicle, or Faction. Boons often have traits that describe how the boon applies. There are some boon traits that deserve specific mention:

Advanced: A boon with the Advanced trait is typically more powerful than other boons. Characters may only benefit from one advanced boon during an adventure.
Ally: A boon with the Ally trait sometimes places a Pawn. This does not allow players to bypass the limits on the number of Pawns they can play.

Unless a boon states otherwise, you can only apply one of any given boon to a character.

As I understand it, I can use all my boons, but only one of them may be advanced.
Am I missing something or is it just outdated?

2. Who is my local event coordinator?
The Guide tell me one of my duties as Game Master is to communicate with your local event coordinator. How do I find out who that is? Is there a list or something like that?

3. Can Player trade goods?
Since the rules for buying and selling are very strict, I wonder if players are allowed to trade with each other.
For example, if one of my players owns a katana and another player wants to buy it from him (without having the access). Would that be allowed? If so, are there any rules for this?
Or the players don't have enough money to buy an item individually (for example a healer tool for treat wounds), but they could pool their money. Would it be allowed to do that, even if only one later owns the healer tool and enters it in his chronicle?

Thanks for your help,

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1) The notion of boon slotting for PFS2 went away several years ago. You can now benefit from any number of boons, but still have the limit of at most (1) Advanced, (1) used Hireling Boon, (1) placed Ally boon. These limited count ones can be considered "floating" -- ie if you hve multiple Hireling boons, you don't need to declare which one you're using in a session, until you first use one, then you are locked in to that one for the rest of the session.

Player Rewards: Boons section

2) If you know a local VO (Venture Officer) ask them. If you don't know a local VO, start here and email the listed RVC for your region to find one.

Alternatively, if you're only running home games for some friends, w/o offering public games, you can set up your own personal event code to report to.

3) No.

Access is always handled in ways that's directly tied to the character's choices and assigned boons. There's not mechanism for transitive access between characters in society play.

In general, no wealth transfer can happen that persists beyond the bounds of an adventure. You can let someone use an item you have during an adventure (you could loan a wand to someone, etc). Someone can use a consumable you have, which is one of two allowed "wealth transfers". The other is pooling money to clear permanent negative conditions after a scenario (aka death, permanent flesh to stone, etc).
Player Basics: Negative Effects

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Also, welcome to the Society, Mufty! We're so glad to have you join us!

As for Advanced boons, I've only seen a couple on Chronicle sheets so far. They come plainly marked. If you see one, you'll know.

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Now I have a question myself, because I just learned something from NielsenE's post. Are Hirelings no longer considered "Ally slot" boons? I've always been slotting my hirelings in the ally slot, and did not realize that had changed.


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I don't see an Ally tag on the Hireling.(I think that might just be season 1?) Even if it did, unless it caused you to place a token on the table, it wouldn't conflict with a different Ally boon that did place a token.

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Well, I have learned something new! Thank you for asking the question, Mufty, and thanks for your comprehensive answer, NielsenE!

This is what comes of reading the Guide thoroughly in Season 1, and then just skimming for new boons in later seasons. I missed my Perception check on the re-read!


Thank you both for the quick and competent answers. You helped me a lot.

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