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Hey all, I been playing the Switch Game called Demon Gazer where the protagonist has a magical eye that allows him to suck the soul out of demons and then summon them to aid in battle or to use their magics.

Are there any similar archetypes out there for the various classes that is similar? Maybe an Inquisitor with the Cold Iron Warden archetype? Did not see any demon related archetypes for Hunter class.

Any thoughts on a class and/or archetype?

I don't know of anything similar, but it sounds cool.

The mechanics may be hard to replicate in PF1... a Summoner, maybe? Take the feat Summon Evil Monster. And also Summon Guardian Spirit, and pick something demon-ish from the Improved Familiar options. There are prestige classes and Wizard schools focused on binding demons, too.

Speaking of Wizards, Conjuration has the Infernal Binder subschool, and Wizards can take the Discovery called True Name. Pretty sure you can actually get all of that from VMC Wizard... gotta be 11th level to take True Name anyways, and VMC gives you a Discovery at 15. Cool.

Well I was thinking more in the lines of just some sort of demon hunter class or archetype.

Oh. There is a Ranger archetype called Demonslayer, and a Bard archetype called Argent Voice.

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